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  1. InvisibleTimmy

    [MOC] Harry Potter receive his Hogwarts letter

    Yer a wizard, Harry! nice MOC
  2. InvisibleTimmy

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    I would suggest importing it to for a photorealistic render. The family portrait is great though!
  3. InvisibleTimmy

    Building LEGO sets with only separate parts.

    You can buy separate parts that are discolored and such. I’d say yes all the way for Creator sets, as they’re usually common bricks, with few mold variations between 2005, when Creator was introduced, and today.
  4. InvisibleTimmy

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I expect it’ll be the Astronomy Tower as they appear to be going for architectural accuracy.
  5. InvisibleTimmy

    (MOC) Dumbledore’s Office Vignette

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to use fabric elements in my models recently, and it’s good to know that they’re effective.
  6. InvisibleTimmy

    (MOC) Dumbledore’s Office Vignette

    This is a small model that I created to display the Harry Potter CMFs. It I looks pretty good in my opinion. Tell me what you think below.
  7. InvisibleTimmy

    Building LEGO sets with only separate parts.

    I’d say yes. The models are the same, and if you really want to, you can BL the instructions for most sets and the boxes for most newer sets. Check the price of the set used first, though. Sometimes that is cheaper then partout. Btw, what sets do you plan to get?
  8. InvisibleTimmy

    REVIEW: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall

    It is unrealistic to want a set with a close door back. This is a toy, and LEGO wants it to be accessible for play. I like it. I don’t like tha Basilisk, and it will go to the parts collection, but the rest is nice.
  9. InvisibleTimmy

    DIY ● Frame for LEGO Harry Potter [71022]

    Excellent idea. I’d use it but mine will be used to flesh out my display of the sets.
  10. InvisibleTimmy

    Retrobricker is rebuilding vintage Lego sets.

    Cool. I prefer classic sets from the minifig era, so around the 80s, but I can’t deny that the older stuff is cool too
  11. InvisibleTimmy

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I too shall join
  12. InvisibleTimmy

    Disregard topic. Pics won’t upload

    The LEGO Harry Potter CMF line has introduced many redesigns of characters that have been seen previously, and I thought I’d create this topic to see how the new figures stack up against the old. Please note that I will only be including figures I own both old and new versions of, and the new versions will be on the left. Let’s start out with the Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter. As you can see, the biggest difference is the height. New Harry is one plate shorter with the new Midi legs. Also, new Harry has a more accurate uniform and hair element. The new wand is superior in every way. The old one was just a long bar. Now we will move on to Ron Weasley. As you can see, new Ron uses the midi legs too. He also has a much better looking hair piece, which is brilliant. Scabbers is quite the improvement over the old rat, too. Next figure up is Hermione. The first thing that I notice about the new figure is that the hair looks way better. The old one had weird braided hair which looked nothing like Hermione. The new face print is better too. Continuing with students we come to Neville. This version of Neville wears a different outfit than the older Fair Isle sweater version. He also comes with a Mandrake. The new version’s face is more childish as well. Moving on we have Invisible Harry The old version had a see through cloak that frayed easily, but the new version is spot on. There’s not much else to say. Dobby is next These two are very similar. The main difference is the head mold. I do like the new version better, it just fits with the LEGO aesthetic more. Both came with a book and sock, but I’ve misplaced the older ones. Dumbledore is next The new one is an upgrade of an already awesome figure. The flowing robes and hat are captured on the new one, and he has silver glasses. The Pensieve is only included with the CMF figure, and the robes are lighter blue. The Dark Lord, Voldemort, is next. Well. That is a huge change. I think I’ll just list them all for You Know Who. Dark Green robes Dress or robe element More realistic face Nagini I like that tue new one is more accurate, and Nagini is amazing, but the old one had a more expressive face. Finally we have Newt Scamander. These are also very similar, with minor differences, and major accessory changes. Suitcase Niffler Brighter shirt Dual molded legs More lines in the face Bowtruckle. The new one is much better. And the Niffler is amazing. So, what do you think? Do you like new or old better? Leave your thoughts below, and I will leave you with all the alternate faces. The old figures win here, with all but Voldy and Dobby getting alt. Faces.
  13. InvisibleTimmy

    Hello there

    Well hi there. My name is InvisibleTimmy, and I am a TFOL from the US. My main interests are Space and the new Wizarding World line. I especially like Classic Space and Blacktron I. My favorite set is probably the Galaxy Explorer. I can be found on Flickr and BriXtar as InvisibleTimmy, and I am a bronze rated Brickset reviewer under the name Mr. Thrawn. So... yeah... I guess that’s it.