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Found 11 results

  1. I love the Ultra Agents and their futuristic vehicles. This is my approach on a small SUV - sized vehicle: In the back there is room to transport P.U.P , a prisoner or an injured agent. And of course the vehicle has a transformation feature... I hope you like it ;). Now I only need a proper villain for this "set". Kind regards marv
  2. The Head Quarters for all elite operatives. Mission Briefings, After Action Reports and Planned Operations are all indexed here. Tags Reviews: - Alpha Team Reviews - Agents Reviews - Ultra Agents Reviews MOCs: - Vehicle MOCs - Structures and Scenes
  3. bjorkan

    Ultra Agents Train (MOC)

    Hi, Lego train lovers, this is, to the best of my knowledge, the first and only Ultra Agents (UA) Lego train, fully functional using Lego PF system. My grandchildren Laura & Filip and me adore UA sets (just discontinued this year, unfortunately) although they were not easily accessible in EU but somehow we found several sets. So we started playing from train cars and after three of them the engine to power the train was needed. The idea for perfect locomotive was found in the article on The Maglev Technological Revolution on the web pages ( where futuristic trains are illustrated by Ferdinand D. Ladera from DigitalHadz (second in the upper illustration on web page; I tried to contact Mr. Ladera by all possible e-addresses and networks but with no answer). Of course, our train model is not levitating as maglev one, it is using typical Lego train wheels. And here it is, the whole UA train (pictures with link to HR photo): (, and UA locomotive itself (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) and (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg), with Solomon Blaze’s hologram as a driver (lightened inside). There is (futuristic, of course) front door entrance to the engine (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) and when fully opened, you can see Trey Swift in inspection on anybody trying to enter the train. (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). From the back, Steve Zeal is appointed as a security guard (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). First UA train car (from right to the left from the first photo above) is one having anesthetic gas chamber with fully asleep most dangerous villains Sharx and Terabyte, including Sharx’s dangerous remote controlled shark (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). Second UA car is for prisoners (Toxikita, Invizable, Electrolyzer, and Antimatter) in chains and carefully observed by Mrs. Hydron and Max Burnes, (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) while Jack Fury is inside his shuttle (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). And the third UA car has secret chamber UAM/003 (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) with Caila Phoenix on armory when fully opened (can rotate and shoot to any direction) (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg), and with Jack Fury’s twin brother in hyper vehicle and real Solomon Blaze in his headquarter with communication equipment to contact other UA officers (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). Short YT video is attached, as well ( ). Hope you like the train as much as we do. The next that we are just preparing to do is UA Train Station, of course. We will not be discontinued that easy. , &
  4. NAME: Drillex Diamond Job SET NUMBER: 70168 THEME: Ultra Agents YEAR OF RELEASE: 2015 MSRP: 29.99 USD Shop@Home description: Welcome to my review of set 70168 Drillex Diamond Job. This set has been on my radar for a while now, and when I saw it on a 20% off discount yesterday at my local Lego store, it was the last straw. I just can't resist a good deal! Even at a discount, is this set worth the price? Read on to find out! THE BOX The front box art is certainly attractive. The orange tank stands out nicely against the darker background. I would like to call your attention to the graphic in the top right corner; the agent in the special suit (What are they called again? ) vs. Antimatter is very nicely designed and complements the box nicely. If I were a small child this set would definitely catch my eye as I wandered through the toy aisle. The back of the showcases the set features. I won't go into too much detail now as I will focus on the play features later in the review. THE BUILD After ripping open viciously carefully opening the box and dumping out its contents, you will find an instruction manual, a small DSS, two loose Technic beams, and two numbered bags of delicious parts. Unfortunately my DSS was crumpled. Instead of echoing every review ever and groaning about how Lego packages stickers, let's take a look at the contents of Bag 1! And here they are nicely arranged for your viewing pleasure. Some pieces of interest: A fancy new neck bracket, some trans-blue wings, and a purple gem. I don't think I've seen one of those before. Bag 1 also builds our first minifigure, Ultra Agent Curtis Bolt. Don't worry, I'll cover the figures later. Right away we get to use those free-floating Technic beams. Near the end of