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Found 19 results

  1. The final confrontation in the mission "Jack of the Lantern" from the video game Secret World Legends's Blue Mountain setting, re-imagined as a (virtual) LEGO set, featuring custom decals for Jack the Lad, the Scarecrows, and my Illuminati player character the Blue Bee. Not strictly speaking sci-fi, but there's no, say, Horror, Urban Fantasy, or Video Games theme, and Sci-Fi fit better than any of the other options. No other camera angles on this one. I don't want anyone to see that I couldn't be bothered to build the rest of the house.
  2. Duncan Young

    Large Gotham City MOC

    Hi everyone. Those who follow me on Flickr have probably already seen the beginnings of this project. To celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary this year I made a series of 12 vignettes that spotlight his most famous villains. Then, to top it off, I made a GCPD building which was added on top of the assembled models Below you'll find the Imgur album Thank you for your time
  3. Hi, is TDK dlc trilogy Scarecrow from lego batman 3 ever seen without his hood? I'd really like to know what face they did use on him. Eventually can someone who have the game check? You just have to kill him and you will see his head in the broken pieces. Or is his head avaiable in the character customization?
  4. Last Week i bought the new Scarecrow Set and i have to say,i`m not too impressed with Scarecrow`s weird Helicopter Thing.So i thought "hey,why not designing anything else?" I tried to use as many of the Pieces from Scarecrows Helicopter and gave his new Mode of Transportation another Twist. Let me introduce you: Scarecrows Balloon of Doom!!! TLBM-Scarecrows Balloon Doom-2 TLBM-Scarecrows Balloon Doom-1 I had the Balloon Parts from last Years Ninjago Raid Zeppelin but needed another Panel to make a full Balloon.Too bad my favorite Bricklink Store has those Parts only in black and red. Seems like Scarecrows Balloon will be striped in the End. So,what do you think of my Design?
  5. Here is my MOC based off the video game Arkham Asylum In this scene, Batman enters Killer Croc's lair only to be blocked by the Scarecrow who threatens to unleash his fear toxin. Before he can make good on his threat, Croc emerges from beneath grabs the fiend and disappears through the murky waters A look at the guard tower- Croc sneaking up on the Scarecrow- A look at my purist Scarecrow- What do you think? Should I do any more MOCs based on Asylum or it's sequels?
  6. A few Day ago i showed you my Mod (although,very heavily modified) of the Security Booth from the aforementioned Set. It`s finally done, this little Project was based on the little halfway done Booth from the Scarecrow Special Delivery Set.I liked the Vehicle and the Minifigures,but that odd little Building wasn`t really to my liking,so i thought about extending it. Last Week i found these two printed Roofslopes and that sealed the Deal "modifying that Booth and using the Roofslopes. And here it is: 20170122_182004 20170122_182023 20170122_182030 20170122_182047 20170122_182053 20170122_182114 20170122_182130 20170122_182149 20170122_182209 20170122_182443 20170122_182509 20170122_182519 20170122_190552 20170122_183636 The Building now has four enclosed Walls,a Door and is filled with Clutter and Equipment to make it more comfy for the Security Guard. The large Desk contains Computers,Switches and even a big red Button to trigger the Alarm,just in Case something goes wrong at the Gotham Energy Facility. You can also find a small Filecloset with a Plant on top of it and some Handcuffs,a Gun and a Walkie Talkie.Small Details on the Outside like the Access Pad and the Alarm Siren add some Realism. I hope you really liked my newest Creation,Comments are welcome. "Grappling Hook Action" 20170122_185425 "Help,all Units come to the Entrance.....forget it,call Batman!!!" 20170122_184228 "Yay Batman,we got the Bad Buy!How `bout Ice Cream now?" 20170122_190058
  7. Hey Guys, i recently thought about modding the Scarecrow Special Delivery Set, the little Gatehouse to be precise. I tried to keep it in the Spirit it already is with it`s Colors and overall Design.I got the Idea for this when i found two 6x8 printed Slopes from an old Dino Adventure Set i will use for the Roof. TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-2 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-1 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-3 And this is a detailed Picture of what i have planned for the Inside. There is a little Filing Cabinet with a small Plant on it,a large Computer Desk with Surveilance Screens and Internet. If something goes wrong (and in Gotham,everyday something goes wrong) there is a big red Button that triggers the Alarm.The Desk Chair can be rotated and to the left there is a small Table with a Coffeemaker. Just in Case everything goes Haywire,the Security Booth also has a Pair of Handcuffs,a Walkie Talkie and a Gun. TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-5 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-4 The real MOC is already halfway build,and only a few Pieces are missing,guess i need to visit the little Brickshop in my Area again tomorrow... So,what do you think of my Mod?Comments are welcome
  8. Tried my best to see what I could do with the parts from JUST the scarecrow pizza delivery set and this was what I was able to come up with on my first try. Basically its an abandoned factory or building which is being used by the Scarecrow to sell or distribute his poisoned pizza.
