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  1. Banjo

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    As a TF fan and in particular a fan of that character, I love your avatar and username! "Hur hur!" :) Sadly, I checked that link and that ONE Pirates-themed issue - Summer 1989 - gives a "404 error", file not found. :( However, to fix it, use this URL and it works! Thanks! en pieces summer 1989.htm (note: the double space needed before "summer" was the error)
  2. Banjo

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Thanks, but those end at 1988... and the pirates-themed issue mentioned in the original post is Summer 1989. :(
  3. Thanks everyone! I can't seem to find the LDD files in that "Modding the Barracuda" thread, at least not on the first few pages. Sorry to be a pain, but can anyone point me closer? A few years back when Pirates had its last hurrah, I bought multiples of all the sets (even the chess set) as I was recently out of my dark age (though it was actually Alien Conquest and Heroica that got me back into Lego first) and got the feeling that run of Pirates was a "one and done". Built the chess set during a fairly dark time in my life and still love it. The memories came flooding back, too. I enjoyed those sets so much that I then went and tracked down the previous run of Pirates sets (could only afford one each that time, as I bought them all NIB even though I planned to build them), and a reissue Black Seas Barracuda (had the original as a kid but like the fortress it's disassembled and likely long lost, I fear). Only thing I sadly couldn't afford is my current "holy grail", the Imperial Flagship. :( A couple of years went by and real life pushed Lego aside again, but despite it's high price I saw the Barracuda Bay set and had to have it! Several family members say they might give it as a birthday gift next month but I don't know if I can wait.:) Tempted though to say yes to mum, as my parents bought me that original BSB back in the 80's and it feels like full circle... Looking through the forums, I do wish I'd been into Lego when they were making those cool Islander sets (and the western stuff!!!). Wow!
  4. Banjo

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Does anyone still have these scans? The links are all dead. :(
  5. I'm looking for LDD versions of the newer Pirates sets, mainly the new 3-in-1 Creator ship and the Barracuda Bay (ship and shipwreck versions) to mess around with. They're not in the Official Sets in LDD megathread so thought I'd ask here if anyone's done them and was willing to share? Been away from Lego for awhile but the Barracuda Bay set totally roped me back in and I have both that and the Creator 3-in-1 sets on the way now... so much nostalgia for the old (I mean old) Pirates set from when I was a kid, I couldn't resist!
  6. Banjo

    Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    Many thanks for sharing your great MOC MrOutlaw! I'd have hated it to have been lost to the mists of time. Most MOC impress me but this is one of the few that I feel is both awesome *and* still looks like it could be a real Lego set in the appropriate theme. As amazing as some of the highly complex, giant diorama-style MOCs are, they always feel like adult display pieces to me as opposed to attempts to create what could be a "missing" model in a Lego series/wave. The Admiral's Eagle really fits the "no Imperial ships" hole in the recent Pirate wave, and even fits the scale of those newest releases too, IMO. One day I'd like to track down an Imperial Flagship to build, but for now I will be attempting to gather the parts to make the Admiral's Eagle for my pirates to fight! Thanks again, MrOutlaw!
  7. Banjo

    Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    I know this is an old topic (as much as I'd like to take the time to say how great it looks), so I'll just post the relevant: If anyone has the LDD file for this and can reupload or share it, please do! I'd LOVE to build this! (surely "bumping" is only a keelhauling offense if it is pointless? would it have been better to have started a new topic linking to this one asking the same question, though?)
  8. Banjo

    [ MOC ] Real Rocket Raccoon's Warbird

    Just came across this build and absolutely love it! I don't suppose you have instructions, lxf or even just more pictures/info on how to build it?
  9. Banjo

    [MOC] Washing Tub Pirate Raid

    Wow, that's just awesome! I LOVE the sense of narrative as you look around the diorama, with so many fun little "scenes" taking place. The washing tub raid is a great nod to Lego's love of adding a pirate in one with an oar to many pirate sets, old and new. :) I would LOVE something like this as an official set, and can easily see it being done with some simplification, removal of the base and obviously much less minifigs. A pirate dock/tavern set is a dream of mine!
  10. I'm still longing after the Imperial Flagship myself... but at over AU$1000 every place I've seen it, just such a huge splurge. Would definitely be interested to check out any recommended sellers of them (MISB), though, as part of the struggle it seems is just finding one that ships to Australia (and doesn't inflate their postage price to several hundred dollars!!!).
  11. I've been wondering about something recently: there are obviously many parts made by Lego that have never been manufactured in certain colours... is there any way "around" this if I REALLY wanted one specific part in an unavailable colour? I know, the answer is almost certainly "no"... just writing this makes me think it's an impossible ask. But I've seen utterly amazing things done by dedicated fans of Lego, from original printed bricks to custom replacement arm poses to wireless LED lighting, making me think that with the right skills, resources and dedication, little is truly "impossible" (just impractical!). So, if I really REALLY wanted one specific part (for example, the microfig Heroica "horned helmet", only ever released in dark bluish grey) in pearl gold... what would be the way to go about it? Painting an existing part to match (close as possible)? Recasting the part from scratch? 3D scanning/printing? Like I said, I doubt this is realistically achievable, but I'm curious if anyone has actually done it before, and to what results.
  12. Banjo

    [MOC] Furiosa Friends

    That is AWESOME! Love the colours, love the skulls, love the car and LOVE the minidoll! To Valhalla! I'm personally not a fan of those minidolls used in the Friends and other lines (just too used to minifigs/scale nostalgically, I think), but I'd seriously buy them if they made a Post Apocalypse Friends line! I'm a huge Mad Max and HUGE post apocalypse fan, though, so I'm a bit biased.
  13. Banjo

    MOC Pirates Paradise

    Looking at the recently-bumped review of the big Islander set, this is actually the sort of thing I imagined (that set combined with a shipwreck). This actually works better for the line, IMO, and looks like an official set from the period, too. Since the 2015 sets seemed to be "updates" of the 2009 ones, the one element poorly carried over IMO was the inclusion of a large "shipwreck" structure like this or the Shipwreck Hideout... I'd love to see an official set based along these lines if they do a second wave.
  14. Oooh, now I'm curious! :)
  15. I've got a bit of a "thing" for post-construction "modular play" sets... i.e. sets that can join together (like the 2015 Pirates sets) or be reconfigured (like the 2009 Soldier's Fort), hence why I liked the 2009 Fort enough to get another one so soon after building the first. I'm no skilled MOC'er (I've been too long without Lego!), but I like "expanding" these sort of sets to make new "what if" components that could realistically been sold by Lego, as a bit of a self-challenge (as opposed to awesome and grand MOCs that are much more for passionate AFOLs). Already looking at a way to add more of a "cargo port" to my old and new Soldier's Forts! :) The more I look at them, the more I want those PotC sets... so annoyed I never bought the QAR when I saw it in stores here years ago (it was super expensive even then, but not as much as it is now!). They never made a Flying Dutchman though, did they?