the bag we encouner our first sticker in the form of a control panel ion what I assume is the cockpit of the tank. Luckily it is fairly easy to apply. Not long after the first bag is complete. We have the base of the tank, a holder for the gem, and Mr. Bolt with his snazzy new jetpack/glider thing. Just a couple unremarkable extra pieces this time around. Let's move onto Bag 2, shall we? More delicious parts! The contents painstakingly arranged by everyone's relatively new, soon-to-be favorite reviewer mediumsnowman! (That's me!) Some pieces of interest are included, such as the trans-red canopy, some interesting gears, drills, and Drillex's armor/gauntlet pieces. We also get the villain of this set, the aptly named Drillex. (Get it? His name is Drillex and he drives a giant drill machine? Haha! It's funny. Laugh. ) We're moving along nicely, bulking up the tank, adding a wheel, applying some stickers, and then... ... ... There's no way around it. You gotta buckle down and just... DO IT! It took me a little over 5 minutes to put together both tracks. See? I timed myself. The tank is nearly complete! Add some armor plating, build the drill, and... Voila! Eet ees complete! Well, not quite. How could you forget the all-important app brick gadget? Looking back on it it seems I built it upside down. Oh well. It's not like I'm even going to use it anyways. This bag has a couple extra pieces. Now the set is complete! Without further ado, let's take a look at the finished model. THE MODEL Not much to say here. The set is nice-looking from every angle and is very smartly designed. THE FEATURES First off there is this little fellow. It appears to be some sort of display pedestal from which Drillex can try and steal the jewel from. The pedestal is guarded by a laser web, but it doesn't seem very effective as two of the sides are left unguarded! Drillex can just snatch the jewel right out of there. See? Mr. Bolt is equipped with a stud shooter and this handy little jetpack. It's simple, but it serves its purpose. As usual, the stud shooter fires studs. I don't have a video, you'll just have to take my word for it. The cockpit comfortably fits Drillex, even with his bulky armor. There are also some stud shooters on the back of the tank. These ones shoot studs too. Isn't that surprising? When you move the tank forward, some gears turn the drills around in the front. It's fairly cool, but I'm too lazy to take a quality video and upload it. You'll just have to take my word for it. On a brighter note, let's take a look at the minifigures! THE MINIFIGURES This set contains two minifigures; Curtis Bolt and Drillex. Let's take a look at Mr. Bolt first. Agent Bolt is a nicely designed figure, with a well detailed torso and legs. My only gripe is the black hips stand out and would have been better in dark blue. I can see his face having lots of usability in sci-fi themes. Back printing is just the icing on the cake! He also has an alternate face. It seems just about every figure has one these days... Now moving on to the Ultra Agent's villain, the fearsome and aptly named Drillex! His armor and drill-gloves look nice, but they limit is ability to grab things and drive the tank. The box art suggests he carries the jewel like this... I much prefer him without the armor and gloves, as you can more clearly see his exceptionally detailed torso. He too has back printing! So, what do I think of the whole set? Read on to find out the question that has plagued us since the beginning of this rather long-winded review! THE RATINGS DESIGN: A solid design. The tank looks good from all angles and props to the designer for effectively integrating the play features. 7/10 PARTS: This set is a great one for parts. Tank treads, Technic pieces, a trans-red canopy, a good assortment of plates and slopes in a rare color... What more could you want? 9/10 MINIFIGURES: As I said before, the minifigures are well detailed and could work well in most sci-fi settings. 8/10 PLAYABLITY: This set has good playability. Two opposing factions fighting over something, as well as a vehicle that has a satisfying and effective play feature. I imagine a small child would immensely enjoy this set. 8/10 PRICE: At first glance, this seems like a good set for the price. 312 pieces for $30 seems like a good deal. Then consider that the tank treads take up a good portion of that piece count and think again. Luckily I was able to nab it on a discount. This seems much more like a $25 set than a $30 set. 6/10 TOTAL: 38/50 or 76% The ratings may not completely agree, but I think this set is more than the sum of its parts. Want cool pieces, desirable minifigures, and an engaging build? Pick up 70168 Drillex Diamond Job today! Thanks for reading my review! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions down below, as well as your thoughts on the set. I'll leave you with a reference to one of my favorite movies, The Incredibles. Until next time! EDIT: Fixed some typos and added a picture I forgot the first time around
