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Found 19 results

  1. Jamin Star

    Stagecoach Outpost MOC

    Here is a MOC I created for my latest short brickfilm of a Stagecoach and Stagecoach Outpost. This MOC contains an Outpost and a Stagecoach. The Outpost has a small fruit tree, garden, and cooking stove out side. Inside the walls are a small coral, and a bunkhouse for the caretakers and travelers. 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr 4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr 8 by Jamin Star, on Flickr I have also submitted this MOC on Lego Ideas
  2. Jamin Star

    Wild West Stagecoach

    Here is a short brick film I made of a couple bandits attacking a stagecoach.
  3. It was early morning and the Heroes arrive at the designated meeting location, outside the northgate of Eubric. The Heroes party consist of: Zannaqim (Flipz) 77 years old Female Selkreeth Rogue Level 1 Power: 20 (Level 1 + WP:14 + 5 (Anniversary Medal)) Power Bonus: +5 (Anniversary Medal) Defense: 5 (Anniversary Medal) Health: 12/12 (Basic health: 7 + level bonus: 0 + class bonus: 0 + artifact bonus: 5 (Anniversary Medal)) Gold: 60 Equipment: Sven's Dagger (WP: 14, Fire- and Earth+Sealed Elemental), Anniversary Medal (Power +5, SP +5, Max. Health +5, Max. Ether +5. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year; accessory.) Inventory: Sir Roderick's Sword (WP:12, Longsword), Selkreeth Shuriken (WP:3, throwing weapon), White Ninja Cowl (The wearer can choose to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits; the effect ends if the user targets an enemy; suitable to rogues, beast warriors, chi monks and infiltrators; headwear), Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Of Power and Mortals (+1 power each successful quest), Trial Brew, 4x Potion, Venom, First Aid Kit (Completely restores health and removes all negative effects for the entire party once.) Addok-Zo Obbex (Goliath) 135 year old Male Wakorian Ranger Level 1 Power: 6 (4 + 2) Defense: 0 Health: 6/6 Gold: 30 Equipment: Jury-Rigged Long Hand Cannon (WP:3), Pugilist’s Gloves (Power +2, protects from weakened-effect; handwear.) Inventory: Potion, Smoke Bomb Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) 38 year old male vampire Cleric *Immune to Stunned and Poisoned* Level 8 Power: 11 (8 + 3) Defense: 2 (2) Health: 16/16 (16) Ether: 12/12 (10) Gold: 53 Equipment: Simple Mace (WP: 3, mace), Rusty Chainmail (SP: 2, Immune to Stunned and Poison) Inventory: 2 Potions, 4 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, 4 Tonics, Scroll of Sleep (Enables casting the asleep-effect to the target, forcing them to miss its turn for three rounds or until woken up by an attack. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.), 1 Sleep Bomb, 3x Blind Bomb, Military Grade Fire Bomb (Deals 10 Fire damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Dirt Bomb (Deals 10 Ground damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Holy Bomb (Deals 10 Holy damage to all opponents when used), Military Grade Lightning Bomb (Deals 10 Lightning damage to all opponents when used), Floral Bomb, Defender's Ring (Accessory, Rolls of "Heal Less" become "Heal"), Bone, Grating Stone, Sword of the Vampir (WP:17, user is Jinxed; longsword), Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5, staff, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a beautiful morning, sun was already up and shinning from a cloud free sky. The heroes had a feeling that this was going to be a great day. It seemed their employer was running a bit late, altough he had been so precise about meeting outside of the gates as soon as possible. Perhaps the heroes could get to know each other in the meantime. Note: Welcome all to my first quest of hosting! Try to confirm in about 24 hours and we can get it started. Meanwhile, please check your stats and inform me of any last minute changes you have made. I know everybody who I have chosen are more experienced players so if I mess something up please let me know so I can fix it . Good Luck and Let's have some fun.
  4. My brother John and I were inspired by Mark and Steven’s fig brawls to have one of our own. The theme was medieval bandits, and these figs will be used in John’s next build. My 2 bandits: John's 2 bandits: Which pair of bandits is your favorite?
