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  1. Aellaron

    [MOC] Coffee break

    Thanks, I'm big fan of Classic town, but with a little upscale. Thanks. Thanks.
  2. Aellaron

    [MOC] Coffee break

    Hello, Lets have look at small scene from service garage in a moment when crew is having a coffee break from work on tractor unit. It is loosely based on my older 3D render. Enjoy and feel free to comment.
  3. Aellaron

    [MOC] Small lorry Mk IV

    Thanks everyone for comments.
  4. Aellaron

    Hi Eurobricks, Aellaron here.

    Thank you for welcoming me. As a new member I don't want to become idle, so here is my first contribution. It's not a large one, but hopefully it will not disappoint either.
  5. Aellaron

    [MOC] Small lorry Mk IV

    Hello, Let me present you a lorry/truck with a hand truck as an attachment for helping the crew to deliver the carried goods. It's based on one that I saw during last summer holiday. As personally I don't remember if I saw any like this before, it caught my eye and later back home I just had to build one my self. Main features that I wanted it to contain are, hand truck mounted in front of the cab, ability to sit two minifigs in the cab and dual wheels on rear axle. Please enjoy and feel free to comment These photographs can be found in my DA gallery.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a lifetime fan of LEGO that after many years decided to switch from observer to contributor and created his account here. To share some of my background, I've been playing with LEGO bricks since infancy with several hiatuses. In past I've also experimented with CAD, but in the last couple of years I've switched to real bricks again. From many different subjects that one can focus on my top are buildings and vehicles of any kind - era, purpose, scale. See you around, Aellaron