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  1. Instagram is old

    1. posie2008


      instagramis not old it's awesome

  2. Good job! The whole thing was designed great! The underwater part was especially cool!
  3. 101Wheeler

    Grievous Arrival On Utapau

    This is a great replica! Love it!
  4. Ninjago is awesome

  5. 101Wheeler

    Spy Theme

    Hello. Me (101Wheeler) and my friend (commodore_legolas) were building this hovercraft the other day, and we decided to post it on EuroBricks. It has twin Turbo Thrusters in the back, a laser gun mount in the front, super speed, and a cool design. It was really fun to make. Oh, by the way, this project is on cuusoo, "Spy Theme" by 101Wheeler. Here is the link: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/29740 We also have another project. Check both of them out!
  6. 101Wheeler

    Kneadatite confusion

    I like this!
  7. I haven't seen lord of the rings yet, but these minifigures are so cool, I want them anyways!!!
  8. 101Wheeler

    Battle in the wilderness

    I love tanks!
  9. 101Wheeler

    CAT 2: Wayne Manor

    This is AWESOME dude!!!Love it