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  1. This series is fantastic.
  2. AHAHHAH No. It has been fun to play the game of who knows before once again years after.
  3. The list is correct. The black falcon animal has open wings, like the seagull, so that's not the usual bird. The small white dog is the same mold as the chihuahua. The man in brown trex costume is actually "dark nougat". The girl has an unicorn on her shirt. Reveal date is correct also. You're welcome, sir.
  4. Two. That would be too much even for me. No, it's my second most loved faction. And it has an animal. I mean, both the faction refers to an animal AND the minifigure has an animal. The referee is a nod to an event (the world cup) that was starting yesterday. The space character... I love that. Really. Reveal in very few days. Wait is nearly over.
  5. NON LEGO No, but it's so cute and nice, so one of the better for sure. I love elves and dwarves. But I love a lot the reuse of very old factions. Probably it's one of these. This is not correct ;)
  6. To me this will be probably one of the best series ever. To me. Ok so let's say it this way. My comments. 1) Oh, my, God. They thought purple wasn't enough. 2) Nice. No need for that, but at least some people will like it. 3) Oh! Good! So the fake chinese one will have no room now on. 4) Lol. Funny. Good catch. 5) I've never thought about this one before... but hey that's a nice addition 6) Alexandre Boudon! You've finally made it after just 24 series!!! 7) Well, all those leaks were indeed true! 8) Oh, this goes very well with the event starting next sunday 9) Oh gosh I love this. Really. 10) I've foreseen this one some times ago, welcome! 11) This new animal mould is SO nice. 12) STOP - IT - RIGHT - NOW - AND - TAKE - ALL - MY - MONEY. Number 7 will have a nice fight opponent! (some are really unrecognizable, but that's life, in some days you'll all see so no worries)
  7. Itaria No Shintaku

