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  1. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    How different opinions! Instead to me rises from a "never in life" to a "concrete maybe".
  2. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I did one month ago...
  3. REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    Thanks SO much again for this review. It was perfect to understand what the parts look like. I know have better ideas. These are the best reviews on minifigures you can find online. Thanks SO much.
  4. Future Castle Sets?

    Yes I know I mean those pirates with the jolly roger, hooks and peg leg and and burying treasures and you know :D
  5. Future Castle Sets?

    Something has to replace Nexo Knights next year. I don't know if it will be a Castle Theme, but a new theme has to come.
  6. Future Castle Sets?

    Still I see a lot of kids playing with fantasy/rpg-themed videogames. I really think that TLG could benefit selling FEW castle sets, but every year.
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    This is very interesting. Likewise Pirates appeal here in Italy though there weren't really pirates in the mediterranean!
  8. Future Castle Sets?

    I live in Europe so I'm not entitled to know, but what do US boys think abous "architecture of medieval Europe"? I mean, do they find it appealing?
  9. Future Castle Sets?

    Let me tell you a thing that I haven't read anywhere here. I may sound foolish, but to me the greatest antagonist to a serious castle theme is Ninjago. Ninjago has to me occupied the spot in boys' imaginations that can leave room for a serious castle/fantasy theme. I was looking the pictures of the baddies for Summer sets and I found them interesting enough, then I was struck down with the fact that, apart from a hyatus related to the first NK wave, the red guys, I always thought as Ninjago baddies as my purchases for the year. I mean: To me these are Nagas / Yuan-Ti: These are wraiths: These are Yuan-Ti cultists I made Efreeti out of these (removing the bandana, extra torso and hook) Not to mention the orcs that I made with this piece: So, actually, my thoughts are that these are stealing the spot for a Fantasy Era-like theme, that would save my day. My 2p.
  10. LEGO Collectable Minifigures Future Series Rumours

    Oh if that happens...
  11. Future Castle Sets?

    I am a castle AND pirates fan. And when the pirates came out in 2015, I bought 3x every set. I own 7 chessboards. 4 ships. And so on. On the other hand, every year I buy some sets from other themes but never that many! That's my point. As a castle/pirate fan I can also of course buy other stuff, but only because I find something interesting (City: the black bear and the beehive) but not for all the pieces. Say, 10%, 15%, the rest is not that useful and goes often on bricklink for sale. Instead, if they did castle/pirate back, I'd buy sets for 100% of the pieces inside the set. I believe that one of the three themes space/pirate/castle should be procuded every year. I'd push for pirate/castle but I'd find space appealing too.
  12. Now I can say that this series to me is the worst of all 18 in the terms of what I myself will buy, which are 10x dragons, 3 or 4 cactus, and MAYBE one extra spider. But that's all. Though I can surely understand the appeal those minifigures may have on other buyers, and though I surely like most of the new mold and understand the price increase for this one series in particular (not understood for series 17 instead), I really hope they return to normal classic minifigure series (at least 1!!!) for 2019. This minifigure: to me is more interesting than the whole 17 proposed. And I seldom buy city sets, if never. Too bad :)
  13. The Greatest CMF 3 NEW IDEA - VOTE IN THE NEW POLL

    Hello, I am thinking a new formula to refresh the game. Please tell me your opinion in the poll.
  14. The Greatest CMF 3 NEW IDEA - VOTE IN THE NEW POLL

    I won't run the third game.
  15. Future Castle Sets?

    Some considerations some of you may find interesting. 1) If they wanted to do a Castle wave for the next year after seeing that NK has bad sales... they are late. From scratch to shelves it takes more than one year. So if they thought to have castle themes, they would have already started at least the ideation process. Which may be true of course 2) Having a lunch with some interesting people at TLG, they seem to know very well that we love historic themes, and they say they would love too to see such themes. But since we are not the target... that's it.