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  1. Not easy...but if you want to make a kind gesture... And that would count as bribery, which of course, I will be sure to turn my head or log off for a week if you need to go nuts on the site or something.
  2. Stash2Sixx

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    It's not really laziness if there aren't a whole lot of others using it as a technique. I saw it once somewhere else, but couldn't tell you where; it was years ago. I'll have to find the video and take a look, thanks for the info!
  3. Stash2Sixx

    AoM: House Phase 1: Summer Mountain Hut

    Quaint little cottage, very aged! The stone work on the building itself is something to look at, but that roof really draws you in. Of course, everything is better with goats! Great build!
  4. Stash2Sixx

    Star Wars

    Let's be honest, unless someone is on the fence, the majority of people know what they like and dislike. I don't go to a movie to sift through everything with a fine tooth comb, I go to be entertained. Having a member go watch a video where someone else tears a movie apart they like? Doesn't seem like the smartest thing to tell someone to do. Also, use periods please, run on sentences, like so many other things, can just be confusing, and if someone doesn't know where to stop reading, then they will just keep going, and going, and going. Thanks! Have fun!
  5. Stash2Sixx

    Star Wars

    Easy does it. You're more than welcome to offer your opinion, ALL OF YOU, but realize others have the ability to offer theirs as well. Be courteous and respectful. If this gets bad, which I feel it's about to do, I'll deal with it as needs be. Thanks!
  6. Stash2Sixx

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    The reversed roof build is so simple, yet really stands out in this build. Not that there aren't a few other things that stand out. Sorry I couldn't make it to Brickfair this year to see everything, including this. I need to go fave one of these shots on Flickr right now. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Stash2Sixx

    A quick comment on spam

    Keep calling it out in here and let us know. I tend to find 2, maybe 3 as I check my phone before I pass out nightly, usually about 2am CST. Most I have ever seen is 8 or 9? So yeah, we try to keep up. Thank you all.
  8. Stash2Sixx

    What’s your Railway called?

    My layout is called the "Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club's Rail Yard". I don't have the room at home to set up the rail yard so it pretty much goes to our shows. Of course, I'm not the only one who is part of the layout, as it is the club layout (NILTC). I choose to use current railroads and fallen flags, with no rhyme or reason...makes it more fun to do what I want to. The layout isn't based on any actual city. As I live outside Chicago, there are plenty of rail yards for me to glance into and get some ideas. Unfortunately, not as easy to access as they used to be... Made a trip out to Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska a few years ago, got a lot of good photos and ideas from that trip. Currently working on more buildings for background, a container yard, and a new and updated engine house. Eagerly anticipating the 104 switches because the little LEGO ones are the worst. Still a bit to do, but I've got time.
  9. Stash2Sixx

    Aurora of Avalonia

    Great looking ship, as stated earlier, very appropriate for the time period! A solid build with many lil details, really easy to miss in the small pics of EB, but on your Flickr page, they shine! Any desire to go with cloth sails, or you just chose to stay brick built for now?
  10. Ok, I'm in! I signed up years ago, YEARS AGO, and chose Mitgardia. Due to working management at a LEGO store, I didn't really have time to build on my own, ironic right? So, I never properly withdrew from the team. That being said, only right that I fulfill the pledge I made! So I will join (rejoin) Mitgardia. Unfortunately, I'm a bit limited as of right now, broke both elbows a week before Brickworld Chicago, hopefully cleared sooner than later, but I have started building small scale. I really want to work on my castle-like building skills and I think this is the perfect place to further that. That being said...I'll develop a new figure within the next week and get going on a back story. Looking for a climate similar to the Midwest USA, where my guy can farm during the summer months, but within/nearby the mountains...if possible? Roughly, what location would I be looking at? Thanks in advance.
  11. Stash2Sixx

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    Anyone waiting until later to make a pledge and support’s kind of ‘later’ now.
  12. Stash2Sixx

    Where to get started with Advanced building?

    Also, check out these . The builds aren't only for Castles and both @LittleJohn and @soccerkid6 know what they are doing when it comes to bricks!
  13. Stash2Sixx

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Great scene. Good choice with multiple types of ground/terrain. Rocks, sand, dirt; all of these are very noticeable. The attention to detail here is superb. I would love to check out your additional photos as well; you may want to add a link in the post or put a flickr link in your signature? Thanks for sharing! edit: I added the link for you!
  14. Stash2Sixx

    Northern Pacific SD70ACe "what if" Render

    Realistic or not, I think it looks awesome! But isn't that the point? Take some creative license and make what YOU WANT! BTW, a BNSF heritage fleet would be amazing!
  15. Stash2Sixx

    Dark Red Bricks

    So far, for me, Dark Red, Reddish Brown, and Pearl Gold have been the fragile ones. I've heard that the problem has been resolved as well...time will tell.