  9. Picked up this set for only 16$. Its so great. I might have to go pick up another one
  10. It had started out as a normal day for Green Arrow. He had received a tip about people experiencing weird hallucinations near a little used pier of Star City. Figuring The Count was up to no good again, he went to investigate. He started rummaging through some of the crates near an old warehouse and discovered vials full of a strange liquid. He dialed up Barry and said "Hey, can you meet me in Star City? I think one of Batman's problems is extending his reach and I need a second opinion before bothering him. You know how he is." Before Green Arrow had finished hanging up The Flash had already zoomed up. He rapidly said, "Yep, looks like fear toxin, definitely Scarecrow, I'll go round up the rest of the League." Before Green Arrow had a chance to protest, saying that they could handle it by themselves, The Flash had already left. Arrow's next call was to Batman. "Hey," began Green Arrow, "One of your Gotham City freaks has wandered away from home and is trying to pull something in Star City." "I know," came the dark reply over the phone, "I've been tracking him. I'll be there shortly." This time, it wasn't before he hung up, but shortly after that the 2nd superhero to join him that night showed up on the pier. Batman glided in from the shadows and landed next to Green Arrow. "This is what we've found so far" Green Arrow said. Batman picked up one of the vials and looked at it closely. "This isn't Scarecrow's normal toxin," he said. All of a sudden Green Arrow heard a small gasp from Batman and turned to see Scarecrow plunging a syringe needle into Batman's neck. "That's because it's a new recipe" began the Scarecrow, "designed specifically for you Batman. Are you ready to embrace your fears?" "What are you up to this time Scarecrow?" demanded Batman as he staggered away from the crate a little. "Just getting you ready for your new ring" Scarecrow cackled. Green Arrow say a small yellow object fly through the air and attach itself to Batman's hand. Batman changed before his eyes as the yellow ring took hold and Sinestro's power began to take control. The rest of the Justice League was just beginning to arrive. But would they be able to stop a Batman driven by fear and powered with a yellow ring? Green Lantern shouted, "Quick! Scarecrow's toxin has made Batman's fears the driving force in his body. It's attracted one of Sinestro's Corps yellow rings. If we don't hurry, Batman will be a slave to Sinestro!"
  11. This my first MOC I've posted on here. I have already posted this same MOC on Lego Ideas. The TV show Gotham on Fox is about Gotham City before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. The scene this Lego Creation shows is from episode 17: Red Hood. It shows how the Red Hood gang has robbed a bank, and Detective Gordon and Harvey Bullock are trying to stop them. I created minifigures versions of many important characters in Gotham. The minifigures not on the black stand are Detective Gordon, Harvey Bullock, a civilian, The Red Hood, and a member of the Red Hood gang. On the black stand, from left to right, the minifigures are Bruce Wayne (Batman), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Victor Zsasz, Johnathan Crane (The Scarecrow), and Jerome (The Joker?). Here are some more pictures. The Bank vault can open to reveal the money. If you want this to become a real Lego set, please support it at Lego ideas. Here is the URL Thanks for looking! Please support this creation at Lego Ideas so it can become a real Lego set!
  12. FinalFeature

    Batman Arkham Knight Fight

    The Jokers setting the mood for his birthday party by releasing all the inmates of Arkham Asylum. He'll have no shortage of guests in attendance. It's up to the Dark Knight to put a stop to his madness. Will Batman save the hostages in time from being baked alive and stop every villain rampant? Or will he find himself against a threat bigger than reality itself. Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Joshua Sims as Batman Joey Xero as The Joker Bret Newton as Bane and the Riddler Raujoh as Two-Face Arshia VO as Mr. Freeze Bridget Caddigan as Poison Ivy Jack Rizzo/Jam Pot Studios as Epoch Thanks for looking!
