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  1. Darth Fandom

    New LEGO Marvel Film

    I was just scrolling through my YouTube notifications and it turns out that there's a new LEGO Marvel short film, which you can watch here. I've only briefly skipped through to some of the scenes, as I don't have time to watch right now, but here's what I've got (SPOILERS): It seems like the film is only using 2020 sets, which leads me to believe its a sequel to Climate Conundrum. I'll be watching it later today, and post my thoughts as well.
  2. Darth Fandom

    Who's Excited for Climate Conundrum?

    Probably Iron Rivalry too. Unless Marvel HQ hasn't uploaded all the clips for Friends and Foes, it's the longest (IR has 5 clips while F&F has 3). I really enjoyed seeing the Iron Man Mech (got the set back in May), and now I feel the need to get the Detroit Steel Strikes set! Sadly, though, I see now that there is a LEGO Marvel magazine which doesn't seem to be available in my country or have a PDF... ? Luckily I got the 2013 LEGO Marvel game and it's NDS version, and they're a real bash to play.
  3. Darth Fandom

    Who's Excited for Climate Conundrum?

    Awesome! I also love the LEGO movies and shows. I've got almost every LEGO DC film on DVD (minus the LEGO Batman 2 game movie and LEGO Shazam) and the other night I watched all the LEGO Marvel shorts from Maximum Overload to Vexed by Venom. What's your favourite episode so far? Iron Rivalry, Friends and Foes or the current Wild Weather episode?
  4. If you don't know, there's a new LEGO Marvel's Avengers show coming out called Climate Conundrum. The basic story is the Avengers fighting Hammer and AIM who are trying to steal Stark's new weather machine. Marvel HQ are releasing the episodes in parts online, but only in certain countries, so some people have to wait until November 1 to watch it on Disney XD. So far episodes 1, 2 and the first part of 3 have been uploaded. What are your thoughts on this show? After all, it's the first LEGO Marvel series to have more than one episode.
  5. Darth Fandom

    My New HF Timeline of Media

    So, here's something I started making the other day, it's a Hero Factory timeline of media. Click here to go to the timeline. Right now it's just got episodes 1-6 and 8-10, but soon I'm going to update it with material from HeroFactory.com, novels, games and alternate reality material (some of the reality names are going to be made up, but they'll follow the same sort of thing the official reality title). I'm also eventually going to make a downloadable edition for when the timeline's done, which will look something like this. Hope you enjoy it so far!
  6. Darth Fandom

    A Short Little HF Quiz

    Hope you enjoyed it!
  7. Darth Fandom

    Where Can I Play Brain Attack?

    If you look up "hero factory breakout reddit", there should be an r/lostmedia topic. Click on it and you'll get a link to the game zip, Unity exe and Pale Moon exe. Not sure if the Unity exe does anything, but if you open the game zip, there'll be a Launcher.html. Open it in (or just copy and paste it into) Pale Moon and the game should work. Sadly the full game featuring the Wave 2 sets seems to be all but lost... :(
  8. Darth Fandom

    Where Can I Play Brain Attack?

    I'm not quite sure if App Store has the game still. If it does I'll maybe try getting an Apple Emulator to play it. I've just put this on a BZPower topic: The main reason I'm trying to get it is so I can makes notes of the weaponry and characters for a fan-fic, and the gameplay videos either don't show everything or are outdated.
  9. Recently I've managed to get the HF Breakout game working through Pale Moon but I can't find a downloadable PC version on BMP or anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the game?
  10. Darth Fandom

    A Short Little HF Quiz

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate feedback.
  11. Darth Fandom

    A Short Little HF Quiz

    Thanks! It took me a while to find all the answers to the questions, mainly because I haven't read the Secret Mission novels. Luckily, Archive.org has some free digital editions of some of the books to borrow, so I'm reading Legion of Darkness now.
  12. Darth Fandom

    A Short Little HF Quiz

    So the other day I was kinda bored and I made a quiz about Hero Factory, as the title suggests. I've already posted a topic on BZPower and I thought I'd post the link here too. The quiz can be found here. It's on a website called Kahoot, which is most of the time used for educational stuff, but there's always room for an exception. :P I would really like to know your feedback!
  13. Darth Fandom

    Lots of Missing HF Parts

    Thanks! I'll try and download it soon. Hopefully all of my 4.3.12 projects will work in 4.3.11.
  14. I have recently downloaded the latest LEGO Digital Designer, 4.3.12, to digitally design a whole chunk of Hero Factory heroes and villains. It's really good, and has 1.0 parts, 2.0 parts, 3.0 parts and Breakout parts. However, it's missing Brain Attack parts. I know that there is a Digital Designer with the Brain Attack parts, however there's so many Digital Designers and I don't really have the data to download each and every single LDD just to get a few parts. There's also a lot of missing Breakout pieces, such as for Core Hunter and XT4, and 1.0 parts, like Stormer's helmet and chest plate, Stringer's helmet and various weapons. I would really appreciate it if I could know which LDD has these parts.
  15. Two days ago, I went to my local LEGO shop and managed to get my hands on set 76141 Thanos Mech, and yay, because I already had set 76140 Iron Man Mech. So I decided to make a custom thingy-majigy out of the pieces I had, and I made the weird, totally stupid Iron Mechosaurus, which is absolutely awful but fun to mess around with. Because there's only a certain size of files I can upload here, I've got a PDF of the custom here. Hope you like it (although I won't be surprised if nobody does).