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Found 14 results

  1. My Lego project this year has been parting together the first three sets from the modular building series. I used parts from my own collection in combination with bricklink orders, and while there are a few part substitutions for cost reasons, I wanted to keep things as faithful to the originals as possible. Some of the notable changes are: CC) old style 1x2x3 panels with solid studs and 2x2 jumpers for most of the light bley turntables; MS) old style white hoses for balconies (I think these look a bit nicer too) and basic 1x4x3 windows instead of train windows; GG) the sand green walls redesigned to avoid 1x8s. My custom interiors use only parts that were accessible in 2007/08 to keep a consistent style going. It was also a really fun challenge. I hope you like seeing what I came up with. Cafe Corner After parting together the Cafe Corner, it has undoubtedly become one of my favorites of the modular building series. The warm colors on the upper floors are handsome and thoughtfully blocked out, and the dark blue on the ground floor is a fantastic idea. It being a hotel and cafe is also very inviting imagery, and I was inspired to turn it into a European-style hostel with a ground floor cafe and bakery. The ground floor cafe and bakery has a few seats and tables as well as plenty of open space for customers to stand. It's all a bit kitschy, especially the floor design I chose, but also pretty in-keeping with design sensibilities from this era of Lego in my opinion. I put the kitchen area in front of the set's blue wall to keep things visually sectioned-off. The coffee machine was a build I had a lot of fun coming up with. There is also a key on the wall, which is meant to represent keys to the door of the stairwell leading up to the hostel— I figure this counter is the one-stop-shop for everything in the building. The first floor of the hostel features three bunk-beds with storage drawers underneath for each guest, a bathroom, and some stained glass, which continues the old-world feel of the brown interior and lattice windows. The upper floor has more comfortable accommodations with three larger beds, a desk and chair and a dresser. Market Street I was really, really surprised how much I ended up loving Market Street. This set is typically found at the bottom of people's rankings of the modular buildings, but it's safely near the top of mine. Sure, it's a hair more than half a modular; but it was priced accordingly, and who doesn't like a little height variation in their layout? Besides, the open-air market space would be a terrific addition to any urban area. The ability to configure the square floors in different directions is a bit unnecessary for display, sure, but it's undeniably in the spirit of Lego. And medium blue, gosh, what a pretty color. I decided to make mine into a science museum with its medium of engagement being its library. This is a museum you could spend all day at, combing through their collection of books on the scientific topic and deepen your understanding. Much of my inspiration here came from a place I visited in Amsterdam called "embassy of the free mind". The guy in the blazer is the owner of the museum and has immense passion for the topic, demonstrated by the piles and piles of books scattered everywhere. To him, though, it's organized chaos. I tried something different with the technic bookshelf, I think it turned out pretty cool! The second floor features walls of infographics, important objects on display, and general outlines of the topic. Inside the clear case is a sextant element; maybe this is some sort of astronomy museum? I made the absolute most of the available space on the third floor to place several columns of bookshelves, a plant, and a statue of a foundational scientist in the field. The outdoor area under the awning is kept the same from the original set—a fantastic place to pass the time and read! Lastly, here's what I've done with the market space and the back side. I guess we know where the plant in the 2x2 yellow cylinder out front is grown! Green Grocer Green Grocer is a fantastic, inventive modular building and fits beautifully with the previous two. Many of the window and door elements we take for granted today were released in 2008 with this set and the Town Plan. But in my opinion the sand green groove bricks, creating a powerhouse of detail, are this set's real showstopper. It's a shame they're not more readily available. I've kept the ground floor the same from the original model. That tile design—so charming! I made the rest of the building into a spacious two-story apartment. The rug and the grandfather clock have been moved to this floor from the upper floor where they were placed in the original set, I think they give the space a lot of character. The chairs are a variation of a design I came up with for my Hobbiton MOC a long time ago, and they work well here I think, the upside down grey turntable playing nicely off the grey floor. I'm also quite proud of the sink, which I got to fit almost perfectly in the bay window, and the SNOT refrigerator using mailboxes and brackets partially locked into the wall and partially acting as storage shelves. Upstairs is a bedroom with a reading nook and a full bathroom. The bed frame is a somewhat complex build featuring hammers, continuing the set's motif of using that piece for detail. I made no changes to the rooftop patio on the original set, it's perfect as is! Thanks for looking at what I had to share! Let me know what you think
  2. Two years ago, in a break between some Mocs, I spent a couple of evenings working on the interior furnitures for the 10182 Cafe Corner. Everything has been designed to be inserted without touching any existing details of the first classic Modular Building. Neither the walls, no part has been replaced. All I did was simply trying to add things and details. Even plate to make more solid the floors. But let's go inside the description: On the ground floor there is a café (obviously), I looked for similar French cafè on the internet to get some inspirations, so I tried to give an 'art nouveau' look with arches enclosing the area with tables, leather sofas ... Among the arches I've put lattice in the completed model, to give a sensation of being inside a gazebo (unluckily LDD doesn't accept lattice inside arches)... To this lattice a fixed 2x2 pictures decorated tiles using technic pins Floral decorations were very popular in the Art Nouveau, so I placed flowers on the pillars. The bar counter with wood inlaid is completed with foodbox. The cabinet on the back has more or less what you can usually find in a bar, glasses, bottles and a coffee machine. The central door has been given a bell. The tile and plate scattered in the air have been put to fill the holes left in the set. The staircase has been all covered and equipped with handrails. The first floor includes the Hotel reception with a small bench and the bell, a plant, a single room with a bed and wardrobe and a bathroom in common. Unfortunately the space is what it is and the chance to do complex things, or more accurate was impossible. But in the end, if we think about it, a few decades ago it was usual to find small hotel with a shared bathroom in the hallway, so I thought it could fit in a consistent manner. Above the reception desk I placed a classic shape chandelier. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, one double and one single ... Above the stairs, another chandelier with classic shape. That's all, I hope you enjoy this little Moc.
  3. I know there is no way to know what Lego is going to do and I know that chances of it happening are slim at best but as I am seeing a few, well a couple, of Lego sets being re-released, like the Death Star and the Winter Village Toy Shop, both re-released recently although slightly different from their originals, I was wondering if Lego would ever re-release one of the three first modular buildings, Cafe Corner, Market Street or Green Grocer. I guess they will never do it, it would make the parallel/secondary market mad at them. But I have hope, one day it may happen. Lego is a mean company...
  4. legomilk