  13. Arkham Asylum: Relative Insanity Batman is trapped inside Arkham during Joker's latest breakout attempt, and is under siege by not only the crown prince of crime, but by Poison Ivy and her dangerous plants and Scarecrow with his fear inducing toxins. Based on the 2009 Game of the Year Batman: Arkham Asylum. While the theme of this creation is based on Arkham Asylum, the design takes cues from M.C. Escher's famed lithograph Relativity, and also features a 360 build that can be spun around to view all sides. Granted you have to spin it by hand--this thing weighs like 15 pounds. But anyways...while also being the largest creation I've made, it also features tons of cool details and features such as lights by Lifelites. There's a lot going on with this creation, so I guess I'll just start throwing out photos: Arkham From Minifigure Perspective Gates of Arkham Lite-up Batsignal Joker running free and Clayface's cell Sometimes you just need the right perspective. Sssshhh! Wait that's not right... Poison Ivy side and Mr. Freeze cell Poison Ivy Mr. Freeze, visible when lights are on only Killer Croc's cell enterance Fear induced dramatic flashback Joker running free; Bane cell with Bobo Osito Mr. Zsasz, visible when light is on only Arkham in the dark with lights on--notably a terrible picture. Scarecrow: A notable chunk of this creation is devoted to Scarecrow, who is here represented both by minifigure, and also by a large scale brick built figure (For his fear toxin induced appearance). At the Asylum Currently, this creation is on display at Brickworld Chicago 2014--so if you're there check it out! I'm happy with the final product, being both the culmination of weeks of building, and being my largest and arguably greatest superhero creation yet. I'm ready to challenge that last notion with more building, but in the meantime, enjoy! ~Tim Lydy Captain Nemo
  14. sander1992

    Batman II Hideout

    Hi all, It's finally done. I've had two time that I was out of ideas Fortunately Batman II PC game was in the clearance sale with a price of 4,99. The game really helped me with getting ideas. A little description In the basement are diamond, weapons and stuff from the Joker stored. On the ground floor are villains together in a gathering/meeting and Catwoman creates a disturbance. On the first floor are Batman and Robin caught in an illusion of scarecrow. Many henchmen are moving towards the scene to get rid of the heroes. Batman and Robin have come through the roof hatch. On the roof are few puddles of Joker's chemicals. I got that of the Batman II PC game. Here is the link to the pictures. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=545338
  15. sander1992

    Batman II WIP

    Hello All, I started with a creation of Batman II. I lost a bit of inspiration to keep going. It is a building that serves as a hideout for the villains of Batman. In the basement to find the loot. On the ground floor the villains meet and there is a commotion going with catwoman. On the first floor, I am trying to create an illusion that was created by Scarecrow. I need to find some ideas for the inner wall to make it more scarier. Here is the link to the pictures. Now I'm a bit of my ideas around. I hope you like it so far. Greetings, Sander
  16. Merry Christmas everybody! Christmas may be winding down now, but regardless, please enjoy my present to you: an overly-long review of… Set Name: Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Set #: 10937 Theme: DC Universe Superheroes Pieces: 1619 Minifigures: 7 (and two halves) Year of Release: 2012 Price at Release: US $159.99 - CA $209.99 - DE 159.99€ - UK 129.99£ - DK 1399.00 DKK Buy it? Inventory? Bricklink LEGO Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION First of all, credit must be given where credit is due: to our own Bonaparte and LEGO for sending me this set to review, and so speedily to boot! Many thanks to you! (LEGO really is the most wonderful company when it comes to community interaction, although since I don't participate on the international Coca-Cola forums, I can't really say that Coke doesn't have such a high level of interaction as well.) A quick note about the pictures: unlike my usual reviews, this time I've uploaded the pictures in their huge un-shrunk glory, so please check out the Flickr set link above if you'd like to see the minute details of all the dust that accumulated on the set in the five seconds between when I took it out of the box and when I snapped the photos. And now, without further ado, let's see what this big bad boy has to offer… BOX This box is just one thing: beastly. Really, it's absolutely ginormous (I've added Riddler for a little size comparison). This being the European version, the front isn't adulterated with parts count and stuff, so you can really enjoy the humungous, gloomy, dark scene. The artwork is quite beautiful and suits Arkham very well. There's more action here than you usually find on the big exclusives; it's still a Superhero thing after all. Since the box is so darn large, the back feels empty despite having all the usual back-of-box trappings. It's fun that LEGO still puts on the comic-style arrows and noise words even on a big-kid geared set. Just because this box dwarfs all the others by a factor of twelve doesn't mean it isn't part of the line! For the top they went with the character that physically takes up the greatest amount of space, because hey, they could. I never knew the top of European boxes were so empty… There are some more box views in the Flickr set, but I felt we had more important things to see. You can see the box yourself in a LEGO store any time. CONTENTS In the box we get nine numbered bags, one bag with big plates and the white rope, and this lovely thing to keep our sticker sheet, comic, and instructions from getting bent out of shape! I don't really care about smashed instruction manuals on small sets, but on such a large one like this it would be quite a bother. It's great LEGO makes sure that doesn't happen! Here's the front of the comic, which I'm pretty sure is exactly the same one you get in the Arctic Batman set except a lot bigger because why not. Just like Oky mentioned in his Arctic Batman review, it's got an odd smattering of stuff inspired by different media, movie Bane being the biggest sore thumb (though the Tumbler is the background is a little odd too). The