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  1. (This is my first entry, I'm not a great builder, but I hope that my story can help make up for that!) walking on akiva by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "I can't believe it's been a whole 5 years since I was last here," 8-Bit Ramen thought, as he walked through the gray-ish sand of Akiva. The young man had been walking for what felt like hours, though it may have been about 30 minutes. Either way, he was bored. In all of the time since he was last on Akiva, so much of his life had been given meaning. He joined the Rebel forces, and fought bucket heads for a living! It was awesome! cockpit by Ryan Girard, on Flickr After stealing a small medical ship, which he called the AzureWing, he flew it off for Hoth, as he had never seen snow before, and just wanted to. This was where he met a handful of rebels, who allowed him to follow them back to their base, as he had nothing better to do. hoth by Ryan Girard, on Flickr But after a while, the holidays had come, and it had been a good 3 months since the last time he was needed. I guess even Sith lords need a break once in a while. bring me my eggnog by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "Get me my eggnog," The boy thought in his best Darth Vader voice, as he trudged through the sandy mud. Anyway, he was bored during almost the whole holiday. It wasn't until recently that he finally figured out something to do. He wanted to go pay a little visit to his old owner. slave trade by Ryan Girard, on Flickr When he was as young as he could remember, he was a slave. His real name was Maxis. He never knew his parents, he could have been the Gungan prince for all he knew. But at around nine years of age he was bought for good by a man who had been at slave auctions for while. He was named Nicholas Tusspot. old mean nicholas by Ryan Girard, on Flickr He was horrible, and had a wretched, black heart. "And once you're done make sure you've goten home safely. Oh wait, you live in the shed outside!"child labor by Ryan Girard, on Flickr He had no sense of humor. mini city by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "I can't kill him. It's not the rebel way." He pondered as he walked on the dirt roads. shady shop by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "Even hurting him would be pretty bad." He thought the wisest thing to do would be to just approach him. After all, he was no longer Maxis. He went by his Rebel call sign, 8-Bit Ramen. Nicholas couldn't throw him back into the slave trade. But he still had a hand on his gun, just in case. He walked towards the old house with a hand on his bag. "I see him." 8-Bit Ramen approached the man, who was gardening outside. the old shack by Ryan Girard, on Flickr Maxis alt by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "Erm, hello." The old man looked up, squinting. He looked joyed, as if he had been waiting for this. What was he planning? Nicholas old by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "Oh my, Maxis, is that you? Come, come in for something to drink." For a while, Maxis thought he was in the wrong house. It looked nicer now than it ever did when he cleaned it. And he was a madman with a swiffer! tea time drinking by Ryan Girard, on Flickr Nicholas old by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "So how have you been in the past few years young man?" "Good." "So what brought you here today?" They chatted for a while, but at some point, 8-Bit Ramen had to ask. "Well... Okay. I'm sorry, but you've never been so kind to me." The man let out a sigh. "Boy, I hoped you would have forgotten about that by now." "Forgotten? I'll never forget the pain you put me through!" "I need to tell you something." "Oh let me guess? You're my father! Well guess what? That one's been done before!" "How did you know?!?!?" tea time surprise by Ryan Girard, on Flickr The looks on the two's faces were a balance of confused and awkward. After all, Maxis was just being a sarcastic millennial when he mentioned a possible relation. "You're joking right?" Nicholas cursed a lot. Like he had let out all that anger he hasn't shown for ages. "Look Maxis, my mother, you grandmother, was a powerful Sith lord. But, I was some kind of squib. I had none of the power that she did. They hated me and called me names. And I promised myself I would never treat my child that way. By my adulthood I had ran away and married a most beautiful girl." mommy issues by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "My mother?" couple photo by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "Indeed. I loved her so much. But she had died giving birth to you. I didn't want you. I thought that you had ruined my life. I gave you up for some slave trade. But something made me keep a close eye on you. One day I bought you. My agony of your mother's death as well as my own childhood trauma created my hatred of you. And when you ran away and I didn't come find you. I knew I made a mistake. And I spent these years hoping, praying, for your return. I taught myself that though I couldn't use it, the force was with me, and you." The man was tearing up, and Maxis would have been too if he wasn't so fixated on trying lift up objects with his mind... tea time recovery by Ryan Girard, on Flickr "I am so sorry son, and I love you." "I know." It was something that felt wrong, but Maxis forgave him. The two hugged before Maxis was off to head home. Boy did his life feel suddenly clear
  2. 8-Bit Ramen

