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  1. Cutting baseplates?

    I outline the outside of where I want to cut with 1x8 tiles and 'score' the baseplate. Once I get enough of it scored, I then bend the baseplate and it usually snaps into two separate sections. Then if I need another cut...repeat with the tiles and score, score, score, bend. I use this method on all of the baseplates with track in the NILTC yard.
  2. Yes, a new version of Slave I is possible, but unless Han has done a job for Jabba, ditches the cargo, and Boba was hired, I don’t think we will see a new Slave I.
  3. Guess that movie!

    Yes it is. One of my favorites as well! Ok, your turn @Daimar
  4. Guess that movie!

    Been checking this for 2 weeks straight and no one has figured it out yet. Cool. Not so easy when you can't cheat and look up the URL!!! If you do have a guess, please tag me so I know to look. Thanks, good luck!
  5. HAHAHA! Awesome! But of course it's you who is at fault, not the security issues that the company has.
  6. Wrong topic. Please reread the title of this topic. Thank you. Everyone take a deep breath please. Now take another. Realize that a few of you are arguing or about to argue over LEGO sets, some of which are unreleased. As for the rest of you...It's not a wishlist topic. Words like "hope, wish, want, should"...wrong place. Thank you. Now, go buy the Solo sets like I did and start building!
  7. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Thanks for the update Coaster. I know many of us are eagerly awaiting the switch Kickstarter to begin. I myself need quite a few and I’m sure the LUG will make a contribution as well! Keep up the good work!
  8. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Nope! But obviously, go for quality over quantity as this will be what gets you a higher score. And make sure there is some building done as well!
  9. Greetings!

    I follow you.
  10. Hello from Northern Virginia!

    Hi Lo var Lachland, welcome to EB! I see you are finding your way around EB just fine. Any questions, please ask. If you’re embarrassed to ask in public, feel free to pm the staff, or me, anytime. Have some fun and enjoy your time!
  11. Greetings!

    Hi aaroning/DFC, quite familiar with your Flickr page. Welcome to EB. Any questions, just ask. Rules are simple, don’t join just to promote yourself or sell things, strike up conversations with others but be friendly, use basic capitalization and grammar so this place doesn’t look like a chat room, and have a good time! So, have some fun!
  12. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Hey @Lo var Lachland, need to let you know that Deland Republic is already claimed by two members. Please choose a different country and then go ahead and update your post. Thanks. Any questions, just reach out and let me or the game staff know.
  13. The Great Brick War, Join Us!

    The Great Brick War is Now Recruiting! Join builders from all over the world sharing a passion for building brick warfare. Campaign 6 is underway and there is no better time to join us!
  14. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I’m still in the thought process/planning stage...but anything is possible. Just trying to get an idea as this is first and foremost a chance for us to see others techniques and become better builders.
  15. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Sorry, poor’s been a thing with me today, lemme try again. Example: the SW game, SoNE devises a story line and needs/wants fresh builds for their enemy force (a third team). We would be the builders, parameters would be set, and then we build. Would work similar to a campaign but we would all be part of the same team, most likely some type of enemy of both of the other teams. Just thinking out loud.