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  1. Oh yeah. You asked for it, you get it. So here's how it basically works: you put out 12 minifigures that you think may happen in series 24, scheduled Jan 2023. These are not minifigures you actually want, but minifigures you think that can happen. Gender doesn't count. If you write a policeman and in series 24 we have a policewoman you however get 1 point. If you write a police person you do better. If your guess is nearly right I will however give you 0,5 points. Like if you say "An hockey player, without mask" and in Series 24 you get a masked hockey goalkeeper, 0,5 points are yours. Try to be specific. Please no "some sort of person with some sort of animal": that will give you 0 points. This time it will be hard, because we don't know if they are going to theme it or not. So I welcome everybody to play to a non themed series and here's mine. 1. A mushroom hunter with a dog and mushroom 2. A basketball player with basket ball 3. A medieval farmer with Calf 4. An orc-like warchief with shield and curved sword 5. 70s space heroin, with shield and space gun 6. Taco suit guy/girl 7. Horse suit guy/girl 8. Space themed Planet Explorer, with small alien companion 9. 1700's Fleet Admiral, with telescope and a new hat 10. Truck driver with a new hat+hair combo 11. Hotel Usher with two suitcases (the new ones) 12. Statue with bird I'm not very inspired because I really can't guess what LEGO will do. Let's hope they're good! Now your turn!
  2. Hello. As you may know (or not know), my project the Old West Train Station has been deleted for reasons we won't be discussing here. We had to restart from zero. It's so sad, the project was really performing well. It was in the homepage of the most popular, which gives you a big boost in terms of votes. I cannot express by words the frustration I had. So, here it is again, without the problems that led to the deletion. Please help us to achieve our dream again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Yesterday Koalayummies wrote that. Today the project is removed. 1+1 = 2. I will restart from zero because I'm resilient by nature. But I do not forget, and I am harmed. What makes me sad is that this is an error I acknowledged and was already corrected (I can attach proof if needed) but both LEGO and Koalayummies just didn't care. I can understand TLG. They need to protect themselves. But Koalayummies? Why did they need to report my project if they know I am not a racist person and I explained? I can also attach the conversation I held with Barbara Tum*** to prove my point if needed, in which I tell her "Hey! You are a minifigure in a LEGO Ideas project now". I can give all proofs required to show I'm no racist. But even if I do, I need to restart from zero. I ask the mods to close this topic and allow me to post the new one as soon as LEGO approves it.
  4. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Koalayummies reported the project and it was cancelled. 1650 votes wasted. I need to restart from zero. THANKS KOALAYUMMIES It does not take 5 minutes to get 1650 votes on a project on LEGO Ideas. It takes a lot of time, effort, passion, and all why? Because there was a translation error that was already fixed, an edit was already sent... Being evil is fine if you are a dictator or something. If you are a member on eurobricks this is unacceptable. Now you understand why I left the forum years ago. If members like him are allowed to do evil things to other people, well what's the point in contributing to the community? When I left the forum, many people wrote me that they were a toxic person and I needed just to block them. I wish I heard them before. I will restart from zero, but from today on I will live my LEGO passion with a little bit of sadness.
  5. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    The two characters represent a couple of AFOLs we know. They are Alfonso and Barbara. So they were Sitting Alf (for Alfonso, mimic for Sitting Bull) and Tum Tum Barb which became, for an error Tum Tum Barbarian (since her surname begins for Tum and we liked the sound of it). We already removed those minifigures from the project. Alf will become a train driver, and Barb will become a child to pair the male one. Our main goal was inclusion. This is why we chose on purpose a female sheriff and we said that the two native americans were "respected musicians". But that's ok. We don't know, from Italy, how it is perceived in the US, we will stick with something less "dangerous". Thanks for understanding our goal, though.