  5. Technic Contest Bandits vs Enforcers - Results This contest was based on the series M.A.S.K. which aired during the 80's. It's about vehicles transforming from a regular vehicle to a battle vehicle. This concept made for an interesting, yet difficult contest, resulting in a limited number of entries. Nonetheless the contest was still very succesful. Below are the results of the classic Top 3. However, the contest was split into two categories. One for the Pro builders and previous contest winners. And one for all other contestants. The winner of each category receives a prize and a third prize will be raffled. 1st The Sandstormer (Bandits) by MajklSpajkl Entry Topic - Discussion Topic For me the clear winner. Perfect example of the bandit leader vehicle. 2nd VIP Transporter (Enforcers) by Desert752 Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Another great example of a leader vehicle. Transforms into a powerful launch facility. 3rd Moby-Brick (Enforcers) by JamesJT Entry Topic - Discussion Topic One of my favorites. Great aesthetics, combined with a killer transformation makes for a killer whale vehicle. Prizes I have used a random number generator ( to raffle the bonus prize. And the winner is....#23: Block_Smarts Lego Technic. 1st Prize: MajklSpajkl or 2nd Prize: Desert752 Get's the set MajklSpajkl didn't choose. 3rd Prize: Block_Smarts Lego Technic Thanks again to the Vengit for making this generous prize pool possible :thumbup: To find out more about SBrick, click here or on the image below. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for joining this great contest I will contact the winners via PM to handle their prizes. CONTEST INFORMATION Name: Technic Bandits vs Enforcers Contest Start Date: 13-06-2015 Entries: 23 Valid voters: 122 Total points: 3172 Members participating (building and/or voting): 134 BANDITS VS ENFORCERS Luckily for the sake of mankind, the Bandits didn't stand a chance against the Enforcers! Bandits 1153 vs Enforcers 2019 CONTEST RESULTS 1. The Sandstormer (Bandits) - 658 Points (98 votes) MajklSpajkl (A) (entry 16) 2. VIP Transporter (Enforcers) - 445 Points (90 votes) Desert752 (entry 10) 3. Moby-Brick (Enforcers) - 370 Points (81 votes) JamesJT (entry 14) 4. Hellhound (Enforcers) - 285 Points (69 votes) Gzzig (entry 9) 5. Swift Justice (Enforcers) - 234 Points (53 votes) BusterHaus (entry 18) 6. Van Heli-sing (Enforcers) - 208 Points (55 votes) D3K (entry 11) 7. Lights Out (Bandits) - 167 Points (34 votes) Jono.rocky (entry 15) 8. Masticator (Enforcers) - 156 Points (45 votes) Tkel86 (entry 20) 9. Home Alone (Bandits) - 148 Points (43 votes) Milan (A) (entry 1) 10. Valuable Transport (Enforcers) - 133 Points (36 votes) Erik Leppen (A) (entry 13) 11. Sea Screamer (Enforcers) - 76 Points (27 votes) Chade (entry 2) 12. Jurrasic Revenge (Bandits) - 65 Points (22 votes) Braker23 (entry 17) 13. Excavatorux (Enforcers) - 55 Points (15 votes) Blaz62 (entry 21) 14. Blightmaw (Bandits) - 51 Points (21 votes) Victor Imaginator (entry 4) 15. Death Falcon (Enforcers) - 27 Points (9 votes) MacKaiwer (entry 8) 16. The Beast (Bandits) - 20 Points (5 votes) GaBika (entry 12) 17. Snake Charmer (Enforcers) - 16 Points (5 votes) Bedstefan-jr (entry 7) 18. Stiletto (Enforcers) - 14 Points (7 votes) Seasider (entry 5) 19. Kill Bill (Bandits) - 14 Points (2 votes) Bedstefan (entry 6) 20. Firehawk (Bandits) - 12 Points (5 votes) Lindr6 (entry 22) 21. Bug Out (Bandits) - 10 Points (5 votes) Graydingo (entry 23) 22. The Mayhem (Bandits) - 6 Points (3 votes) LXF (entry 3) 23. HelaRider (Bandits) - 2 Points (2 votes) Block_Smarts Lego Technic (entry 19) Total Points: 3172 VOTERS 1. 9 fingers (Joined: 17-04-2015) 2. 98267a (Joined: 10-03-2014) 3. 9v system (Joined: 06-10-2014) 4. a_h_adl (Joined: 08-10-2014) 5. agrof (Joined: 23-06-2012) 6. Alasdair Ryan (Joined: 22-11-2009) 7. allanp (Joined: 15-09-2006) 8. AndroTech (Joined: 08-06-2010) 9. aol000xw (Joined: 13-08-2013) 10. aTom336 (Joined: 28-06-2015) 11. AxelKang (Joined: 12-01-2014) 12. Baelyrn (Joined: 24-08-2013) 13. barman (Joined: 28-11-2011) 14. Beck (Joined: 21-06-2014) 15. bedstefan (Joined: 06-08-2015) 16. bedstefan-jr (Joined: 09-08-2015) 17. Blakbird (Joined: 09-11-2007) 18. blaz62 (Joined: 30-06-2011) 19. Block_Smarts Lego Technic (Joined: 07-07-2015) 20. Bojan Pavsic (Joined: 23-02-2010) 21. Boulderer (Joined: 23-07-2014) 22. braker23 (Joined: 22-10-2014) 23. BrickOn (Joined: 03-11-2014) 24. BusterHaus (Joined: 19-07-2014) 25. Captainowie (Joined: 15-03-2014) 26. Chade (Joined: 15-07-2015) 27. Chapachuk (Joined: 01-10-2013) 28. chi65 (Joined: 09-01-2011) 29. CHNIC (Joined: 14-12-2013) 30. Commander Turtle (Joined: 06-11-2012) 31. Coola1 (Joined: 06-02-2015) 32. Cwetqo (Joined: 18-09-2008) 33. D3K (Joined: 07-08-2012) 34. darsedz (Joined: 25-08-2013) 35. Dave21 (Joined: 06-07-2014) 36. desert752 (Joined: 12-07-2013) 37. Diablo5 (Joined: 18-07-2014) 38. Doc_Brown (Joined: 14-02-2013) 39. Eraman (Joined: 18-06-2014) 40. Erik Leppen (Joined: 07-09-2009) 41. filsawgood (Joined: 13-05-2014) 42. Freekysch (Joined: 20-08-2011) 43. gmshades (Joined: 19-04-2011) 44. Good old Lego builder (Joined: 08-07-2011) 45. Graydingo (Joined: 08-02-2014) 46. GregoryBrick (Joined: 20-11-2012) 47. grum64 (Joined: 15-03-2011) 48. Gzzig (Joined: 18-11-2013) 49. Horace T (Joined: 11-12-2012) 50. Hoth-Wampa (Joined: 12-05-2014) 51. JamesJT (Joined: 14-10-2012) 52. Jay Psi (Joined: 23-02-2015) 53. jb17morpheus (Joined: 26-12-2014) 54. 