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  1. This is not the most complex MOC I have done for sure. But honestly there is one big issue with this truck is that the differential clash with the gear of the closest axle when the truck is in rough terrain. I will make a try with stiffer shock absorber to see if it solve the issue. I'm working on the LDD file (so I can add it to the Axle Collection Tread topic) it will be easier to explain the issue.
  2. Thank you all for your comment. A point I forgot to mention,there was already a bigger Commander made in 2010 by @andythenorth "Tri Axle" is the name given by Foremost i think to differentiate it from the old Commander C which was 6x6. But I agree with you, it is confusing To be honest I didn't know how to make a proper load for this truck, and the Saturn V fitted perfectly
  3. Foremost is a Canadian company specialized in oil & gas, heavy oil, mining, water well and construction equipment. You can have here on Foremost’s website a complete overview of their activities and product. Note that @Erik Leppen is also working on a Foremost truck; the Delta III, which can be viewed here to discover a great modular big MOC. On myside, I prpose youthe Commander Tri-Axle. The main and only goal of this MOC was to test the “tri-axle” design. The Commander C Tri-Axle was launch in 2011 and is a 8x8 evolution of the classic 6x6 Commander C. “by adding a third axle to allow for an extended oilfield deck while maintaining low ground pressures. This also increases the maximum payload capacity from 60,000 lbs (27,216 kg) to 80,000 lbs (36,287 kg).” says Foremost. In the main line the truck is an all wheel drive articulated truck mounted on Terra tires, equipped with a 500hp Cummins engine, a 11m bed and a 58t winch. The full documentation of the Commander Series is available here. The MOC. The truck is a 8x8 articulated RC truck. The full Album is available on FLickR There is three power function controlled through a SBrick controller plus a manual one: 1 PF-XL motor for propulsion (redution 1:1) 1 PF-M motor for steering (12t-36t-Worm-24t) 2 PF-LED for headlight Manual winch with locking system The tires used are 68.8 x 40 Balloon Large. The front axle is only pendular, just to simplify the construction. The 3 rear axles are pendular and independent from each other. The forward axle has stiffer shock absorber to support the weight of the 2 motors and the battery box. The winch is manual and equipped with a locking mechanism. There is only few details in the cabin, it is actually hard to find pictures, it is a simple three seats cabin. The driver’s seat is equipped with some instruments. (the music in the video may not work properly ) Some Bonus. The Commander fitted with a "special" load for delivery: The commander fitted with gopro mount for outdoor filming: Nose 360 degrees mount Lateral 360 degrees mount (can bee fitted on both side) bed upper mount The aft cabin support used in the video has been included later so picture available Thank you for reading ! All my other MOC available here below ↓
  4. I'vae already seen RH400 in Lego but the level of detail here is impressive. Great works
  5. In fact my commander is almost complete and I should be able to finish it this week when back home, so i will only post the final MOC. It is just a test for the tri-axle system (Here) so no big machinery inside.
  6. It’s a nice compact and unusual vehicle. The snow blower is not very powerfull, but nothing is very powerfull when made of Lego
  7. I’m not sure the position of your engine is correct but your cabin is really great. (yep I’m still working on my commander an the cabin is not perfect)
  8. A mobile crane or truck with crane may not have the pick&carry capability, these truck however are built for that. Heavy load in movement without counterwieght. Correction, Some mobile crane cane pick&carry, for example the Liebherr LTC 1045 or equivalent compact mobile crane from other manufacturer.
  9. For sure the extension of the boom is really slow, but add some gear was not compatible with my wish to have the smallest telescopic boom possible (4stud wide x 5 stud height) Yes, the real AT-4 has a Mercedes engine installed angled. I'm not able to find any image but it is slightly visible in the video at 0:54
  10. From my point of view the 3 axle are a matter of weight distribution on road. The AT-40 is apparently equipped with a rear suspension that allows the 3rd axle to be raised to reduce ground friction and so increase manoeuvrability.
  11. The AT-40 is a pick and carry crane built by Terex Australia . It’s a 6×6 articulated truck launched in 2016, equipped with a four-sections telescopic boom extensible up to 30m and has a maximal load capacity of 40t or 20t under hook. You can find here the link to the technical description of the truck, and a video. The MOC. I love RC Lego model, but this time it is a fully manual truck. The full album is available on FLickR. Steering. The truck is articulated and controlled through a Hand of God (HoG). The steering wheel is linked to the gear and is so functionnal. Engine. The truck is equipped with a fake engine inspired from the Mack Anthem and linked to the 2nd axle. Fan and engine are accessible by opening the radiator and the rear hood. The Crane. The boom is supported by two linear actuator operator from both side behind the cabin. It is telescopic through a worm gear and can extend up to 25 studs. A tooth gear installed on a friction pin avoid the cable to move. Some details. The truck is fitted with rear and head light, a registration plate (the 60th anniversary beam), rear access ladders, and a minimalistic cabin with two seats plus the steering wheel. The Video Thank you for reading :) All the other MOC on
  12. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I'm still waiting to get the Mack, but with the Chiron and the rough terrain crane it is no longer my priority. By the way, I have seen the leaked picture of the 42082. Am I the only one to think that the set become "bigger and bigger" not "better and better"? I have been a bit disapointed by the All-terrain-tow-truck and the poor level of complexity inside, soooo the enormous crane... well I'm afraid there will be a lot of void inside.
  13. I was supposed to save money for marriage next year. THANK YOU LEGO. I just can’t wait to see the final product now.
  14. Great, some Foremost. Gook luck. I juste started a Commander C Tri-axle.
  15. Aesthetics and Technics

    As a guy who spent hours in engineering lesson, I prefer to look at the technical aspect inside a MOC instead of its looks. Just have a look at my last creation it easy to understand. I prefer to built system instead of a good looking vehicle. But to catch up the discussion, I do not like to make WIP topic, firstly because I do not spend enought time on my Lego to be able to present evolution. And secondly because my MOC after all are quite simple.