inside contains a fun but average wordless comic that you can enjoy flipping through once and then never look at again. The back, just like on the Marvel comic, has last year's DC figure lineup and this January's. Some choices are a bit odd, though, like putting Ivy and the guard in both when they're exactly the same, having two Harleys in the right-side one, and not having blue-winged Batman on the left side. But ok, whatever. Lots to collect, go buy sets, etc. We get three lovely instruction manuals that cut off in completely arbitrary places. I literally have no idea why LEGO decides to move onto another manual when they do, especially because these manuals have different amounts of pages. It's not like you move onto a new build; no, one step you're in one manual, the next step you're in the next one. But… #thingsthatdontmatter The inside is an orangey-yellow gradient that looks just fine. It doesn't muddle things up, anyway. Here you see how the minifigures are spread out over the bags to spice things up just when you were starting to feel minifigure-withdrawal. The steps are easy to follow, and there are piece callouts (though I don't use them because I'm stuck in the old 'search the picture for differences' method). I found just one mistake in the instructions, and luckily not a biggie. It's just that the grill piece already appears in this step, when it isn't added for a few more steps. Odd. Lastly, everybody's favorite: the DSS. Most of these stickers are just fine, and I didn't mind them (although the instructions do seem to mock you by showing the stickers going on perfectly straight). The ones for license plates, though, are terrible because they're smaller than the length of the plates on which they go so it's quite annoying getting them smack-dab in the middle. As you'll notice on the set pictures, I wasn't having the best stickering day in general. PARTS …or, the section in which I arbitrarily pick some pieces out that I find interesting! No, I'll try to actually comment on the parts, bag by bag, with the parts I find interesting in a picture-within-a-picture. Bag 1 builds the truck and the restraining stretcher for Joker, so we get a whole bunch of lovely fresh white. It might make you think there are actual colors in this set, if you count white as a color (I think it's more of a color than grey). Parts of interest are the big white doors, small white doors, some SNOT stuff, that curvy Cars part exclusively in white and the clear windshield, just because… well, it's not actually rare, but you know, it's nice. No more tricks; here's the actual color scheme for the set. Grey, grey, grey, and black. Still, less grey than a Star Wars set. In Bag 2, which builds the gate, we get four lovely black wings from Chima, the 3L brown flex tubing that's also in TMNT sets, and the Ninjago skeleton arm now in dark bley! Plus dark green and dark red, and a bunch of dark metallic sais, lovely. The two big plates are from the unnumbered bag of big stuff, but the rest is Bag 3, which builds the entrance. From now on, we'll see lots of the tall grey pieces with a groove in them, which lend a lovely look to the finished model as we shall see. I had no idea this piece has only been around since 2010! Before that they just stacked up 1x2 ones when they needed a tall column for garage doors. Other cools parts here are the chair in dark green (because dark green), the brick brick (because it's still slightly a novelty), and the red phone (because yeah). You build above the entrance with Bag 4. Included are those tall black industrial-like pillars, more groove columns, metallic teeth, square bricks with groove, that printed computer screen, and some nice accessories. Plus lots of trans-black little screen parts; large quantities of things are always fun. Bag 5 makes the cell block, and there's nothing of exceptional interest. Many grey 'log' bricks are nice, though, as are dark red and leaves. There are also more jail bar parts than I think you'd see in a City set normally. As you might be able to tell, Bag 6 builds Poison Ivy's cell and surrounding small room. The corner brick with double concave slope makes an appearance, there are a couple nice smoke tiles, and the big clear rounded panels are cool. Black periscope… not super sure why I threw that one in there. Bag 7 builds the tower cell. A bunch of cool stuff to be found here: trans-red doughnut piece, grey double clip piece, dark grey frog, more dark grey skellie arms, trans light-blue cheese… nice! Bag 8 makes the bottom portion of the remaining Arkham section. Just the same old cool parts we saw before. This caps it off! A little more tan to break up the grey/black combo. The brick with grooves actually appears to be new in tan, though there's just one. As we'll see in the model, I'm not sure why it's necessary at all, but hey, I'll take it. Maybe it'll be more prevalent in another upcoming set. There are more extra parts in this set than there are parts in a SW Battlepack! Ok, maybe not, but there's still a boatload of extras here. Somebody should start a 'build using only extra pieces in big sets' challenge. MINIFIGURES For once, I'm not more excited about discussing minifigures than I am about discussing a set. But still, minifigures are lovely goodies! Let's look at 'em. I've collaborated with The Penguin to bring you info about the inspiration for the specific designs of each figure; since the set's not tied to any particular media, it's interesting to see what designs were chosen. Here's everybody; from left to right: big-wing Batman, Robin, random guard #7, Scarecrow, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and prison outfit Joker. But they're so far away when they're all lined up; you need to see them up-close! The Good Guys All of these guys are not so fresh. The guard is the twin of the one that failed to stop Two-Face's robbery last year, though he still has a snappy torso. This Robin is styled after the one in the Arkham City game, which would make him Tim Drake, the third Robin. Of course, he just uses parts from the Robin of last year, but it's cool to see him in this darker outfit anyway. An all-new Nightwing would've been better, though. Batman may also come from Arkham City because of the wings, though I think the wings are a common move, so he really could be anything. He'd be better with an alternate cape, but I do like the winged