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  1. 11: 10 9: 6 8: 4 15: 3 22: 2 2: 1 Good luck to everyone
  2. [TC12] Arachne

    On of the best project i've seen so far. Really great.
  3. On this contest every people participating had his own interpretation of the subject. Doug72 made litterally wacky wheels, I made a ludicrous vehicle, other made "function to gain an advantage". In my opinion nobody's wrong or outside the spirit. If we really need to speak about the "spirit" of the/a/any contest, there is many other point we can argue about. Use digital building then just order the good parts seems unfair in regard of those who have few parts and have to dismantle their own MOC/models to built something the best they can. Using the discussion topic to ask everybody on the forum what would be the best improvment instead of creating model from A to Z looks like just a way to please the maximum of people. Do i care about that? No. Nobody cares. Contests are for fun.
  4. Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    Great to have you back on this topic. I discovered you 3S on youtube month ago I'm completely fan. Good luck to finalize this new project.
  5. [TC12] Formula Punch

    F1 grand prix would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier with car like these.
  6. @Jim, a question. Will judges have to "argue" about their choice/attribution of point per criteria? (in public or between theim)
  7. [TC12] Highflyer

    Me gusta. Due to the friction of the tires i suppose you can't elevate the car if it is not driving ?
  8. 3. Formula De Vil "It is not enough that I succeed, others must fail." The Formula De Vil is a racer, built to take great start, run fast, turn fast. And eventually be the last car standing at the end. - Aerodynamic profile; Lateral air intake; Rear spoiler - Forward L6 engine combined with an Aft V12 engine The De Vil is built to have a pilot (human or any other biped). - Cockpit - Antenna for communication with team Safety is always a priority, the De Vil is built to keep its pilot alive - Cabin rollbar - Head /daylight, Rear light and upper position light +The wacky thing : The De Vil is built to kick your megablocks. - Side punch on each side to clear the road and push you out of the way. In case someone forgot a trap on the road, the De Vil can extend its arm (one on each side) to clear the way. It can also, if a friendly concurrent stay on the track, kindly ejects it out of the way. Power Function component used: Rechargeable battery; PF-XL (Propulsion); PF-Servo (Steering); PF-L x2 (Side punch); PF-LEDs x2. Controlled by PF-IR receptor + remote x2 We are ready to race. Are you ? Discussion topic :
  9. [TC12] Formula De Vil

    Achieve something is more important than just win. ----------------------------------- Hello Forum, Please find here the complete and final images of the Formula De Vil for the TC 12 Contest. Formula De Vil "It is not enough that I succeed, others must fail." The complete album is available on FlickR. Video is available on Youtube and in TC12 Entry Topic. Say hello to my little bad girl Ready to race Forward L6 engine Rear V12 engine The Cockpit Built for speed Underside view The side punch
  10. [TC12] Road Breaker

    Well. It's... interesting. It looks like a battlebot.
  11. Agree with Carsten Svendsen. In addition, in my opinion the M motors are good for speed but not for high force, you probably should insert a gear reduction but your vehicle will be slower. I'm curious about the XL motor placed vertically, is it part of the wacky function ?
  12. This thing is completely crazy, great work
  13. I like the shape of your tread. Very yellow. Where do you plan to place the linear actuator to lift your tank ? There is not much room available.
  14. Your idea of design looks really great, i hope you will be able to built it the way you want
  15. [TC12] Formula De Vil

    Thank you all for your feedback. The DeVil is complete, and as I will be short of time until mid-october I don't think I will upgrade it. So the next step is to prepare real photos and videos for the entry topic.