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Found 6 results

  1. CBFD Hazmat 1 is the primary hazardous materials team in the city! It is supported by Hazmat 4, which acts as the secondary/decon team, and the 2 Squad companies. This rig is the replacement for the 2019 Seagrave/SVI after it was involved in a traffic collision. Castle Beach Fire Department is proud to present brand new Hazardous Materials 1. Built on a 2020 Seagrave Marauder II cab with SVI bodywork, this rig replaces the 2019 Seagrave/SVI Hazmat rig, after the rig was involved in a traffic accident. Unlike most special operations apparatus, the new HM1 does not have a slide out. However, a command center is located in the cab along with a Flow Sciences biological safety cabinet to analyze foreign samples. HM1 also carries a wide variety of meters and detection kits to fulfill the motto “In omnia paratus,” which means “ready for anything.” HM1 is staffed daily by 8 firefighters, all of whom are hazardous materials specialists. Technical specs: 2020 Seagrave Marauder II/SVI Hazmat 500-hp Cummins X-12 engine Federal Signal Lighting Hi-Viz BG2 scene lighting B&M Super Chief mechanical Siren Federal Signal Touchmaster Siren Grover Air horns NightScan PowerLite Radios and command equipment Detection cameras (heat sensitive, infrared) Wilburt Telescoping Pneumatic Mast Pelco Command Camera System Climatronics Tecmet II weather station Battery operated Holmatro extraction tools Vanair Pro Air Compressor Harrison On-Board generator Flow Sciences interior lab containment enclosure Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer Extensive library of MSDS handbooks CO monitors Level A and B entry suits EOD suits Testing equipment and meters 60 minute air bottles Leak and spill kits for chlorine and other dangerous chemicals Sparkless power-tools Propane burn off kits Pipe sealing equipment Mercury leak kit Decontamination equipment Oil Absorbents Emulsifiers Immersion suits Credit: David H for the compartments Inspired by: LAFD Squad 21 Denver HAMER 1 Seattle Hazmat 1 FDNY Hazmat 1 Numerous upgrades to the cab include the Hi-Viz BG2 scene lights on the brow. Additional warning systems like the B&M Super Chief mechanical siren, Federal Signal Touchmaster, and the Grover air horns aid in clearing streets. Hazmat 1 is the first special ops rig in many years to not have a slide-out. As the crew rides in either the walk-in portion of the apparatus or in HM1A, the area behind the driver and officer is setup for command purposes. In addition, the Flow Sciences biological safety cabinet was moved to this location as well. The apparatus committee worked closely with SVI to optimize storage of the equipment that HM1 carries. The rear of the apparatus shows the thermal camera, the steps leading to the roof of the rig, and the door to the walk-in portion. The apparatus is a full walk-through and provides ample space for the crew to suit up at scenes. Hence, all the various suits, from the Level A suits to the regular PPE are stored here to provide rapid access to suits. As Castle Beach has a large port, railways, a large international airport, and several industrial areas, there are many high risk sections of the city, necessitating the need for a highly trained hazmat team. Hazmat 1 is also certified to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives calls, fulfilling the catchphrase of the company, “In Omnia Paramus.” \ Hazmat 1 carries many non-sparking tools to allow for rescues in areas where there may be gases that could potentially ignite should a spark occur. Hazmat 1 responds to any situation needing their expertise, whether it is a fuel leak, mercury spill, or any other response that poses a threat to the health of our minifigures.
  2. dglacet

    [MOC] Hazardous experiments

    Hi there, here is my last moc, it's the first time i make a scene at this scale. It represents a scientific laboratory where scientists do some strange experiments. It was essentially inspired by the set 70163 - Ultra agents Toxikita. The scene is composed of four rooms. The first one is the principal experiment room, where mutants are studied. Then there is a security vestibule to put on Hazmat suits and avoid contamination, driving to a higly secured laboratory where genetic manipulations are tested. The last room is isolated and into it experiments are made on hazardous materials with a laser. This last experiment is led from the principal room. First of all, general overview of the scene : IMG_9570 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9571 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Close up on the two mutants cells and machinery : IMG_9579 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Overview of genetic manipulation lab : IMG_9575 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr "Mmmmh, this suit could be usefull at the lambda facility" An unexpected guest.... by dorian glacet, sur Flickr A scientis manoeuvering materials : IMG_9576 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr "1.21 GIGOWATTS????" 1.21 Gigowatts? by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  3. It has been five years ago since I had finished this hazmat truck. So I think, time for a make over. During the rebuild, the model got a longer wheelbase for more loading space, but tried to save the overall look. I had put on some new features like a more realistic hydraulic platform and a lamp post. This truck now features a lot of equipment for huge technical assistances and of course incidents with hazardous materials. It can also be alarmed by the municipal fire department in case of incidents thoughout the city area. In Europe, this treaty with municipal aid agencies is called TUIS. Which can be translated with Transport-, Incident- and assistance-System. Btw, the little red thing at the front end is a typical covered winch. Enough (in roughly English) said, let the photos speak... This is it. Hope you like this, too. Thanks for watching.
  4. Hello Eurobricks! So last night we got a ton of snow and today my classes were cancelled. I had done all of my work last night so I thought why not do something with the $12 Series 4 Hazmat Guy I bought during the summertime, so here it is! So as you can see, the poor Hazmat Guy has been sent into the sewers to deal with some hazardous substances but instead he finds a creature lurking through the murky water! Here are some more pictures from a few more angles: Sorry this one is kind of dark because of my shadow: So Yeah! Here is a quick look at the minifigure! I took the Hazmat Guy's torso and headgear/gun in his right hand, the head is from an ADU soldier from Alien Conquest, and the legs are from a 2012 City Firefighter. Oh! And the Clear device in his left hand is a little thing I picked up at my last Lego Convention (Brickfete) It looked like some sort of scanner so I thought I'd put it with him. Well I hope you all enjoyed this MOC and please comment your thoughts and recommendations! Good day all, iamwhoiam
  5. Hi fellow fans! I have collected the CMF's, and I quit after four complete series. I luckily got some extra Zombies, Spartans, Elves and Hazmat's. Now my question to you is, what would these complete series be worth? Not just the BL price, but the price people would actually pay. And would it be wiser to sell them as a lot, or loose? I'm worried that I won't get rid of them all if I sell them loose And finaly, would any of you be interested in those figures? Thanks and have a good day!
  6. Hi everyone! I got the Collectible Minifigures series 1, 2, 3 and 4 for sale. Possibly for trade too. I'm willing to give a good deal on these, since they're all opened but even the bags etc. are included. Having done hundreds of trades on Flickr, and a few here on EB, I am willing to ship anywhere in the world Edit: I would like to sell these as a whole, or per series if the offer is good. & I got multiple Spartans, Elves and Hazmat guys for sale / trade too.