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    10182 Café Corner Official release March 18th. 2007 Add realistic architecture to your LEGO Town! Developed by LEGO fans and designers working together, this detailed and realistic street corner scene features plenty of special colors, rare LEGO pieces and creative building techniques, as well as authentic interior details and modular construction to let you enlarge the neighborhood as your LEGO collection grows. Built completely on minifigure scale! Includes 3 townspeople minifigures! Street base measures 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) and building stands over 14" (36 cm) high! Realistic features include opening front door, café tables with umbrellas, striped awning, "Hotel" sign, trash can, street light, bench and more! Top two stories lift off to reveal inner rooms and staircases! Connectors at base of model allow you to join 4 Café Corners together! • Built completely on minifigure scale! • Includes 3 townspeople minifigures! • Street base measures 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) and building stands over 14" (36 cm) high! • Realistic features include opening front door, café tables with umbrellas, striped awning, "Hotel" sign, trash can, street light, bench and more! • Top two stories lift off to reveal inner rooms and staircases! • Connectors at base of model allow you to join 4 Café Corners together! Images link to HR versions which can be +4000.pxl All Pictures © 2007 The LEGO Group and used here with permission!
  5. Palixa And The Bricks

    [MOD&MOC] Cafe Corner

    Hello everyone, about two years ago my husband and I decided to build our own version of the Cafe Corner since the original LEGO set was already too expensive. I switched some colours, replaced rare bricks with less expensive alternative bricks and added some details on the inside. After this long period it was time for some restoration and renovation. I didn't like the colours anymore and it didn't match my other modulars very well. So, here it is, the new version of the Cafe Corner. One level added, a new floor plan and new furnishings and decorations. The cafe on the ground floor mainly stayed the same. There are now two modern and stylish rooms on the second and third floor, each with en-suite bathroom. The biggest and most comfortable room is located on the top floor. More pictures of the old and the new Cafe Corner can be found here.
  6. Chilly_Productions

    Which Modular Buildings Do You Own?

    I own the pet shop and the fire brigade, my sister owns the green grocer, the grand emporium, the palace cinema and the town hall, she isn't into LEGO anymore, but she keeps them as ornaments.
  7. daniel9x

    Cafe Corner piece alternatives

    I recently completed parting out the Green Grocer and had a lot of fun with it. I had to make a few modifications due to the super high cost of some of the rare bricks and it looks like I'll have to do the same thing with Cafe Corner. One piece I'm particularly concerned about is Element #4222968, "White Ski with Hinge". 11 of these babies make the front arch thing. I've noticed that the Ski without hinge is significantly more common/cheaper and was wondering if anyone else who bricklinked/parted out cafe corner made this similar variation and has a picture of it. Can't decide which way to go but wish I had an idea before making the decision to fork over the $$$ or not.
  8. Brick & Mortimer

