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Found 15 results

  1. Up for Sale is a lot of TMNT LEGO sets as well as 2 SpongeBob sets. The sets are as follows:30270 Kraang Laser Turret polybag, built with instructions. 30271 Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser polybag, still sealed (not pictured)79100 Kraang Lab Escape, built with instructions. 79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike, built with instructions. 79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit, built with instructions. 79103 Turtle Lair Attack, built with instructions. 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase (Undetermined Version), built with instructions. I have to go look at this to see it it is Technic or train base. I'll update later. 79105 Baxter Robot Rampage, built with instructions. 79118 Karai Bike Escape, built with instructions. 79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed, built with instructions. 79120 T-Rawket Sky Strike, built with instructions. 79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase, built with instructions. 79122 Shredder's Lair Rescue, built with instructions. 5002127 Flashback Shredder polybag (not pictured, still sealed)3833 Krusty Krab Adventures, built with instructions. 3834 Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom, built with instructions. Also included are 3 more sets, not complete. Just parts and figures. They are:79100 Kraang Lab Escape79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike79119 Mutation Chamber UnleashedAll sets have been built and dispalyed for years. They should be complete. All have instructions. No boxes. Using Bricklink as a guide, the total price for those would be about around $275, opened, build, and complete. With no Bricklink or eBay fees I am willing to go lower, Make offer. Sets are stil built, so if you want more pics, ask.Please allow time disassemble sets and pack them. Perfer paypal. I will also offer free shipping in the US. ]
  2. Yzalirk

    Let's Talk Reptiles

    Who else here loves reptiles? Just comment your thoughts and what not about all kinds of reptiles! My favorite reptile has to be Bearded Dragons. It's ironic though since I do not have any yet! Nonetheless, I know just about everything there is to know about them. I like regular ones, leatherbacks, and silkbacks all the same. Though, silkbacks are a bit more difficult to care from what I hear, and more expensive. I plan to get two Beardies and have them placed in a 75 gallon tank by this summer. It would be cool to have hypos, trans, or even trans-hypos but I'd rather save the money and get regulars. As for colors, I want to go with either reds, oranges, yellows, or the standard tan color that most regulars are. I would include darker colored ones but I haven't seen them in stores like PetSmart or PetCo. Enough about me talking about Bearded Dragons, what kinds of reptiles do you guys like?
  3. Hammerstein NWC

    Turtles in Time!

    Loosely based on the 1992 Classic game I used to play on my SNES (that's famicom to you dudes in the USA). Musketeer Leornado Wild West Raph Apoc Mikey Deep Space Don Interesting factoid for you Turtle Fans out there in the early 90's the term "Ninja" was considered to violent for kids. This meant the Turtles were rebranded as "Hero" here in the UK. even the credits were edited to be TMHT.
  4. dimitridekyvere

    [MOC] Ninja Turtles Sub

    This is the Turtles submarine I made for my son. It is based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series (season 1 ep 21: "Karai's Vendetta"). I made the LDD design a while ago but I had troubles finding the right parts, so finally here is the real build. (the LDD file can be downloaded from the Lego Digital Designer gallery) Let me know what you think of it. Dimi Ps: I have just read that LEGO will also launch a Turtles sub next Summer? I am curious to see it.
  5. Hi all I just want to share with you my project I'm actualy working on. This part will belong to a collaborative with 6kyubi6 which build something similar on the right. it will be presented for a convention in 1 month and based on Super Heros Tha aim of this topic is really to show evolution of the construction and each step I need to the final result. I think it could be interesting for some members. to be continued....
  6. Hi All I'm working on my own LEGO TMNT Series. I have so far Episode 1 and 2 online. Working now on Episode 3 Play List with all episodes Episode 1 Episode 2
  7. LegoJalex

    [MOC] TMNT - Leo's Slimobile

    After having recreated several TMNT 80s toys in LEGO, I wanted to try and take the colorful and a bit wacky style of those toys and make up my own design. So here is Leos Slimobile! Its primary weapon is the orange canon that fires slime. But there are also other weapons, such as the yellow cannons. And Leonardo's katanas of course! Comments are welcomed! Cowabunga!
  8. Hi everyone, I've just rebuilt this moc so I decided to update whole topic. Take a tour and enjoy : ) alright here's a global view as you can see batcave is now a main feature but move first to the street: easy custom man bat, made from CM parts and another view now the turtle lair: and here's the main show - the batcave I wanted to add some guns to armory in type of this one from batman rises a little workshop bat's landing platform batboat's bay batpod and tumbler some barells with wine I couldn't take better picture of the trophy room : / I can only tell that there's giant coin, dinosaur and giand joker card Bruce Wayne, Alfred (yeah I know, the hair... : D ) and the main computer some armors for decoration training room one of outfits and here are vehicles seperatly alright, that's all, thanks for watching!!!!
  9. Today i got the new T.M.N.T Lego sets and the are uploaded in my store partwise! So check it out at:
  10. LegoJalex

    MOC: TMNT - Classic town style

    Perhaps this is how some of the TMNT sets would look like if it was released back in the 80s? Turtle Party Wagon Aprils Channel 6 Newsvan Leos Dragster
  11. DarthNick

    TMNT: Attack of the Komakrang!

    At last! A build! I've been meaning to do a few things during March, and was finally able to get around to them today. These things are: 1. Entering the FBTB Contest 2. Building a Tachikoma 3. Using Olive green I'm really happy I got to do all these things, even if they were extremely rushed since I only built them in a few hours. Enjoy!
  12. samxsteal


    These Are the Main Room. I call it the "living room" These Are Of the Dojo Portion of their Lair. I understand the trees are different from the show working on it hopefully but if i dont i still think it looks good And im still working on the kitchen/ Donnie's lab and of course their bed rooms(which i have to make from scratch seeing as you dont see them in the show Hope you all enjoy Any tips hint and helpful words of advise are welcome
  13. samxsteal

    TMNT lego MOC help

    EDIT: added photos of what i have so far Hello My name is Adam Hinkle I have been a fan of legos and TMNT since I was like 2. I have been waiting for TMNT legos for ever. I am so happy that they have finally released these officially. I was lucky enough to receive all but one of these for Christmas i enjoy them very much I can’t wait to see more released. But any way enough introductions I need some help and I hope I can receive some information from all you amazing Moc(ers). I want to create As TMTN sewer layer based on the new TMNT show by nick. But I’m having some issues with certain aspects. I was wondering if anyone has some opinions of how to go about this moc. One of the issues I’m having is the sewer entrance. I would like to make it as "realistic" as I can so, I wanted to actually have a working manhole cover for the turtles to come and go. I had some idea but I’m not fully sure how to go about this. I’m also looking for reference material to work with. I’m not the best Moc(er) but I feel a strong urge to focus on this and work on this Creation. If anybody has any insight to this please PM me
  14. LegoJalex

    MOC: TMNT - Turtle Party Wagon

    I repost this since it was lost from the server move. So here is the Turtle Party Wagon from 1988 again. Unfortuantely no Turtles minifigs, yet (I have to wait till 2013 :)) Comparision with the real Turtle Party Wagon.