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  6. Greetings fellow combatants! I would like to introduce you one mean notorious bandit: The Sandstormer! As you can see, it's a half-track, roaring over the dried salt-lakes plains, camouflaged into a supplies transporter, but when the heat turns up, it transforms into... ...flying assault bomber called "The Storm"... ...and remotely controlled tracked ground unit called "Sand Wrath", which is guided by the co-pilot on the bomber. PLOT Bandits! Fear not, air support is here! We shall stand victorious and no enforcer will ever be safe in the Desert!!! But first let's take a closer look on this monstrosity, forged in the heart of the Desert by some crooked eyes mechanic called Furious Majkl. If you'd known him, you wouldn't be surprised that some things didn't came out just as they should, but this poor fella couldn't do any better on such a short notice and with a gun on his head. The Dusty Lord of the Desert was ruthless, as the day of the final battle with the Enforcers was aproaching with a speed of the sandstorm... The necessity for an airborne unit among Bandits was great and what is more devastating than a heavy bomber, carrying deadly cargo. In order to keep it secret, the idea was, that the combat vessel turns airborne from a somewhat common desert vehicle whit big enough sides to turn into wings - logical choice: A truck. Next, the choise of on ground propulsion system - treads, can there be anything more universal? A half-track! Lets take a look at the specs: NORMAL MODE - HALF-TRACK ("The Sandstormer") Dimensions: L/W/H = 54 cm / 20,5 cm / 20,5 cm (67,5 / 25,5 / 25,5 studs) Weight: 3,2 kg Main features: Drive (tracks - 1x PF L motor each = 2 all together) & steering (1x PF L motor) Battle options: Two double huge miniguns on front + 2 double barrel machine guns behind the front bumper when lowered + Infantry reaper on front bumper when lowered. BATTLE MODE - FLYING ASSAULT BOMBER ("The Storm") + REMOTELY CONTROLLED GROUND UNIT ("Sand Wrath") The Storm: L/W/H = 66 cm / 78 cm (wingspan) / 17,5 cm (once airborne) (82,5 /97,5 / 22 studs) Weight: 2,3 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (+good ol' kerosene of course) Transformation: 1. The sides rise up and turn into wings - 1x PF M motor drives 2 large LA's that firstly push the whole panels sideways and then they rise them into horizontal position. 2. Risen wings rotate into final position and the tail extends - 1x PF M motor (suffering as hell due friction, but there is just no space for anything bigger) 3. Tail wings and middle wings are put into final position manually (tail wings by a worm gear) 4. The Storm and the Sand Wrath separate: Two "claws" operated by small pneumatic cylinders driven by an auto pump (1x PF M motor) release the ground unit so it is set free. The rear landing gear is of-course already in position for take-off (1x PF M-motor drives two large LA's) 5. Once the Storm is airborne, the front two wheels are turned downwards (1x PF L motor) so that the wheels turn into extra thrusters for faster rising. 6. Armaments: As the wings unfold, they are already weapons-hot, carrying triple rocket launchers on each wing and a double laser gun on each side near the hull. In addition the front hood can be risen and two huge miniguns pop-out, escourted by two double machine guns when the front bumper is lowered. Total mayhem is achieved by a hydrogen drop bomb, which is carried inbetween the front wheels, which turn upwards to deploy the deadly cargo... As already said, the constructor - Furious Majkl was in a hurry, therefore the fuel lines for the thrusters on the main wings is supplied via "external" hoses, which makes it somehow vulnerable, but it is a minor problem due to huge fire power not letting anyone near those "blood" vessels. The Sand Wrath: L/W/H = 24,5 cm / 20,5 cm / 20 cm (with mini gun in top position) (31 / 25,5 / 25 studs) Weight: 0,9 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (and some good ol' diesel) Drive: 2x PF L motor, 1 for each track Transformation: Once detached from the main unit, it goes berserk and due to each track being pendulary suspended, there is no obstacle it cannot overcome (well almost, due to lack of road wheels sometimes overcoming obstacles in reverse is a problem ) But still, it is a lot of fun to drive it remotely from far above on the Storm - yes, the Sand Wrath holds no crew, just deadly weapons... Armaments: The connection platform with the Storm turns into a huge minigun and underneath it there are two deadly long range cannons. For close combats, pursuits and drive-bys it reveals additional double machineguns on the sides of the tracks. That would be all the glorry for this war machine, you can check some details/mess from following photos of the guts below... Pneumatic autovalve... And now to conclude this epic poetry with the ugly truth about this model: There is still a ton of things to improve: I, well Furious Majkl of the Desert seems to have a leaking small pneumatic cylinder and that results in a rather poor functioning of