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  1. Thanks for posting the high resolution pictures of the 2018 H2 sets.
  2. I think the back compartment holds the engine. Does not look like it has enough space to house a gearbox + battery box + motor. But then I could be wrong and it would be interesting to see how this set can be made PF upgradable and what functions will be supported by the PF. Overall the set looks interesting but the final price will decide the success/failure of this set. Also, I am looking forward to the review of this set to see if it incorporates any cool tricks.
  3. Powered Up

    I hope the new controller does not make the current IR receivers obsolete/incompatable.
  4. Grum's Shed

    @grum64 I am building this set too and have completed till bag 7. I am traveling for the next 2 weeks and as soon as I get back home, I plan to start building the superstructure (bag 8). I do agree with you that building this set is really fun. Not a very playable set but still I love it so far due to the way the functions have been accomplished. Do you plan to add the RC mods to this set. I also like the model-B of this set as that too is very unique. I do plan to build the model B a few weeks after completing the BWE.
  5. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Aah, Olav Kroigaard makes sense. Does anyone know what will be the B-model for this crane?
  6. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @JonathanM I was thinking those characters were MK but then I may be wrong. But then what would OK signify? Also, I don't think the reflection will be so strong on the XL turntable, so I would rather wait for some more time.
  7. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I appears that this set has been designed by Markus Kossman. The 42043 that was designed by Markus was really well executed in terms of both bodywork and functions. However, this set has a rather shoddy paneling - specially the panels in the turret looks really ugly (personal view). And as for functions and execution, it is too early to comment. It would have definitely been interesting to have 2 extensions of the booms but unfortunately we shall have to settle for just 1 x extension. Also, with the cleaner pictures we can conclude that the XL turntable is in DBG rather than black as speculated earlier.
  8. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I seems to me that the XL turntable is in DBG rather than black as most of you have been saying. However we shall have to wait until we have cleaner pictures.
  9. Do we have 42081 pics as well? Can someone post the pictures here. In case it is not allowed to post the picture here can someone please PM me the images/links.
  10. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I feel that it is a little disappointing to see that a flagship set with 4K+ parts has only one extension of the boom. Also, the bodywork could have been better implemented. I only hope that this is a preliminary display model from one of the toy fairs and the final production version that will be released for sale will have atleast 2 extensions of the boom and a better paneling for the body. However, if this is indeed an image of the final version then it will end up as a parts pack for most of the AFOLs.
  11. I too have similar feelings every time this thread is updated but then get disappointed to find no updates at all. I personally feel Jim/Admins should temporarily lock this thread (similar to the 42083 - Bugatti Chiron thread) until there is anything really worthwhile to be posted.
  12. I haven't used any of these digital designers and have no experience with them. Hence, a rather stupid query - does any of these editors allow the functionality to test power/manual functions that is incorporated in the set that I am building digitally?
  13. Konajra's Mocs

    @Konajra Your builds are truly awesome. I love the attention to intricate details in your models. Just curious, so it this just a hobby for your or do you build these sets for your customers?
  14. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Yes I might post a new topic on this issue sometime later. Coming back to the topic, wondering when will we get a glimpse/clear pictures of this set ?
  15. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I agree with every bit of what you have said - my theory is way pay more for something when I know that the prices are going to fall later. Sorry for wading a little off topic but does anyone know if ship internationally (say for example ship to India) ?