  5. Introduction: With a slick black exterior highlighted by light blue, Solomon Blaze’s hovercraft is the ultimate bad-guy capturing machine! Not only is the finished build snazzy, but the building process uses several neat techniques to create the eye-catching details. Let’s take a look at how we got from 313 pieces to the vehicle pictured above! Product Details: Name: Infearno Interception Number: #70162 Theme: Ultra Agents Year: 2014 Pieces: 313 Minifigures: 2 Price: USD $29.99 Source: Brickset Paper Contents: The box shows the agent’s vehicle to full advantage, and also points out the round transparent-orange piece Blaze is looking for, probably a lethal fire creating concoction, if Infearno’s name is any indication. The back of the box shows off the set functions in a bit more detail. The sides of the box give us some close-ups on the minifigures and the “mission” piece. Like most LEGO instruction booklets, this one features the same design as the box front, with minimal text changes. A random page reveals an off-blue background with measuring strips along the side, suggesting that this is part of some top secret communication. The inventory page gives us a quick glance at what’s coming. And the back features the classic “Win” advertisement, this time with the green ninja, Lloyd, blurting it out! Last but not least, we come upon the dreaded sticker sheet. The stickers are printed on a clear background, so one must be careful with fingerprints. I found most of the stickers quite necessary for the finished build… it didn’t look the same without the agent’s symbol or the side wiring! Build: After dumping out the first bag, here’s what we have: Well, it took a little subsequent organization. I haven’t got the knack of pouring things out quite that neatly yet! Those pieces conspire to get us here: During this first part of the build, we set the stage for a future ejection seat function. Bag two arranges this way: And that finishes the vehicle off for us! You’ll notice I put the stickers on. I found it rather silly that the screen on the windshield faces outward, so afterwards I tried to take it off and put it on in the inside – unsuccessfully. Minifigures: The set includes two minifigures; Solomon Blaze, apparently the agent leader, and Infearno, a notorious and obviously rather fiery villain. Beneath his fiery mask the villain hides quite a scowl. Underneath his armor he also hides some nice printing. Both minifigures have back printing. Infearno also has a surfboard-fire scooter affair that gives him a lift when he wants it. It’s small and simple, nothing to write home about. Solomon Blaze sports one of the nifty new minifigure size blasters. The blasters shoot the 1x1 rounds remarkably far – I've often been concerned about losing one or two! Vehicle Functions: The final vehicle, agent included, looks like this: The main function is the ability for the interceptor to change into a hovercraft, with a few turns of its wheels. The front two turn down to provide presumably something of a magnetic field effect, and the two back wheels turn down as well. A back view: There are a couple of problems with the function; for one thing, both the front and back wheels are designed to give the vehicle lift, but what is going to power it through the air? Plus, the back wheels are at a pretty extreme angle. In my opinion they ought to rotate toward the back of the vehicle, giving it a bit of propulsion power, and leaving the front wheels to provide lift. Of course we’re talking hypothetically here; since nothing like this actually exists, fault can’t exactly be found with the current model on the basis of realistic-ness, but the more possible it looks, the better! Another fairly important structural flaw is the fact that, while in upright position, the wheels hardly turn. This is likely because the curved piece on the bottom of the axle sticks out ever so slightly, making a slight tilt necessary for smooth rolling. I also thought the front quite empty with nothing but orange cones underneath the cockpit. While we’re on the subject of design flaws, I’ll mention another one; I found the six exposed studs on the side of the vehicle rather annoying. Naturally the cockpit opens: Descending to the smaller functions of the set, the back opens up to reveal a few spring-loaded missiles. These missiles are quite powerful, perfect for those who are tired of all the flick-fires we’ve been getting! Another important function is the ejector seat – pushing the red button at the back ejects a round flying disc with Blaze on top – hopefully. The disc is rather plain, once it’s outside of the cockpit. Conclusion: As you may have noticed, I found quite a few problems with the vehicle. In fact, I was left rather disappointed after building it – it looked rather plain compared to what I had expected, and had several problems when it came to the hovercraft function. The ejector seat was a bit of a pleasant surprise as I hadn’t realized the set included that function when I bought it. However, even that wasn’t much to write home about! The minifigures were fair, but by no means breathtakingly so. I wasn’t sure there were very many redeemable points about it at all. Nevertheless, after examining it from all different angles, checking out the functions, and getting a few ideas as to how I could improve it, the vehicle started to grow on me. It really is