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  1. Great and unique alternative model. Really like the use of the parts for creating the smooth bodywork.
  2. Sorry to sway a bit off topic. The good part is the folks in US gets the sets but I am in India and we often do not see all the sets. Not sure why Lego India often feel that some sets are not worth releasing in India. Like we haven't got many technic sets like the 42136.
  3. @Ngoc Nguyen - I think this is a great moc. Though this is a manual model, it would be great if you could please add a video exhibiting all the functions.
  4. This topic reminds me of all builds by @shadow_elenter. I am sure most of his builds qualify the description. Sad I haven't seen anything new from @shadow_elenter over the last few years.
  5. wow this is starting to look great already
  6. @Voldemort87 This is a great moc considering this is your 1st creation. I am from India too and I know how costly Lego is in here. And on top of it most people give the kind of awkward looks at AFOLs in our country as if its a great sin to own and build Lego as an Adult. I am 38 years and recently purchased the 42131. Both my parents were gravely worried that I had lost my sanity for indulging in Lego at this age.
  7. This truck looks absolutely fantastic and could have easily been an neat A model as to me this one looks better than the current A model. Also this is a great concept and i believe TLG has never released a pneumatic cherry picker before.
  8. To me they look like the front wheel shock absorbers from the Ducati but the outer casing is DBG instead of golden.
  9. Where is this video? For now i can only see the Jeep video on Lego Technic official FB page.
  10. I checked their official FB page and Youtube channel but could not find anything on the release.
  11. I like the color of this set but it has too many system parts.
  12. It may not have suspension. Also, the image is not very clear.
  13. How about a yellow ferrari. That will allow TLC to reuse the yellow that has been used for the Volvo 42114 and the 42108 crane.