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Found 6 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Fire Station (MOC)

    My second build for ABS Round 2.1 The seed part is the red bucket, which I used 19 times (once in another color) in this build, see if you can find them all! I have wanted to try some builds in the city theme for a while, and a fire truck offered some nice possibilities to use the seed part. Then I decided to add the actual fire station, and a smaller fire truck after coming up with some other ideas for the part. The build is complete on all sides, and even has a bit of interior. The trucks feature various compartments for fire fighting supplies. See more pictures on my website. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions welcome
  2. Hi all, just a quick MOC (in fact a MOD of a quite old model) to test how those nice Speed Champions wheels and mudguards can be used for minifig scale purposes. Unfortunately they are much too large for passenger cars (except the hubcaps, see http://www.eurobrick...25#entry2193849), but they do look quite nice on such a truck, especially when the wheels are enlarged a bit. The pumper is an old 8w+ model (and thus too large for the actual scale I'm building in) - anyhow it will be turned to 7w+ some day ... Some more pics: Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello Community! It's been quite awhile since my last MOC. But I wasn't passive. In the meantime I've upgrated some of my models, especially the ones of my petroleum plant fire brigade "Jade Öl AG". So, let's start with a new special tanker equipped with a high reachable Turret, mobile water cannon and a heavy duty pump. It carries 7,000 liters of water and 3,000 liters of foam to the scene. You'll find a few more pics in the gallery on my blog. So, hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome as usual. More MOCs to come. Regards!
  4. Hello, I am new here on Euro Bricks, but I have been building for some time and I have started a Fire dept. I was wondering what I could improve on and what is liked/ disliked. There are more, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them..
  5. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Here are my current fire units. These are for the Brickshore Fire Rescue District, which is the main fire department in my county, Brickford. This is Engine 1, a 2013 Pierce Velocity side-mount pumper. It has a 500 GPM Waterous pump with a 2000 gallon polycarbonite tank. It is eqquipped with a Federal Signal Vsion SLR lightbar and a Federal Q siren. This is the second version of Engine 1. You can check out the new one here:, and the old one here: Up next is my Utility unit! This is the BFRD's Utility unit for Station 1. It runs with Engine 1 for MVAs, medical calls, and anything that involves a trailer. It is a Ford F-250, converted by KME into a small service unit. It has a hard bubble cover on the bed, but it doesn't hold anything. It has Whelen lighting, and as you will see, there is a traffic advisor in the back. The wheel are raised a stud, due to the trailer hitch, and I think that making it one stud higher makes it look a lot more like an F-250 than a 150. The truck is pretty much self explanatory; not much else to say. Check it out on MOCpages: Last but not least, the command car. This car is a 2013 Ford Interceptor used the BFRD for the chief. That they don't have. We have the car, but not the Chief. Anyways, same as the Sheriff cars, blah blah. There will be two more of these; one for each station. This one is driven by the chief, and the other two will be driven by assistant chiefs. It's on MOCpages here: Plus, the entire Brickford emergency fleet! Look below for 'Muricah pride! This is a car that would be, if you guys like it, more or less acuratly made into LEGO for the BCSD. I made this on Ford's Mustang Customizer. It is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that would be an unmarked pursuit unit for the Sheriff's Department. The reason why it would be a pursuit unit is because of the supercharged intercooled 5.8-liter 32-valve aluminum block V8 engine delivering 662 horsepower and 631 lb.-ft. of torque. Plus it just looks badass, hands down. Do you guys think I should go on a limb and try this? Post below!
  6. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC]: Fire Station

    This was a first. Well, not exactly, since I've done this before, but it was many many years ago. Nowadays MOCing (for me, at least) usually means sitting in front of the computer and shaping my ideas through LDD, then making a parts list through LDD Manager, then going over BL for the parts and then sitting around for a few weeks waiting for the parts to arrive. And only then actually bricking. When I was a kid, things were different: I spread my bricks on the floor and started building. That method usually yielded quite less accurate models but boy things were fun and simple! So for this MOC I went back to my origins: I sat at my desk with brick tubs around me and went to work . The modular Fire Brigade is an awesome model, but you can't actually use it as a modern and effective fire house, so I needed something more, let's say, "efficient" for Legoville. Last year I had bought Lego's 7208 that I put together, but frankly, as a fire station, it sucks . I also stumbled upon an opened but new 7945 that I bought with the intention of using as a parts bin for my future Legoville fire station. When I started out I wasn't exactly sure of what i wanted, except for one thing: I had to try to incorporate a helipad . Initially I was just going to put it beside the station, but that seemed awfully uninspired, so I started to think about elevating the helipad. I wouldn't have enough plates to make one as big as I wanted, so I decided to use a road plate, as long as figured out how to connect and secure it to the building. I also wanted the fire station to house my big new 8-wide fire tender/pumper, so it would have to have wide and tall garages. Since I was creating on the fly, having the necessary parts was an issue, so I was constricted to what I had in my tubs. Frankly I would have used some better parts if I had them in a few sections, but in the end I think it came out ok . I still have one garage vacant, that will be used for my future rescue unit, and with the wide helipad I can park some of the big helos there, like the 4439 and 60010 or 7738. Empty real estate is a very rare commodity in Legoville, so with this design I killed two birds with one stone. And now I can start building my whirlybirds that are still boxed waiting for a helipad . This afternoon I also ordered some parts, so I can correct a few issues (like trading that road plate in the garage for something better) therefor there will be some improvements in the future. But nothing major - I'm happy with the overall design.