an excellent concept that just needed a few tweaks to steal the show. I was able to correct almost all the problems mentioned above, and as an added plus I enjoyed the time I spent modifying it at least as much as the rest of the building time! In the final analysis, the set was definitely worth it, and although not at all display-ready in its original form, a change here and there can improve that 100%. It’s not perfect by a long shot, but Infearno’s Interception has the basics down! Playability: 9/10 – If it breaks down a bit in other areas, the set’s playability stands the test. The flaws with the functions don’t interfere with that so much as with the aesthetics, and I had plenty of fun swooshing it around or firing at a row of minifigures or catapulting poor Solomon as far as he could go… you name it! Design: 4/10 – Here’s where the rubber really hits the road, and I’ll have to admit it burns up a good deal. Several of the functions are seriously lacking, and there are quite a few exposed studs in places where a bit of greebling or something of the sort could have improved it pretty easily. Minifigures: 8/10 – As I’ve mentioned before, the minifigures aren’t spectacular, but they do have nice printing, especially on Infearno. Price: 8.5/10 – Considering the piece count, it’s a fairly good deal, and several of the pieces are quite useful. Plus, there’s a fair quantity of transparent light blue – always a great color for sci-fi type builds! Overall: 8/10 – As you can see I gave the set a slightly larger overall score than the average of the other scores would seem to warrant. That’s because, in the final analysis, the set has lots of potential, both in play and in modification possibilities. Yes, the design has its flaws, but they aren’t irremediable, and after all that’s what Lego is all about – building and changing things however you like!
  6. Fictional background: Built in 1917 for Throwing Star Freight Lines as an ocean going tramp steam ship, the Morrow II was constructed in a far off land not shown on any Earth globe or map. The ship is commanded by Captain Karloff and has been used by Lord Sam Sinister at various times in many schemes involving stolen artifacts and lost treasures. Secretly however, Captain Karloff is working with Johnny Thunder to compile a file on Sam's activities to give to the proper authorities at some point in the future. However, Karloff must be careful – those who dare cross Lord Sam Sinister are few – and those who survive betraying him are even less in numbers! Real background: I built this ship from two Adventurers sets: I used the boat from set 5975 (T-Rex Transport) and modified slightly to resemble set 5976 (River Expedition). The ship features a boiler, steering wheel and a bigger smoke-stack. I have also added a complete bridge with removable roof instead of the open topped one on my previous version of the ship. Also, this ship is meant to have a Ninjago connection in as such that Karloff from set 70756 (Dojo Showdown) became a sea captain and commands this ship in journeys from Ninjago across the Endless Ocean, through the Sea of Time and into Johnny Thunder's world of the early 1900's and back. The name of the company he runs under is called "Throwing Star" after the ninja weapon and the many White / Red / Yellow Star ocean-going companies of the 1900's, such as White Star Lines, of RMS Titanic fame. Here you can see inside the bridge, featuring a large steering wheel. The rear of the ship is not very detailed. As a side note: The ship can hold Sam Sinister's car in the front section. Alternatively, it could hold random freight / crates. After competing in the Tournament of Elements, Karloff, Master of Metal, left Ninjago and became a ship captain for the Throwing Star Freight Lines. He makes runs of Master Chen's noodles to the world of Johnny Thunder, where the fast food-style noodle house is a massive hit. To travel across time and space to early 20th century Earth from Ninjago, Captain Karloff travels from his base at New Ninjago City to Chen's Island, where he picks up noodles, sauce, fortune cookies, and other foodstuffs. He then travels past Astor City to AnitMatter's former hideout, where a large portal transports his ship (the Morrow II) across The Ocean of Space & the Sea of Time to a stretch of ocean in between Bermuda and the coast of Florida. He then sails to various ports of call on both sides of the Atlantic ocean before heading back to the Bermuda Triangle and on to his home base at the New Ninjago City docks. NOTE: Captain Karloff should be wearing this suit and pants with the hat shown above: This ship is next on the to-buy list, just before Johnny Thunder's office and way ahead of Sinister Manor. LDD file for Karloff and his ship:
  7. Peppermint_M

    Ultra Agents have new digs

    Every super spy organisation needs an HQ and Eurobrick's member RoxYourBlox has supplied the Ultra Agents with an impressive structure. If you like great angles, a killer colour-scheme and impressive reach then check out the Spy Spire! For more pictures, discussion and everything else, take this secret passage to the Action and Adventure Themes forum. (This message will not self destruct...)
