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Found 13 results

  1. dooberfloober

    Puns in Character names?

    Hi all! I am notice that Knights Kingdom character "Vladek" is a pun from the phrase "vlad dick." But just now notice this clever play on words. Are any other characters have puns that you know of? Example: "Rascus" is "rascal" Any favorites?
  2. King Mathias and His Royal Guard by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "At long last, His Majesty is crowned! Long may He reign!" Initially built as a spiritual continuation of the Knights Kingdom 2018 collab, this build has now been assimilated into my UK 2022 convention lineup. My display was called: CCBS Kingdom Figures. The build started off with a janky looking prototype of King Mathias, where the challenge was to sort out the appearance of the shoulders. Once I had the concept figured out, I trialled several iterations before I was happy with the end result. The throne draft came together thanks to a spontaneous handful of visits to my local PAB wall and some yet-to-be-sorted BL orders. It was left at 70% done in early 2021, when I first posted an earlier version of this design. Then in 2022, in the week before my first UK Brick Festival (May 2022), I hashed out the Royal Guards, which I aimed to keep simple yet detailed. Finally, the base, initially coming together during one of the slower events I was displaying at, was used to incorporate the entire build. Again, another spontaneous PAB wall visit was the source of all the white tiles I came to possess. Overall I am quite happy with the end result, and will be taking this along to some more 2023 shows before retiring it for next year, but not before I've changed things up a bit with my new display (currently in the works). I would send it along to the US convention circuit but I don't think it's too feasible for me right now. Here's a link to an Instagram Reel to show you a full 360 view!
  3. “The quest of the Knights has led them to the border of the Desolate Moorlands! Santis has discovered a rickety vine bridge and an evil Shadow Knight who guards the Key to the Citadel. The only way across is to hurl a boulder with all of the mighty Knight's strength! Can Santis prevail, or will the Shadow Knight be victorious?” I incorporated the trapdoor feature from the original set and here's the dungeon where the heroic knights formerly stationed at this outpost met their end. ( I guess this is where all the missing generic knights were throughout the sets ) Notes: Everyone knows that Knights' Kingdoms II is objectively the best LEGO Castle theme ever () , but there are very few MOCs set in this theme. This is a reimagining of set 8778 Border Ambush from 2004. It was one of my favorite sets as a kid, but looking back it was a little... lackluster. I recently built a micro version of this set, and saw the bridging the gap category for the Summer Joust, and I decided " Why don't I build this set the way I always imagined it looked like?" Here's some additional pictures:
  4. Hi everyone, In my previous build of Knights Kingdom John of Mayne is held as prisoner in the hideout of Cedric the Bull. Cedric the Bull and his gang are preparing an attack on the Castle of King Leo. King Leo has ordered to rescue John of Mayne. Princess Storm has gathered some men and is marching through the forest. For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album. Sander
  5. Hi everyone, 20 years ago were the Knights Kingdom sets in the store. I was happy at the time that a new Castle theme was in the stores. My mother said that the sets were too easy to build and we already had Castle sets. Looking back, the sets are not quite challenging. To celebrate the anniversary of the theme, let me show you my latest creation. Deep into the forest is the hideout of Cedric the Bull. The hideout is located under ground. John of Mayne is imprisoned and knows that Cedric the Bull and his gang will attack the castle of King Leo very soon. Gilbert the Bad is working on a new catapult. Cedric the Bull is monitoring the construction of the artillery. I don't know where I've read that Cedric the Bull had a hideout in the forest, but this was always in my mind. For more pictures, look into my Flickr album. Feedback is always appreciated.
  6. I noticed that there was a review needed for Knights' Kingdom set 8774 Vladek so I thought I'd like my video review I just made. If a text and photo based review is preferred, I still have the set so I will be willing to do a proper review if that is required or video reviews are not allowed on this forum (sorry I'm a little new here)
  7. I've been lurking around on these LEGO forums for a few years now and I thought I should probably start doing some LEGO reviews of some older sets which do not have speed-build/review videos on YouTube. I just made my first videos, its link is just below. It's a little rough but I'd like to know what you guys think before I make the next few. Thank you and have a good day!
  8. Poor Disadvantaged