  6. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    I didn't read koalayummies because I blocked them, but they are really offensive. I will remove the native americans because of people like them. I have to wait 22 days, this is the time it really needs to apply the edit. Too bad. I was trying to be inclusive. I'll stick with the "ok only white characters". At least nobody complained for the female sheriff. I was fearing this also. Plus what I love about that guy it's that they speak without knowing. On LEGO Ideas you can edit your project once per month so if you make a mistake, like I did, I still have to wait a month. Now 22 days remaining. But that's Koalayummies for you. If there's someone speaking without knowing the subject, they are.
  7. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    I can't either, but that's it. Thanks for your kind words.
  8. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Her real name is Barbara. Barbara in italian means Barbarian in english. When it was translated, there was also an error in translation and "Barbara" was translated into "Barbarian". These things may happen, an edit has already been done but it takes 22 days because you can do only 1 per month and we pushed the project 9 days ago. So I did not chose anything. Seems that years pass but you still seem able to speak without knowing the facts. Yes but this guy keeps on following me because they love to attack me. I did something I really needed to do years ago. I blocked them.
  9. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Yes, I studied some history before publishing the project. And yes, my intentions were the best. Thanks for your support, thanks for sharing your background, they both mean a lot to me.
  10. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Yes, but not only on ideas. Alas, on reddit and Facebook where it was poste, though they liked the build, they disliked the native americans representation. :(
  11. Itaria No Shintaku

    The Old West Train Station.

    Hello, I came back on LEGO Ideas with our new project. I am presenting it here and hope that you can bring us some votes. Thank you as usual. Really. They may seem empty words, but they actually mean much to me. LINK FOR VOTING! PS: We are experiencing problems with the two native americans minifigures. Though we put them here to represent inclusivity, people isn't reacting the way we expected. So we will remove them in a future update. I hope people will be pleased by that.
  12. That is correct in my view also. Like King Leo is descendant of the Royal Knights
  13. Hello everyone. this will be a long post, I'm trying to summarize the LEGO castle lore, alliances and enemies, because I'm planning to make a videogame out of it and it will use a lot of castle lore. So, with a basical rule in mind LEGO not always thought about a lore behind the sets, they simply published them without giving too much importance to the story, and that I will too make a lot of personal assumptions, let's dive in. Lego castle pre 1984. These seems like HOUSES beneath a single kingdom. They must be somewhat related to the LION Knights because they are present in 10305. So I will assume that they are friendly with faction A. The first and the second are seen jousting. If they are jousting, I doubt they are this much enemies. I will assume they are again all houses from the same kingdom. FACTION A: All old classic castle, as different houses. GOLDEN AGE Lion Knights, Forestmen, and Black Falcons, Dragon Knights, Black Knights, Wolfpack, Royal Knights, Fright Knights Lion Knights seem the good guys to me. I always thought them this way. And they are in Faction A, as we saw in 10305. Black Falcons are seen just in ONE SET fighting against Lion Knights. But they seem to be related to the same realm/kingdom. And in 10305 they said their rivalry is over. I've always seen them as frenemies with Lion Knights. In the guarded inn, a lion Knight defends it, but a Black Falcon shield is in it. So I will put them in Faction A. Forestmen are always against everyone. They think to do good deeds. But they will steal from anyone. So I will put them in NEUTRAL. Dragon Knights are surely enemies of the Black Knights and they are seen fighting against Royal Knights. In will put them in a new faction: faction B Black Knights are seen fighting against Dragon Knights and Lion Knights (as a strong replacement for Black Falcons). They may be in peace with the latest because in one set the two figures are together and they don't seem to be enemies. Take this with a grain of salt, but I will put them in faction A