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  1. Well deserved! You were a great builder when you joined but quickly became a standout, excellent builder!!!
  2. Greetings. Been MIA for a while, tons of stuff happened...but I think this is about the right time to reappear... So, where we at?
  3. Stash2Sixx

    GREAT BRICK WAR - Phase 2

    The Great Brick War- Phase 2 - The Battle is Raging! Join the Fight Now! There are new threats to peace and stability within the brick world we inhabit. Will you rise to confront this new evil or let your bricks shatter to pieces? Join the Fight Now! Weapons and Gear courtesy of 
  4. Stash2Sixx

    LUG Boxcar Swap

    If you're a whiz at reverse construction, it's possible. Otherwise, if you wait for the premium instruction sets to come back into stock though, you'll have a MUCH easier time with it. And no worries, I've got 4 I'm bringing to Brickworld next weekend, 2 of which are already claimed (hopefully @ecmo47 and one from Empire Lug). I'll try to get a pic of my collection so far next weekend. And as you are in Australia, I know first hand what shipping is back and forth. I am willing to just swap the decals so you could build it with your own parts. And then likewise, I would have you just send the decals to me and I would build it to your color specs. No rush, I have plenty of decals made, I planned ahead!
  5. Interested. As soon as I am back in my LEGO Lair, I’ll get a new BoN rep and redo this post with my country’s interest. Thanks...hopefully I’m not too late!
  6. Not a derailment, you are free to express your opinion. Since I am a moderator, I would be happy to explain. I want people to express their views, that's not a problem. When others try to shut fellow members up and get rude when they don't have the same views...there's a problem! Wish-listing is prohibited in that SW thread I was talking about, yet people still do it...that's a problem. The nasty attitudes towards others...that's a problem. So, I don't see a problem calling out laziness. It may seem harsh...but would you prefer I was all wishy washy and unclear as to what I was saying? When that happens, there's just more confusion or misunderstanding. Did you actually take a look into the SW 2019 thread I was talking about? Or did you assume I was just being mean and not realize there have been extreme issues in that thread in the past? If you assumed, then you have proven my point that laziness is all around the internet. If you did take a look, then you can see how many 'sour' personalities there are in that thread on some days. I'm not trying to cause an issue or problems. If I'm too honest or direct for you, that's who I am. I'll say the same about you to others as I would to your face. And if you don't have people to go to, reach out to the moderators. We can help find someone or offer up feedback ourselves. Maybe in the past some moderators ruled with an iron fist. We don't. Unless you try to be the Batman of Eurobricks...then we will squash that right away!
  7. Sorry to hear about your frustration @ProvenceTristram. Times change. Digital builds have become very popular; there are times I actually have to really study a build to see if it's digital or brick built. I also understand your rationale for building digital. Bricks cost money. A dedicated room/space to build costs money. TIME costs money!!! So if someone chooses to build in digital, then so be it. It shouldn't be a problem and if you encounter an issue with members being rude, then please let one of us know. The internet shines with's so much easier to put a like on a photo and not have to comment. And as we (the staff) have seen, this has become apparent on Eurobricks. Yet there are still tons of comments...but not where I think they belong. Example, take a look at how many pages of future released set topics there are and look at the quantity/quality of those comments. Wish-listing, hatred, bitching...and sometimes actual critique. And that's in just the Star Wars 2019 thread. I think you need to ask yourself, if you want critique, do you really want it from those people? I would not! I build for myself and if I need assistance, I have LUG members or members of EB who I can ask for help/observations. I find this community, for the most part, to be a friendly, welcoming community. Of course there are a few turds that need to be flushed now and then, Overall though, this is a fair, honest, friendly site. Made many friendships though this site and through conventions attended; I literally have couches across the world I can crash on. I've got a few builders in the Great Brick War game who have really improved in their building and photography skills. Problem is, the comments are usually from just those that participate in the game. These are people who are "literally" looking for feedback as they wish to learn new techniques, new ideas, new combinations to create...and unfortunately, they only get a few pieces of input. Honestly, since I have become staff, I don't get to look at as many builds as I used to, and that's on me. In your builds, do you ask for specific critique? Maybe for comments on a specific part or assembly? I mean, if people don't know you want some feedback, they may not give it. I understand your frustration, I really do. Try not to pigeon hole the entire site though. In the end, you can say what you want...with some limitation...but you don't want that to bite you in the ass in the long run. Issues, reach out to staff. Just ask around, I try to keep an open mind and help out all I can on this site. Stash / Adam
  8. Stash2Sixx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    And I’m wracking my brain why you would jump to conclusions about why RogerSmith dislikes a color? How about before you go off making assumptions, maybe ask RogerSmith (politely) why he dislikes that color? Please, all of you, think before you post. There is way too much nasty behavior on this website when someone disagrees with another person... There is plenty of this in the real world, it doesn’t need to be here as well. NO MORE!!!
  9. Stash2Sixx

    Power Function Rechargeable Battery 8878

    Excellent point! But now they are sold out.
  10. Stash2Sixx

    LUG Boxcar Swap

    Please, PROD!!! Would love to get some UK items on the layout! Hoping to swap a car or two at NBD next weekend so I'll be sure to update flickr/facebook/eurobricks with a pic or two of where the swap is at.
  11. Stash2Sixx

    LUG Boxcar Swap

    I keep seeing all these great boxcar builds on Flickr, Eurobricks, and Facebook and I think how great it would be to have a few on my LUG's layout. So, I'm proposing a LUG boxcar swap. The idea is to create a boxcar for your LUG and have extras to trade with other LUGs at shows and conventions. Way back in the day, there was something similar called the container swap. LUGs (or members) designed a unique container that fit on the LEGO TTX cars and they had extras to swap with others. This project is a little bit larger in scale than the containers, but pretty much the same principle. You design your boxcars and have the decals created for your LUG. A few places I can suggest for decals are either OKBrickWorks or Maci's Monograms; both make quality decals and are willing to work with their customers. If you decide that you only want to swap decals, that's fine as well, as long as both parties agree. The main idea here is to create some diversity on our layouts and to foster a feeling of community. My suggested choice of boxcar is the BMR Pullman Standard PS-1 40' boxcar. It fits into any time frame and is fairly simple to add lots of customization. I've already started this with PENNLUG as you can see in the picture below. I have one almost ready for LUG PERU and am working on a car for CINCY LUG as well. Hopefully I'll have these ready in about a week for Nebraska Brick Days. Suggestions, thoughts, ideas, comments...interest...feel free to add!
  12. Stash2Sixx

    [Factions Ep. I] Hangar 37

    Fantastic build!!! I like how there is details and items scattered about, but not too much to over fill the area. The console is sweet in the back half, again, with all the gear and extra details. There are quite a few really thought out items in there I've seen and haven't seen before. It genuinely has a feel for a hangar from the Star Wars universe. Great job on the curve as well!
  13. Stash2Sixx

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    I do, I assist TheBeeze with anything I can in his game. Be sure to create an AAR post for yourself in the AAR Thread. Any questions, need some clarity on something, just ask.
  14. Stash2Sixx

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Added, Steven the toa of flight. Please read the rules and join in! Welcome!