    Jayko, Eagle of Talonjay

    Lord Vladek's Shadow Knight army is marching toward the capital, the banner of the Scorpion looming from the Moorlands. Though few in number, King Mathias’ gathering of heroes stand defiant in the face of evil. Danju, Wolf of Alendan – Wise, Noble, Ingenious. Jayko, Eagle of Talonjay – Quick, Swift, Focused. Adric, Ox of the Farmland – Pious, Fierce, Resolute. Good knights of Morcia! Who else will answer the call to arms?
  9. When I first saw the sets of Nexon Knights I didn't think much of them until looking at the Main Characters. At first I thought Lego was trying to create something to replace Ninjago but after thinking about it it reminded me of an older Lego theme Knights kingdom. While you could say that this can't be true just because one happens to be more Sci-fi and the other more fantasy they do have share a couple of things in common. We already know Lego likes to reboot or recycle their old themes, like they did with Power Miners and Space Police so I thought that Nexon Knights might've been them trying to recycle Knights Kingdom. Lets look at a couple of the similarities that Nexon Knights shares with Knights Kingdom. Both series have a group of knights in both series each knight has a different color and unique crest with animals on them. in both themes all the knights are different styled helmets, in both of the themes the knights also have different names while these aren't all of the similarities in them you can understand where I'm going with this. Personally I think this was their second attempt at making knights kingdom, while most Lego castle themes didn't have many characters with personalities Knights kingdom seemed to try and create unique individual characters just like the characters in Nexon Knights. However I haven't seen much people talking about Nexon Knights being a reboot to Knights Kingdom or having any sort of relation to it, maybe Nexon Knights could've just been created without them even thinking about Knights kingdom and I might just be trying to connect them just because of the couple of things they share do you think this is just a coincidence or did Lego recycle their old theme in a completely new and interesting theme
  10. Greetings, I hope this is the right section for this topic. So, I'm about to sell G678- Knight's Kingdom Chess Set. I've checked my set because I remember I had fiddled with the minifigs in the past (I know, I know). All pieces and minifigs seem to be in their place, and the things I had to fix I fixed. But there's one thing I can't seem to solve: it's the white (or baby blue ) Queen's head. Both Brickset and Bricklink show her with the head she's pictured in. My Queen, however, has this head. I might have swapped the original one with that one because I needed it, sure. It's rather odd because I don't see myself being that interested in that head, but it's still possible I suppose. The problem is, I don't remember ever having had that head. In fact, when I saw the Queen's Catalog entry my reaction was along the lines of "...huh? That's her head?". I was dumbfounded- I didn't even remember it existing. I've looked for that head everywhere in my collection, but I can't find it at all. I know that some later editions of the set have the Queens' slope skirt glued to their torsos, but no alternate versions of the minifig seem to exist otherwise. So, I'm asking for your help. Is my set a misprint/alternate version or am I just remembering things terribly wrong? I would like to find the head so I can finally ship the set to my buyer, but if that's her correct head I fear I'll be forced to buy it somewhere and make him wait. Thank you in advance.
  11. Recently I've been trying to attach those armor shells from Knights Kingdom to an CCBS bone or shell. Especially this one: I wanted to attach them to the CCBS Shell to make some nice looking pauldrons, but came to an halt when I tried to find a way. But I somehow cant seem to find any way to attach them. I also tried building some custom limbs, but the results weren't good. So I wanted to ask, do you know any good examples or techniques on how to attach them?
  12. Okay so I got the idea of making this topic from this topic and I remember Knights Kingdom 2, you know the one Castle theme that have these guys. Anyway would anyone like to see a Castle theme Action Figure with it's own build or the HF build or you don't want to see a Castle Action Figure. For me I would like to see Lego making Castle Action Figure but with the HF build and with there own armor instead of having just the HF armor because it's annoying for it just being HF armor with small recolors. Another thing is that I like it to have 6 character no more, no less but that maybe something we would already see.
  13. I'm sorry, I don't know where else to put this, so if it's wrong forgive me! I'm guessing this is mostly interesting for those from The Netherlands btw By coincidence I found this guys website, and turns out he's selling his (dozens!) new in box sets for reasonable prices! Including some old Star Wars sets (from 2002), ninjago polybags, mini figures, and loads more! Even sweaters and lights! Some boxes are damaged he says, and those are reduced in price. There is nothing of interest to me, but there might be some treasures in there for you guys! Go have a look! (the links to his Lego are at the bottom of the menu on the left) You can send the guy an email and have it delivered by mail or you can pick it up in Amsterdam Some of what he's selling: Let us know if you find something!