  8. Name: Infearno Interception Theme: LEGO Ultra Agents Year: 2014 Pieces: 313 Pieces Minifigs: 2 minifigures Price: USD $29.99 This set is nearing the end of its run on shelves as the new wave comes in, but still awaits a review. Personally its my first Ultra Agents set, I went for it because of the Blade Runner similarity. First, of course the box. The back, showing off all the action features and app tie in. The build is divided into two stages in numbered bags. The instructions has a very simple pale green background with grid pattern. Some parts that were interesting to me, I believe only the flame helmet piece is new. Nice to have the space armor in red. I don't buy Star Wars or much action themes so this is my first set with spring loaded missiles. This is the completed first stage of the build. Here you can see the ejection seat mechanism The figures, Agent Soloman Blaze and Infearno. The mech leg is a nice touch but while Soloman is a decent looking figure, Infearno is the clear standout. He really reminds me of a Mega Man villain. His armor, flame throwers and flame board are simple builds but come together very well. The printing on Infearno is very cool, its a shame the armor covers it up actually. But its great to have the printing available. The final build, look familiar? Getting even more Blade Runner-ish in this mode. All features open, the spring fire missiles work reasonably well and its nice they can be hidden. I feel like this should've been reverse printed or else the instructions should show it going on the inside. Lastly, here are the extras. Thanks for reading. Playability: 8/10 Nice articulation, typical flick fire missiles, ejection seat. Great swooshability for a small vehicle. Design: 9/10 The car design comes together very well. Unusual but functional front wheels. Doesn't feel fragile despite nice detailing. Price: 7/10 Average price per piece, I think this would be better at $25 despite quite a few trans pieces. Now is the time to get it on clearance. Minifigures: 8/10 Soloman is classy but not too exciting, Infearno is excellent. Parts: 7/10 Good amount of trans bricks, there are 1x2 trans light blue used that could have been simply dark bley. Total: 39/50 Solid build, good design, I'm tempted to pick up more Ultra Agents sets.
  9. 70161_000 by LuxorV, on Flickr Being a fan of the old Agents theme, I could not pass getting at least an assay of this year's Ultra Agents sets. I started with the second smallest one, which I chose for its design, as well as the figs and parts. In fact, though the idea of a big fisted track vehicle is far from new in the cartoon-ish representation of technological villains of all times, the actual LEGO bricks version did convey the feeling nicely, and I was interested in seeing what building solutions where used to make the set. Let's see if building it and having it in my hands made it live up to the expectations. Theme: Ultra Agents Set name: Tremor Track Infiltration Set Number: 70161 Price: 19.99 $, 17.99 £, 19.99 Euro Pieces: 241 (+ 9 extras) Minifigures: 2 Year of release: 2014 Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset The Box Front 70161_001 by LuxorV, on Flickr The box is rectangular and sports the new Ultra Agents futuristic/techno style, with a mix of greys and an overall light blue-ish aura. I particularly like the rulers on the right hand side, which suggest the idea we're seeing this through a pair of high tech binoculars or a survey camera of sorts. LEGO and Ultra Agents logos dominate the upper part of the front, along with the Ultra Agents (in this case Agent Fury) vs Tremor cartoon pic. The middle of the front has a shot of the set in action, with Tremor Track smashing through a wall (not my idea of stealthy 'infiltration', actually) and Agent Fury ramdomly shooting his gun, while the precious chip flies to what will probably be its destruction against the opposite wall. The age range and set number info complete this portion for the European version; I expect the North America version to have more writings as usual. In the lower left corner, an eye catching icon plus text informs us you can play an Ultra Agents game via a free app on your tablet. More on this later on. Back 70161_002 by LuxorV, on Flickr The back shows the set's play features: shooting missiles, smashing