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Found 16 results

  1. PlunderCats are on the move, PlunderCats are loose! The PlunderCats are a band of ferocious feline pirates lead by the fearsome Captain Fluffybeard. Their hideout is located in the middle of the Catribbean on Cat Skull Island and is essentially a big cat tree. Their ship is basically just a box with sails since the cats are usually more interested in the crate that the pirate ship parts arrive in than the actual ship itself. They don't get very far with it, though, since they tend to claw up the sails much like they do with drapes. The island used to be inhabited by Mouselanders until the PlunderCats hunted them and drove them away. The only remainder of their culture is a statue on the beach. And yes, that is a cat turd next to it. After all, what is a beach but a giant litter box. The PlunderCats are always on the run from the Imperial Armada, but recently they managed to capture their arch enemy, the scurvy dog Admiral Barkington, and are holding him hostage. They imprisoned him in a kennel on their island with a dog bowl with a delicious bone just out of reach. The admiral is not happy about his situation. Inside their cat tree house, they have a table with a treasure map and various chests and barrels. Captain Fluffybeard also likes to keep a parrot here, in case he wants a snack to play with. Outside the hut, some of the PlunderCats ladies have gotten into a swashbuckling, literal cat fight. One of them is standing on the bridge that connects the cat tree with the guard tower by the kennel prison which is armed with a hairball cannon. On the roof of the hut, one of the cats dove head-first into a barrel of catnip right after knocking over a carton milk because, well, he's a cat. There is also a crane here which when not used to lift up supplies to the cat tree, it's used to dangle cat toys from it. On one of the platforms, two very popular cat musicians, keyboard piano cat and bongo cat, are playing shanties to entertain the other PlunderCats. Let's hope they don't catch a cold up here and go viral. Up on Cat Skull Mountain inside the giant cat head is a cave where the PlunderCats keep their most prized treasure: the Golden Cheezburger. A cat skeleton is here to remind potential thieves that no one can haz it but them. From the giant skull, a waterfall runs down to the river below, making it look like a cat barfing onto a carpet. Here is a closer at Captain Fluffybeard and his fearsome crew. I hope you like my entry for the pi-RATS & BUG-aneers contest on Bricknerd. Plunder, plunder, PlunderCats yo-HO! Play me out, Bongo Cat!
  2. Here is the NYC-style modular building I designed for my dad's modular building collection, but I might end of building it myself if he doesn't want it. For the building I was partially inspired by half of set 76108, Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown. The delivery truck was heavily inspired by this build by @hachiroku of the classic Pixar vehicle Easter Egg. The pizza parlor is a front for a gang of nogoodniks who are led by the Brickster (who else?) from the LEGO Island theme. Chef Enzo (from the Hidden Side theme) runs the pizzeria as part of the front, although he secretly has been sending the police info on the Brickster's operations as undercover operative "Deep Dish". Pepper Roni (from the 2002 LEGO Island sets) is going to be the pizza delivery dude who eventually foils the Brickster's plot, as usual. The chimney on the rear of the building *looks* like it goes up in one piece, but it separates at the floors and actually isn't connected at all to the other levels. On the roof is a water tank, while on the ground floor is a window AC unit and back door. First floor: standard pizza restaurant fare, with menu piece on the wall, wood fired oven and cash register, plus four tables with at least two chairs each. The sign out front would have two pizza-box tiles for use as a "neon" sign. I also used a ramp to the front door because of ingredient deliveries and for wheelchair bound customers. Second floor gets a lot more... interesting, shall we say? Filing cabinets for records of "enterprises" of all kinds, a big ol' desk with a reclining chair and two smaller chairs for potential "clients". The gas heater / stove is for if the police raid the place... you get the idea on why! Third floor with the Brickster's home. A rabbit-eared television, a money-counting desk, bed, and safe for holding said dough are all up here. This model of the iconic Pixar Easter egg, better known as the Pizza Planet delivery truck. I changed around the rear camper section to be more stable, added a different 'rocket pod' to the roof, and placed printed placards on the side of the doors. Also, LEGO Island's famous delivery dude will be driving this vehicle when it's built in real life. Yep, you read that right: Pepper Roni has got his drivers license! The model seats one figure and the center section of the roof comes off to place a fig at the wheel. NOTES: I plan on building at least the truck with Pepper Roni. (Already found a bunch of parts for it from my collection) If the building gets built or not in real bricks remains to be seen. ...Thoughts?