the detaching claws betwen the two units. Perhapse the small pump just cannot provide enough presure - I've tried with big manual pump and it work like a charm. To me, this detail is the biggest fail of the whole MOC. You can realise, that remotely reataching both units back together is even worse . Oh well, it's only LEGO they say, you can't achieve it all, they say... Seems they're right though. Anyway, this attachement detail should be reworked totaly. Another rather "notsoamazing" thing is driving the normal mode vehicle. Slipping tracks are the least of the problems. What remains is steering of course. Due to rotating design of the wheels around the longitudinal axis the front is rather flimsy - you all know how little bending the turntables can take. Well, since this baby is one heavy child, I had to use stroller wheels on the bottom of the belly, so it can steer and drive at least a little... Nevertheless, I hope you like this lovely "pile" of bricks that me, myself and Furious Majkl of the Desert put together Best regards and good look to all you feisty petrol-head warriors! Make sure to vote for your favourite contestant, because those without a voting ticket will be left in the Desert! I must thank my friend Peter for letting me use his camera and studio and for helping me a bit with the setup , I couldn't have done it in my tiny LEGO room ! Here's another to go... ...and finally - the video!
  7. TECHNIC BANDITS VS ENFORCERS CONTEST Bandits are roaming the wastelands, driving custom battle vehicles, making life miserable, hatching plots against humanity and what not. Things would have gone from bad to worse if it weren't for the Enforcers, trying to maintain peace and calm. This ongoing conflict needs to end once and for all. DESCRIPTION Build a Technic Vechicle with two modes, one normal mode and a battle mode. The vehicle needs to be able to switch/transform between the two modes. In normal mode the vehicle needs to look like a normal vehicle, without visible weapons, armor, etc. In battle mode all bets are off. No restrictions here, use your imagination. Weapons popping out, armor plating sliding out, whatever. You and your vehicle need to survive, so you need to outsmart your rivals. For example: A vehicle with wheels (a car, a motorbike) that turns into a vehicle that doesn't need wheels (a plane, a helicopter, a boat, a submersible). A truck that transforms into a rocket launch site A helicopter that turns into a jet plane TRANSFORMATION The single most important aspect of this contest is that the vehicle (that is the chassis or bodywork) needs to have some sort of transformation, which makes it possible to turn the normal vehicle into the battle vehicle. Essentially, it needs to transform into another type of vehicle, or the same vehicle with sufficient transformation. For example; You can create a vehicle where the bodywork rises and can turn like a tank. This doesn't really make it a different vehicle, but there is a proper transformation. CHOOSE SIDES Before you start building, you need to choose a side! Will you ride with the Bandits and wreak havoc or will you uphold the law and roll with the Enforcers. The choice is yours! In order to distinguish the two sides, there's a mandatory color scheme to be used. The Enforcers roll in Black & White (optional), while the Bandits use any other color combination they can get their hands on (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, a mix of colors, whatever). Both sides can use Grey as a supporting color (as long as it's not predominant). Both sides can use any color in the chassis, as long as the bodywork is mainly the color of the chosen sides Both sides can use grey in the chassis. Colored pins and bushes are allowed, but please try to avoid using colored connectors, clearly visible from the outside. NAME YOUR VEHICLE What would a bad megablocks vehicle be without a bad megablocks name?! Exactly! So each vehicle needs to have a cool name, designating the vehicle in the pack. DEADLINE Since this is a summer contest and some of you might enjoy a well earned holiday, the allotted time for this contest is 8 weeks. Deadline date is August 16th, 2015. Contest will be closed on Monday the 17th OR LATER. Disclaimer: I will close the contest when I see fit and when I have the time to process the results. This can be later than the 10th of August. Please don't complain about this not being fair and all. RULES AND REGULATIONS The following section describes the contest specific and general rules and regulations. But before that, please take notice of a simple motto regarding the Eurobricks Contests: CONTESTS ARE FOR FUN! Of course there's competition, but at the end of the day, LEGO is just a hobby and the main goal for each of us is to have fun! CATEGORIES In order to make it a bit more interesting for everyone to enter the contest, we are trying something new. Instead of having a single list of participants with Jeroen winning , this contest consists of two categories (A and B). One for Pro builders (designated by the Pro tag) and the previous contest medalists. The second category is for everyone else. Updated category rules (thanks to Lipkop for the suggestion): The two categories aren't strictly separated. Voters will not be forced to