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  1. arijitdas

    [TC15] Skycrane helicopter

    wow - this one will look awesome once completed.
  2. Yes I believe the solution that I have used may be similar to it.
  3. arijitdas

    42095 RC Tracked Racer replica

    Hey @Zerobricks this is a great replica. Do not wish to offend you or anyone else in this forum but somehow the look of this set reminds me of the below:
  4. Thank you for your inputs. I did look up the set 60034 and it provides the below hexagonal plate. I am not sure if it will work with the blades I have used. This is useful for the blade used in upcoming 42092. Also, for now the current solution seems to be working fine. I shall have a better idea once i do some testing with the power function tonight.
  5. Build Day 1 - So finally I took the first step of building my very first moc. I may not be doing everything right as this the first time I am building something on my own. I realized that it is much harder to build something when there is no instructions at all. I would greatly appreciate if my fellow members find any issues with my build and help me rectify them. So there has been some very small progress as listed below: 1) 6 Blade Rotor - Most of the time of the day's build was spent on figuring out how to align six blades in a single plane as I do not have any lego piece that has a hexagonal shape. I do not even know if there is any hexagonal piece in Lego at all. I tried multiple ideas but most of them failed but then was finally able to make a hexagon. 2) A very simple 2 speed gearbox - did not want to go for anything more complex like a 4 speed gearbox as it will not make a very huge difference to the play-ability as this is going to be a helicopter. Had it been a car then it would have made some difference in in investing more time to make a better gearbox.
  6. arijitdas

    [TC15] Supersonic Angel

    This thing looks very sexy and I guess it will turn out to be massive once completed.
  7. arijitdas

    [MOC] 8x4 Dump Truck w/ instruction

    @damjan97PL I liked your truck very much. It has been very neatly done - especially like the way you have hid the IR receiver and the wires. Fantastic job.
  8. I am very sorry that I have disappointed most of us in this community with my placeholder topic that is devoid of any meaningful/interesting details, but I promise to update the topic with some WIP pics over the weekend and if possible sometime sooner. The placeholder topic is more of a driver for myself to get my acts together. The last time I tried to participate in TC14 and failed horribly due to lack of proper planning. Hence, the first thing I did this time is to come up with a plan with timelines to make sure I am on track to complete things on time.
  9. Wow a flying tank - and if we wanted to get more imaginative we could also build a flying bulldozer/tracked loader and what not !!!!
  10. I have been greatly inspired by the various interesting builds that my fellow Eurobricks members are coming up with as part of the TC15 contest. This has also motivated me to build by first MOC. Being new to Lego Technic and having started with it only a year back in November, 2017 (never owned any Lego set before), it is a little difficult for me to decide what to build and how to build. Nevertheless I shall give it a try and will put in my best to come up with something that is worth presenting. Now one thing is very clear that one must build something that would be able to fly for this contest. On my part, I have decided to build a generic helicopter for the TC15. I hope I am able to complete this build by the contest deadline. Since I would mostly be building over the weekends the updates would be coming rather slow. I am also looking forward for inputs and criticism from the community as I make progress and wish to thank everyone in advance for the same. Below is my plan to finish the project on time. Decide, build and test/troubleshoot functions – 3 weekends (Dec 5 to Dec 23) Build internal structural framework to hold the functional elements in place – 2 weekends (Dec 24 to Jan 6) Build the outer bodywork and external control elements – 2 weekends (Jan 7 to Jan 20) Photography/Videography – 1 weekend (Jan 21 to Jan 27)
  11. arijitdas

    [WIP] Blade Runner Spinner

    I always love the details in your builds. So far this starting looks awesome.
  12. This bodywork looks great. I think this will turn out to be a great model once completed.
  13. arijitdas

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    This is an awesome moc that looks absolutely great despite being simple and minimalist !!!!