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  1. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 16 Rumors and Discussion

    Well, This is my personal dream wish list for the CMFs... Obviously they would not do them all at once, but maybe one or two per series, all within a decade...? 1) Inca King (for a lot of these, the iconic crown/helmet is the only new part you really need to make it work!) 2) Aztec Jaguar Warrior (they were hinting at this in the official bio for the Aztec Eagle Warrior from Series 7) 3) Babylonian King 4) Babylonian Queen 5) Babylonian Warrior 6) Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior (either clay-colored, or with realistic painted-on colors, like the originals were) 7) Chinese Emperor 8) Chinese Empress 9) Tibetan Shaolin Fighting Monk (no new pieces needed. I'm surprised they haven't done it yet.) 10) A different Satyr/Faun (the same hair is OK, but with pan-pipes, purple cape, and grapes this time) 11) A different Gorgon (even just a different color is OK, maybe a cool new authentic shield print) 12) Harpy (use the existing Chima Vulture wing-armor, and the new S16 Devil tail-piece) 13) Fury (use the existing Banshee/Spectre ghost-tail, with the S14 Gargoyle wings) 14) Hades (a Classic version, or the Disney villain version) 15) Greek Philosopher (plus more civilians, including females too) 16) Roman Senator (plus more civilians, including females too) That's my top 16... Any I forgot...?
  2. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hey, thanks for the honorable mention! That's cool. Sorry I didn't have time to rework them and do new graphics. I might have repackaged it as one single $50 set, and removed a few obsolete parts, etc, etc, etc... Plus, the other main difference for anyone who is resubmitting now is that most of the previous competitors have been deleted, so it is a new field! P.S. - They also posted pics of "Wall-E" today! =D
  3. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Excellent point! Lego may simply already be planning to do a Modular Museum, since it's an obvious item for them to have on their "list of buildings to do". At any rate, the Marble Maze is the biggest Cuusoo/Ideas set so far, except perhaps for the buildable Wall-E. So how big are they? How much will they be?
  4. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well, if the mold has been created, and if the image of it is not still under secrecy, then you could try doing an ideas project with it...!
  5. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Ah, well they definitely have the tendency to delay results if there is even just one copyright licensing deal in the group that is taking a while. How many copyrights are in the works this time? I mean among the ones that are on the verge of being announced as passed/not-passed now?
  6. The Real Indiana Jones

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Yes, maybe BrickForge, or maybe it was BrickArms. They do almost every modern military helmet.
  7. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I think that The Lego Movie is already green-lit for a full trilogy, right? And you can bet that one of the main locations in the later movies will be Classic Space world.
  8. The Real Indiana Jones

    Elves 2015

    What sets are those in? I have not seen them.
  9. The Real Indiana Jones

    Ninjago 2015

    Yeah, I loved the whole aesthetic of that first wave or two, with the first four elemental dragons and the Fire Temple. I got them all at that point. I am glad they are revisiting that a bit.
  10. The Real Indiana Jones

    Lego Ultra Agents 2015

    I want one of those boats... and not just the set, I mean I want a REAL boat like that!!
  11. The Real Indiana Jones

    Legends of Chima 2015

    Wow, you have some amazing eyesight!!
  12. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Do you mean Sauron? I thought that he did appear in dark spiky armor in a physical form, no? Yeah, isn't it crazy that they never did the main villain from the series in his full form? I made a purist custom fig fairly easily, though.
  13. The Real Indiana Jones

    Nexo Knights 2016

    So if a new wave of sets is coming in January 2016, then what month would the pictures be likely to appear? July or Mid-Summer probably?
  14. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Yeah, but the way the last one was built was extremely unstable. The entire front 2/3 section attached by just one hinge. From a functional standpoint, and swooshability, this is probably a better design.
  15. The Real Indiana Jones

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Are the fans still suggesting the possibility of doing one or two series of Collectible Minifigures dedicated to Doctor Who? Or are they planning to sprinkle the doctors out across a whole series of different sets? And is there still a rumor of a full theme?