look. Unlike in the Catwoman set where Bats has a whole jetpack on his wings, these he wears straight up. Perhaps they're really just supposed to be a cape, as Bats often does have a cape that becomes stiff to help him swoosh around. Robin's cape feels pretty soft, which surprised me. Being older and more experienced in the weight-room, Bruce has better back muscles than his young buddy. Bats still has his good old cheeky reverse face, and Robin has his ridiculous face. It doesn't work as well with the hood as it did with his other outfit, though. Overall, these good guys are necessary, but nothing outstanding. The Old Bad Guys Old because we've seen them before, but still possibly my two favorite figures in the set. Poison Ivy, who is just an amalgamation of regular comic-book Ivy looks, is a gorgeous figure. The printing in her hair, the plant-y body, the green lipstick… lovely. A nice addition too for anybody that didn't get the Batcave. Joker is also wonderful. He wore a prison outfit in the Batman: Under the Red Hood movie, so this outfit could be based on that; regardless, it's a great torso with wide usefulness. The Joker face and hair was superb to begin with, so coupled with the lovely torso, it's just another superb figure. I was surprised to find that the color under the neck is actually flesh (sorry yellow lovers); I thought it was white from pictures. Both have reverse faces that I like less. Joker's works well for being locked up and maniacal, but the grin is a bit too creepy-wide for me. Ivy's mouth looks a little too close to her eyes, but it's still ok. Ivy has some quite low-cut back printing, and Joker has a inmate number. The number is really the only detracting factor from the torso - if you collected a bunch of the torso, all your prisoners would have the same number! Or maybe that's useful for something. The New Bad Guys Dr. Harleen Quinzel is clearly from Batman: The Animated Series where she's introduced, subsequently goes mad and becomes Harley Quinn. The Harley outfit under her doctor's coat isn't from anything specifically, but perhaps in the context of this set it's showing that she's already Harley Quinn and is merely dressing up like her old self. The face is great (girls with glasses, yay!) but I find the torso to be fairly bland and single-use. This Penguin with lovely lilac pants is reminiscent of the Gotham Underground Penguin; LEGO pulled off a fat look very well, and it's useful parts all around, but still I find his face pretty ugly (ugly still is useful, though). Scarecrow has a generic Scarecrow look, but frankly looks amazing! The old one was a bit creepier, but this one is more on the adorably creepy side, which I like. He looks so sly and mischievous. More lovely stitch-work on Scarecrow's back, while the others have fairly regular, by-the-books back printing. Still nice for a well rounded figure in today's LEGO day and age. Harley has a reverse 'Harley' head with sloppily applied white face paint - a great touch. Scarecrow has lovely printing on the back of his head that could be quite useful for other things, like plain scarecrows. It's stuff like this that make him a standout figure. I was sad to find that the Harley face is the same as the one on the full-Harley figure. This would've been a great opportunity to get a third expression for her, but instead we're stuck with the same one I didn't like much last time anyway. Her hat is glossier this time, though. Minifigure Accessories There are surprisingly few true accessories. I say 'true accessories' because plenty of the detail bits in this set, like the sais or the axe blades or spears, could double as accessories, but these are the only ones LEGO tells you to use as accessories. Just a plain pole for Robin, a batarang for Batman, handcuffs for the guard, and a fish and umbrella for the Penguin. Scarecrow is really sorely missing a scythe. BUILD HIGHLIGHTS I'm not going to show the whole build; most of it is pretty straight forward, or you can see what's done on the finished model. There were just a few things that stood out, so I'll show you them and provide musings, as always. Quite early on is the use of two newish SNOT pieces together to make the front of the truck. Just made me think about how useful all the new SNOT pieces are, and how well they work together. I imagine that to people who actually MOC regularly (unlike myself), these must be amazing. You think that SNOT is cool, check out the side of the truck. Seriously, this thing needs a tissue. But it's awesome! This is a nice little assembly for a lantern that I hadn't seen before. The single stud is the top, and the cone slots onto another bar. This assembly, though, is utterly annoying. These are necessary to attached the windows on the center part, so four are built over time. Stacking everything straight is a nightmare! I'm not sure of an alternative, and you can power through it, but man is it annoying. Shorter ones are also needed for the shorter window assemblies. Finally, somebody employed Shire architects in Gotham! It's the same technique used in the Bag End Hobbit set, and I was surprised to find that once it's closed with another arch on the other side, the window isn't actually snug - it rattles around. Still, the effect is worth it. THE COMPLETED SET After hours of toiling, the set is finished! Builds this big really do take quite a while. Before we get to the main shebang, the big cheese, *ahem* the Asylum itself, we need to go through the other stuff! The Van and Restraining Stretcher This van model is the best I've seen in LEGO. It's quite old school, with a 40s-ish vibe, and that's excellent. The front makes it look pretty tough, and it certainly gives you the feeling it's going to an old-school institute for the insane. The curved Cars part is employed so well in front of the windshield. Also major props to the set designer on the studlessness. Truly an amazing vehicle. The big tiles on the side give it a great, boxy look. I just love how the tiles hide half the wheels. Really this whole thing has spot-on proportions and coloring, and parts use. I know it'd still look great as an unmarked van without the stickers. Those big white doors on the back are great too. I can almost see this being converted into a milk truck; big white doors say 'refrigerator' to me. Here we also have the worst sticker - that annoying license plate that