mechanism, rolling treads, randomly shooting Agents Fury's gun (honestly, did he attend shooting range training with the Storm Troopers?) and extracting the chip from its case. The rest of the back is very interesting as well: the lower right corner sports a detail fro the new 'almost spring loaded, but based on simple tension' guns, while the top shows an impossible-to-miss advertise for the Ultra Agents free interactive story app. Sides 70161_003 by LuxorV, on Flickr 70161_004 by LuxorV, on Flickr The upper side of the box shows Agent Fury and Tremor, while the usual mug-shot depicts the new gun at 1:1 size. The omnipresent app advertise is here, too. A lateral side bears the usual LEGO and theme logos, another app advert and a bracketed image of the mission goal, in this case the chip. Contents Inside 70161_011 by LuxorV, on Flickr Upon opening the box, we find an instructions booklet, a sticker sheet, two rubber tracks and a bag of parts. As you can see, there is quite a number of Dark Tan parts to compliment the Grey and Black under-structure of the set. New pieces 70161_014 by LuxorV, on Flickr New parts included in this small set are: Minifig, Weapon Trigger for Gun, Blaster Mini, Technic, Axle 5 with Stop, Tile 1 x 1 with Dark Bluish Gray Square with Black Center and Lines Pattern (Ultra Chip), Minifig, Weapon Gun, Blaster Mini in White and most of the minifig parts (more on those later on). Re-coloured parts 70161_013 by LuxorV, on Flickr Re-coloured parts in this set include: Black Vehicle, Spoiler 2 x 4 with Handle, Dark Tan Plate 2 x 10, and Dark Tan Slope 33 3 x 2. Rare parts 70161_012 by LuxorV, on Flickr Parts collectors and MOCers will be interested in the following rare parts also: Flat Silver Light Cover with Internal Bar / Bionicle Barraki Eye (occurs in five sets), Light Bluish Gray Brick, Round 2 x 2 Truncated Cone (occurs only in four non-Star Wars sets), Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Steering Wheel Pilot's Yoke (first time in a non-Technic set), Dark Tan Dish 2 x 2 Inverted (Radar), Dark Tan Plate 1 x 6 (getting more common this year), Dark Tan Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3 (Usually in bigger or Collection sets), and Dark Tan Wedge, Plate 2 x 4. Spare parts 70161_016 by LuxorV, on Flickr The usual mix of spare parts includes a long antenna, a second chip tile, some techinc pins and a half pin, a few round 1x1 studs, and a second lever for the new gun. Minifigures 70161_017 by LuxorV, on Flickr Both minifigures are new in all parts except Agent Fury's headgear. The new design for the Agent suit is just great and, together with Tremor's armour, is what made me want this set most of all. I love the detail in the torso and legs. Tremor's armour is equally well designed and quite menacing with its dark red accents. 70161_018 by LuxorV, on Flickr The two minifigs sport back printing of the torso and heads. While Tremor gets angrier, Agent Fury grins, probably to taunt him. 70161_019 by LuxorV, on Flickr Here we can see the two warriors all geared up and almost ready for battle. Notice the new armour piece on Tremor. While it's one piece (I would have preferred a removable helmet), it surely is more protective than most other armours and has very good aesthetics. Furthermore, it blend nicely with the fist pieces to give this villain an even more menacing look. Finally, notice the two half-sphere bulges near Tremor's mouth: those seem to be microphones for some communication device built in the armour. What I find strange is the choice of the shield for Agent Fury: I suppose it would have to be made of Vibranium or similar materials to withstand Tremor's (or worse, Tremor's Track) punches! Instructions 70161_005 by LuxorV, on Flickr The instructions booklet is nicely thick, and fortunately not divided into part 1 and part 2 like other small sets these days. The cover shows the exact same composition of the front of the box, except for the age range and 'free app' text. 70161_006 by LuxorV, on Flickr The background uses a blue-ish shade that does not distract the eye nor prevents colour or parts' recognition. As you can see, the rulers' theme is reproduced here, too. 70161_007 by LuxorV, on Flickr 70161_008 by LuxorV, on Flickr 70161_009 by LuxorV, on Flickr The last pages sport the usual plethora of adds, both for the Ultra Agents theme and App. . 