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  1. Superkoala

    Wheel Dozer

    Exact, the CAT wheeldozer were my inspiration, btu there is some "unique" desgin that exist. I keep them in mind for later. I still have a mitigated opinion about the BuWIzz. I like it to make smal MOC with limited space and 3 or 4 basic function only. The last update allowing to personalize the control is a great addition but a possibility to create a complex function is still missing compared to a SBrick.
  2. Superkoala

    Wheel Dozer

    Hello Eurobrick ! Short introduction to my latest MOC : a wheel dozer. A wheel dozer is basically a big blade to push material mounted on 4 (or more) wheels mostly used in mining industry. It is a quite simple vehicle I suppose this is one reasin it is not built a lot in Technic. By the way, I’m a bit late to post this, it is already more than a week old. What’s inside? Propulsion is made through a PF-XL motor placed at the rear end of the truck with a fake L6 engine. The vehicle is 4 wheel drive with a differential on both front and rear axle, plus the rear axle is pendular. A servomotor is used for steering in a simplified technic than the one used on set 42030 (Volvo L350). The front blade is also operated by a single Servomotor which accomodate the upper-lower positionning easily, and intermediate position can also be reached thanks to the use of the BuWizz controller. (sorry last picture is a bit dark I will regenerate it later) Additionnal info on this MOC and some other general info on wheel dozer on my blog at : Thank you for reading !
  3. Superkoala

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Question for you @functionalTechnic The new Pneumatic switches are finally available on Bricklink, and I really want to start building pneumatic MOC but before buying I'd like to have your opinion. From my point of view the new switches are bigger and probably harder to integrate in a MOC due to the position of the air ports. But in an other hand they seems to be more usefull and easy to use thank to the axle in the middle. From your experience, would you say it worth buy them? or the "previous" version from the 42043 Mercedes sets are usefull enough (there is a lot of building possibility for RC switch and autovalve all around the internet). Thanks!
  4. Superkoala

    [MOC] Tracked Loader

    Yes, it's a compact battery + bluetooth receiver, 100% compatible with Power function motors and lights. In my opinion, the most compact and easy solution to control a MOC through smartphone, but unfortunatelly not the cheapest nor the most customizable system.
  5. Superkoala

    [MOC] Tracked Loader

    Thnaks every one for your answer. During the building process I was asking myself why is there so few application in real world. Deere has a High Speed Dozer based on similar idea, but i saw only few example of "loader", in particular built by Caterpillar (see spoiler frame below). So for my curiosity, Do you know any reason why rubber or metal track are not applicable to this kind of vehicle ?
  6. Superkoala

    [MOC] Tracked Loader

    This would be a good suprise from TLG :)
  7. Hello Eurobrick. Let me introduce you my "holidays' MOC" : the tracked loader. It is the merging of a traditionnal articulated wheel loader and the tracks I build few months ago for the Cossack. In the main lines: it is a 4x4 vehicle with a steering by articulation and a rear pendular axle. The bucket is elevated by a pair of linear actuator and tilted by a single actuator. The rear hood is openable and reveals a functionnal mini V6 engine and an easy access to the BuWizz. The loader is equipped with a minimalistic cabin (seat and fake steering wheel) and has access ladder and platform with handrail. All the images are available on FlickR There is 4 PF-M motor used in this MOC, one for each function: – Propulsion – Steering through two mini-LA – Elevation of the bucket through two LA – Tilting of the bucket through on LA All the functions are controlled through a single BuWizz. Special note regarding the engine : The V6 engine has been designed once all the motor and Buwizz were installed. As a consequence, only a 5×8 studs hole was available. The V6 engine fits in this space and is functional. See the video here below for more detail. Thank you for reading ! If you're interested, the complete review of this MOC is available on
  8. Superkoala

    The 1994 Grabber

    Thank you all for your feedback. I never been a great fan of the studfull Technic sets on an aesthetic aspect only. But I however consider these old sets were the glory time of Lego Technic. Original models that have never been remade since, more than one or two alternative models per box... Good ol'time.
  9. Superkoala