you're supposed to center somehow on a 6-long tile. The cabin is quite detailed, with a stickered radio console, steering wheel, and shift. There's even enough room that you could probably fit another figure in, though it'd be tight. Now then, since this is an Arkham prisoner transport truck, the guard is guiding Joker into the restraining stretcher. The bars and droid arms work so well on this thing to give it a creepy metal feel. Looks like the type of contraption Hannibal would be transported in. Once Joker is strapped (or in LEGO - clipped), he can be easily slid into the truck. The one thing I'd worry about is that there's no barrier between him and the guard in there, so if he breaks free that spells doom for our security friend. The Gate The black gate (no LotR reference) is quite intimidating. It's odd that the separate gate halves aren't designed to come together, but they still seem a bit tough regardless. The color scheme for the entire building is set up here: grey with dark red highlights and some black. The designer's got nice consistency going through the set, really bringing the gate and the building together. These dark guardian statues are wonderful. The Chima wings really take them to the next level, making them supremely spooky and intimidating. The angled piece below for a robe is also inspired parts use. Here you can also see the nice lantern build I showed earlier, and that the security camera is on a grey skeleton arm, another nice part use. I'm not too sure what the pieces with spears angling off are about; I suppose they give the illusion that the fence continues, which is nice. I'm not sure they're totally necessary, but I'll take it. The van, as you can see, fits nicely through the gate. The Asylum - Exterior We've made it to the main event, the Asylum! That is one freaking nice-looking building. It's got excellent repeating architectural themes running through it, like the wall pieces with groove, the rounded modified pieces at the bottom of each wall segment, the dark red, the similar windows, etc. but then each part of the building is spiced up with something unique to keep it from being monotonous. I love how the whole part of the building under the tower is a bit different, what with the big slope going down. It makes it look like it's built up more to support the tower. There are a lot of excellent small and larger details to see. The little spires with teeth and unicorn horns are lovely and provide a nice stronger look compared to the sais. The use of hand-claw weapons is also quite good. A very impressive larger aspect is the window design; for a moment I wondered why they didn't just use smoke pieces in 1x4 instead of all the 1x2s, but the 1x2s really give it a great window-ish look. It's great how there are taller window units on the main room, and then a shorter one of similar design off on the other room. This little gargoyle deserves special note. Another absolutely inspired use of parts, coming together to make this wonderful little guy (guys, since there are two). When I first saw pictures of the set, I thought it was some new head attachment, but no, just a frog! Brilliant. I just wanted to finish this section off with perhaps my favorite portion of all: the entrance. The doors, the surrounding steps, the little lanters… everything about this part is brilliant. The Asylum - Interior This set doesn't skimp in the slightest on interior design. Here's the overview, but that won't do… we need close-ups! I'll start with my favorite section - which is again the entrance. The doors look so strong due to the black handle parts and smooth-bottom tiles. Very asylum-like. The fire extinguisher is fun too, as is the phone, though I'm not sure why the danger phone is just sitting there in the hall. Unless it's not a danger phone. Really, my love for this section comes down to the security station. The way it's a step down from the main entrance, with the wood table-top part, and the controls and panic button - it feels so real and fun. There isn't even much to it, but sometimes it's the littlest things that work the best. Moving over to the right is the weakest part of the set: the rotating thing. On this side are the extra prison cell signs, so you can swap out figures if you want to/have them (aka go buy the other sets!). But let's think about this for a second. Ivy already has a dedicated cell upstairs, as does Freeze, as we shall see. So those are useless. I don't know who LEGO could've put instead; since I'm pretty sure Riddler never went to Arkham. Or if he did, then he should be here. Did Catwoman? Lex Luthor? In any case, two of these don't make real sense. On the other side is this little makeup stand where Harley pours out her love for Joker on a mirror and does herself up in clown makeup. The stand is well-detailed, and I dig the little bottles made out of flowers and round tiles, but there's no room at this thing. Harley has to stand off the building just to fit. Good idea, but bad execution. Also, the way the set is, I'd think a guard could just walk in and see her. Good thing there's only one guard staffing the place, I guess. On the other side of the entrance is the cell block. This part looks quite good: lots of bars, doors, nice printed tiles that look like electronic locks - no wild parts uses, but it does the trick. You may wonder why there is that odd 3-long technic pin receptor above the cells (I thought it was just for decoration at first), but all shall be revealed. The doors are constructed so that they can be slid away together for some whole-prison break fun. Sliding is fun! Or you could just open a single door, though it's harder to get your fingers in there to extract the figure. As you see, you can also have a bit of fun with the signs, lumping a lot of people in a single cell. Above Harley's secret area is a little office, probably also for her (I mean, do you see another Doctor in the set?). The desk is more ornate than it needs to be, though I do like the design. I'm not even sure what material it's reminiscent of in real life, but it looks great. The armchair is also a cute build with excellent color choices. One interesting note above: the roof uses two styles of hinges, allowing it to be in a very certain place but achieve angles that it couldn't with only click-hinges. The middle room is an examination area. The big black columns make the ceiling