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  1. LEGO Color Guide

    Thank you!
  2. Is that press release (who linked it?) North America or European? That may play into the dates of the new promo as well. If not, bring the copy of the old calendar in with you. Politely show the manager on duty and ask if you would be able to get the promo based on the fact that there was an internal mistake on their part. If they deny it, say fine, get that managers name, and then politely call customer service for your respective country. Explain to them what went on and ask if they would honor the promo. If they say no, ask for that person's name and then get a supervisor's name and go up. If LEGO has a quality control issue on their end, that'a fine, but if they offer a follow up to fix it on a different date, that is something they changed. If you are polite, you may get something out of it for asking. If not...well you can complain but it's a free promo. And from experience working in the retail stores, if you are polite, there is a lot more I can do for you. If you come in hootin' and hollerin', then yeah, not going to help you out at all. Now that this is solved, let's stick to actual product release discussions instead of if they will honor their F R E E promotional items. Thank you. Seriously though, if you have a LEGO question, call LEGO! I don't work in the stores anymore and cannot give you a current answer!
  3. What forum should this topic go in?

    Help me out here @Lasivian, what are you looking to discuss? The gaming aspect, character detailing, building terrain? Honestly, that would help in determining where it should be.
  4. Signature Help

    @joeperry25it should be the next option after Recently Used Devices. But, you might need to have a few more posts behind you before that option pops for you.
  5. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    As much as we want to boost our player base in this game, we also want to have open and available opportunities for those players. So, the following players have been dormant/inactive in the game for a while now. @Chris182 @Connor Querin @JSN Are you still interested? Would you still like to be part of your team? If so, that's fine, just let us know. Likewise, if you choose to 'retire', that's ok as well. We know life can add up. Just drop a message to @Stash2Sixx or @TheBeeze and we can take It from there. Thanks all!
  6. SoNE feedback thread

    Empire or Rebels, not quite sure...but yes, this would sway my decision. With all of the cool 3rd party accessories and gear (Brickarms & Clone Army Customs to name a few), it always frustrated me that we were not able to use these in this game. If you do make the decision to allow, maybe Commander Stash of the Rebel Leadership could meet a surprise end? Might be confusing with a Commander Stash2sixx and a soldier by the name of Stash2sixx?
  7. SoNE feedback thread

    Are you going to change the custom parts/elements restriction... or is that staying in place for 2.0?
  8. LEGO Color Guide

    Can you post the price of the poster please? I would rather not create an account, thanks!
  9. No, Building space is 16 x 16. A decorative base/stand/border is fine, but if it detracts from your build, you might want to take another look at your build!
  10. SoNE "Battle for Endor" Contest

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka is proud to host the Battle for Endor contest! Join either the Empire or the Rebelion as they play on a Fog-of-War style map. Learn more about the game, and how you can win a copy of either 75178 Jakku Quadjumper or 75183 Darth Vader Transformation here!
  11. Star Wars Republic Commando

    Great details! I went to your flickr to see these even closer. Thanks for sharing this; so many little details to spot. An amazing build! You had me at first...Oh, this guy literally put 4 clones on some tiles... AND THEN BAM! Well done!
  12. Sava is correct! I would like to move on as well. I'm not going to lock this just in case someone from ME Models would like to post anything. If not, no problem, but then let's all let this thread be.
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    He did do that, didn't he? And yet there are still some who doubt my info...Oh well.
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Cafe Corner! A, I can get a great stock of Dark Red to increase what I have...AND...the colors will match and it won't look like the rookie was working the color mix that day! B, It really doesn't matter though because I cannot see LEGO rereleasing these sets with the old 5 stud tall doors.
  15. Been getting a few different questions so I figured I would post in here to avoid repeats over the next week. Yes, these are pretty much free points for a build. You must follow the rules though. No gore or over violent activities. I understand that this is to represent war and combat, but this is also planned to go on the front page of Eurobricks as a form of recruiting. In today's day and age, we need to show a little bit more discretion than maybe in the past. Too many people are easily offended and I'm not going to deal with a bunch of crying, from either side! If you want to go violent, that is of course ok, but your build will still get the same amount of points and will not be placed into the recruitment collage/poster for the front page. Sorry. This goes for racially charged issues as well. Avoid them if you want your work out front and center! Questions, please ask. HERE! Ask here. Someone else may have the same thoughts as you so ask here please. Thanks. Please remember to take your photos in a well lit area with a neutral, solid color background!