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Found 13 results

  1. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and our heroes are traveling to Gravensteen.On their way they pass a watchtower: More pictures here:link He would appreciate any C&C
  2. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. the house has a full interior. Kendrick and our heroes have traveled to a famous dwarven blacksmith to buy armor so they can fight the dragon. Captain:hello young lad,is your father here? Boy:Yes, he is working in his shop, I'll tell him you're here. Captain:Thank you. Blacksmith:Hello,how may I be of service to you? Captain:As I'm sure you've heard, there is a dragon going throughout the lands attacking everything he sees. Blacksmith:Yes,I've heard but fortunately neither we nor our have people been attacked yet. Captain:Well, we have been sent on a mission to destroy him,and we are in need of the best quality armor which we here you make. Blacksmith:I'm honored! come see what I have. Captain:Very good selection! I'll take two full suits,a spear,a sword,and two shields. Blacksmith:Very well, is that all? Captain:I believe so,your services are greatly appreciated. Blacksmith:Your most welcome.Oh one more thing I've heard rumor that the dragon has been spotted near Gravensteen. Captain:Thank you very much,your information is most helpful! Blacksmith:I hope so. Goodbye and may you return victorious! Captain:Goodbye! And thank you once again for everything! More pictures here:link He would appreciate any C&C
  3. This vignette was built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and Basil are traveling with the soldiers they met alongside the stream. The soldiers are on their way to a famous dwarven blacksmith where they will buy weapons and armor to fight the dragon with. He would appreciate any C&C
  4. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and Basil set off once again after a good nights rest at their camp. It wasn't long before they came across some weary knights refreshing themselves by a stream. The captain of the group hailed Kendrick and asked him if he had happened to see any signs of a dragon recently. Rather surprised, Kendrick answered that he had not, and asked if there was a dragon in the area. The captain grimly replied that a dragon had been burning buildings and fields and they were hunting it. My brother would appreciate any comments/criticism
  5. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. After Kendrick pulled Basil out of the river, he made a campfire for them to warm up (or in Basil's case, dry off) around: My brother would appreciate any comments, and especially suggestions for the build
  6. Built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and Basil were walking by a river, Basil was jumping around on the banks as he always does, while Kendrick enjoyed the lovely scenery. Then Basil slipped off the bank and fell into the river... My brother would appreciate any C&C. The next installment in the Kendrick Chronicles will be up soon
  7. This was built by my 12 year old brother. As Basil was carried downstream by the current, Kendrick sprinted along the bank. Soon he saw a fallen tree trunk that lay across the river. Quickly climbing onto it, Kendrick reached as far as he could, straining to catch Basil as the goat swept towards him My apologies that Basil isn't clearly visible in the pictures, I forget to take a close up of him. He's just upstream of Kendrick and the fallen tree. My brother would appreciate all C&C
  8. This MOC was built by my 11 year old brother. The lord of the castle asked Kendrick to go on a hunt with him and Kendrick gladly agreed. Here they come upon a buck in the forest: The buck: Some hedgehogs heading back to their tunnel: He'd appreciate any comments and suggestions
  9. This was built by my 11 year old brother. Conwy Castle is his largest build yet. Kendrick and his companions marched their captives to the nearest castle: The lord of the castle is entertained by the jester who is juggling some pies: The great hall and kitchen The stables: More pictures here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535252 He would appreciate any C&C
  10. This was built by my 11 year old brother. After being ambushed by outlaws, Kendrick and his companions were taken to the robbers hideout. Basil had managed to escape as the thieves didn't pay much attention to the goat. This proved to be a serious mistake as Basil followed the group to the outlaws lair. The captives were placed in the ruins of what seemed to be a tower: One of the outlaws prepared some food by the campfire while the other two made sure the prisoners were behaving themselves. As the two thieves headed back towards the campfire the one in the lead was head butted by Basil: The bandit eating by the fire was very surprised, and rather amused, to see his two companions knocked over by the goat: Picking up his sword he walked toward Basil, still snickering at his friends' embarrassing fall: When the first thieves had been knocked over, one of them had dropped his knife within reach of Kendrick. Kendrick quickly started to cut his bonds on the knife. Meanwhile Basil knocked the third thief right into the fire! By now the first two thieves to fall were back on their feet and going after the goat. The unfortunate fellow who had been knocked into the fire tried to smother his burning clothes: Kendrick had finished cutting his ropes now, and moved to free his friends: As he did so one of the thieves tackled Basil: The bandits were in for a surprise though: The outlaws were tied up then forced to walk with Kendrick and his friends as their prisoners: Thanks for looking, my little brother would appreciate any feedback on the build. The next scene of Kendrick's travels is coming soon and will be the biggest one yet!
  11. Built by my 11 year old brother. Kendrick, Basil, and his companions are traveling on a remote and rather narrow path. Little do they realize the danger around them: Suddenly they are ambushed by bandits: Kendrick tries to defend himself, but Basil runs off: Meanwhile one of the bandits grabs the horses reins and another holds Kendrick's friends at bow point: Kendrick is quickly overpowered by the villian: Almost before they realized what had happened, Kendrick and his companions were being marched off by the bandits: One of the scoundrels drove off with the wagon and horses: to be continued... He would greatly appreciate any C&C, thanks for looking
  12. This was built by my 11 year old brother. Kendrick and his companions have stopped to trade for some food and supplies at a farmhouse: He would appreciate any C&C
  13. This was built by my 11 year old brother and continues the Kendrick series. Kendrick and Basil (Kendrick's pet goat) have returned to their house to prepare for a journey: He would appreciate any C&C