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  1. Stash2Sixx

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Anyone heard anything from @Leche Guevara? He still interested?
  2. Stash2Sixx

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

    I hope not! Considering the explosion just happened.
  3. Stash2Sixx

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Hi Leche! I see you are brand new to the site, so welcome! If you have read over the rules and the general discussion thread, then you are welcome to join us. I would also encourage you to make a few more posts, of content, so that you can achieve a post count of ten. In fact, you need to be above ten posts before you join the game. You need at least ten posts to access the personal message system that we use here to communicate within our teams. Judging by your post, I can only assume that you are not a native English speaker? That's ok, just take your time with your posts. As I'm sure you know from the signup guidelines, the majority of the site uses the English language.
  4. Stash2Sixx

    The Brick of Nations

    Chuck Dizzle, esteemed Representative to the Brick of Nations, from the Commonwealth of Southern Territories. My fellow members of the BoN, my sincerest apologies. Earlier today, a member of our RoN alliance, a Ms. Victoria Wilson of Toohati, made a statement which was not endorsed or supported by ANY member of this alliance! We are facing a brand new threat, one which we hoped would never have to be dealt with...but here we are. I have spoken with the other representatives of the RoN and we have decided to clearly state that we are willing to work with any, and all members of the CoAC nations to find a quick, clean, and logical solution to this threat, which we will refer to as the SoF. These terrorists used our help, both alliances, and then spit in our face as soon as they possible could! ANY members of the SoF will be eliminated on sight. There will be no quarter given to these people. They have unleashed a chaos on all of us and we must deal with them as expeditiously as possible! As for Ms. Wilson, we are about to meet with the other representatives from the nation of Toohati and determine wether or not she is fit for her position from here on out. CoAC nations, we look forward to working together to eliminate this threat. Thank you for your time, and our sincerest apologies!
  5. Stash2Sixx

    GBW - CP6 - Plighia - Attack at Alpha

    It happens to the best of us. Glad to see you noticed it, but this is why it's worth it to leave yourself a day to double check everything. I'm serious though, that pic was FANTASTIC! I wish I had basic editing skills because then I could crop it a bit and ask you for permission to use it! GREAT SHOT!
  6. Our next campaign is open from 5/29/18 - 7/9/18. After a nuclear attack and a country in shambles, both sides are pitted in a 3 pronged battle to end fighting in this region. This Campaign, we will be giving away the above prize pack to the highest scoring build. It consists of enough gear to outfit a squad of 6 minifigs. We've extended registration until June 2 to be eligible. There is no better time than now to jump in on the action. Join us in The Great Brick War!
  7. Stash2Sixx

    Star Wars

    No shit! Statement of the year for Eurobricks! Just look at the SW 2018 set discussion and you'll see... Play nice people. Can't call someone out for attacking when you make general statements about a topic, you know there is going to be someone in that general group. And I'm one of them. IF, and I say if, they go down the current route and "DISNEYFY", I think they will cut too many corners and the Boba Fett movie won't be the gritty, dirty movie it needs to be. Should it be violent and harsh, yes. Will it, probably not. James Mangold is a great director, but it all depends on what Disney let's him do.
  8. Stash2Sixx

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    You guys all handled this very well. Yes, I was in the loop and watched it to see where it went.
  9. Stash2Sixx

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Yes, mods are aware. I saw this thread early this morning before I went to sleep. I have messaged Tenderlock privately and am following along.
  10. Stash2Sixx

    CP6 - Race to Safety - 3/13/18/18 - 5/7/18

    Nukes on the Loose!!!
  11. [GBW] (Campaign 6) Commonwealth of Southern Territories - Airbase Juliet Studica E9 Both the Alliances have their differences, but when a third player enters the game talking about potential WMDs, both Alliances try to work together to deal with that threat first. Many of the Nations have stepped forward from both Alliances to search the country of Xenor and locate whatever they could. The Commonwealth of Southern Territories sent a squad of Marines into Airbase Juliet (real name unkinown because no one really gives two shits about Xenor as they are just led by the worst people in the world) to see if they could locate anything. The National rebel group, Servants of Freedom, were able to drop some last minute intel to the nation of CoST. They said their spies had been observing the airfield for about a week and had seen little to almost no activity at that location. The Marines were dropped by helicopter about six miles out. Even with all of their jamming equipment, they didn't want to set off any air defense systems near the airbase. The Marines hiked through the terrain until they came upon the perimeter fence. After checking all buildings in view and seeing no activity on the airfield, the team sliced the outer fence and began to creep forward into the base. They moved from building to building, hangar to hangar, checked the control tower, turned off all SAM launchers but did not encounter any resistance. After about 90 minutes, the team came upon the last hangar to be checked...Hangar 18. "Sir, final hangar. Looks like the intel the SoF gave us was accurate. We haven't fired a shot yet. We might want to note that this hangar does have a unique sign outside the doorway." "Stay alert folks, still have one SAM to deal with." "Gentlemen, cut the sucker" "Cables cut." "SAM Launcher is dead, proceed to doorway, prepare to breach Hangar 18. Masks on!" The breach team put their gas masks over their faces and cautiously ventured into the building. As they entered they were able to see fairly clearly as the lights in this building were still on. Upon entering they immediately found a broken glass container. "Well Sir, I think we know why this base cleared out. Chances are they were screwin' around in here and had no idea how to deal with this stuff." "Looks like they had more interest in making it than storing it properly!" "You, cover our asses and get that SAW on the door!" "On it Sir!" "Well, look at all of these quaint little crates." "Sergeant, any clue what we're dealing with here?" "Sir, I know they can go boom, but I don't know if they are mushroom cloud boom!" "Alright team, good job securing the base. Let's call the engineers in here and they can take a closer look" "Skull Crusher to Black Angel, do you read, over." "This is Black Angel, Skull Crusher. I read you loud and clear, over." "Black Angel, the airbase is secure. Zero enemies encountered. All SAM sites defunct. Extreme minimal damage. Airbase can easily be repurposed for RoN usage ASAP. Mission is a complete success, over" "Roger that Skull Crusher. Completing my perimeter check of the airbase, I can confirm all SAM sites are inactive. Will land on your position in 15 seconds. Calling in the Chinooks to assess and repurpose airbase. Over and out!"
  12. Stash2Sixx

    Star Wars May the 4th Contest

    Feeling strong with the Force this Star Wars day? Then come check out our annual contest! Prizes include: 751212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon 75211 TIE Fighter 75204 Sandspeeder
  13. This topic is for 2018 discussion, not 2019, and not 2017. We will make a new topic when we feel it is necessary. If your post was on the boards, and now it's not...there is a good chance it was either hidden or moved. Off topic posts, placing info in the wrong thread, or a request from LEGO to remove something; these are all possible reasons why something may have disappeared. From what I've seen posted over the last weekend...I think this needs to be stated...AGAIN! It's not very difficult. Start a new topic or add to another one. Use the search function; even if the post is an older one but the conversation matters, then add to it. And yes, in order for everyone to see this, this post is getting locked for a bit. If you have news...INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!! Then you know where it goes. Once I unlock the thread, I'll just go back to throwing people out who cannot follow the rules.
  14. Stash2Sixx

    Cutting baseplates?

    I outline the outside of where I want to cut with 1x8 tiles and 'score' the baseplate. Once I get enough of it scored, I then bend the baseplate and it usually snaps into two separate sections. Then if I need another cut...repeat with the tiles and score, score, score, bend. I use this method on all of the baseplates with track in the NILTC yard.