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  1. Stash2Sixx


    Eurobrick's Star Wars game has just begun it's 2nd edition! Read all about it on the rules page and ask questions here.
  2. Get Rich or Die Tryin' Fulkasho - E8 Commonwealth of Southern Territories had recently deployed a team of two Apache AH-64E Guardians on patrol in the coastal lowlands of Fulkasho. Their mission was to search and destroy any opposition at 3 sites, all suspected weapons manufacturing (small arms) depots. Contact was made at two of the three sites, all targets eliminated and factories were left in ruins. Upon destroying the second location, multiple vehicles were seen in the early hours vacating the third site. When the Apache team arrived, they surveyed the area and concluded that all humans had vacated the premises and called in a team to evaluate the situation. Within thirty minutes, the team arrived on site to collect intel...and cash? Definitely the right site! "We've got an abandoned building here, factory used to construct small arms." "What you guys got over there?" "We seem to have an outdoor storage lot, all crates are filled with rifles of various calibers." "Looks like the Apaches came into the area at just the right time and scared the SoF outta' here! I believe they were loading all of these onto this flat car." "JACKPOT!!! They were in such a rush they forgot to take their cash! HAHAHAH!!!" "Ground team update...We've located a large stockpile of small arms, mainly assault rifles, being loaded onto a flat car. No clue as to final destination. We also located three, THREE, large pallets of cash. Going to need at least two transport trucks to this location ASAP. Team leader out."
  3. Stash2Sixx

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Awesome news! Appreciate you stopping by to update everyone!
  4. Stash2Sixx

    Trix Brix review

    It's not impatience, if we (builders) need an item and they aren't available, we use what we can. With no set release date from Brick Tracks (and we all understand these things take time) we (members of LUGs) have to make that decision. I have some of these switches myself and agree with everything Sava has said. I was the one that actually had the switch that Scott took apart and investigated. It was a good discussion on the overall item. I have also told him that I am more than willing to dump all of mine the instant the Brick Tracks switches are have others! I don't believe I have to say this on this forum but I will. Please, be nice. Someone took the time to describe, IN DETAIL, a product with it's benefits and faults. No one needs to see some Internet Tough Guy show up and shit on their work. It's a community of like minded individuals. Be courteous. If you don't like the product, that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion. But there's no need to rip on others for spending their money on what they want.
  5. TYCO had some great stuff back in the late 80’s/early 90’s in the states. I had quite a few of them and still do...somewhere. Quality was incredible, and some unique parts, but the original figures were ridiculous. The second wave of figs were great, but were weak.
  6. Sweeeeet! That map looks incredible dude! Great job with it, I know the effort you put shows!
  7. As an employee at that time, I had NEVER seen a theme (classic pirates) go on sale and get pushed out so fast! In the public's eye, this is exactly what 'they' will tell you, couldn't be farther from the truth though. I've spoken with enough designers and internal employees over my years (with LEGO) and there is a lot that doesn't get publicized. I can provide no proof though, so take it as you will.
  8. Of all the beers available in this drink Budweiser? Dude, we gotta have a serious talk! J/K, do what makes ya happy...and that workspace is too clean!
  9. Stash2Sixx


    So glad I look at this page every day and don't miss the obvious items!!! Thanks!
  10. Stash2Sixx


    I can assume you mean on a mobile device? Which I am not currently on.
  11. Stash2Sixx


    A little more detail in "what' leaderboard? And where?
  12. Stash2Sixx

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Legit questions, more than happy to answer... There have been Campaigns/Missions where the winning side can turn a country to it's side (Alliance), but that got messed up by the rebels who turned out to be terrorists... No one outright conquers the other side in their builds, otherwise that can throw off the main story's direction with the game-master (Beeze). Imagine 14 people all claiming they won? I guarantee, my alliance would all go after Paintballman and try to shut his army down, but I'm sure a few on his side would come after me just as fast! Entries for the Campaigns all have a due date, at which point a panel of judges scores them. Cumulative scores are then awarded per team, and the higher score wins. Currently, in the present system, there are limitations on what can be built from the get go. Yes, as your score increases, so do the possibilities of what you can build; new brackets open up. We try to offer prizes for the highest scoring builds, but cannot do that all the time. We have given away Eclipse Grafx printed gloves, Brickarms prize packs, and gear as well. As a game, that's just the best name for what this really is. Currently, the Great Brick War is somewhat of a team building game, that focuses on becoming a better builder and photographer of LEGO, while encouraging members to create a story line for their character(s) while meeting new people (members) and working together in a type of collaborative, online build! That being said, Phase II will eventually start up. This si the last Campaign for Phase I and there will be a lot of changes for Phase II. Any other questions, please reach out. We want to be welcoming and keep it simple enough for many different members to participate.
  13. Stash2Sixx

    The Great Brick War, Campaign 9

    The Great Brick War- Campaign 9 - The Final Battle is now LIVE! 10/9/18 - 11/26/18 This is the final battle for Phase 1 of the Great Brick War. If you were on the fence, now is your time to get involved and score some points and a chance to start Phase 2 with a little boost. Weapons and Gear courtesy of
  14. No, that's a wishlist beginning to form! Which should be fantastic! But, as we do not have sets yet for any of this, it should most likely go in the Culture & Multimedia section. As soon as set info comes out, this is most definitely the place for that!
  15. Stash2Sixx

    Where to get LDD b-52 ?

    Other than reaching out to him directly, I don't think there are any available. Considering the amount of time it takes to create instructions, the majority of people do not make them unless it is worthwhile...