    Modular Rebuilding Project

    In the lego community, the modular buildings are held in awe. For most AFOLS, they represent a high point in all the sets TLG has released. Rumors about the new modular building are eagerly followed by the fans. These sets even made their (previously anonymous) designers into a sort of celebrities. A couple of months ago my girlfriend and I moved to a new, bigger, apartment. When we were packing I decided to tear down my modulars in order to clean them from dust etc. Now I’ve finally found the time to start cleaning and rebuilding. And I’d like to use this opportunity to see if the modulars hold to their reputation. Hence this rebuilding project. The sets I’m going to rebuild are: 10182 Café Corner 10190 Market Street 10185 Green Grocer 10197 Fire Brigade 10211 Grand Emporium 10218 Pet Shop 10224 Town Hall Palace Cinema and Parisian Restaurant are not a part of this project for the simple reason that they I can’t be re-build them. I own Palace Cinema, but I never had the room to build it when we were living in our old apartment. The Parisian Restaurant was the first set I build when we moved to our new place. I’m not going to use a fixed checklist for judging every set, but basically I’ll be judging the modulars on building techniques, esthetics and (lack of) repetitive building. I’d like to point out that all this is just my personal opinion. I realize that not everybody is going to agree with things I think of as beautiful or ugly, but as the old saying goes: de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est. This rebuilding project is not going to be is a series of reviews. There are excellent reviews of all the modulars in this rebuilding project, so I’m not going to rehash what is already written. Also, I’m not going to focus on (rare) parts etc. Firstly because I’m not familiar with this and secondly because for me, rare parts or parts in special colours are no reason to buy the modulars. I like the buildings and the techniques, but special parts are not a selling point for me. Again, this is just me and again, this rebuilding project is very subjective. I'm not going to grade the modulars on a scale. I find it very hard to do, so you'll have to do with vague terms like "beautiful", "nice" "boring" etc. Maybe (just maybe), I might give a ranking after rebuilding all my modulars. 1: Café Corner 2: Market Street 3: Green Grocer 4: Fire Brigade 5: Grand Emporium I’ll try to post as regularly as possible, I hope to post at least once a week (if RL allows). I hope you guys are going to enjoy my trip down memory lane!
  9. I'd like to take you to another stop in my burgeoning modular LEGO city! Today's visit is to the Octopus Japanese Restaurant, where minifigs flock for authentic Asian cuisine! Here's Octopus! The torii and rock garden help to allure hungry diners to the restaurant. If you're in the mood for sushi or hibachi, you've arrived at the right place. Around back, we can see the open air dining area. A closeup view of the dining area in the back of the restaurant. Now for a look inside! Here's the ground floor. The sushi bar is to the right, with a casual dining area to the left. Another look at the ground floor. There's a sink in the prep area near the sushi bar, some decorative items on the wall, and a restroom under the stairs. One of the most alluring aspects of the ground floor is the large aquarium, dividing the sushi bar and table settings and giving the restaurant a calm atmosphere. There's even a light feature in the aquarium to further enhance the experience. Here's a look at the bathroom. It's a small space but it has what's necessary. But now, let's travel up the stairs to the next floor: The next level has two hibachi tables. The hibachi is very popular for large parties and business meetings. The chefs are very skilled and put on a highly entertaining show. To the right, another chef prepares food for preparation at the table. Some friends are enjoying sake and miso soup before their entree is served. Swinging doors separate the kitchen area from the patrons in the main dining area. And now, let's go up one final flight of stairs, which really picks up after hours: The top floor contains a karaoke bar and lounge! Patrons sing their hearts out to their favorite songs, but occasionally a professional entertainer puts on her kimono for a performance on selected nights. Dark curtains help keep an ambient vibe and another aquarium and flowers keep the patrons happy. And for musical accompaniment, a full sized piano sits on the stage. Our featured performer hopes you enjoyed your evening at Octopus! Check out more pictures on my Flickr page!
  10. Legopard

    [MOC] Nano Modular Buildings

    Hello The Modular Buildings are one of the most popular Sets by TLC. I rebuild most of them in my own Style, a bit less than the normal: A work of mostly laying instead of building. Jonas
  11. alois

    Restaurant 'Le Parisien'

    Built for the Lowlug contest 'Modular MOC Madness', this Lego modular building combines the theme of the Parisian restaurant set with my own take on a Parisian building. Walking in Paris a week ago, I noticed that almost all buildings were made of sandstone, and thus tan in colour, and none of them in the colours olive and white. So I made my own Parisian restaurant. The layout is reminiscent of the Green Grocer, the business being reached from the street and the apartments from a separate larger entrance. The lower floor has the restaurant, with kitchen and restroom; the second floor has an apartment with bedroom and bathroom; the third floor is not furnished but could also be used as an apartment. The exterior: Some details: The different floors: Interior: Apartment: Backside: More on Flickr.
  12. brickbuilder711

    MOC: NEW Modular Building

    Friends, In time for the Holiday season layout (mine is more Florida themed so no snow, sorry!) I have here a brand new Modular Building MOC. It has three stories and two subsections, with retail on the ground floor and residential on the upper floors. Here's the video and photos!
  13. soundwave_sw

    Seaside Town

    Hi all, Here is a layout I did recently. The front section was custom built for this event. It was inspired and supposed to loosely resemble Neuhoff in Denmark. I used over 40 different colors and fun trying to make as many different styles. It was a great exercise in using many of my random windows, doors, and roof slopes, and rare colors that I have acquired over the years but didn't have enough to do anything large scale with. Most of the boats were also recently made and came out well for what I was aiming for. The back section has some of my larger town buildings some of which are somewhat new. Total layout is about 8x8 feet. Enjoy! More pics on my Flickr stream