  3. According to Promobricks, there will be a new 90 year anniversary set to commemorate Forestmen as well. The small set will most likely be a GWP in June and not linked to purchasing the large 10305 Castle set. The re-released 6054 Forestmen's Hideout from 1988 will be improved for the 2022 version and contain newer elements like the long horn piece in black to form the tree branches, blue roof is made of four 1x8 tiles, lbg masonry bricks are used for the wall, 2 new printed shields with deer motive, a grey spear hanging, a 2x2 round tile with target print, a small, red, unprinted mushroom, a small pine tree, some flowers and red flag are also included as well. The 2 minifigures feature both green legs and torso with red arms and red print around the necks. One male figure has sideburns and wears a green Forestmen hat, the other female has a long, brown ponytail and sword. Set number: 40567 Name: Forest Hideout Piece count: 258 Nr. of minifigures: 2 (Forestman and Forestwoman) Release date: June 15th-22nd 2022 Availability: LEGO Price: Gift with purchase for >150 Euro Image from Chinese LEGO Store Calender. 6054 as comparison.
  4. Hideouts As everyone knows, any real pirate needs a secret base from which to operate. A hidden cove, camouflaged anchorage, a giant sea cave hide-away, or similar. A place to refit and rest, enjoy good spirits and easy company, dock prizes, stow loot, sort their captured goods, and hold prisoners for ransom. In short, they need a true pirate Hideout! Such Hideouts can now be established in the Brick Seas, and these will allow Black Flag pirates a secret base to end their turn in while keeping their location secret from prying eyes and over-zealous port officials or tax collectors. General Rules A Hideout can be established on *any* island in Terra Nova Hideout locations are secret, only known to the owner and any who he/she wishes to tell (and the MRCA committee) Each player can have one (1) active hideout at any time (And the Sea Rat faction can have an additional two (2) Hideouts - see below) Players are welcome to cooperate and build up a network of hideouts for their black flaggers. If they trust their fellows enough to divulge the location of their hideout... Only Black Flag ships can dock at a hideout Only those knowing name and location of the Hideout can dock there Ships docking at a Hideout operate in secret and will not have their locations published in the KPA Ships docking at a Hideout are at the mercy of the Hideout owner and can be taken without a fight A Hideout can be abandoned at any time by the owner, by giving public notice Establishing a Hideout To establish a Hideout, you must post a MOC of the Hideout of minimum 32x32 (or equivalent). This build (or series of builds) should show the Hideout and its surroundings. Creativity is encouraged! A link to the Hideout must be posted in this thread with the date. The name of your Hideout may be published publicly, but keep password and location secret. You then decide on a location (island) for the hideout and a password, and send this in a pm to the MRCA committee (Currently @Bregir, @Capt Wolf, and @Captain Genaro) who will maintain a database on these. The name of the hideout have to be given as destination in the tMRCA form. You can submit your build as a freebuild with the freebuild form. Setting up a Hideout costs 300 dbs. Sea Rats are pirates by nature, and only need 150 dbs to establish a hideout. NB: The Sea Rat faction can have up to two (2) active Hideouts at any time. These are free and requires only a minimum 16x16 microbuild to activate. Discovering (and Destroying) a Hideout There are two ways in which a hideout can be discovered. Once discovered, the discoverer is free to use this information as he pleases. (You could extort the owner, ask for the rights to dock there, destroy the hideout, or whatever suits your fancy) By an Adventure! There are those who wish nothing good for the free of heart and loose morals. An aMRCA can target an island with the express intent of flushing out a Hideout. Once the first round GM rulings have been handled, if there is one or more Hideouts on that island, password and location of a random one will be revealed to the adventurer. By treachery or espionage. Anyone with the knowledge of password and location of the Hideout may betray it and reveal the Hideout to someone else, or decide to use the information himself. NB: A hideout will always be active the first 3 turns after establishment. (Unless dissolved by the owner) Anyone who discovers the password and location of a Hideout can destroy it. To destroy a Hideout, the discoverer must present a minimum 16x16 build showing some aspect of the discovery/destruction and publicly post the password and location of the hideout. Once the Hideout is closed down, the discoverer steals any the hidden treasures and receives d6x25 dbs and a chance to win a BoBS card. Once destroyed, all vessels in the Hideout must immediately leave (by the next MRCA turn). A word of advice - if you are a pirate and have taken a prize into your Hideout, it may be prudent to let a potential buyer take it over only after it has been sailed to a nearby "official" port. You do not to want to accidentally divulge the zone in which your Hideout is located! NB: These rules are subject to clarification and adjustment once they are play-tested. You will not lose your hideout, but may find some conditions being adjusted. NB: An example will be posted within a few days.
