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  1. [MOC] Option Industries COSSACK

    I'm not able to make instructions, but I can published the LDD when ready. Unfortunately not before christmas I think, there is some system to be corrected, for example the CV-joint for the propulsion always disassebled so it has to be solved and I don't have much time due to the end-of-year-amount-of-work.
  2. [MOC] Option Industries COSSACK

    Thank you all for your feedback ! Actually, I have some re-work to make on te LLD file because I had to change some assembly that currently do not work. So i'll do taht and share it later. I did make a smaller yellow version of this truck yes, but I have been able to find more precise information on the real truck after so I restart the build to a larger scale to make a more realistic vehicle.
  3. The Cossack is an off-highway bed truck, designed for heavy transportation in very hard environment. It’s the truck It was designed and ordered by ATK, specialized in heavy transportation for oilfield operation, and built by Option Industries, a Canadian manufacturer. Some information and images here (in French) . And video here on youtube and here on facebook. Like the real machine, the MOC is a 6x6 suspended motorized articulated tracked truck. There is 4 power functions piloted through a SBricks Controller: 1 PF-XL motor for the propulsion, no central differential, no reduction 1 PF-M motor for the steering through two mini linear actuators 1 PF-M motor for the main winch (worm gear + 24t) 1 PF-M motor for the secondary winch (worm gear + 8t) Some details: The front axle is suspended thanks to 3 Steering Arm 57515 and the front axle suspension are mounted horizontally. The pivot as composed of a steering ball joint and steering arm. The movement is done through two mini linear actuators powered by a PF-M installed on the main body. The main structure (dark bluish grey) is the spine of the truck. It’s this part that supports the entire load in the truck. The design is not very sophisticated but it is very stiff. All the motors are integrated to this structure. The dual suspended axle is inspired from the Arocs one. Both axle are linked by a mini-turntable allowing free move. There is two winches, the main one at the front of the platform, the secondary winch can be found at the tail. Thank you for reading, A video to finish, and if you want more information about this MOC you can jump here to my website. Best regards,
  4. Axle Collection Thread

    Thank you for your answer. I have another project to complete before working on a new truck, so I will try to built it from my own and i mail you later if I need to use your file as help.
  5. Axle Collection Thread

    @aminnich a question about your system: do you think it can be motorized ? I have some idea to make a suspended triple-axle truck and I'm still not sure of how I must/will build it. I like your idea and i may upgrade it so it will fit my specs.
  6. [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    Great creation. In my opinion wheel are just a little oversized, but wheel dimensions are always an issue with Technic so, everything's fine
  7. RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    Question for my curiosity: with a metallic wheel rim like the one shown in the first post, isn't there a risk that the 3rd party wheel "slips" around its axis even if it's tight ? For example during a strong climb in trial ?
  8. The reduction is just 1/3 (8t/24t), it's enough for this light vehicle. The silver part are Wheel hub Part 55981 (here: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=55981&idColor=67#T=C&C=67) There is 8 like these in the Extreme Adventure (#42069) set
  9. Some month ago, I found a random image of what looks like an exploration truck. As i did not have enough info on the real machine it was impossible to use it as reference, so, some choice have been made: Mini size : not enough part to build something big when I started (other stuff in progress and cancelled since, that's why) A classical front wheel steering would have been possible, but very fragile due to the size of the vehicle. And I will need a pivot + linear actuator system for a future project, so it was a good opportunity to use it. No differential, because size matters. Suspension if possible Tracks, of course. The full album is available on FlickR. Power function part used : 1x PF-M for Steering trough mini Linear Actuator 1x PF-M for AWD propulsion without differential IR receptor Rechargeable battery Cabin is reaaaaaly ugly. One day I will be able to make cool design. Unfortunately/fortunately, after I had finished this little boi, I found a new picture of the real vehicle. But not searching with "arctic/exploration truck", I had all wrong since the beginning. This thing is actually an Oilfield flatbed truck: the Cossack from ATK: Guess what ? It will soon be a real thing. Bigger, with some function. Best regards
  10. Same as this one ?
  11. 11: 10 9: 6 8: 4 15: 3 22: 2 2: 1 Good luck to everyone
  12. [TC12] Arachne

    On of the best project i've seen so far. Really great.
  13. On this contest every people participating had his own interpretation of the subject. Doug72 made litterally wacky wheels, I made a ludicrous vehicle, other made "function to gain an advantage". In my opinion nobody's wrong or outside the spirit. If we really need to speak about the "spirit" of the/a/any contest, there is many other point we can argue about. Use digital building then just order the good parts seems unfair in regard of those who have few parts and have to dismantle their own MOC/models to built something the best they can. Using the discussion topic to ask everybody on the forum what would be the best improvment instead of creating model from A to Z looks like just a way to please the maximum of people. Do i care about that? No. Nobody cares. Contests are for fun.
  14. Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    Great to have you back on this topic. I discovered you 3S on youtube month ago I'm completely fan. Good luck to finalize this new project.