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  1. Just wanted to share the news that BrickArms recently unveiled some exciting new custom bodywear accessories: 4 variants of a Plate Carrier Vest! A nice heavier companion to the existing Lightweight Combat Vests, the BrickArms PCVs definitely have a nice weight and protective feel without making the fig appear too bulky.
  2. Just a quick post to catch everyone up on some truly neat stuff BrickArms recently added to their line-up: something for everyone! It's a truly massive release, and includes accessories for nearly every theme from the Civil War to Scifi, not to mention some nifty updates to classic BrickArms accessories: The release includes: - FG42 with removable magazine - UCS Pistol - M1873 Peacemaker Revolver - StgX-46 - HC1 Handcannon - M249 SAW with removable ammo box - M249 SAW Para with removable ammo box - XM345 with removable dual ammo drum - MGL V2 with removable ammo drum - German G43 Rifle - Japanese Arisaka Rifle - Kar98 Scoped Rifle - Caplock Musket - Mosin-Nagant - M1903-A4 Army Sniper Rifle - M1 Carbine Para V2 All these items are currently available from official BrickArms resellers (or will be shortly). Enjoy!
  3. the enigma that is badger

    I built a custom baseball stadium, but the field and players are not l

    Setting the question of the nature of the elements/figs used aside, that is a darn neat little stadium! Reminds me of Ripken Stadium, and it definitely captures the intimate feel of a smaller, feeder team stadium nicely. Good luck as the display continues to evolve! For what it's worth, I like how you used everything you did, and more importantly, if you're happy with it and had fun building it, that's what's most important! Not to get the thread off topic again, but to answer your query: no, in the years that I've known him, Will (ie BrickArms) has made it clear many, many times both in-person and online he has absolutely no interest or intent in ever producing any alternate minifigs or minifig body components. Like you said, he has tremendous respect for LEGO, and that's why BrickArms focuses on elements LEGO has stated it does not and will not produce, namely detailed minifig weaponry, especially items inspired by recent historical conflicts. I doubt if any change in LEGO's patent on the fig would change that position.
  4. BrickArms kicks off the holidays with a release of great new accessories! This release includes: Modular Mk19 Grenade Launcher M1903 USMC Sniper Rifle RPD with removable drum A295 DC-15s MK44
  5. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms July 2014: AK Variants

    Don't we wish everything we liked was less expensive so we could buy more! The reason why BrickArms are priced as they are is the same reason why LEGO costs more than other building toys; only the best (materials, tooling) is good enough for Will, and those standards come at a price. That said, BrickArms are competitively priced in regards to the wider custom accessory market, and many BrickArms resellers (Brickmania and GI Brick especially) run some nice sales fairly regularly. I'm a big fan of the AK-Apoc, too, although I've never played a moment of Fallout in my life. It's really a neat blend of Soviet weaponry aesthetics that makes for a hardy-looking rifle.
  6. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms July 2014: AK Variants

    Just a quick note that Will just released several new BrickArms accessories: a series of AK variants! AKM Assault Rifle AKS74U Assault Carbine AK-GL AK-Apoc Assault Rifle AK-12 Assault Rifle AK-SV Sniper Variant All of the new BrickArms AK variants are available at official BrickArms resellers worldwide.
  7. the enigma that is badger

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand names. Reading through the thread, most of the points I'd make have already been raised, in particular some of the stranger aspects of the figs (oddly shaped legs, leg-torso connections, etc).
  8. the enigma that is badger

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I was in Hong Kong a few months back and ended up picking up some of the Iron Man knock offs (copied from HJ Media Studios designs) in person. These figures were clearly the hot item of the day at the local street vendors; pretty much every toy vendor had at least a small display. Of the few I picked up, quality seemed to vary wildly. Some were rather nicely printed with plastic quality on a decent clone brand level, while others were . . less impressive (sloppy printing, decidedly inferior plastic). Like Hammerstein has mentioned, it's strange situation in regards to intellectual property, and it is morbidly fascinating to watch this decidedly strange corner of minifigure production and collecting evolve. Have any pictures of that Hulkbuster knock-off popped up? I've looked around Flickr and eBay but haven't found anything.
  9. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms Spring 2014: Tactical Vests and More!

    Yep, perfectly! Of course, you can always flip the barrel around for another flame thrower nozzle effect:
  10. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms Spring 2014: Tactical Vests and More!

    My pleasure! Will did release the M2HB back in November, but I'd agree it's been a bit of time since a larger scale release with multiple accessories. Still, knowing Will, I'd be willing to bet he's only getting started for 2014, and I'll be sure and post whatever big BrickArms news the future has in store!
  11. the enigma that is badger

    BrickArms Spring 2014: Tactical Vests and More!

    Every release can't have something from every theme! Will has posted some interesting prototypes you might already be aware of (see here, here, and here), so obviously accessories of that nature are in development and definite possibilities for the future.
  12. Just a quick note that Will recently released a new wave of BrickArms accessories, and it includes an exciting development that's been long requested: BrickArms bodywear, specially, the new BrickArms Lightweight Combat Vest variants! Also part of this release: the M2 and M3 Tripods, a new Modern Combat Pack (V5), and several new accessories, including some new versions of classic BrickArms accessories: the V2 M1911 Pistol and M1A1 SMG
  13. the enigma that is badger

    Shaun and Ed of the Dead

    No, I do not. Please do not ask me again to trade/sell anything I post. I appreciate that's activity others engage in regularly, but what I post is generally from my personal collection and nothing I'd want to part with. Thanks for understanding.
  14. the enigma that is badger

    Shaun and Ed of the Dead

    The UK's finest zomb . . er, zed-word fighters: flatmates Shaun and Ed from Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead. Here's to drinking apple schnapps and playing Tekken 2! Ed's torso was custom printed by and a truly wonderful gift from Will Chapman of BrickArms as was the Shaun figure and both figs' weaponry.
  15. Recently, I re-watched Conan the Barbarian (and the lesser but still goofy fun Conan the Destroyer) and felt inspired to revisit a Conan figure. Once I built him, it just didn't seem right to leave him without his fierce Valkyrie companion! Conan, of course, is welding a prototype overmolded Cimmerian PickAxe while I've used a BrickArms Dadao Blade to give Valeria her distinctive curved blade. And here's one more fig I thought would be fun: Deathstalker, Roger Corman's mercenary man-at-arms: Conan the Barbarian takes its sword-and-sorcery seriously, but Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans is legend and delirious fun for its Looney Tunes sensibility and tongue-in-cheek playfulness. Roger Corman mined the barbarian theme heartily after Conan's success, but Deathstalker II is hands down the most fun watch. The thread name is a gag I've lifted from the . Get it? ;)