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  1. arijitdas

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    @Orinoko This looks awesome. Also, curious to know what are you building next?
  2. Excellent review @Jim. I was already in love with this set and your review with all the excellent pictures and the wonderful write up has made it an absolutely do not miss set for me. The only disappointment (slight) in terms of the parts is that the curved panels 2 and 4 are missing but that can be ignored. A little off topic - what is that "Reviewers Academy Approved Review"?
  3. How i wish I could order and ship them to someone in Germany and then they could do me a favor of extracting the items from the original box ship it to me. I know this sounds unethical since I would be avoiding the customs/import duties that way. But unfortunately MRP/RRP of the Lego products in India are often more than 2X the price in Europe. For instance the MRP/RRP of 42078 is India is close to Euro 310 where as in Europe it is around Euro 150. I usually buy the smaller sets but reserve buying the larger/flagship sets when I travel abroad.
  4. arijitdas

    Technic Pub

    Congratulations on your new role. I am into IT consulting and at times I have to back up as an Infrastructure Architect too. Based on my experience, I can assure you that you will definitely enjoy your new work but may end up working longer hours.
  5. I am confused between 42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader and 42043 - Mercedes Benz Arocs-3245. The Heart wants both but the Wallet will only allow one. The Mind says buy 42043 my dear lad as the Huge bucket and Unimog tires are also available in 2018 sets. Looking for some advice from the Elders of Eurobricks.
  6. I absolutely love this model and the design is very clean and elegant. I have traveled to China multiple times over the last 2 years for work and do understand your reasoning. However, your English is excellent and comparative to native speakers.
  7. arijitdas

    General Part Discussion

    How I wish I lived in UK. The 42070 for £120 looks really great. I would definitely have bought 2 sets at this price. Unfortunately in India this set costs around £276.
  8. @Marxpek This set is turning out to be excellent one and looks really cool. Please do not loose hope and abandon it yet. May be you could take a look at the mechanism used in LEGO Technic Container Truck 8052 for some idea on how to flip the arm - look at the youtube video from 1:50 to 2:28
  9. @M_longer Thank you for sharing the details. It seems I can build this set with existing parts. I may have to replace the panel colors.
  10. @M_longer That is great. However, even before the review, we would love to see the parts list :)
  11. arijitdas

    Little mobile crane

    This is a great miniature model. I liked this set a lot. However, for some reason the picture are not visible in the post and I had click them for viewing.
  12. Absolutely fantastic C model. I love the way you designed the suspension mechanism.
  13. arijitdas

    Grum's Shed

    You have got a pretty awesome collection :)
  14. This is an absolutely fantastic model. Looking forward to see the video of all the functions in operation. Also, achieving this with only 950 parts is really impressive.
  15. I am really looking forward to build this set using my existing lego part provided it does not use any special parts. I am sure it will be interesting to build both the A and B model of this set. I have a feeling that the B model might turn out to be more fun that building the A model.