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  1. We been asking for BF figures for year, guess they are giving us what we want. I am not complaining, it is a nice figure and there is a need for castle figures, we will get more in other future series.
  2. I was just going to post about this. 😄 This series looks awesome.
  3. This was awesome news. And can't wait to see the final result. Imo it would be nice to see a more realistic approach but pay also homage to "the Vikings" theme.
  4. Not yet, luckily. Yeah next year CMF will be like that or some kind of similar box. That sucks, I understand the reduction of plastic but too bad that it removes the choice of feeling for what is in there.
  5. Mencot

    Brickit IOS App

    Just found the app myself also. It seems to be in Beta-testing so some functions can still be included and improved. But will test it out for sure because it sounds intresting. * Tested it but the first thing that is asked to choose a Pro version that costs. But it lets you use the free version without paying.
  6. Yes, indeed. In the Finnish online shop still had it and I ordered our set. And also got an forest hideout gwp. Can't wait to get it so we cam build the castle.
  7. That would had been cool to get it back in black. But the small black plume wasn't exclusive to the forestman only. It was found in sets 6035 "Castle guard" and 6073 also. But nevertheless it is a really rare part.
  8. The pearl gold visor will be included on the next CMF series.
  9. Mencot

    [MOC] Majisto's advanced portal magic class

    Cool idea and I love all the small details in the build. Awesome work.
  10. Mighty strange, indeed. I have had a pretty rough two years but from time to time I check the VIP section and I haven't seen or heard any news about these gift polybags.
  11. This is a really awesome set, can't wait to get it. It seems there is going to be a female knight in the next CMF series that has that classic Crown with pink background.😄
  12. Mencot

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    Alright, that looks really good.
  13. As I commented on Classic-pirates facebook group. This is a really great build and diodrama. You have really paid attention to details when building this. The cobblestone, the stairs, the fountain, the yellow and white building and all the details on it. There are some really great part usage here. And that you fitted a nice interior that makes sence, inside the building is very nice. Great work, looking forwards to your next build.
  14. Mencot

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    Great build. Like it that you have made an effort on making the walls different with variation and details. Very good, keep up the good work. What parts did you use for the cobblestone?
  15. Considering it has about 1700 votes to go and if this pace keeps up it will reach 10000 sometimes in the summer, maybe july. An there is going to be a few review stages before the review where it will maybe be included... end of next year most likely. Hopefuly Lego would think just like this.