  5. Hi everyone, 20 years ago were the Knights Kingdom sets in the store. I was happy at the time that a new Castle theme was in the stores. My mother said that the sets were too easy to build and we already had Castle sets. Looking back, the sets are not quite challenging. To celebrate the anniversary of the theme, let me show you my latest creation. Deep into the forest is the hideout of Cedric the Bull. The hideout is located under ground. John of Mayne is imprisoned and knows that Cedric the Bull and his gang will attack the castle of King Leo very soon. Gilbert the Bad is working on a new catapult. Cedric the Bull is monitoring the construction of the artillery. I don't know where I've read that Cedric the Bull had a hideout in the forest, but this was always in my mind. For more pictures, look into my Flickr album. Feedback is always appreciated.
  6. It was early morning and the Heroes arrive at the designated meeting location, outside the northgate of Eubric. The Heroes party consist of: Zannaqim (Flipz) 77 years old Female Selkreeth Rogue Level 1 Power: 20 (Level 1 + WP:14 + 5 (Anniversary Medal)) Power Bonus: +5 (Anniversary Medal) Defense: 5 (Anniversary Medal) Health: 12/12 (Basic health: 7 + level bonus: 0 + class bonus: 0 + artifact bonus: 5 (Anniversary Medal)) Gold: 60 Equipment: Sven's Dagger (WP: 14, Fire- and Earth+Sealed Elemental), Anniversary Medal (Power +5, SP +5, Max. Health +5, Max. Ether +5. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year; accessory.) Inventory: Sir Roderick's Sword (WP:12, Longsword), Selkreeth Shuriken (WP:3, throwing weapon), White Ninja Cowl (The wearer can choose to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits; the effect ends if the user targets an enemy; suitable to rogues, beast warriors, chi monks and infiltrators; headwear), Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Of Power and Mortals (+1 power each successful quest), Trial Brew, 4x Potion, Venom, First Aid Kit (Completely restores health and removes all negative effects for the entire party once.) Addok-Zo Obbex (Goliath) 135 year old Male Wakorian Ranger Level 1 Power: 6 (4 + 2) Defense: 0 Health: 6/6 Gold: 30 Equipment: Jury-Rigged Long Hand Cannon (WP:3), Pugilist’s Gloves (Power +2, protects from weakened-effect; handwear.) Inventory: Potion, Smoke Bomb Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) 38 year old male vampire Cleric *Immune to Stunned and Poisoned* Level 8 Power: 11 (8 + 3) Defense: 2 (2) Health: 16/16 (16) Ether: 12/12 (10) Gold: 53 Equipment: Simple Mace (WP: 3, mace), Rusty Chainmail (SP: 2, Immune to Stunned and Poison) Inventory: 2 Potions, 4 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, 4 Tonics, Scroll of Sleep (Enables casting the asleep-effect to the target, forcing them to miss its turn for three rounds or until woken up by an attack. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.), 1 Sleep Bomb, 3x Blind Bomb, Military Grade Fire Bomb (Deals 10 Fire damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Dirt Bomb (Deals 10 Ground damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Holy Bomb (Deals 10 Holy damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Lightning Bomb (Deals 10 Lightning damage to all opponents when used), Floral Bomb, Defender's Ring (Accessory, Rolls of "Heal Less" become "Heal"), Bone, Grating Stone, Sword of the Vampir (WP:17, user is Jinxed; longsword), Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5, staff, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a beautiful morning, sun was already up and shinning from a cloud free sky. The heroes had a feeling that this was going to be a great day. It seemed their employer was running a bit late, altough he had been so precise about meeting outside of the gates as soon as possible. Perhaps the heroes could get to know each other in the meantime. Note: Welcome all to my first quest of hosting! Try to confirm in about 24 hours and we can get it started. Meanwhile, please check your stats and inform me of any last minute changes you have made. I know everybody who I have chosen are more experienced players so if I mess something up please let me know so I can fix it . Good Luck and Let's have some fun.
  7. Using an old raised baseplate and extra pieces I built a little mountain hideout for my wolfpack guys. Enjoy! Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr
  8. soccerkid6

