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  1. To me they look like the front wheel shock absorbers from the Ducati but the outer casing is DBG instead of golden.
  2. Where is this video? For now i can only see the Jeep video on Lego Technic official FB page.
  3. I checked their official FB page and Youtube channel but could not find anything on the release.
  4. I like the color of this set but it has too many system parts.
  5. It may not have suspension. Also, the image is not very clear.
  6. How about a yellow ferrari. That will allow TLC to reuse the yellow that has been used for the Volvo 42114 and the 42108 crane.
  7. Thank you for the very detailed response. I am really bad at MOCs - have failed terribly. Your response is definitely encouraging.
  8. @LoMaC I am always amazed by the wonderful c-models that you come up with. Just curious - how you come up with these build ideas. Do you first build a model digitally and then create the physical model. Would love to hear more about the design process that you follow for the c-models.
  9. This looks really awesome.
  10. Absolutely stunning B-model for this set.
  11. @Tomik This is a really wonderful build. Wondering if you have made any videos of this new build.
  12. Thank you for the comparison. This is very helpful. So the kamov body is slightly wider and longer.
  13. @Ngoc Nguyen Thank you for sharing the instruction. I guess the next part of the challenge would be to rebuild this set using the PF motors. Not sure if someone has already taken up this challenge.
  14. Thank you for comparing 42066 and 42113. Do you have the 42052 and is it possible to compare it 42113?