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Future Series Rumours

    Series 24 reveal date is very very close. Less than a week.
  8. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    I am sorry but I totally disagree with you. The nostalgic AFOLs emptied the shelves everywhere, then when the nostalgic AFOLs were gone, the kids did not want that set. That set was aimed at kids, not at AFOLs. It had a nice nod for nostalgic AFOLs, but that was not the theme the average non nostalgic AFOL would buy. In fact, AFOLs tend to buy more stuff like big sets (Titanic, Tour Eiffel and so on) than these ones for my experience. TLM2 was a kid-oriented theme. And it had the production rate that any $10 city set has. But kids preferred a $10 city set than that one. Though it had 4 minifigures and 1 robot. Probably they are not fascinated by old style astronauts if they can have, let me say, a spinjitzu with a nice looking fantasy ninja coming for the same price. I have no clues that this set was overproduced. I'd rather think that it had the same production numbers of any $10 set and that was disliked by general audience.
  9. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    Benny's Space Squad was sold initially for €10 (basically, in order to understand for the ones not acquainted with €, think that nowadays a star wars battlepack with snowtroopers and a clone costs double that price). Then, it went at 50%: just 5€. Then, it went at 75%: just 2,5€. So in Italy, it costed like 5 bananas. Or a bottle of Coca Cola. With the price you spend for a movie at the cinema, you could have got 4 of that set. This shows undeniably that it was one of their worst selling sets ever. I am very sad for that, I bought 20x of that set. But that's not about me. Something about that failed.
  10. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    No to everything. A copyright is a copyright. I won't go any further on this publicly. If you want to keep ignoring the mod requests pm me.
  11. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    You are entitled to use your money the way you want, unless this is illegal. In this case, it is. In fact, "a drug" may be a product you desire to own, still that doesn't make you entitled to own it legally. Plus, you damage other people. A lot of. But of course, selfish arrogant people would reply "I don't give a damn". EDIT - This topic has strongly derouted and it has become something that may harm the forum, so I've asked a mod to intervene and decide what to do. I will not accept any more provoking on this topic until a mod takes a decision.
  12. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    and all that followed. There is a very severe grade of wrongness in this concept. For all of you. I'm very sorry. This is just as stating as "my need (caprice) for LEGO minifigures is stronger than my willingness to respect laws". Point 1: These are not medicines. These are something to be played with. So, a hobby. I would to a certain extent understand things like stealing for hunger, or medicines. But committing a crime? (buying illegal stuff IS a crime, in fact, your minifigures can be blocked by a customs office and you lose both the minifigure and the money). Point 2: Of course, the guy that comes and says "hey guys, what you do is illegal " is seen as obnoxious. Every person reminding others that something is wrong risks being one. Basically, for any person buying knockoffs "because they are cheaper" congratulations. You just are using your wallet instead of your brain. I hope you would not protest if your boss would fire you and hired a guy from any third-world country to do your same job, worse than you, but requiring 1/10 of your monthly wage. Because that is. You're buying stuff that cost less only because 1) There's LEGO behind them to pay for all the commercials, packaging, branding, and so on. 2) They do not need to pass toxicity controls or quality controls. Who cares? They're illegal products. (For the less informed, for example in Europe every single toy must have the CE (Conformité Europeenne) mark. The Chinese have the CE (China Export) which is, guess what, a ripoff of the European mark) (basically, if you give these toys to your children, you're giving them toys that have NO conformity to the high European standards against toxic paintings and so on) If you add to these "toys" all the branding/commercials/copyrights/packaging/R&D that TLG does on these thieves' behalf and all the quality controls, guess what? They would cost MORE than actual minifigures. Of course these rascals can produce Gondor minifigures. They don't give a damn about paying the commercial copyrights. So, in the end, there are no real reasons (saying "but LEGO doesn't produce this" is a lame excuse ) for buying illegal and potentially dangerous stuff. Buying this is just being shortsighted, using your wallet instead of your brains, You want to hate me because I'm slamming the mere truth in your face? Be my guests. As long as LEGO has a valid patent on the minifigures, either you don't buy knockoffs, or you are aware that you're buying illegal stuff. As long as chinese minifigures do not want to undergo quality and toxicity controls, either you don't buy knockoffs, or you are aware that you're buying illegal stuff. As long as chinese producers create minifigures of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, LotR characters without caring about paying copyrights, either you don't buy knockoffs, or you are aware that you're buying illegal stuff. Every time I have to make this speech again, I hope it to be the last time, still I find everywhere in the world people who really are so blind that they would never pickpocket, but they would easily buy illegal stuff from internet, without having the glimpse to understand it's basically the same thing. PS: I am very very sorry if I was too harsh on this one topic. But slamming on my face "hey! I do Illegal stuff and I think I'm right" it's one of the topics I really get angry about. Everybody has their ones. I think that there is basically no difference between disrespecting the laws and disrespecting others. Same stuff. So maybe to you it's "Hey I'm just buying stuff that LEGO doesn't produce" and to me (and to many others) is "Hey I don't give a damn about laws and respect, I just want to be happy and I don't care about others or consequences" and that will always drive me nuts.
  13. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    You won't simply understand that allowing one, or all, is the very same. My point is proven because in this very topic there was supporting of illegal copyright-infringing minifigures. Usually being right makes one seen very obnoxious. Chinese figures are a theft of a Intellectual Property. You should not support thievery. That's not the point The point is there is no one forcing TLG to allow things like tours, lugbulks, free sets two times per year, like it happens on EB. So if EB wants this, it will be their moderators' job to stop people from exaggerating (in this very topic @Gorilla94 said with some impunity that he buys chinese minifigures, so he indirectly endorses IP thievery). Surely one simple thing is not a problem. More and more will surely be. It will be the mods' job to decide when it's over. They have the difficult job to stand between having many members (being somewhat lenient because people would flee from a strict and severe forum) and keep staying as a RLOC, (not allowing all members to stand against TLG or easily admit they're buying counterfeits figures) EB board has indeed privileges. Every person with a minimal knowledge on how RLOCs work knows this, it's no secret. So TLG will grant privileges as long as they are not pissed off. And the fast removing of third party, printed stuff, chromed stuff on bricklink before resolving some major known issues shows with no secound thoughts what TLG thinks about the matter.
  14. Itaria No Shintaku

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    Well you don't care, I do (there are reasons why) and since it's crystal clear that TLG doesn't like third party stuff or customized items, I just remember this to the users when I can. Then, my job is over. On my behalf, I'd not speak about non-LEGO stuff on a LEGO forum, but that's freedom.