    Pirate Hideout

    Built for a LUG display. These pirates have made this island their personal hideout: equipped with a cannon, hidden bay, and cabin with plank. See more pictures here: Thanks for looking
  9. LBaixinho

    [MOC] Gata's Hideout

    O Esconderijo da Gata (1) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr I built this MOC for my daughter and is inspired in a story created by her. Gata is an heroic warrior that helps the people from a small town. She lives in a cave in a mountain near the town. O Esconderijo da Gata (3) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr The construction opens so it's possible to see and play in the interiors. There are a sleeping room, a training room and a small kitchen. O Esconderijo da Gata (4) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr O Esconderijo da Gata (7) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr At the top is a tree that serves as a lookout post. In the roots is a small cache with a treasure. Esconderijo da Gata (8) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr More pics here.
  10. Ben King

    Lush Island Stash

    [pid][/pid] 255B I made this pirate diorama for a Lego contest my local museum was hosting. I've really wanted to get back into pirate mocs because they're always so much fun to build and they're what brought me to the online lego community. There's not much to say about this other than I built it in about a week, and my favorite part is definitely the rock work. As always I'm trying to improve that. As you can see as well, I included my Sig-fig in there, see if you can spot him (if you can't you might need glasses, it's pretty easy to find). Lastly, I will be going to Brickworld Chicago on Saturday June 14, so I look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you guys there. Unfortunately I won't be displaying this year... but I'm really hoping for next year, and I'll still be there checking out all the cools creations. For more pictures check out my post on mocpages. My user is Ben King.
  11. sander1992

    Batman II Hideout

    Hi all, It's finally done. I've had two time that I was out of ideas Fortunately Batman II PC game was in the clearance sale with a price of 4,99. The game really helped me with getting ideas. A little description In the basement are diamond, weapons and stuff from the Joker stored. On the ground floor are villains together in a gathering/meeting and Catwoman creates a disturbance. On the first floor are Batman and Robin caught in an illusion of scarecrow. Many henchmen are moving towards the scene to get rid of the heroes. Batman and Robin have come through the roof hatch. On the roof are few puddles of Joker's chemicals. I got that of the Batman II PC game. Here is the link to the pictures. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=545338
  12. sander1992

    Batman II WIP

    Hello All, I started with a creation of Batman II. I lost a bit of inspiration to keep going. It is a building that serves as a hideout for the villains of Batman. In the basement to find the loot. On the ground floor the villains meet and there is a commotion going with catwoman. On the first floor, I am trying to create an illusion that was created by Scarecrow. I need to find some ideas for the inner wall to make it more scarier. Here is the link to the pictures. Now I'm a bit of my ideas around. I hope you like it so far. Greetings, Sander
  13. GiotarizAFOL

    REVIEW: 60048 "Rogue Hideout"

