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  1. The Brick of Nations

    Bold statement Mr. Larkin, but The Commonwealth of Southern Territories supports your motion to begin humanitarian relief to the city of Carrefour.
  2. GBW - Lord of War - CoST - Little Blitzer

    HAHAHAHAHA! LoTR! This was just what I needed to see this morning!
  3. GBW - Balahfi -Media - 13 Hours

    Oh wow! That paper shredder is great!
  4. [MOC] Scarif by ChtiLUG

    Please! Do take pictures at your event when this is completed. Looking fantastic as it's in progress, can hardly wait for a finalized version.
  5. The Brick of Nations

    Really Balls? The war will do nothing good? We openly and sincerely offer to help your alliance's innocent citizens, and you think we will hamper that? We make a goodwill gesture towards all of the people of that city. Our city, by the way, which you have invaded... Your thinking so backwards that you probably think we would use innocents as human shields. That's just messed up Balls, that's just messed up! Again, the RoN will help any and all innocent civillians in getting out of the city, which has been attacked by CoAC forces. Please head to the Carrefour Airport as soon as possible with your passports and identification. Dizzle out!
  6. The Brick of Nations

    Good day ladies and gentlemen... My name is Chuck Dizzle, and I am the Brick of Nations distinguished representative from the Commonwealth of Southern Territories. Due to the recent activities on Studica, the Commonwealth of Southern Territories is urging ALL of it's citizens in the city of Carrefour to return to the CoST as soon as possible. The CoST has sent planes to the Carrefour airport and will begin evacuation as soon as these aircraft are on the ground. We ask that you bring 'only what you need to survive' (so if you show up with an industrial size hair dryer, it will not make the trip out). We also encourage all other civilians to remove themselves from the city of Carrefour as well, both RoN and CoAC citizens. These forthcoming battles may be fierce and we encourage you to be as safe as possible. CoST planes will remove CoST citizens along with citizens from other RoN allied nations. And yes, we will also remove citizens from CoAC allied nations. We have refugee camps designated within our borders until a timely exchange can be made with your home nation. Thank you.
  7. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    If I may least with regards to what happened on our side (RoN)... In no way is the removal of players a penalty, at least not for the recent purge...maybe it did not come across that way, sorry. I just want people to be able to play, and if there are those that aren't participating (not just building, but at least reading messages and contributing to conversations), then I felt that they should be removed to make room for others who may be interested...and apparently a few others felt the same. AAR posts are only hidden, so that player can always come back. I get what you're saying, other things come up, I know this for a fact from BoBS. I made sure to participate in conversations, until the repeated snide comments from leadership, on our own team and in general, I stepped back to take a look at things and decided that it wasn't working out, and that I didn't feel I wanted to be part of that team any longer. Merc4Hire spoke up on his own and stated things weren't working out the way he had planned. If things turn for him, I welcome him back! Silvasio and KyloStabbedFirst have had well over three months (90 Days) to contribute to a conversation...but nothing. No builds, no communication, they didn't even read the PM. So we moved them for the time being to let others in who may be interested. It's tough with all of these build games going on right now. I've actually been approached about a prospective Sci-Fi / Steampunk building game in the near future. But with AG, BoBS, SW, TGBW, and GoH, those are a lot. And if you're involved in two or more...I GET IT, YOU'RE SUPER BUSY!!! I just ask players to be honest with their team and themselves. Hope that cleared up some things, at least why the RoN is a little bit lighter this week than last week?
  8. New MOC builder

    @J4JacobR, you pick yet?
  9. Campaign 4- Fighting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    If @Phadeoutconfirms...then there ya go.
  10. Campaign 4- Fighting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    Oh snap!!!!!!!!!
  11. Campaign 4- Fighting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    Well, as RoN has pushed back CoAC into their territory, CoAC gets the honor of naming it. You guys wanna take a few days to come up with a name?
  12. Campaign 4- Fighting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Again...if you are frustrated with how things were handled on LEGO's end, then call their customer service and FILEA COMPLAINT! Complaining on a website (Eurobricks), griping on Facebook, leaving a false review on LEGO's consumer site...these will not do anything. And no name calling please, let's keep it civil.
  14. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Went to my local LEGO store this morning, procured myself one of the Aluminum Falcons! Wheeled it to the car and it's now safe at home!
  15. LEGO site has been screwed up all morning because of this. Spoke with the sales associates while at a store this morning. Apparently, they didn't expect this to sell so well...? Seems to be their go to answer all the time! Those of you online fighting with the site, good luck to you! AND BY THE WAY.... If you are ticked off and disappointed with how this was handled on LEGO's end, and it sounds like a few of you might be, then call LEGO Customer Service and file a complaint about their site and service. Don't just bitch and moan here about it! Eurobricks can do absolutely nothing to help you. The store surveys on the receipts? Those go to the stores, corporate never sees them unless they go looking. If you put in a complaint with a customer service operator, then an email chain begins and it actually makes a difference!