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  1. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    RIGHT! :D
  2. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    1262 with the Skorpien (Custom built, all LEGO parts)
  3. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    Scarecrows. We reach 1252
  4. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    We reach 1240 today with GRIM REAPERS
  5. My truth, you have yours. $5 / 4€ per bag is the limit. If they cannot rise the price, they can however decrease the new molds (hence the costs). 12 figs per series = smaller investment, same earnings.
  6. Smart point, +1 My point: pink is perceived (and we both agree it's wrong, wronger and wrongest) as a girlish color. LEGO alas is a company, their goal is to make money while trying to change the world, not changing the world while trying to make money. I'd like purple bags, but if a R&D guy would tell me : "There is a risk that 20% stupid parents wouldn't buy those for gender stereotypes" and I'd lose some thousand dollars for just one color, sorry, but I have to bend over those stupid rules. After all, that thousand dollars they make more may be invested in informing campaigns against gender stereotypes and everybody win.
  7. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    1205 with the assassins!
  8. I don't think I may be banned or censored for this, so this is the color. Picture that it's from a scanned page, so it may be darker or lighter.
  9. Itaria No Shintaku

    Ideas for a CMF Spooky Calendar

    @Robert8 your works are majestic
  10. Itaria No Shintaku

    End of an Era on LEGO CMFs reviewing for WhiteFang

    @WhiteFang you are a treasure to the community. Though I've not had yet the luck to meet you in person, I really value the guy, the reviewer, the AFOL, the passionate professional behind that avatar. You've been, and always will be, one of my landmarks in being an AFOL. I spoke.
  11. According to the italian catalog. JAN - SERIES 21 - GREEN BOX - 36 bags per box. Of course they can change the delivery with Looney Tunes for whatever reason, I'd still expect in 10 15 days that figures start leaking, either series.
  12. Itaria No Shintaku

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Future Series Rumours

    Regardless of the fact they will deliver them in jan or later, the italian retailer catalog has SERIES 21 - IN GREEN BOXES of 36 minifigures. And that's all, no more info. Perhaps they switched with Looney Tunes.
  13. Itaria No Shintaku

    The minifigure Diary

    1188 reached with the NInja!
  14. Itaria No Shintaku

    CMF Series 21 Guessing game.

    I'd say so. Let's put everybody 12 + 4. I will do mine too.