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  1. Ben King

    Lush Island Stash

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, and thanks for blogging this Capt. Stabbin!
  2. Ben King

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    I would definitely be interested, however I also think that we shouldn't make it an exact copy of GoH. As for ideas regarding it, if we're following the 4 different guilds idea, I suggest we do it like so: -Caribbean pirates (and privateers?) -Islanders (this could be aztec, maya, or just fictional) -Imperials (within this guild would be red coats, blue coats, etc) -Barbary corsairs (pirates from North Africa, Mediterranean, Ottomans, etc.) Or if the corsairs would just go under a broad pirates guild we could also do a merchant guild. However, I think separating the pirates into regions/cultures would be good. If we didn't we would have guys like blackbeard in the same guild with ottomans, which culturaly are quite a bit different. If you look at GoH they're not separated by occupation or social class, it's by culture/location. I suppose what I'm suggesting is if we were to do this, I say we divide the guilds by location/culture, not so much by specific occupation.
  3. Ben King

    Lush Island Stash

    Thanks guys I'm glad you guys like the foliage as well as rock work, I was playing around with ways to make good jungle coverage.
  4. Ben King

    Lush Island Stash

    [pid][/pid] 255B I made this pirate diorama for a Lego contest my local museum was hosting. I've really wanted to get back into pirate mocs because they're always so much fun to build and they're what brought me to the online lego community. There's not much to say about this other than I built it in about a week, and my favorite part is definitely the rock work. As always I'm trying to improve that. As you can see as well, I included my Sig-fig in there, see if you can spot him (if you can't you might need glasses, it's pretty easy to find). Lastly, I will be going to Brickworld Chicago on Saturday June 14, so I look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you guys there. Unfortunately I won't be displaying this year... but I'm really hoping for next year, and I'll still be there checking out all the cools creations. For more pictures check out my post on mocpages. My user is Ben King.
  5. Ben King

    {MOCpages find} Lush island stash

    Thanks for reposting this here! That reminds me that I should get around to posting my mocs on EB more often.
  6. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Thanks, Louie. It will probably be slow but progress nonetheless!
  7. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm thinking it'll be either dark gray or dark brown as well. Brown looks more like wood indeed, but like you said it has limited pieces. I'll probably have to go with dark gray because I doubt the deck will be able to be covered in only 1x2 and 1x4 tiles. I still haven't decided if I want to tile it or leave it with studs on the deck. I'm leaning more towards studs because that makes things easier and provides for better playability and figure placement.
  8. Ben King

    Port Retribution

    Looks Great! Your classic style is very unique and I think it looks great I believe I spotted a certain pumpkin-headed redcoat in there... Very clever of you to put in your partially finished ship in a shipyard.
  9. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Well it's been a while since I've updated. I'll see if I can post some more pictures soon, but don't get your hoes up. I took apart my old version because I thought it would be best to start fresh. I'm not 100% sure the scale will be perfect on this version but I'll most likely finish the ship regardless so I'll at least have a prototype and some experience with brick built hulls.
  10. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Well, I think an update of my Pearl is due. It is looking nice so far. It isn't much further than my last post. The main causes of that are lack of time and me having to tear apart my old one because the dimension were slightly wrong. Comments and/or criticism is always welcome. I'm not fond of this awkward flat area were the 2 snotted areas meet (the area were the sword is pointing). I'm currently trying to find a good solution to that. Thanks for checking out my WIP! -Ben
  11. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but here is a link to the Pearl Blueprints.
  12. Ben King

    Danish navy brig by Anders T

    Wow! That custom hull is stunning. It must have cost a fortune to make.
  13. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    I just received a BL, so I will be able to finish the hull soon.
  14. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Thanks for the advice, mates! I will be using dark brown for all the decks. As you will see in my next WIP pictures, I am currently using a normal brown or maybe black, but I am just doing that to see what pieces in dark brown I'll need to order from BL.
  15. Ben King

    Black Pearl WIP

    Do you guys think I should make the decks of my pearl black, brown, or dark brown? In the movies they look like a dark drown/weathered black look. Also, should the decks in the brig and gun deck be black because they aren't exposed to as much weathering, or would that look kind of weird? The main issue is I want to be as accurate as possible, but at the same time I don't want it to be a big black blob.