vote in both categories, and the ranking will still be announced as a single list, not just the separated A and B lists. So basically everything will be as it was before, but the first pro/non-pro in the list also gets a prize and gets attention. The winner of the non pro category might get promoted tho the pro list Disclaimer: Not all Pro builders have a Pro tag. When I see a Pro builder entering the contest, I retain the right to grant him the Pro builder tag and promote him to category A (no questions asked). CONTEST SPECIFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS Each vehicle needs to have a cool name (no name, no entry). Each contestant needs to chose a side (Bandits or Enforcers). Bodywork of an Enforcer needs to be Black & White (optional) as supporting color (grey as supporting color is allowed). Bodywork of a Bandit needs to be Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, ... (any color, or a mix of colors), as long as it's not Black or White (grey as supporting color is allowed). Pneumatics are permitted. LEDs are permitted. 3rd party strings, hoses and rubber bands are permitted. Electronics (PF elements, SBricks and Mindstorms) are permitted. GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS The contest is open to all EB members (also new members). Members who joined EB after the start of the contest can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected). Voting rules will be explained later in the voting topic. One entry per member. Entries need to be new (never posted anywhere previously). Only physical builds, so no LDD or other virtual entry. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your entry contact me. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed. No cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Entries are to be placed in the entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the entry topic are not eligible for voting. The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. The contest might be closed later than the deadline. Don't complain about this not being fair. You have enough time to build. Don't ask for more time. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest. Staff members are not eligible for winning prizes. WHAT DO I NEED TO ENTER? All participant need to create a discussion topic and create a post in the entry topic. REMEMBER TO GIVE YOUR VEHICLE A BAD megablocks NAME! DISCUSSION TOPIC A discussion topic starting with [TC7] Bandits - Vechicle Name or [TC7] Enforcers - Vechicle Name. ENTRY POST The entry post in the entry topic should contain: Entry name Short summary of the functions. One or more images Video (mandatory) Link to the discussion topic PRIZES I'm proud to announce these great prizes for 3 of our contestants Special thanks to Vengit, the company that brought you SBrick, for making this possible! Winner Category A (Pro Builders and Contest Medalists) Call dibs on one of these sets. Winner Category B (All other Contestants) Get's the set Winner A didn't choose. Raffle Bonus Prize (Every contestant has a chance) This set will be raffled among the non prize winners. Thanks again to the Vengit for making this generous prize pool possible :thumbup: To find out more about SBrick, click here or on the image below.
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  9. Good day everybody on Eurobricks! Today I am proud to present my [TC7] entry - The Mayhem In normal mode it looks like a normal racing truck and you even can thieve an enforcers trailer and transport it to whatever you want. In battle mode it transforms into a rocket launch site and you can launch a missile from it onto the Enforcers Base. :devil: Also in normal mode you can defense yourself with the HBDS - Hidden Basic Defense System .It shoots two darts from under of one 5x11 panel. This model is mostly built from the 42008 because of the color scheme . My original idea was an Enforcers buggy which transforms into a F-22 which can fire missiles but unfortunately I didn't had all the necessary parts in white and black (even the grey didn't helped to me ) ,so the lego pieces decided everything for me When I was building this model I decided to use Mindstorms NXT ,but then there wasn't sufficient free space in the truck so the Power Functions started their work in this model.Now It has motorized rear wheels driving and fake v6 using an m-motor powered from an AA batter box and PW switch.Also it has LEDs in front powered from the same battery box. Also it has some nice details like: horns on the roof , steering wheel with detailed dashboard , a chainn in the rear , number plate... More photos are on: http://www.bricksafe.../LXF/the-mayhem Well it's better one video than 1000 words Music is free to use from: https://www.jamendo....76/dragon-fight Author is Gregoire Lourme. EDIT:I changed the transformation mechanism to enter the contest.
  10. Here's the progression topic for my entry to TC7 It's a bandits off road buggy that features a flying battle mode. Here are my rudimentary plans. Please excuse the lack of scale, real measurements, color, and or anything resembling a coherent image. My goal is to make it "toy like" It will probably have one motor that folds everything in, and then a lever that releases spring loaded wings.
