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  1. Sometimes flea markets can really pay off. I just bought 8275 motorized bulldozer for 30€. It did need 10€ in brickink to replace some missing parts. It works great and has barely been played with from the look of the pieces.
  2. I would also be interested. I've been looking for something like this for a while. The only additional part to complete this, for my interest, would be a proximity sensor like shown for the train but with a compact form factor (or mechanical like the mindstorm sensor). Then one could do some nice automation.
  3. Just ordered one, that's a great offer for the release day. It makes this already reasonable set a really good deal. Looking forward to start the build!
  4. This is a nice and original model, and on top it's a C model, great job. The overall design looks good and functions are working well. The scissor lift seems to bend a little under stress, but I understand the challenge with limited pieces. Do you have a lot of pieces leftover from the original 42043?
  5. Thanks Jim for the excellent review once again, I was really looking forward to it and it really helps making a set evaluation together with Sariel's video review (also excellent by the way). Overall, I still have the same sentiment, the set is not too bad, some nice functions, 6 tractor tires, curve panels in black, cool outriggers. But it really suffers from the color pallet and hefty price tag, EUR 199 would fit better indeed. I have all flagship since 42009, and this is really a let down after last year's offering, which was exceptional. Maybe this will be the first year I will not buy any 2H sets, unless massive discounts are in the market.
  6. What an amazing build, really brilliant design, definitely deserved HOF. It's really nice that you consider sharing the design, I look forward to check that chassis!
  7. GBC balls

    From my experience, I got the Quercetti Marbles (which are plastic 14mm). They work very well, no holes to mess with the mechanisms. They were also recommended on Planet GBC. Search on Amazon for "Quercetti Marbles Refill 100 pieces" to get an idea on pricing. I did not know PV-Productions makes some as well, that's another good option.
  8. [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    This is an outstanding attachment for the class, great execution, functions and love the tires. A shame for the steering but it does not take away how cool this build is.
  9. Sorry for the dumb question, still discovering the community. Is the meeting open to all Eurobricks members, or is there any other conditions to join? Thanks
  10. +1, upload and link desired size, fast and easy (although I screwed up the folder structure the first time ) Is anyone planning to do instructions for efferman's amazing creations?
  11. Technic Pub

    I'd love to go being only two hours away but unfortunately I'm not a registered trade professional, so I count on you Jim!
  12. Hi Ben, The instruction generator is actually online. You just need to upload the model to your private baseplate (which then stays under your copyright) and you can then get the instructions from there via your Web browser, under My Baseplate. It works well actually. My only complain which I posted on their Stud.io forum is the inability to try it prior to upload, through the software. The handling of sub-model is well done as well, easy to go in and out groups. Overall, I like the software, still a couple of issues, especially for Technic Build, but a lot of neat functions (tab key for part browser, color filter, used colors in model, favourite parts, Bricklink integration) I agree, very promising!
  13. Indeed, that's the main reason I jumped on it, this will go in the parts collection
  14. Just scored 8048, used but in new condition, built, no box or instructions, for 5€ on a Fleamarket.
  15. Awesome, what a nice and cute design, my kid loves it. The steering is what sets it apart for me. It gives great playability. Merry Christmas.