    Hello Eurobricks! First post, and first Review, hope this works ;) :classic: WARNING: lots of links. Yesterday I went to a big shopping center in Valais, Switzerland, and they had the entire 2014 line-up for City and Ninjago, so I took this set.Pics are awful because I don't have my DSLR, so I had to use my Iphone, and no white background. LET'S GET STARTED! BOX: Normal city box, we already know that one . here is the box. INSTRUCTIONS: normal city instructions, we get three of those and three numbered bags. One builds the hot rod,another the police truck and the last one the hideout. DREADED STICKER SHEET: not many stickers, only for the policeman's ride BAG ONE PARTS: nothing new, like the dark pearl engine part, love the nose part and that treasure. Only new piece is the golden tap piece (in chest in pic 2). BAG ONE BUILDS: A lovely hot rod car, very 1950s US style. Too bad it has no lights... BAG TWO BUILDS: The police SUV or dog carrying truck. Nice, but very standard. Very similar to the dirt bike transporter set, still nice looking, and the new police colors are OK. WIP shot, veeeery standard build the finished truck, once again veeery standard. not sure about it being nice. BAG THREE BUILDS: a nice hideout, with a lovely side trapdoor and a submarine sight (hm... submarine homes? ) The house could also be used in war mocs or as an abandoned house. The parts. LOTS of very cool brick-bricks, including new 4 studs long bricks! Details of the lovely brick wall, with a very pet shop-ish trapdoor MINIFIGS: 3 normal figs, nothing special or fancy. 2 dogs, and one of the new policemen, which can't go together with the old ones, thay're too different (sorry for the minifig-racism, LOL) OVERALL LOOKS: a nice set, mainly for the hotrod and the hideout. In the pic the first burglar has left the other one and ran away with the hot rod... MINIFIGS: 7/10: normal ones, nice new police guy and normal burglars. BUILDS: 7.5/10: nice for hotrod and for hideout, boring for the truck. PARTS: 8/10: new brick bricks!! yayyyyy PLAYABILITY: 8,5/10: very high playability, three vehicles. DESIGN: 7.5/10: lovely hotrod pickup, nice building, police truck is veeery repetitive. Gio's ratings: 7.5 out of 10, good but a bit expensive. Got it for 40 swiss francs, or CHF. The truck is nothing new, but the other two things are worth it, really.
  14. [pid][/pid] 246C Hello everyone! After countless emails, several hours spent over skype, 4 photo shootings and a few extra hours of Photoshop... I am glad to be finally able to present you our entry in this challenging contest! The Shark Reef “Black Jim”, also known as “Shadow Jim”, Captain of the « Sea Disgrace » ended up stranded atop the Shark Reef following a course plot error from his first officer Charles Cooks. Charles is a former navigator of the Royal Navy who got fired because of a bad drinking habit… on the day of the wreck, he wanted to try a new shortcut to get to Tortuga faster because he was out of Rhum. The moral of this story is that you should never trust a drunk navigator.. but if you do, make sure he’s well stocked with liquor. So here they are now, stuck on this lonely reef. Black Jim sometimes flogs his slave to kill the time and keep his spirit up while Charles dreams of Rhum bottles and keeps plotting courses the Disgrace will never take. Detailed views of 6Kyubi6's entry Captain Black Jim, flogging his slave. And here are the detailed views of my entry. The general idea behind this set is that you can combine it in several ways. The two halves of the ship are connected via a technic pin hidden in the rocks. The "Shark head" reef on the other hand can be moved around and attached about anywhere you want to the other parts thanks to the small rock connection (the one with the cross and skull). I must say that I completely underestimated the complexity of this challenge as designing the sets was only the beginning. Being able to present our idea in a convincing way turned out to be a much greater difficulty. Anyway, I am proud of what we achieved to do, I hope you guys like it! A big thanks to my partner in crime, for all his advices as well as all the picture edits. Thank you to Eurobricks for this opportunity and best of luck to all in the contest! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  15. This was built by my 11 year old brother. After being ambushed by outlaws, Kendrick and his companions were taken to the robbers hideout. Basil had managed to escape as the thieves didn't pay much attention to the goat. This proved to be a serious mistake as Basil followed the group to the outlaws lair. The captives were placed in the ruins of what seemed to be a tower: One of the outlaws prepared some food by the campfire while the other two made sure the prisoners were behaving themselves. As the two thieves headed back towards the campfire the one in the lead was head butted by Basil: The bandit eating by the fire was very surprised, and rather amused, to see his two companions knocked over by the goat: Picking up his sword he walked toward Basil, still snickering at his friends' embarrassing fall: When the first thieves had been knocked over, one of them had dropped his knife within reach of Kendrick. Kendrick quickly started to cut his bonds on the knife. Meanwhile Basil knocked the third thief right into the fire! By now the first two thieves to fall were back on their feet and going after the goat. The unfortunate fellow who had been knocked into the fire tried to smother his burning clothes: Kendrick had finished cutting his ropes now, and moved to free his friends: As he did so one of the thieves tackled Basil: The bandits were in for a surprise though: The outlaws were tied up then forced to walk with Kendrick and his friends as their prisoners: Thanks for looking, my little brother would appreciate any feedback on the build. The next scene of Kendrick's travels is coming soon and will be the biggest one yet!
  16. Mark of Falworth

    Pirate Paradise.

    [pid][/pid]237C Ahoy mates! It's been to long! I thought I would share our latest pirate MOC. Me and my Brother Steven are competing against Seircon and Coral in an Iron Builder match up. The seed part being the green flexible spike. Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Thanks for viewing and have a great day!