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  12. Hey folks! Let me start on how this happened: I wanted to join TC7, with a pretty viable idea in my head. But then, my older son found out, and the project got derailed. He likes mobile cranes very much, especially the tracked version. So, here's my entry, I hope you like it. Sorry for the low-quality photos, I had no other choice. Jurrasic Revenge Crane mode: It's a fully functional tracked crane, with a rather long boom that's raised pneumatically, working doors and the common blue chairs :) Back view, can you already guess what's it transforming into? Demonstration of the boom mechanisms, it can extend more than this but I had little time to take pics. Let's start transforming: it all starts in the cab, watch those chairs closely. They turn to the sides, touching the doors. Then I slowly push out 4 bush-pins, so the cab can slide to the back. The cab goes all the way back, connects with the boom base, and the hidden dino head goes out the "window". The arms are detracted from under the cab, revealing the 2nd mode: the Tyrannosaurus Rex battle machine! T-Rex can now stand up on its own 2 feet, that were hidden under the crane body. He can now stomp anyone who stays in his way! But wait, an Enforcer jumps from the bushes, aiming with his flare gun. Luckily, T-Rex extended his leg cannons, just in time. A direct hit! The enforcer lies unconscious on the ground... T-rex grabs him by his feet and tosses him up in the air! Then catches him on his way down with his ferocious jaws. There's no escape, puny Enforcer! Well, that's the story so far, I will add some lore later on, as well as the video, which needs serious editing. if you want to see higher resolution images, check out the Jurassic Revenge album on my Flickr account.
  13. Here is my entry for the TC7 contest, the Snake Charmer counterpart of Kill Bill. It is an enforcer pursuit vehicle, not motorised in the end. No weapons decided yet, 3-in-1 transformations almost done. Its a drag car for the road, that can transform into a speed boat for water, or a jet plane for the air. Entry name: Snake Charmer Description: Enforcer Pursuit vehicle, able to get to the bandits on land, water and air. Drag car that turns into a high speed boat by folding the wheels revealing jet motor. Then it turns into a high speed plane, by unfolding the wings from the middle section, securing them with long axels and adding tips to them. Landing gear can be deployed to land on groud or it can land as a seaplane. Armed with multiple rocket launchers, search lights, radars, two man crew. Video: (still uploading and converting) Discussion topic: http://www.eurobrick...=0#entry2293552 Photos: Work in progress photos:
  14. Here is the progress on my first entry on Eurobricks, a transformer helicopter truck. It is powered by a large motor for wheels and rotors (that disengage and fold in via levers when not in use), with a medium motor for the front canon. The canon shoots Zamor balls from a large container, that is hidden by (and can be reloaded via) the cabin. Only the canon nozzle is visible, the rest is hidden. The construction will be remote controlled. Entry name: Kill Bill, the bandit truck Functions summary: Large motor remote controlled 4wd drive train, twin front and back saw blades linked to the same large motor, manual extracting and retracting top/tail rotor, connected to the large motor when extracted. Front Zamor canon hidden behind a sliding door, sliding cabin roof to reload, driven to shoot by a medium motor. Link to forum topic: http://www.eurobrick...opic=113163&hl= Video: <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=" TC7, Kill Bill by bedstefan</a> from <a href="">Stefan Bedreag</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>Photos image of the current stage (almost finished i'd say): Build process photos:
  15. Hello fellow Bandits and enforcers.... I bring you my new Moc for the TC7 competition! Its called the HelaRider! Transformation -Wheels go up to form propellers(RC) -Doors open to reveal Mini Heat-Seaking missiles and allows the wings to spread out (Manual) -Wings synced with pneumatic and spread out. If you pull out one the other goes out with it.(Manual-ish) Here are some pictures on the parts. Rear bumper on Here is another picture with the bumper taken off. This was my try at making a propeller-like rim. It has an amazing effect when it spins! There is even..... Here is its little story. Before the HelaRider in the bandits camp, the Bandits were having a meeting and the leader suggested that they should have an air vehicle. The air vehicle idea was pretty good, but it could easily be seen and shot down. Then he suggested a stealthy ground vehicle. They decided to combine the two ideas to make something that can transform into something without taking it apart . It was amazing! But it needed a name as cool as the Bandits. "The HelaRider!" Private Blocksmart yelled "It just came to me!" And thus, the HelaRider was born. The name HelaRider did just come to me Here is how the wings work Red and blue lines are hoses and the cylinders are in sync! Here is the video of it Driving and transforming Thanks For reading guys! Good luck to you Bandits and Enforcers in the competition!