70161_010 by LuxorV, on Flickr The parts count covers two pages. Again, you can notice the dominance of Black and Grey-s as well as some Dark Tan, with sparse brighter colours' accents. Building Start 70161_026 by LuxorV, on Flickr We start off by building the secure case for the chip. The design is not totally new, since the other similar structures have been used in a variety of themes over the years. Nonetheless, it's a nice little addition to the set and can help increase the playability. 70161_027 by LuxorV, on Flickr The case opens by pivoting the front part and reveals the chip for Tremor to steal. Now for the main model 70161_022 by LuxorV, on Flickr Tremor's Track itself starts with a bunch of technic beams and pins connected to few bricks and plates to provide a building surface for the upper part of the model. Notice the big steering wheel in the back: it is proportioned for the huge iron fist things on Tremor's hands, and it boosts the cartoon-ish feel of this set. 70161_023 by LuxorV, on Flickr Here you can see the start of the fisting mechanism in place. All revolves around the tan technic axle serving as a 'trigger' for the (yet to be built) big arms. 70161_024 by LuxorV, on Flickr Only the truncated cone part in the back controls the mechanism: the one in front is there for aesthetics only. 70161_025 by LuxorV, on Flickr The tracks complete this model. I like the use of the radar dome pieces as hub caps, and the whole set is very well proportioned, I'd say. Finished set 70161_028 by LuxorV, on Flickr The shot of the complete set helps us have a better idea of the relative proportions: if Tremor were to use the vehicle fists on either Agent Fury or the chip's case, I doubt he'll have more then a few shards to collect! Bird-eye 70161_030 by LuxorV, on Flickr The big vehicle looks pretty compact and well designed, without useless details and full of interesting solutions in the use of space. What I found odd at first was the presence of the antenna. Then again, I reflected and came to the decision that the antenna must be connected with Tremor's armour (remember the communication devices?) and allows him to control the track even when he's not operating it directly (something similar to the Goblin's control over his glider). Back 70161_031 by LuxorV, on Flickr I'm always intrigued by the way LEGO designers put peculiar details in their models. Take this Tremor Track, for example: Tremor is a know villain, riding a tank-like vehicle with giant fists, which will never pass un-noticed in the streets, nonetheless, LEGO designers put a full set of braking lights on this track, so that Tremor won't be bothered by the Police for not complying with the traffic laws. Ready, aim, punch! 70161_032 by LuxorV, on Flickr A side shot to show the reach of the mechanical fists. They would indeed make a big hole in any LEGO City structure unfortunate enough to be on Tremor's way! Final comments Overall, this is a nice set for its value. The figs are great and the part selection includes some interesting bits. Design & Colour scheme – 9/10 (TLG designers did their best and made a great job in creating the colour scheme for this set; what I dislike, though it is a minor annoyance and probably could not be done differently, is the extensive use of Technic beams in the central part of the vehicle.) Minifig – 10/10 (As with most of these year figs the Ultra Agents figs have a design and a level of detail that are just great.) Parts – 8/10 (A lot of common parts, but some interesting bits are in the mix nonetheless.) Playability – 9/10 (The chip safe case, the track and the weapons grant for hours of play by children.) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used.) Price – 10/10 (20 Euros for 241 pieces plus spare parts is good, especially if you throw in two splendid minifigures.) Overall: 9/10 Very good As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  10. Agent Fusion

    Riverside Raid

    This is the first Brickfilm I have made so judge fairly. Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
  11. After starting the latest chima purchases topic i felt like we needed one for all action theme themes , so here it is ! Feel free to state what you bought , why you bouhgt it and what you think about it.