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  1. Well done. Everyday what can be achieve with Lego still surprise me.
  2. It seems the only way to be fair to everyone is to be unfair to everyone in the same way. Give the Chiron to some one who didn’t event enter the contest: No one wins, no one loses, no one feels unfair. Did I mention I didn’t enter the contest and love to help? (Yes this is humour)
  3. The lego's website states that rechargeable battery 8878 has an output voltage of 7,8V. The non-rechargeable are supposed to be 9V (6 x 1.5V) . I did not verified by myself the performance of each battery, but so far I did not saw any real diffrenece when using them. The rechargeable battery is my favourite too.
  4. I initially wanted to use two cable (see below, sorry for my MS Word skills ) but tehre wouldn't be any advancatge so I came back to only 1 cable. To get back to the carrier, the same design was "supposed" to cover the three possibilities I studied (originaly posted on my Instagram). In the reality it is not reusable and have to be desassembled and rebuilt from scratch due to the number of motor, cable and other thing in it.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback :) I don't have started thinking about a third prototype, but I may go back to a tracked carrier - I have to chose between something that look like the first proto or a vehicle inspired by a Foremost Husky 8 (here). And this this it will probably be a single crane with more function. Something like a log loader.
  6. I am continuing to explore the fascinating world of the pipe transportation with a new prototype. You may already have seen it on youtube, I’m a bit late to post here (busy week-end). If you have a good memory, I did a first prototype on track (here) that had some limitation; in particular it couldn’t transport more than one pipe at once. The complete album is available on FlickR Prototype 2. For this second iteration, I started again form a white sheet to try something new : The transporter is now on tire with multiple axle steering for a good maneuverability and good translation speed (more adapted to road). I choose to keep two cranes for the consistency with the first proto. First advantage this allows making them smaller, as each crane support almost half of the weight of the pipe they don’t need to be reinforced and a mini actuator is enough to make them move. Second advantage is that the pipe remains horizontal even if not loaded exactly on its center of gravity. What’s inside ? There is 6 functions in this truck (5RC + 1 manual). Propulsion on axle 3 and 4. Steering on axle 1-2 and 5-6. The cranes : 1- 360 degrees Rotation. 2- 90 degrees Lift. 3- Cable. The truck was built from the center to the extremity, both crane are a copy-paste and are actuated by the same motors placed in the middle of the truck. Advantage: the crane move simultaneously and are always in the same position, drawback: you can’t use only one crane if you want to (I don’t know why you would have to use only one crane but well.) This was a choice at the conception because the goal of this prototype was to test the concept. With an alternative built it would have been possible to upgrade the truck so each crane have its set of motor , and the simultaneous movement is manage through the software (because yes, SBrick allows you to control several port with one command) Last functions are the additional lateral support that are deployed manually. They were added lattely in the building process (when I tried to install a larger pipe that clashed with the cranes), so I did not had enough room left in the truck to install the pneumatic line. Not a big issue in my opinion, I will do better next time. Good and not compare to the first prototype: Good Can transport more than one pipe Can load/unload up to two pipe in total autonomy No real length limitation Better road capabilities Not good Still requires a manual intervention to catch the pipe Range of operation : Cranes are not long enough to load the additional support. The dual crane are still not independent. Some improvements are still possible. So, project to be continued. Thank you for reading Edit: One additional word: in the video you can see a support vehicle. It is a not-so-good mini forklift only used to load the truck, It has been possible by the use of a 3rd Sbrick (both vehicle controlled through the same interface) and 4 M motors. Dedicated video here (yes I was terribly boring when I did the miniature ):
  7. Aw yes yes yes, this is a really cool MOC. Great choice of tires, it reproduces weel the original look of the 60035.
  8. Actually I don't really like the drilling head, but I made several try I didn't found how to make a good design in technic. Edit: Initially I wanted to use one of the Rover Wheel design in the folowwing topic, but I didn't had parts to do so, and did'nt want to order parts just for that.
  9. The véhicule is correctly equilibred, but i think my table isn't horizontal. I will check that.
  10. At the beginning of 2018, TLG has released a new series of Lego City sets, including the 60188 Mining Experts Site with a big drilling machine called The Crusher. It’s some sort of a hybrid between a tunnel drilling machine and a bucket wheel excavator. #Makeitbigger I’m not a big fan of re-build/improve official lego set but a take one CITY set and #Makeitbigger in TECHNIC is surprisingly challenging. (A good idea for a contest in my opinion). The Crusher XL’s MOC is not an exact upscale of the 60188’s Crusher, I built it like a “bigger” one, but still at minifig scale, with Bluetooth control through 2 SBricks and some power function elements: - 1x Battery Box - 6x PF-M Motors - 2x PF-L Motors - 5x PF-LEDs - 3x 15cm cable extensions - 1x 50cm cable extension The main differences with the original model: - The tracks are doubled and driven by a PF-M motor each. - It is composed of two parts. The lower part is the vehicle. It is built on a cross structure with track at each side. The 11x11 rack from set 42055 are reused to rigidify the assembly and support the upper superstructure. (LDD on google drive here) - The upper part is the superstructure. It can rotate nearly 300 degrees (the limitation is here to preserve the PF cable) and contains the electrical heart of the machine. The small PF-B battery box is place at the rear to be used as counterweight and completed with two boat weight (73090b);There is 4 motor and the 2 SBricks fitted in this little space to control the mains function. - The cabin is a reuse of the 42055 set. It fits well to this model and defines the minifig scale of the vehicle. The position has been forwarded for the operator to have a better view. - The arm is raised and lowered by cable actuated by a PF-M. A single cable is used between the two winches so it can accommodate the difference of position. - There is no moving counterweight (‘cause it is ugly) - The drilling head can tilt. It is mounted on a turn table and can turn to 360 degrees. The turntable is old and jam a little so the movement is not very smooth. Both drilling and tilting function are powered by a PF-L motor each. The Video : Possible improvements There are some points I initially wanted to include in this MOC but they wouldn’t have fitted in this scale. So I keep them in mind if one day I decide to build a Mk.2 : - 360 degree rotating track instead of a rotating superstructure: the challenge here was to find a means to control each 4 tracks separately (see picture below) - Telescopic arm: why not ? - Material belt conveyor between the dual drilling head like a bucket wheel excavator Thank you for reading :)
  11. Superkoala

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Deleted, already answered above
  12. Sorry I totally forgot to answer last time (lot of work), but I’m very happy if you have been able to upgrade your MOC with the LDD I provide you
  13. Superkoala

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    The prototype of the Porsche had also a black/white camo at its first presentation. Anyway I agree with the original dual blue scheme. The « original » color of the Bugatti.
  14. If it can help I made this kind of clamshell bucket for an old MOD (here). The zip file here contains the LDD
  15. Superkoala

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Just a quick input, Bugatti has unveil the Chiron Sport in Geneva yesterday. (The info on Bugatti's website here) Small improvment and new colour. Now, the BIG question. Will TLG make the classic chiron (blue?), or add two exhaust to make the Sport one (red?)?