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  1. henrysunset

    10282 Adidas Superstar

    I am not a sneakerhead, but I genuinely enjoyed the packaging, build experience and finished model — that's why I was eager to share my enthusiasm in this thread! I love seeing real objects re-created at a 1:1 scale using LEGO, and this is a very satisfying example of this style of building. When I review sets, price only plays a small role, and usually only when a sub-par set happens to be a great parts pack (so it gets a small bump in the rating). —Tom P.S. Data showing our review distribution compared to other sites is here https://brickinsights.com/statistics/reviewers/34. You will find a detailed description of our 1-5 rating system here: https://brickarchitect.com/about/#ratings_and_reviews.
  2. henrysunset

    10282 Adidas Superstar

    This is a really awesome and unique set... I just gave the set the coveted 5/5 star rating in my review of the set at brickarchitect.com 😊. (And I'm a really strict reviewer!)A couple highlights from my review that might be of interest to eurobricks readers: This set really is a master class in sculpting everyday objects with LEGO bricks! This whole set feels like a love letter between two of the biggest brands in the world. After just over an hour of inspired building, I am holding one of the most realistic LEGO re-creations of a common household object that I’ve ever seen. The set is a bit too expensive based on both an assessment of price-per-part ($0.11), as well as the price-per-gram (also $0.11). To make matters worse, the price in Europe is much worse... for example 89.99€ in euros. (That’s $109 based on current exchange rate – 37% higher price than in USA.) Sincerely,—Tom P.S. Let me know if you have any additional questions about the new brick-built shoe!
  3. That was interesting to see, thanks for sharing! I don't know for sure, but I suspect the process is similar for LDraw.
  4. henrysunset

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    As a reviewer, it's my job to highlight the very best and worst aspects of every set that I cover—even the good (and great) sets! Focusing on the highlights and lowlights is the most efficient way that I've found to help readers decide whether a set is a good match for their collection or not. My job isn't to encourage folks to buy every set, but rather to make sure that they love each of the sets they decide to buy. (If reviewers do their job well, fans who only buy a couple sets a year based on extensive research should feel like every set they buy is one of their favorites!) Even serious AFOLs have limited time, space, and budget; I'm here to help! As a more casual fan of LEGO, I would have probably just built the set, modified the roof a bit to match my preferences, and loved the finished product! ---tom
  5. henrysunset

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    The Review embaro has lifted, so I'm eager to share a summary of my thoughts on the new set! (Full review at brickarchitect.com). #21325 Medieval Blacksmith - box and finished model. As has been discussed at length, many folks see the final version as a bit of a letdown, as it is smaller and less "mature" in aesthetic compared to the original LEGO IDEAS submission. While this is true, I am happy to report that it really is a nice model, apart from some quibbles that I have with the roof coloration, and annoyance with structural choices on the third floor. The ground floor in particular is excellent, with an absolutely brilliant play feature: you press on the brick-built bellows to make the light brick activate in the forge! I also enjoyed nods to classic Castle, including the Black Falcon logos, and nod to the classic Forestmen theme in the tree. The tiny details are the best thing about this set. Now, I don't think it's a "perfect" set, but it really is a nice way to revisit classic Castle themes with modern building techniques. It earned out "Recommended" 4/5 Star Rating (with caveats...). Available February 1. Sincerely, —Tom Alphin, brickarchitect.com
  6. Thanks for explaining! I can totally respect that it doesn't sound like a particularly easy process to automate, and it will take some time to migrate 1000 parts! Out of curiosity, how long does that process take? I would expect that it's at least 15 minutes per part (average), and that probably doesn't include the process of moving parts through the review process. ---tom P.S. Is there a human-readable summary of the process to create new parts in LDraw? If not, It's the kind of nerdy article I'd love to tackle at Brick Architect if someone wants to help me do it!
  7. Is it possible to script a bulk conversion into LDraw format? It wouldn't bother me if it took a long time to clean up and move to "official" - At least folks who are familiar with the "unofficial" parts could begin to use them! As mentioned in another thread, I'm in the process of writing an article about the Most Common DUPLO Parts, and many of the parts are missing pictures. I also plan to add the most common DUPLO parts to my LEGO Brick Labels collection (for only the most discerning toddlers, of course...) ---tom
  8. henrysunset

    [MOC] 1:400 Woolworth Building

    I love this, and have pinned it to my collection of great LEGO Gothic Architecture on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing! —Tom
  9. henrysunset

    MOC: Basilic Notre Dame de la Garde

    The iconic alternating light and dark bands on the arches took me right back to southern Spain, walking into the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba. You have achieved the detail well at a small scale! I've added this to my small but growing collection of Islamic and Byzantine LEGO Architecture on my Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing! —Tom
  10. Love the neo-gothic details in a very small model. I added to my popular Pinterest collection :-)
  11. henrysunset

    Lego Certified Professional Sets

    For a much longer (and fairly up-to-date) list of unofficial architectural sets including those by LEGO Certified Professionals, you should reference this Unofficial LEGO Architecture Set Guide - BRICK ARCHITECT. It includes information on many sets, including details which I have verified by talking to the original resellers or the LCP in certain cases. Sincerely, —Tom
  12. henrysunset

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    I had the good fortune of receiving an advance preview copy of the new set. I wanted to share a few highlights from my review of this massive new set! The first surprise for me was that the box is actually 25% smaller than that of the UCS Millennium Falcon, even though it has 20% more parts. I was similarly surprised by the huge price difference, with the Colosseum coming in at about 30% cheaper than the Falcon. #10276 Colosseum includes 20% more parts, a 25% smaller box, and a 30% lower cost (versus #75192 Millennium Falcon). The second surprise was how satisfying it actually was to build. To be honest, I found the prospect of a 9000+ piece set a bit daunting, especially given how repetitive the model looked like it would be. Now, I don't want to say that it isn't repetitive (it definitely is), but It is extremely satisfying to build a huge module of seating, and snap it into place on the base. In fact, the building techniques used in the model are quite clever and satisfying. The set includes a number of existing parts in new colors, most notably 16x16x 1⅓ Brick w/ Technic Pins (part 65803) introduced in the LEGO Art series in Olive Green. I was also pleased to see a few popular new parts available in new colors for the first time. This includes the Olive Green part in the photo above, plus three parts in the very useful Dark Tan color. I've included a step-by-step look at the entire review process in my review at brickarchitect.com - check it out! ---Tom
  13. henrysunset

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    As someone *significantly* more familiar with both of the systems, can you expand on the ways that you see the new Powered-up Generation Mindstorms (51515) as dumbed down when compared to EV3? The main things that I am aware of which are either different are worse: (worse) the removal of most of the buttons on the hub, (different, probably worse) the replacement of a crappy-looking but useful grayscale LCD with a 5×5 grid of LED's. (different) The new device has a slower 100mhz CPU, but based on a much newer ARM architecture, so I don't know if it is faster or slower overall... (but suspect that the battery life will be improved) (different, probably better) a single connector for both sensors and motors. (different, better) Smaller overall size makes it easier to integrate into models. (different, probably better) Includes a decent-capacity Li-ion pack.
  14. henrysunset

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Thx for clarifying. I will update the labels accordingly.
  15. henrysunset

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Yup, that's the one I use most. (I also have a Cube Plus, but it isn't meaningfully better).