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Found 17 results

  1. Recently I've managed to get the HF Breakout game working through Pale Moon but I can't find a downloadable PC version on BMP or anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the game?
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

    Greetings all! My Ideas Project in nearing the deadline for the first milestone! What is the game you ask? You simply pick one of the three levers to display your choice of Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Hopefully you can beat your opponent as well. I would love if you could support this and share! Feel free to comment! >>> Click Here for IDEA'S page <<< Rock! Paper! Scissors! Each player gets a module And a short video. Disclaimer: admittedly I originally posted this in the Technic forum as it is mostly technic. However I feel it really belongs here.
  3. Hello! In this thread, you can post purist customs that you have created from movies and games, like John Wick and Mortal Kombat. You may suggest parts that look good create a recipe share your customs Please do not post super heroes customs in here, there are seperate threads for those. The figures do not have to be entirely accurate, as some characters are incredibly hard to make. Have fun!
  4. OK, at this point, a small series of sets covering the Ancient World is essentially inevitable... All the molds have already been made, and it is just a matter of time now... So here is an ambitious new attempt to make a series of sets through Cuusoo. I designed a series of 8 of them, ranging all the way from $30 to $300, including different sets for Greece, Rome, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Stonehenge, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Nexus of Bifrost. Please have a look, I'd love to hear everyone's feedback, and then you can come to vote on all of them for free at LEGO Cuusoo! And I will incorporate everyone's suggestions as soon as I can! Thanks Again! =D therealindy (Archaeology, Ancient, History, Greece, Greek, Rome, Roman, Alexandria, Egypt, Celtic, Stonehenge, Garden, Babylon, Viking, Bifrost, Wonders of the World)
  5. BrickinNick

    LEGO Fortnite Loot Llama

    Hey friends! Finally ready to share my first MOC on here with y'all. Here's my build of the Loot Llama from Fortnite: Battle Royale! Took me over 24 hours to build over the course of six live-streams on Twitch! Had a lot of fun trying to get all of the details and textures just right. I was so lucky they had all the colours I needed on the PAB Walls at my local LEGO stores! Hahaha... enjoy! Also put together a little video highlighting different elements and features of the build, check it out HERE.
  6. Legochaek

    Lego board games

    So I wasn't sure where to put this, but this is a thread to talk about lego board games: your board game MOCs, whether lego will ever make any more, your collection, reviews, anything! My favourite lego board game is Lego Champion (it's got so many little sub-themes! ) or Pirate Code (I like the skill and well, pirates. )
  7. Hello, this is my first time trying to do some Brickheadz just for fun, inspired on Sega Megadrive/Genesis Sonic Games BrickHeadz - Sonic, Knuckles and Tails by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr BrickHeadz - The Eggman Chase by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  8. Ready to go back in time to the 80's? Dust off that NES and controllers and join me in bringing these blasts from the past back to life! i created a small project that features two of my favorite nes games metriod and megaman project includes: 2 NES game cartridges and stands (this are built to the same size as the real games) 2 stickers for the game lables to make this dispay authentic 4 minifigures with 100% exclusive printing these figures include: -Megaman -Protoman and -Samus -Zero Suit Samus sorry about all the stuff covering it, i just have a lot of my work stolen so im trying to cover myself anyway hope you like my work so far, ive submitted it to lego ideas so hopefully that goes well
  9. Hi, this is a very hard question for lego videogames experts, does a wheeled suitcase ever appeared in a lego videogame? I mean, one in a minifig scale, if you looks on the web you find only real wheeled suitcases with lego characters printed on them.
  10. Hi everyone. I wanted to make a new topic so we could talk about lego games we expect. What I expect is as follows: Lego Batman 4 / The Lego Batman Movie Game Lego Guardians of The Galaxy Lego Justice League
  11. Round 7 is over and won by the HIPPIE who was close followed by the Kendo Fighter. Now on to round 8. Rules are simple: pick your favourite minifigure among the one you see. This is round 8, we'll go through many rounds before stating the best collectible minifigure ever... but I believe it will be funny! Notes: minifigures are selected randomly. Only one minifigure goes to the next stage. All 384 collectibles released so far are present. 384 / 6 = 64, only 64 will survive the first round. I will tell the winner when going with round 9 and so on.
  12. Hi, I'm a new member to the site.... I've looked in this thread and in the "LEGO Mafia and Role-Play Games" and I can't seem to find a central forum or thread for non-video games that use LEGO. I'm thinking of LEGO official games from the game line (Minotaurus, Ramses' Pyramid, etc), Heroica itself (not the online RPG), and any other LEGO-inspired games like Brikwars, BrickQuest, Mechaton, etc. Anyone interested in these and wanting to discuss? Is there a better forum/thread? Thx
  13. Since I'm fairly new to posting here, I was trying to find the section of the forums that deals with the (sadly now discontinued, it seems) Lego Games (boardgames)... particularly their Heroica line. I know they're no longer produced, but I assume some folks are still playing/interested in them. Where can I find these posts and fellow fans here? That's presuming there IS a section and/or still fans of the game... then again, Pirates has a great sub-forum here and there were apparently no Lego Pirates sets for five or ten years at a time! :)
  14. HruppertDK

    LEGO Universe

    Hi guys, Do any of you know if it is still possible to play this game? I thought it was amazing and sometimes i still play a little LEGO creator just for fun. Of course i also play LEGO the movie game, Jurassic World and star wars. But i just miss that Universe game :D
  15. When Alpha Team was in its prime, I wasn't "around" yet. It had been recently discontinued when I ran into the theme on the "product" page of LEGO®'s official website. I remember when I was younger how much I was into making action/adventure type sci-fi creations; and after recently stumbling into the game again, I remember why. I didn't enjoy the game as much I what inspired me within the game. There were giant secret base fortresses and other outposts that you infiltrated. And because nearly everything was made of LEGO® (besides the terrain), I was inspired to build such things as control panels, sliding doors, laser forcefields, and a whole lot of unorthodox vehicles. The physical sets I looked up were pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as they seemed in the game. Same thing happened when I played the last LEGO® Star Wars™ game they made, and watched some gameplay videos of the Batman™ game. Speaking of Batman™, I was equally as inspired by the old animated videos LEGO® had on their website back when they first released the theme: videos such as the one where The Penguin™ broke into a museum, via a giant rubber ducky, and stole a bunch of diamonds. I don't know… There's just something about seeing LEGO®s virtually come to life that make the little plastic gears in my head turn and inspires me to build. (I'm uncertain of where to put this topic, so I'll trust the mods will give it a good home) Anyone else get similar effects from these games?
  16. ninjagogamesorg

    My name is Ninjago

    Hi everyone! That is not real our name but in my mind, I only think about a real Samurai. Do you love it? Ninjago for you
  17. I've been attending the BrickCon Public Expo in Seattle for years, but had never displayed my models before or participated in the longer 4-day Private Convention. I just completed an in-depth write-up that goes "behind the scenes" at one of the largest and oldest LEGO conventions for AFOL's. Some of my highlights: Seeing large LEGO models get re-assembled was really interesting. I loved playing the LEGO games like the "Blind Build" shown here. Displaying my models for the first time to the Public was really cool. As always, there were impressive new models on display at the Public Exhibition. LINK TO LONGER ARTICLE AND MORE PHOTOS: I hope you find this behind the scenes look at BrickCon to be interesting. If you got to attend too, what was your highlight from the show? Sincerely, ---tom