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  1. Minifig Contest Voting

    #9 #14 Some great entries here; these were not easy choices to make!
  2. Voting is Now Open! Like minifigures? Like custom minifigures? Then head over to the Great Brick War sub-forum for our recent contest . All members of Eurobricks, who were registered prior to 2/1/18, are eligible vote in this contest. Stop by, read the rules, and place your vote!
  3. Brickworld 2018 Call for Topics

    Thanks BMW for starting this! I think all points so far are good, even if I’m not interested in all of them, I’m sure there are some who are. I really like the extended time table idea! To many of these get cut short with all of the conversation that goes on. But, I know there are other talks and events going on so I understand. By June, I’m sure BMR will have more going on, maybe they would like to speak on a few things?
  4. Minifig Sub Contest- 2/1 - 2/14

    He does, but we’re going to wait a few days. It might be REALLY tacky to post up armed mini figures on the front page of the site the day after some stuff happened here in the US. This was an EB staff decision, but hang in there, the game ain’t goin’ anywhere!
  5. Citizen brick does commission work, but he’s a bit more than $2. Check his website out. I don’t believe anyone does custom printing that low. Sorry.
  6. (GBW) TheBeeze - Custom Minifig Contest

    Desert tiger stripe looks good! I'm also impressed with how well that Tiny Tactical gear looks painted. I gotta' get going on the gear I picked up. I'm afraid that when I do, I'm going to want more!
  7. (GBW) ADAMSONS - Custom Minifig Contest

    Love the usage of that netting! I may need to pick a few of those up for myself!
  8. [GBW] JanSued - Custom minifig contest

    Yup, it was original LEGO, Racers theme from many years back, like @ODA 401 said. That third one, LOL, how much more gear can you pile onto that exoskeleton? That's awesome!
  9. AHHHH, I knew I forgot a major one. I'm a terrible person! Yes, their stuff is different than Brickarms in many factors, some good and some not so good. But that's all personal preference. Good call @AmperZand.
  10. (GBW) SIGPRO - Custom Minifig Contest

    Basic soldier with some gear. Those SW figs are great for modern troops. Sand/buff off the design on the torso or just cover it up with a vest. Simple, yet totally effective! Good job Sig! I pretty sure the belt, backpack, pistol, and rifle are all from or Sai-Dan toys (smae company). Bipod and vest are the only Brickarms items on that fig. I only speak up because I look at Brickarms items every single day!
  11. Invest in Lego

    I look at it this way...there are a lot of people who think they know what they are doing out there, and in truth, they have no clue. Many people say you can use the websites and online resources available but honestly, I think it's a bust. If I'm writing one of those pages, or one of these LEGO investors, do you really think I'm going to give you my secret formula for making money, let alone put it out there on the internet? Anyways, that's just my opinion.
  12. Ok. A few I have used or have some experience with... Custom Crazy does some unique items; small shop, but some nice details for your MOCs. Brick TW is one I have also used in the past. They've changed up their selection a bit since last time I purchased from them. BrickWarriors has some weapons and gear. Depending on your preference, the items can see a lil small or just right. But that's true with any of these after market items! BrickForge has changed up their inventory from a few years back. Some items still exist and some are gone. Feel free to take a look. Arealight has quite a few different items that can be used with multiple time periods. Brickarms has TONS of weapons. You'll have to go through one of their resellers though as Brickarms does not sell direct to the consumer anymore. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some...oops. I feel like this info should be indexed here on EuroBricks! *EDIT* Found it indexed right here, but it appears to be a bit out of date. Not complaining, just stating.
  13. What kind of weapons? Modern, Historical, Sci-Fi, Medieval?
  14. Cool your jets, LEGO has surprised us before. With this company and this license...anything is possible. In fact, everyone calm down! No one believes anyone, it seems like many are guessing in some way, and there are no hard, solid facts. Be nice to others. You can be direct, but be nice. Otherwise...