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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome one and all! Please enjoy my collectible minifig series! I had a lot of fun making these and hope their little stories bring a smile to your face. I very rarely do purist stuff so this was a refreshing change of pace for me! AVALONIA The Elven Wardancer The Elven War Dancer protects the trees of the Enchanted Forest who can't protect themselves. He is also a friend to the small folk who dwell within, the pixies gnomes and dryads. His eyes blaze with the fury of the righteous as he somersaults into combat. The Serving Girl The Serving Girl works in the banqueting hall of The Avalonian Lairds. She loves the hustle and bustle of the Hall. Her favourite part is hearing of the legendary quests completed by the Avalonian Heroes. The Gamekeeper He is the Warden of the Lairds grand estate. Looking after the fish and fowl is his main job. Those who steal from his Laird will first find "quarrel" with him. KAPHILIN The Nomad Raider They roam the deserts of the Kaph. Raiders are equally comfortable fighting on camel back or as skirmishers. Using the cover of sandstorms their guerrilla tactics are rightly feared. They're detailed knowledge of the desert oasis' and geography makes them a formidable fighting force despite their seemingly low numbers. Hill Tribe Tomb King In life he was a mighty king who united the hill tribes. In death he still reigns over his subjects. Peaceful by nature, if the safety of Kaphilin is threatened he will stir his people to action! The Entertainer She was a slave but since gaining her freedom she has amassed a great fortune entertaining Nobles of Kaphilin such as the Masa himself. The Stone Cutter He is the architect behind some of the greatest palaces and sculptures of the Kaph. Nothing makes him happier than bringing the sandstones of the desert to life! MITGARDIA The Valkyrie Once every 10 generations a true Heroine rises from the ranks of the Mitgardian shield maidens. A fallen shield maiden will arise from death. Although not immortal the Valkyrie has phenomenal strength and unmatched Valor with a second chance at life gifted by Odin. It is said her battle song heartens the soul and has magical calming effects. The Blacksmith He tempers a sword blade at his anvil. His Thunder Hammer can be used to forge weapons or crack the skulls of his enemies as he sees fit. A much respected figure by folk short or tall. (he wears a yellow armored tunic to protect him from the heat of the forge). The Northern Bannerman He is a hero of renown. He wears the colours of Mitgardia with pride and is a champion within their ranks. born a humble lumberjack his rise has been meteoric! The Clan Chieftain He is a Mighty Warrior and respected diplomat. He likes to fight, feast, drink and carouse! The Chieftain is always accompanied by his faithful hunting companion Nanuk. NOCTURNUS The Reptrian This beastie is a guard at the labyrinth of Kelra. Those who wish to cross the border at Kelra must first pay tribute or risk being hounded through the labyrinths myriad of dangerous corridors. The Necromancer She is a mistress of dark magic. She reanimates the dead to do her dirty work (her washing, cleaning and disposing of unruly peasant mobs). The Drow Underdark Paladin An agent of the Usurper, he is an envoy of murder. Skilled in all weapons and armour, the Paladin favours plate armour, shield and his wicked machete blade. Bred in the caves of the underdark their skin is luminescent and their silver hair is Tarred black and rigid. Its spikes are a deadly weapon. Obey or be destroyed... The Gorgon The Gorgon lives in a network of caves in the mountains of Nocturnus. Her petrifying gaze means she is very lonely, her only friend is a Stone Troll from the neighbouring valley. VALYRIO The Palace Guard Honest as the day is long and loyal only to the Amancio Family. The Palace Guard of Valyrio serves at the leisure of the Rego. AVALONIA Avalonians unite! MITGARDIA For the Glory of Mitgardia! KAPHILIN All hail the might of Kaphilin. NOCTURNUS Beware the Underdark!
  2. Seltz

    AY-L4M40 "Jacknife" Ugly

    Sold as a TYE-Wing from a Sullustan to a Duro member of the Hal Datta clan, this ship has been modified so much not even the frame is untouched. The Hal Datta clan of the planet Dondo Tissmar have reproduced the frame and basic structure of the ship, and are now using its variants as patrol craft designated AY-L4M40 Uglies. The Jacknife, however, is the original. With its upgraded sensor suite and beam cannon on the starboard nacelle and nacelle strut, this specific craft is a jack of all trades. More pictures >>>
  3. It is the Age of Steam! In the New World of America, The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur are pioneering Aviation. First contact with the Aliens left them both "touched" Wilbur gained a couple of permanent physical reminders but was also gifted with increased mental acumen and a deep knowledge of avionics. Orville a talented mechanic and test driver already was imbued with super keen senses and reflexes which served to hone his new craft as test pilot and crash test dummy extraordinaire! These are the fleshie versions. I will be doing slightly different colours with yellow skin for those who like their lego peeps old skool. Not sure what the rules are here regarding selling. if you like em pm me. Design details Initial torso design work sketched by me, improved by Roag. Developed to next level by Vic at eclipsegrafx with feedback from Guy Himber. Torsos have been pad printed by Citizen Brick. Goggle head digitally printed by eclipsegrafx, designed by Adam at Phoenix Custom Bricks, in conjunction with Hiro Rydell and LegoUli from Flickr. Monocle head Pad printed by Custom bricks through Eclipsgrafx from an initial design by me super improved by Eclipsegrafx Accessories include (but not limited to) Crazybricks Stovepipe hat Brickwarriors Chainsaw hand Sidan Crossbow Some versions will also have the mother of all accessories the "Brickarms raygun" :D
  4. As they appear in the 2003 film. Mina Harker Mr Hyde Allan Quartermain Captain Nemo Tom Sawyer Rodney Skinner Dorian Gray Inspired by RDL a user over at Flickr who recreated the comic version of the league way back in 2012.