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  1. arijitdas

    42108 JCB Roto Telehandler

    It is really very interesting to see the effort being put up by the AFOL community and coming up with wonderful alternative builds. I guess we would have missed some of these innovation builds in case there was a b-model. And honestly all the alternatives build so far are way superior to the half hearted builds presented by TLG. @mpj Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us.
  2. arijitdas

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Thank you for sharing the details. I am really inclined toward the osprey now. Just loving it.
  3. arijitdas

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Are we referring to pictures other than the ones in the official catalog? I guess I am missing something here.
  4. arijitdas

    Technic General Discussion

    For some reason I am unable to view this image.
  5. arijitdas

    [MOC] 42028 C Model- Star Destroyer

    The images in the post are not visible for me.
  6. arijitdas

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Sorry I did not realize this was already posted earlier. There has been too many posts on the Sian thread and I may have missed it.
  7. arijitdas

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I know we are all busy discussing the Sian 42115. But did anyone realize that one of the new elements seen in the bottom of the door of Sian could also be used as a rotor blade element for the v22 osprey.
  8. arijitdas

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Yes would be fun to have this as a flagship.
  9. arijitdas

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    @Nequmodiva your alternate looks great too. Would love to see more images of your build.
  10. arijitdas

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    @TGBDZ and @M_longer both of you are doing a great job by coming up with these interesting alternate models for 42108. I am sure many of them who might have initially planned to skip this set would definitely give it a second thought. Sorry for deviating bit off topic - it is interesting to see that the AFOLs community is getting more innovative with TLG dropping B-models lately. I guess this should motivate or should be an eye opener for TGL to bring back b-models for Technic sets.
  11. arijitdas

    URO 4x4 fire engine truck

    This one looks absolutely great. Will you be posting a video of all the functions?
  12. arijitdas

    [TC18] H&C F6 in technic

    This build looks absolutely stunning
  13. arijitdas

    [TC18] Hot Rodster

    I just love the simplicity and the minimalist approach of this build. It looks awesome👏✊👍.
  14. arijitdas

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    Both these alternate models look awesome.
  15. arijitdas

    Eye Catcher Machine

    @uefchen this is a fantastic creation. I am always awed by the seer creativity in this forum.