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  1. Xyver

    Lego Road tiling design.

    The road looks great. Always been a fan of your layout (really love all the tiles!) and that road work just adds the next level. Also enjoyed getting a look at your upsized Assembly square.
  2. Xyver

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I turned my apartment building from the Pet Shop into an inverted corner IMG_1714 by Adrian, on Flickr They present their own challenges, you pretty much lose the footpath and unless you do add the extra 16x32 plate on one side, there is very little facade to face the street. I don't see Lego ever actually releasing one, most people display their modulars in a straight line, or in a standard city block, an inverted corner makes it turn the other way which doesn't work for most collectors. They are also very brick intensive due to the extra size of the back wall, which typically isn't very detailed as people don't generally see the back. It would provide a lot of internal space for play scenarios though/
  3. Xyver

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    That is a great tower, very inspiring. I'm a huge fan of curves and weird angles on Lego builds, and this has both!
  4. Xyver

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm a huge Spaceballs fan, but as much as I would love an Eagle 5 set, I just don't see it being made. Apart from the rumoured deal between Brooks and Lucas that prohibits any merchandise (hence the joke about it in the movie), I doubt it would pass brand fit as there is a bit of swearing and innuendo, plus it isn't that well known outside of it's cult following, not like some of the other 80s movies that have passed that have a much wider audience, even today. Apart from the above reasons, it surely would tick all the boxes in regards to size and build quality, it would even fit better into town layouts than most of the other Ideas sets as it is 6 wide instead of 8 That's because most of the builders grew up in the 80s when these movies/shows were screening and we all have very found memories of them. I'd love to see the Voltron model too, that cartoon was great.
  5. Xyver

    Paper Street City

    The paper roads do the job nicely, sure, they're a little shiny on the closeups, but agree with legoguy1984 that they look like it's just rained, which is actually quite a cool effect. Your whole city looks good, but I really like the greyscale cafe corner too, a full modular street in that scheme would be a really cool display feature
  6. Xyver

    Containers with new corrugated panels

    Those new panel pieces do make shipping containers look a lot better
  7. Xyver

    Modified Modulars

    Naptown11, my cinema only has 1 screen, but I put a wall up between it and the stairwell to form a hallway section. My city has changed a lot since this topic was started. The last lot of decent photos are on my Flickr account, but even they are a bit out of date as I forgot to take my good camera to our last show. My Grander Emporium is no more, though the facade still lives on (partly) as a 32 wide hotel, standing in place of the Pet Shop, which is long gone. My Agents building now stands where GE was on the GBHQ has replaced the old Fire Brigade. 20160304_212701 by Adrian, on Flickr 20160304_212643 by Adrian, on Flickr I did take a video of the whole layout, I will try and upload it later so you can get an idea of everything.
  8. Xyver

    sidewalks with modular buildings

    When I first put my city together, I moved the modulars to the edge of the baseplate and then tiled the studs next to the road, but this doesn't work for the corner buildings and the modular system quickly falls apart. So I moved everything back to where it was and tiled the lot. At a few places in my city I have used the extra space for parking bays, otherwise it just gives more room for the minifigs walk and for adding details like street lights and eventually some greenery. IMG_1690 by Adrian, on Flickr I also like the idea that some people have done, and used the extra space for a bike path. In the more suburban area of my city, I have used the studs on the side of the roadplate to put a row of grey tiles, to simulate the kerb, then a row of green (for grass) then a 2x row for a concrete footpath and then another 2x row of green
  9. Xyver

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    That is seriously impressive. I've made some round buildings, so I understand the challenges, and the detailing in this is amazing and to have solid floors on each level must have taken some working out. A job well done
  10. Xyver

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    That's a great idea, lots of my AFOL friends struggle to get their displays set up due to nowhere to do it, but this allows the garage to be used for both car and LEGO storage. And once your display is finished, just drop it onto the back of a flatbed ute and drive it to a show - no setup required. I look forward to seeing how your layout progresses.
  11. Xyver

    [MOC] 88 Club (Art Deco modular)

    I like it. Great stlying, great colours, it all just works. The curved window looks great and the pattern above it, while subtle, really adds something extra to the whole building. That zig zag pattern with the cheese slopes is a work of art.
  12. Great use of the Kwik-e-Mart as the ground floor, and I really like the modern building, the tiled exterior looks great. All Hail the One Long Orange Object
  13. Xyver

    Train Station

    I decided it was about time my city had a more substantial train station, so using 60050-Train Station as a base I created something a bit more majestic. I still have some work to do as I am missing a few pieces to finish off the roof of one of the buildings and I need to re-arrange my train tracks to account the extra building. I hope you like it, all comments and suggestions are welcome. IMG_4265 by Adrian, on Flickr IMG_4252 by Adrian, on Flickr IMG_4253 by Adrian, on Flickr IMG_4254 by Adrian, on Flickr IMG_4255 by Adrian, on Flickr I was quite happy with how the logo turned out too IMG_4263 by Adrian, on Flickr There are a few more photos on my Flickr stream here.
  14. Xyver

    Bricks & Pieces

    So glad this service is still available, I find it a very useful tool for buying larger quantities of rare pieces. I was a bit worried when I tried to show it to a fellow AFOL a couple of days ago and it wasn't there. I don't really understand why they don't just merge it with Pick-A-Brick though, having one site for all purchases would make a lot more sense.
  15. That back really is horrible. Considering the rest of the building was double walled, you would have thought they'd do that to the back as well. Will definitely have to work out a way to fix that before I put this on my layout as it will be visible. I actually may squish the whole building so that it sits 8 studs from the front rather than 5 so that it's inline with all my other buildings. It won't matter if I lose the opening functions or the interior layout as that won't be seen anyway (which is a shame as there is a lot of great details). So that will make it easier to put an extra row of bricks at the back Those brown doors on the lockers look great and will no doubt come in handy for other builds, hopefully they will pop up in other sets as they would make a great wooden front door for a house. There is obviously a line of tiles below the top floor, but only on the outside. I wonder why they are used instead of plates as they don't go around the full building so its not to take the level off.