again and I'll explain why, but I'm ready to stand corrected. I think the Black Knights live in the same kingdom as the all of the other ones and they don't like the ROYAL Knights much (see later). Perhaps, the old King was from the black Knights (The Black Monarch ) and now it's someone from the "Lion" Knights and they don't like this. But, it seems they have not the power to overcome the actual King, so they stay under his kingdom, not too happy to. Royal Knights to me are the knights of the King. Lion Knights (it's a Lion afterall) must be somewhat allied or something like that. They are against DRAGON Knights and FRIGHT Knights. So I will put them again in faction A. Wolfpack are neutral renegades, like forestmen, but they don't care to do any good. Fright Knights are in faction C. A new faction. They are surely against the Dragon Knights, but they're not good guys. They're clearly evil and I will create a new faction for them. FACTION A All old classic castle, as different houses, Black Falcons and Lion Knights, Black Knights and Royal Knights. FACTION B Dragon Knights. FACTION C Fright Knights NEUTRAL Forestmen, Wolfpack DARK AGE: Knights Kingdom 1 & 2 King Leo is surely a descendant of the ROYAL Knights. So again, faction A. Cedric the Bull, to me, is from some sort of different Kingdom. So I will put them in Faction D All the KK2 good faction, since there is again a crowned Lion, are to me in faction A. Vladek and his merry friends may be both allied with the Fright Knights or with Cedric the Bull. There is actually no actual point of contact. I'm forced to put them in faction E, but if you have some sort of relevant connection, please tell me. FACTION A All old classic castle, as different houses, Black Falcons and Lion Knights, Black Knights and Royal Knights, King Leo and King Matias. FACTION B Dragon Knights. FACTION C Fright Knights FACTION D Cedric the Bull FACTION E Lord Vladek NEUTRAL Forestmen, Wolfpack SILVER AGE: Fantasy Era, Kingdoms, Castle (2013) In my opionion the undead are there only because of the evil sorcerer. Since the Crown Knights are fighting both them and the troll warriors, maybe they are allied? Faction F Both them and the undead want to get rid of the crown Knights. So, to me it's FACTION F These are clearly the good guys. But I see no relevant connection to the Royal Knights. I will put them in faction G. To me this story revolves somewhere else, not in the realm we knew. Clearly the dwarves are allied with the Crown Knights. Faction G. Ok, in my opinion, these are Lion Knights again. They are even seen jousting with someone that is clearly a revived Black Falcon in the 10223 Kingdom Joust. So Faction A. Instead these are not Dragon Knights. There is no magician, no dragon, they look a lot like the old BLACK Knights instead. Here, btw, I think that TLG did not bother to create a true story. So faction H for me. These guys from 2013 are clearly Royal Knights to me. So again faction A. These guys, instead, remember a lot the enemies from fantasy era. They have an evil wizard too. If I could say anything, it's like as if the old Dragon Knights became bad guys. But I won't go on, to me it's faction I. FACTION A All old classic castle, as different houses, Black Falcons and Lion Knights, Black Knights and Royal Knights, King Leo and King Matias, 2011 Lion Knights, 2013 Royal Knights FACTION B Dragon Knights. FACTION C Fright Knights FACTION D Cedric the Bull FACTION E Lord Vladek FACTION F Undead and Troll Warriors FACTION G Crown Knights FACTION H 2011 Dragon Knights FACTION I 2013 Dragon Knights FACTION NEUTRAL Forestmen, Wolfpack SOME MORE These are the insignia of the Evil Knight and Frightening Knight. Now, there is no doubt that the Frightening Knight should somehow join the FRIGHT KNIGHTS, but the colors are totally not related, they look more like the colors of the 2011 Dragon Knights. So I can't really say. This instead is the tournament knight. This is some house insignia of some sort. Since I want to do a possibily accurate work, I am welcome and open to any change or suggestion to the above. Thanks for reading.
  14. Itaria No Shintaku

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    These are some guesses for the set. Please note: they are not rumours or leaks. Just guesses. 1) The Dark Orange horse from the city set will appear in this set. 2) We will have both Lion Knights AND Black Falcon here. Like the Black Falcon being the enemies or something like that. 3) Some more cameo may be expected. Perhaps a forestman or a wolfpack? 4) I expect around 20 minifigures to be in. 5) I do not expect any dragon to be in.