    The 1994 Grabber

    Hello Eurobrick I present you today a double rebuilt I have completed few days ago. This is not a real project, I needed to make a break from power functions and I had some spare time due to low workload. Back in 1994, Lego released the Universal Set “8062 with Storage Case”: One briefing case with instruction for 7 different models. I was 7 years old when it was released and unfortunately I never have owned it. One of the 7 build from set 8062 was a claw-mounted vehicle. In the main lines, this is a 6-wheeler, 4 wheels steering via HOG, with an arm raised through a worm gear and the claw, controlled from the side of the vehicle. I recommend you to visit the great and well documented Technicopedia website from Blackbird if you want to have additional info on all the models from 8062 set. Studless version: The first MOC is simply a studless rebuild version of the original model from 1994. The design is exactly the same: 6 wheelers (same wheels of course) with a massive claw and a massive operator cabin. The only additions are the seat in the cabin and the working light above the cabin. The functions are also exactly the same : - 4 wheels steering through an HOG placed above the cabin - Erection of the arm though a worm gear installed behind the cabin - Operation of the claw trough a worm gear and universal joint controlled from the side of the vehicle Modernized version This second version is made more with a 2018 standard. The design has not really evolved except the cabin which is smaller and moved forward. It is still a 6 wheelers with 4 wheels steering, but the HOG control is in the middle of the vehicle and the central axle has been connected to a 2-cylinder engine placed at the rear. The main arm is raised using a mini-LA and the control to open/close are now directly on the claw. It was not possible to install them somewhere else due to the mini LA and the motor. Here’s a digital view of the mechanical parts : The video : Bonus: Both MOC’s digital models can be downloaded by clicking on the picture just here below (Please note that I haven’t updated model after physical build, so they may contain building mistake). Convert old studfull sets to studless and then modernize it is an interesting process. I will probably try to make others in the future, between two major MOC. Thank you for reading! (The complete version of this post is available on
  10. Superkoala

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Or use rubber band ? I like the side forklift, it is in my to-do list for more than a year now but full mechanical -no pneumatic- Maybe some day I will work on. Or a different version (see spoiler) It'a a good MOC, especially considering it is a C-model. I just have a complaint : The fork doesn't go to the ground.
  11. Superkoala

    [TC14] The Zipper (8 pods)

    @Rudivdk and @mocbuild101 Same Topic name, same inspiration but different project to come. I will grab some popcorn and look forward see what will happen
  12. Superkoala

    Сокол-80M crawler crane.

    Thank you :)
  13. Superkoala

    Сокол-80M crawler crane.

    To be honest I think I've just been lucky I don't exactly remember how I found this crane the first time. I suppose I had Youtube playing random videos and the "TU2-155 Delivery" one just appeared. "Oh wait, this is a cool thing to do with Lego!". After that it's the usual process: try to find info about the real machine, then plan, then specs etc. Not the easiest part when all website are in Russian. Youtube, first source for inspiration
  14. Some month ago, I discovered the Сокол -80M (Сокол = Falcon), a heavy Russian crane with a lifting capacity of 80t on a two stages telescopic boom, thanks to another couple of hour spent on Youtube instead of working. See the video here (starting at 1:38) After some difficult search, I found that two variant exists, the first one is Falcon 80.01 and is mounted on a wagon for railway crash salvage and recovery, the second one is Falcon 80M which is mounted on a self-propelled tracked vehicle equipped with outriggers, able so to be also used in hard off-road environment . It is this version that kept my attention. The Lego Version This MOC is ‘inspired’ by the Сокол-80M more than a real scale reproduction. All the pictures are availavle on FlickR The transporter part is mounted on two track and equipped with deploying outriggers adapted from the 42009 Mark II Mobile crane. I had to modify them in order to avoid clash with the tracks There is 4 functions integrated in the transporter: Left track + Right track with a PF-L motor each Deployment of the outriggers through PF-M Extension of the stabilizers through PF-M These functions are controlled by a SBrick and powered by a single rechargeable battery installed in the cabin. The superstructure supports the main mast which is erected using two linear actuator. Due to the gear reduction (PF-L > short worm gear > 20T > LA) it moves very slowly but it works. I would really love to see one day Linear actuator twice the length of the current ones. Superstructure is installed on a 60t turntable and integrates all the functions required to operate the crane: Rotation of the superstructure through a PF-M Erection of the mast through PF-L Deployment of the telescopic part through PF-M Cable operation through PF-M These 4 functions are also operated through a dedicated SBrick powered by the battery. The only cable passing through the turntable is for the electrical alimentation The transporter and the superstructure are independent and can be separated. The assembly is done by simply clipping the turntable onto the transporter. A video : Good and to improve: Good : It’s like a mobile crane but more badass. Each transporter and superstructure can be controlled independently from the other Could have been done better : The visual aspect of the transporter and the crane cabin are not really perfect. I won’t lie, reproduce real machine at a mid scale is still not my cup of tea. What could be done better: Upscale it. Bigger, more space, more possibility. Thank you for reading
  15. Superkoala

    Daft Lego Punk (Technic Music Video)

    Well done. Everyday what can be achieve with Lego still surprise me.