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  1. This Zip Line Machine can make a zip line up to 6 meters long. It doesn't need any extra grip support to strain the rope. That causes its compatibility and possibility of traveling with it and building ziplines anywhere. The tutorial video available soon!
  2. Btw. Would it be possible that LEGO will do some collaboration with GoPro as Hot Wheels did? They could design some stable attachments for a GoPro Camera like tripods or a motorized camera slider. Maybe LEGO Technic designers would like to make something more curious like I did, I think that it is possible that they would make something like a "spy car" (RC car with a live transmission camera) but there is the problem with the weak lego remote controller range. However, this is just an interesting idea and it is maybe not possible because GoPro Cameras are really expensive to buy them just because of some LEGO Technic set. So this set would be only for LEGO fans with any GoPro camera, who are a minority. Here is a link where my Idea comes from:
  3. It looks so good, I like the chassis and the placement of the outriggers.
  4. I agree the pneumatic cylinder is too "heavy" by its self but when you operate with some phone, which weight is around 200g, they are almost in equilibrium.
  5. This Lego tripod Is really useful if you want to make smooth clips, avoid shaky videos and even when you have to capture some really fast movements. It is compatible with most of the common phones because of its elastic phone holder. You should also use this LEGO tripod when you want to make a good timelapse because it stays stuck in the position, you need, because of the pneumatic piston placed opposite the handle. If you want to build this tripod follow the instructions in this tutorial:
  6. If I use a Sbrick, I wouldn't be able to see the live video from the GoPro. If I want to see the live video and control the car I would need two iPhones I know, I should use Sbrick or some better RC system than Lego has. But If I use a Sbrick, I wouldn't be able to see the live video from the GoPro. If I want to see the live video and control the car I would need two iPhones But you can still do some pretty good spy actions with this car. For example, you can be just behind the doors of another room and spy someone, for example at the bathroom (if you are just a bit bit weird person )
  7. Yes, that's what LEGO is about. All lego technic sets are more expensive, complicated and they work worse than cheaper not lego models. For example RC cars: You can pay a lot of money and buy some Lego RC car, but it will be never that fast and powerful as normal, cheaper RC car, for example from Wallmart.
  8. When I was making this creation I was thinking about nanotechnology, and I decided to make this spy car really small and compact, so I took an inspiration from nanotechnologies. The spy car is solved from 3 parts, each part doesn't depend on other parts very much, you can remove any part you want, without breaking the car structure. The 4 main parts are 1) main body part which contains a battery box 2) motor part with a gearbox 3) upper body structure which holds the receiver 4) Camera = GoPro HERO Session. I built a special remote controller for this car with an iPhone holder, so I can drive the car and see on the phone, what the car does. that makes this car a real spy car. the remote controller
  9. This Buggy perfectly demonstrates the connection between power (pullback motor), space effectivity (real space for a driver) and design. I think, that the design is very realistic and sensible, because my inspiration comes from real racing buggys which are used at kids and junior races. I used Lego 4.2 x 2.2 flat tires, instead of any more terrain ones, because they are more stable and they are pretty small, (thats good, because of fast acceleration). This cute small car is very easy to build if you don´t believe you can try it with this tutorial video: The Inspiration: If you want to see this buggy jumping at a skatepark watch this video:
  10. Its true, that the truck is a bit wider than a normal one is. it was so hard to make it even this wide because I want to motorize the front axle and put 4 wheels on both rear axles. I am trying to be objective, but sometimes is hard thanks for your response
  11. I think its ok, It has to be wider than a normal truck because when it has a heavy load on it it needs to be stable thanks, but I think, that it looks just like any other truck thanks. it was very hard for me to place somewhere the battery box. This solution has just one problem, the stability, but its ok
  12. I built this dump truck, because I have an excavator and the LEGO bucket wheel excavator, and I just needed a truck to have the complete construction side vehicle park. This truck has 3 axles, one in front and two rear. It has one xl motor to keep the truck going forward, one L motor to power the bed lift cylinder and a servo motor to steer. Its powered by Sbrick because it needs to have more than one speed to operate with the truck, otherwise, it would be so hard to operate the truck at small places. Here is the link for the video of it, I hope you like it.
  13. I donť know any black 1/2 axle. Can you tell me which one did you mean? Thanks, I really like it, because it is compact and it has a much better range than the standard one. Why? I think, that it looks good and its easy to make.
  14. A month ago I decided to make an excavator, first I was thinking about a mechanical powered one, but later I realized, that The mechanic cylinders are not that much powerful as I need. So I decided to do a pneumatic powered excavator. I had to buy the Lego Technic 42053 excavator because I needed the two biggest pneumatic 19478 cylinders to lift up the bang, one for the arm and fourth to move with the bucket. This excavator is based on pneumatic system v2. Its half rc and half manually controlled, that's sometimes hard if you work with it in terrain. In a few months, I am planning to build an updated fully rc version. Here is the video of the excavator: Parameters: length: 36 cm Max dig deep: 18cm Width: 17cm Max speed: 0.28km/h Weight: 1320g Electric motors: 3 the tracks mechanism The cabin