feel very high, and the room spacious. Small cramped spaces are scary, but there's something equally creepy about the thought of being experimented on in a cavernous room where your screams could really echo. Ok, enough morbidity. The table has some great details, like the bottles of stuff, and the drawers, one of which uses a hinge brick to permanently look open. It's weird, but looks cool. You could always 'close' it by taking out the hinge brick. The exam table is also a great use of parts. To the left we have the room with Ivy's cell. I love the huge glass doors, which I hope are made out of thick glass in the 'play' world. Otherwise, Ivy could easily cause plants to smash through them. The little plant build in the corner is cute, and kind of mocks Ivy. You know, heh, I'm a plant, etc. Ok, never mind. The use of cheese slopes on the window Scarecrow smashed out of produces a wonderful broken effect. Perhaps Arkham staff is especially nice to women, since Ivy gets a cell far more spacious than any other in here. Up top is the tower, with a lovely sticker showing temperature control. I love on the sticker the yellow button that mimics the design on the printed tiles (a design which has been in use for ages, I might add). But, why does it need temp control, you ask? It's a cell for Mr. Freeze, complete with some white snow and trans-light-blue ice! Very nice of LEGO to add this cell, making you want to spend more money on the Mr. Freeze set. Well, I haven't done that yet, so in the meantime they locked up Thi Sen. He can deal with cold, anyway. ALTERNATE CONTRUCTION Somehow I didn't even realize this until I got the set, but Arkham can be rearranged! It breaks apart into three sections, like so: Taking it apart is the easy part, though. Making all those pins line up is far more difficult, resulting in a bunch of what I like to call KABLAMOS. They look like this: Once you figure it out, you get this new arrangement. Personally, I'm not a huge fan. If you have very little shelf space, maybe do this to save room, but otherwise the first look is better. This set is already not physically that huge - it's packed with parts and details, but the actual space it takes up in the world once built is not that great. In this second arrangement, it takes up even less space, making it less impressive. Moving the tower off to the side also isn't as nice. The interior produced has ups and downs. Harley now has a lot of room by her secret Joker-fetish stand, but now nobody can stand on the other side of her desk. Also, it's much harder to access the second cell in the cell block in this configuration. CONCLUSION There's a lot to like in this set. Time and time again, I found myself wowed by building techniques and parts usages. I don't regularly get any of the exclusive sets, so that may be a common thing, but I'm really impressed with it in this set. The overall facade detailing of Arkham is also fantastic - not too monotonous, but very far from a hot mess too. The interior is good overall, especially in the entrance area, with the perfect little security station. The only part that really fails is the Harley stand, though the desk and chair in the office also are kind of filler despite being well-built. The van - I don't have many more words about it. The van is truly amazing. I'd buy it if they released it separately, no questions. The minifigure selection is good, not fantastic, but maybe that's just because I'm not a huge Batman fan. A different Robin would've been greatly appreciated, but there's a lot good about what you do get. The one slight problem in my mind is, again, size. I've been feeling it with most LEGO sets recently - there are tons of detailed packed in, but the resulting model isn't huge. This building is, of course, quite large, but not really bigger than older castle sets or the old Ninja Fortress in footprint, just way more parts put into detailing. Now, does it matter? To MOCers, certainly not. To people who want display pieces, still not really, because this is an impressive building. It's just odd how LEGO sets have gotten a bit… smaller. I'm not trying to say this set isn't a good value, and eventually I'll just have to get over the size thing. For now, though, I still don't know how I feel. RATINGS Minifigures: 8/10 - Robin is dull, and Harley isn't so exciting herself. Not bad, just not standout. Parts: 10/10 - A lot of parts period, and a lot of interesting things, including a few parts in exclusive colors. Great! Design: 8.7/10 - Great consistently, but there are some parts that are downright annoying to build or annoying to sticker. Rearranging the model can also get tough, though I'm not sure anything's to be done about that. Price: 9.5/10 - Feels right for the US market anyway, though again, the finished thing isn't extremely large. Playability: 10/10 - Quite a lot of fun to be had in the set, roleplaying with the minifigures, sliding the cell doors, driving the van around, etc. I 'played' for an hour taking pictures of fun! Overall: 9.24/10 - A high score. There are a few little things about this set that don't completely hit the mark, but it still has quite a lot going for it. If you're on the fence, I'd say go for it if you like excellent buildings, or Batman, or cool vans, or hopefully all of that. I took quite a few fun or atmospheric pictures that I didn't end up using in the review to let a little of your bandwidth survive, so please check out the Flickr set if you'd like! Here's one I thought to take because I wished the rope in this set had been a different color: Thanks again to Bonaparte and LEGO for giving me this grand reviewing opportunity!
  17. These are a couple of head decals I made a while back. If you click on each image, it will take you to my DeviantART Page which has super-big versions of them for you to download (right-hand sidebar), print and play with. Enjoy! Red Skull: The Captain America Villian, the Red Skull. Their is bound to be a Red Skull minifig being thrown around somewhere in the pipe works at LEGO, its just a matter of time. Captain America has no other nemesis as popular as the nazi slap-head, unless you count Iron Man. (civilwaramirite?) The Scarecrow: Not a massive fan of the official LEGO Batman Scarecrow, for me he's a bit too graphic and not really in keeping with the LEGO's house style, so I took a shot at making him more LEGO-y. What you think?