  16. Defiler by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Well I present a idea of mine for the latest TC7 contest, It has inspiration from Road Warrior and a couple street rods I saw last year at Back to the Fifties street rod show, and I will be going to that again next weekend.... more inspiration ... Like seeing vehicles with V12 engines and other crazy stuff mounted in a Ford Model A chassis. Another Rod by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr and other inspiration from Fury Road "Elvis" So far my current plans are to create a vehicle based on a model A body with different weapons mounted inside of it, like one of my various weapons systems is either based on a 20mm cannon system... or something more modern, a bushmaster m242 25mm auto-cannon.... as bigger is better This weapon will feature a folding system to deploy it and it may also feature a means of recoiling back and forth to simulate firing. another thought for defense would be a frontally mounted ram that would either deploy from in front of the radiator, like the War rig in Mad Max Fury Road
  17. After having spent quite some time first traveling in one direction, then retracing their steps when they realized they were going exactly the wrong way, then re-retracing their steps when they realized that the problem was only that someone had gotten the longitude and the latitude confused, then expending some small energies on a minor disagreement of whose fault it was, then some large energies, then several hours of arguing over who forgot to bring the rez scrolls, then several more hours figuring out how exactly it was that they'd accidentally rezed a half-fly, half-human creature, and then even more hours un-rezing and re-rezing, and finally some significant actual travel time later, the party finally arrived at Lone Bamba Station, located somewhere or other - probably other - in the Low Kingdoms. They were: 37 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 14.5 Cleric *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Fire, Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, Weakened, and Sealed Effects* *Party Leader* Power: 24 (14+10)(X2 against Humanoid and Holy/Luminous) Defense: 3 Health: 22/22 (9+13) Ether: 23/23 (5+13 +5) Gold: 96 Equipment: Verkenner (WP:10, Darkness elemental Broomstick,(X2 against Humanoid and Holy/Luminous)ranged) Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Fiery Robes of the Archmagi (SP:3 Bodywear +5 Ether, immunity to Sealed Effect and Fire) IInventory: Consumables: 4X Remedy, 6X Potion, 3X Smoke Bomb, 3X Mead, 5X Tonic, 7x Venom (poison -1), 3X Deadly Poison (Poison -10), Banana, Poison Bomb, Grating Stone, Weapons: Spark Hammer (WP:8, (X2 against Aquatic, Flying, and Mechanical) lightning-elemental hammer), Twin Sai (WP: 10, dual strike, dagger) Artefacts: Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Toxic Hood: (Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Changes the poisoned effect, to Blessed for the duration of the battle if poisoned while wearing the hood, Usable by all.) Witch's Talisman (Causes the witch's poisonous attacks to deal poison 10 instead of poison 1; suitable for witches, accessory) Gems: , Topaz , Emerald X2, Diamond, Opal, Aquamarine X2, Garnet, Sapphire Decamon Cards: Cherub (Luminous 3) Tools: Bed Roll and Shovel Warlen Melimane (The Chosen Minifigure) Attacks deal *Enamoured*. 23 year old male half-elf Mage Level 12.5 Power: 18 (12+6) (Spellpower: 29 (13+6+10) Health: 17/17 (5+12) SP: 2 Ether: 20/20 (5+12+3) Gold: 15 Equipment: Nightmare (WP:6, deals *Enamoured* effect, wand), Magicians Gloves (Power +10 to spells), Ethereal Cape (SP:2; Ether +3, backwear). Inventory: Weapons- Eagle Shield (SP:4, protects from ether reduction). Artefacts- Tridentian Cape (Max Ether +3; protects from Blinded effect; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers and scholars; backwear). Magic items- Amethyst (Darkness), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Scroll of Sleep (1/2 chance to make target fall asleep at the cost of 1 Ether), Scroll of Antimagic (1/2 chance to make the target *Immune to magic* at the cost of 1 ether). Consumables- 4 Potions, Grand Potion, Health Core, 5 Tonics, 2 Remedies, Dragon Scale, 3x Mead, x2 Smoke bomb, Fire Bomb, Ice bomb, 3x Banana Other Junk- Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, 3x Bones Annienal Anavir (Kintobor) "19" year old elven female Knight *Bonaparte Reputation* Level 11 Power: 17 (10+7) Defense: 7 (2+5) Health: 21/21 (10+10+1) Equipment: Ammit (WP: 6; greatsword, user gains 5 ether for every kill); Plain Shield (SP: 5), Pauldrons (SP: 2, suitable for knights, dragoons, and skirmishers; accessory), Helmet (Max Health +1, headwear) Gold: 323 Inventory: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP:9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes; longsword), Wicked Javelin (WP: 7, throwing weapon, retrievable, 1/6 chance to slow), Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP: 4, Hits doubled against flying enemies, longsword), Training Sword (WP:4), Shark’s Tooth (Power increased by 5 against Aquatics, Accessory), Tridentian Cape (Max Ether +3; protects from Blinded effect; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers and scholars; backwear) Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind) 5x Potions, Field Rations (Restore 15 health), Banana (restores full health to the user), 2x Phoenix Essences, 2x Remedies, 2x Mead, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope Scrolls:Scroll of Fire Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to fire for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Ice Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to ice