    [SoNE FB 27] Imperial Detention Center

    Really fun, shows how boring the empire is while still throwing in some flair. Make sure they know you only did it to make us look good. :D
  3. 8-Bit Ramen

    Curse of the Blue Angel

    I like how you move the camera around, really makes it feel like a late 90s action movie or something.
  4. 8-Bit Ramen

    Review: 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone

    Picked mine up last night at the movie theaters! It's nothing great, but I think it's fun enough.
  5. 8-Bit Ramen

    [SoNE Ep. XIV] Lah'mu - Final R&R

    Fun. I love all of the detail. It just adds a ton to the atmosphere! The story is simple but good. Just a trooper coming home.
  6. I've been putting off Lego Dimensions for year now, originally planning to get it in Year One but deciding I could wait. Then Year Two happened. Harry Potter, Gremlins, Adventure Time, Sonic, and literally everything else I liked was put into the game. I decided I would pick it up for my birthday then forgot completely... Then I was in Walmart when I saw the Fantastic Beasts set. I showed my Mom, who I had recently seen the movie with considering she really likes Harry Potter, and she asked if I would want it for Christmas. I said yeah, but that is was for another game I didn't have. Then I assumed she forgot about it until it appeared under the tree. Thanks Santa! She told me that now I have no choice but to buy the Fantastic Beasts set. Clever... Anyways, it's great. Probably the best Lego video game I've played, which is a pretty great compliment considering how much I love the Lego Batman, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park games. I think it's really fun and much better than most other Toys-To-Life games like Skylanders.
  7. 8-Bit Ramen

    RIP Princess Leia

    This is just horrible, she will be missed. <3
  8. 8-Bit Ramen

    Lego Club Magazine???

    Yeah. I feel bad about it, but I might just use a fake age and sign up again. Would that be bad? I just really liked them...
  9. 8-Bit Ramen

    Lego Club Magazine???

    Haha. No Lego stores for me, I live in North Florida. But I will look at them online. Oh. That's odd. I'll look into maybe getting a new subscription.
  10. 8-Bit Ramen

    Lego Club Magazine???

    I've been getting Lego club magazine since I was about 7, and I know they come out like every other month, but did it end? It feels like it's been a while... Do you think they realized I'm not between 6-9 anymore? That's a shame. If one was suppose to come, I'll probably just email Lego saying I never got it. I've done that before and they sent me it PLUS a Lego collectible minifigure. 9 Year old me was pretty happy.
  11. 8-Bit Ramen

    Can I have a Bricklink tip?

    Brick's and Pieces is the service. It's closed until February.. Thanks. I'll look into a used figure. :)
  12. You're right. My apologies. Omg, yes! I used to love it. I wish they put him in the Lego Movie. They do have a movie theatre at LegoLand that plays a Clutch Powers short though, so I guess he isn't forgotten. It's kinda weird though that he never got sets...
  13. I would post this in "Buy, Sell, and Finds" but I'm not able to for whatever reason. Anyways, I want to buy Rey's hairpiece, which I lost. Piece 21777 I believe. I want to BrickLink it but it's currently $3.46 new in America. I'm a teenager, so it seems kinda pricey for a hair piece. I want to ask you guys- people who probably have been using BrickLink for years. Should I wait a while for the price to go down? Or should I get it now before the price goes up? Please let me know. Thanks!
  14. 8-Bit Ramen


    Hahahah. Not sure if I have many Ninjago. Are you interested in Chima?