  18. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bat in the Graveyard

    Bat in the Graveyard Scarecrow is attempting to bury the Dark Knight alive!—can the Boy Wonder save Batman in time and stop the master of fear? Enjoy ~Nemo
  19. Hi everyone, Before I begin I would like to apologise as I said I would do a full arkham review. Unfortunately due to some things coming up I will not have tome to do so untill after christmas at least. But I have opened all the packets just so I could review the figures for you. If you would like any more pics please say.Enjoy .First off here is a little look at the figures on the box, Nothing unusual here but I wanted to show you anyway.1 001 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here they are in all there Lego'y glory. 1 002 by Joker 789, on Flickr Going in box order we start with Batman. He is of course the usual black suited batman but with his glider piece in black. Nothing too special but nice none the less.1 003 by Joker 789, on Flickr It is cool because you can now play out classic arkham city/asylum game scenes like this one- He has the usual back printing and reverse face. And he has the new moulded mask that i really like.1 004 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here he is with his opposite, They are both nice but I like the glider better in black. 001 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here he is with his non glider figure and the opposite colour glider batman. 002 by Joker 789, on Flickr Next we have Me, Yes the wounderful, Beautiful all round great Joker. And in my stylish new suit . I have taken a liking to the arkham suit as it is nicely detailed 003 by Joker 789, on Flickr It has my prision number on the back of 109370 (Arkhams set number with a 0 on the end), And the usual double sided face as seen on the previous joker. 005 by Joker 789, on Flickr Close up of my number. 1 009 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here is me alongside non prisoner Joker and 2008 Joker.1 010 by Joker 789, on Flickr Now I have some bad news. We have to move on to the waste of space known as robin . At least he is not as awful as before. He now has black legs, A black hood and a short cape, As seen on hobbit figures. 1 011 by Joker 789, on Flickr He is evedently based on the Arkham games interpritation of robin- He has the same back printing as before plus the same reverse head. Nothing else to say really.1 012 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here he is with his equally awful predocessor, They are both a waste of space and I would destroy them both to get a nightwing. 006 by Joker 789, on Flickr Moving on to a nicer figure we see the fantastic scarecrow, Possibly my favorite new figure and certanly a marvel to look at. Like Joker he is superbly detailed.1 014 by Joker 789, on Flickr I would like to give extra credit to the face design as it is absoloutely wounderful and could not be any better in my oppinion. 1 015 by Joker 789, on Flickr Not only is his face detailed but so is the back of his head. He has wounderful stitch marks all around. And his back is detailed too. 1 016 by Joker 789, on Flickr Though he looks even better with his old weapon- 1 017 by Joker 789, on Flickr I tried using the face for an Arkham Asylum stlye scarecrow, What do you think? 1 018 by Joker 789, on Flickr The face also works as a movie style figure mask- 1 019 by Joker 789, on Flickr Moving on we have the lovely poison ivy, Though she is a carryover she is still as great as ever. 1 020 by Joker 789, on Flickr She has the same back print and reverse head as before. 1 021 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here she is with my custom Ivy made from leftover batman 2006 parts. 1 022 by Joker 789, on Flickr Next we have a standard guard, He has left his bank job after the Two-Face incident and is now working at Arkham. 1 023 by Joker 789, on Flickr Boooring! No back print or reverse head. 007 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here he is with some other guards I made, I must admit I like the old guard body print better. 1 025 by Joker 789, on Flickr Now we come onto the only Unique figure of the set, Dr Harleen Quinzel. She looks absoloutely perfect and very well detailed. 1 026 by Joker 789, on Flickr She has full backprinting and a reverse head (Shown below) 1 027 by Joker 789, on Flickr As i'm sure you know Harleen Quinzel is really..... Harley Quinn! We see here that her other face is her harley face. The set also comes with her jester hat for when she is out of duisguise. 008 by Joker 789, on Flickr She has the same face print as harley from the funhouse, Dont they look great together . 1 029 by Joker 789, on Flickr Interestingly the new hat has a glossy finish while the old one was rough and not shiny? 1 030 by Joker 789, on Flickr Last but by no means least we have the Penguin, He is designed brilliantly and I fell instantly in love with the figure. He has the crafty expression you want on a figure. All the detailing is great and we get short legs in lilac! Horray 009 by Joker 789, on Flickr He also has nice simple backprinting and no reverse head (As it would show behind the hat). 010 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here he is with my custom penguin. 1 033 by Joker 789, on Flickr Here we have all the vilians of the set together. 1 034 by Joker 789, on Flickr And here are a few of the 2012/13 Batman vilians. 1 035 by Joker 789, on Flickr I hope you enjoyed reading the review as much as I enjoyed making it. Merry Christmas -Joker