for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Water Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to water for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Wood Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to wood for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether) Bobby "Young" Bucks Jr. (Zepher) 19 year old human Rogue Level 7 *Immune to cursed**Attacks cause enamored* Power: 17 (7+10) Defense: 3 Health: 13/13 (7+6) Gold: 59 Equipment: Hue and Saturation whip (WP:10; causes Enamored), Nondescript Cape (SP: 3; protects from Cursed effect; suitable for rogues; backwear) Inventory: Fine-tuned Flute (WP:15, user is nimble; instrument), 3x Potion, Grand Potion, Grand Tonic, Health Core, Remedy, Phoenix Essence, Mead, Shovel, Pickaxe Miderun (CallMePie) *Attacks cause enamored* 18 year old female orc Barbarian Level 11 Power: 25 (11 + 13 + 1) Health: 18/18 (8 + 10) Defense: 3 Gold: 160 Equipment: Oculoid Claw (WP: 13, 1/6 chance of dealing the infected-effect, causing an enemy to lose health equal to 1/3 of their level rounded down at the end of each round, club), Seductive Perfume (Holder deals the enamored-effect, accessory, suitable for women), Tricorne (SP: 3, headwear, suitable for anyone) Inventory: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP: 9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes), Serstyral (WP: 3, axe), War Axe (WP: 9, suitable for suitable for barbarians, alchemists, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators and winged warriors.), Mead, Opal, Phoenix Essence, 3 Potions, Remedy, Smoke Bomb, High Heels (Power +1; suitable for women.), 7 Venoms As they approached the tilt-roofed building, the party could see a bright red stagecoach waiting in front of it. What would the party do? General QM Note: Hi everyone! And welcome to Quest #131: The Kind of Law They'd Understood! Glad to have everyone! As most of you know, this is my first time as a QM, so if I make any mistakes or errors - or even if you think I've made an error, but you're not sure - please, speak up, and I'll see to it right away! Feel free to interact with scenery and any NPCs - especially the scenery. I'm on the side of the loot fence that considers leaving anything nailed down to be a waste of good lootable nails. Let's go questing! :) Exposition QM Note: No need to consider the majority of the incidents in opening paragraph as having actually happened*. It's just meant to be a funny bit of opening narration. Moderator QM Note: I will get the opening picture shrunk down soon - my bad! *Other than the arrival at Lone Bamba Station, of course!
  18. A mummy pharaoh sends an guarded chariot with goods being sent to negotiate with the Ritzen tribe. A ambassador from the tribe meets them along the road. They soon find out why this part of the road is rarely used. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr Overall view of the moc, several bandits attack the party. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr The pharaoh and his chariot. in the background you can see a bandit swimming towards them. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on FlickrThe bandits attacking the pharaoh's guards. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr The bandits soon find out that the seemingly harmless ambassador is a powerful mage. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr One bandit jumps out of the boat only to face a wave of water coming right for him, the ambassador can also be seen. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for viewing, and C&C is always appreciated.
  19. Hi So Lone Ranger theme is already gone, for some sadly for some people not. Still, everyone interested has to notice that LR sets were very first Legos set in Widl West since... well... a rather long time... 1997 my loyal imaginary servant tells me, so, there You have it So let's discuss what this theme, both classic 1996-97 Wild West and 2013 Lone Ranger gave us, what great ideas we could find within them and what were/are the possibilities of expansion, of sets, of factions, of major gimmicks could new sets introduce. Well, basically, what would we like to see and play with if TLG was about to release a new Western-based line. So far we have a fort, a mine, indian village, a bit of a city, a covered wagon, LR brought a train ( finally! ) and a stagecoach ( finally! ). So I gues a train station would be a nice addition, well any kind of railway sets. Perhaps a river steam boat. I'd say that should consider splitting indians into TWO factions. It's clear that indiands from classic Wild West sets were somewhat neutral, or simply good guys, apparently there wasn't a single set that would include both Soldiers and Natives! I guess we all know the reason behind this decision. Still, they could get more from Indians by splitting them into traditional GOOD indian faction and... tada!... BAD indian faction, full time bad megablocks, scalphunters. On the other hand, Western doesn't produce as many set opportunities as Pirates and Castle did. It simply can't offer so many types of fortresses, ships, boats etc. Still, deserted "ghost" cities would be a good idea, some hideouts, lumberjacks, trappers, goldminers, caravans with settlers, a donkey/mule would be a great addition to Lego animals, not mentioning a bison of course! ( they did a prototype i've heard! ) Mexicans in their somberos and corrupted army could a nice addition. Perhaps the whole team could expand even farther, to mix a bit of colonial xix century feeling into it - Adventurers kind of thing, only set a little bit earlier, and without cars. Some great fictional sets can be found here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=15788