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    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Sorry I was away for a bit and missed welcoming Whiteagle to the discussion.... No promises, but I will try to be better about checking in here and adding input/thoughts/etc. Thx
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    Hello from North Carolina!

  3. BattleBrik

    [MOC] Invoke the Gods

    Amazing work!
  4. BattleBrik

    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Pretty cool. Reminds me of a modified form of Nomic. This sounds like a game theory class...or college-level parliamentary procedure ... and you're doing this with pre-school kids?!?!
  5. BattleBrik

    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Is this a particular game you're describing or a home-brew? Does each player have just one character? Do you think the same is true if the player has a force of 3-4 characters? ... Do you think it is more acceptable for a character to stay out if the player has other characters from their force still playing... in other words, maybe the issue isn't that the player's characters never die, but that the player isn't totally out of the game?
  6. We are having a discussion on this over in another thread: Thx
  7. BattleBrik

    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Guys, Your responses are gold! I have thought through much of the same things...but you guys have touched of some very important points. I don't want to make it seem like I have all the answers, but I will reply with how Minifig Melee addresses these items and ask some more questions to help refine. Don't want to parse the whole answer? I summarize in bold. I address the "easy to learn" part below... but as for the gaming sessions, Minifig Melee has two "modes": Match-up is a one-off battle on a map that is either per-designed or built (using rules) on the spot for one session. Mission is "episodic" where players play through multiple sessions that make up a campaign. Players can choose the path their campaign takes and characters grow over the course of it. How about being "knocked out" of the game? With rules based on mode and/or mission criteria that indicate whether a minifig can re-spawn in a session or not.... Agreed... I was aiming for 30-60 mins for a Match-up and 60 mins for Mission. The rinse/repeat of a turn is pretty streamlined at this point so after set up, things run really smoothly. Minifig Melee will have themed sets. (see for some of the ideas). Each set would come with a specific campaign story-line, but there would also be cross-set story-lines. There will be a system for easily mixing & matching and stringing together. I will want to provide an online forum or other method for this to be crowd-sourced so you can go to the website and find cool missions/campaigns that others have built. Yes! The stats, actions, interactions, calculations should all be simple. I'm aiming for that magical "easy to learn, but hard to master" combo.... I want the game to be playable by an AFOL with kids to have fun, but also by experienced miniatures gamers who want to match wits with their friends. A key concept of the game is that different colored tiles represent different stats and body locations for the minifig...and the dice color/icons correspond. The general system is that a minifig's stats (of which there are 6) are determined at minifgure design time (see below) and then any Action the minifig takes in the game is backed by one of the stats. When the player takes an Action, they roll the dice and any matching colors add to their result. One color is always a failure (black) and one is always a success (white) and that also gives the minifig a boost (see below). Results are in the 1- 6 range so the math is super simple and every point counts. Wow! So glad you pointed this out! This was one of the main unique mechanics that has driven the development of Minifig Melee! In Minifig Melee, character stats are directly driven by the miniature. Now I'm not talking about the typical "if the mini is holding a gun, they have ranged attack" abstraction here...I'm talking about every weapon, piece of armor, or object on the figure equates to in-game stats..and the points build system reflects this and balances it. Players go through a step-by-step process of assigning stats to their custom built minifigure (assuming they haven't chosen one of the pre-built characters who were built using the same system). Also, each Minifig can have one or more rule-bending special abilities based on the minifig's construction that really adds fun and spice to the game play. Rolling a white on a dice allows the player to put a white tile on the minifig's card and these can be collected and spent to use the specials. This gives a push-your-luck element where you want to get the timing right and you can strategize to pull off combos. By the way, minifigs may lose items during the game and the map may have items that minifigs can pick up to improve their stats. This is the "fun set-up" part of the game's tagline. I have been involved in many "hobby games" over the years where it is not just about playing the game, but building armies and terrain for the game that makes it so much fun. I see folks who get into this game building cool terrain, objects, hazards, etc to supplement the game... I want a community where players share their creations and/or crowdsource the stats. The rules and the themes will give constraints. Groups can keep it restricted to a theme, or mix&match as desired. The game engine works for any minifig in any genre but the pre-packaged sets allow for specifics. Obviously some rules (guns/lasers for example) may not make sense in certain sets.... but players get to decide and build accordingly. Vehicles in particular is an area I have not thought through too much. Minifig Melee is focused on small skirmish teams... 2 to 4 minifigs on a small map. Every character counts. This is quite different than the other games you mention because those are designed for massive battles and large forces. This is what differentiates those games from mine. I want this to be quicker, more focused, but yet still have all the customizability. I want the rules to be much tigher so fudging and balancing are not required....but "open" enough to allow for new actions to be introduced as needed. I want LEGO to be a key aspect of the game play...but for it still to feel like an actual game you'd want to play on its own even if you aren't a total AFOL. Let me know if any of that does or doesn't make any sense and if you have any specific questions or recommendations. Thx!
  8. BattleBrik

    Does anyone play brickwars?

    We are talking about Brikwars-ish games over here:
  9. BattleBrik

    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Great! That said, I am interested in discussing my game and similar games in this forum as well. I'm always looking for insights from AFOL gamers... Since this thread is not seeing much action otherwise.... I'm all for an open discussion of the game here. Let's kick it off with an open-ended question that drove me down the path to creating the game: "What would you look for in a tabletop miniatures game that uses LEGO minifigures and LEGO dice?"
  10. BattleBrik

    LEGO Board and Tabletop Games (non-video)

    Thanks MrRoy! BattleBrik was the old project (and my username) but Minifig Melee is the new version and is actively being developed. I am on a three month "pre-launch" effort to get everything (including the rules) ready to unveil for either Kickstarter or some other method of releasing to the public. The best way to stay up-to-date is to go to and sign up for the newsletter. Thx!
  11. You can see any minifig head ever made here:
  12. BattleBrik

    Danzig Bust

    "Mother, tell you children not to build this way...." Great job.
  13. Thrash, can you comment on the "winged blade" = bat'leth quesiton? I guess you could reword it to "new items for your prehistoric minifigs... and/or 24th century minifigs".
  14. BattleBrik

    Goblin Battle Chariot

    Supported them all! Great work!!
  15. Love the Sabertooth Armor in white! Is the "Winged Blade" inspired by Star Trek Bat'Leth? ...or have you already made one of those? (knowing how awesome you are....) Thx