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Found 39 results

  1. This building is inspired by set 10263 (Winter Village Fire Station), while the fire truck was inspired by CARS 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) and Gift With Purchase set 40586. (Moving Truck) As you can see, the building has been heavily modified, with it having removable floors and an bright red color scheme along with a rear half added on. Compared to other modular buildings, the tower roof is just about the same height as the shorter building in the modular Detective Office set. The rear of the building has a couple windows. The lower floor is accessible through the front garage door or by removing the second floor. Speaking of the garage, it fits the vintage fire truck quite nicely. The upper floor roof is removable, to access the enclosed bunk-room and get at the kitchen. Four figures can sleep in the bunk beds. I even have a bathroom in there! Since 2012, when the Cars 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) was released, I've been trying to build a better front half for that set. Then I saw a MOC over on Rebrickable turning set 40586 (Moving Truck GWP) into a fire truck, as seen here. It hit me I could combine my 6-wide cabin version of the moving truck with the Cars fire truck. What you see above is the result. (I changed the nose quite a bit from the original truck, as something about it just felt off) The truck features four hoses, a roof-mounted ladder and water pump controls. If it weren't for the fireman hats being in the way, you could potentially seat two figures in the cab. As it is, it will seat one and a Dalmatian. (Also, both of the doors open.) As for firemen, I have four of these 1980's guys, with one having a gold helmet for us as a Captain. (picture from Bricklink) Thoughts? NOTE: The original version of the model is shown in spoiler: Finished 2/6/24!
  2. Hi guys! Here we go again with a new creation of mine, hope you like it! The "Boxer" fire truck is an emergency off-road vehicle produced by Evee Automotive, used for the control and intervention of forest fires. It's very versatile, thanks to the fact that it can deploy a terrestrial and an aerial drone. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful fire lance capable of rotating 360 degrees on the roof, a fire lance on the nose accompanied by two smaller ones facing the ground, a telescopic ladder, 4 large internal compartments for storing accessories and tools, a winch, advanced suspension system to tackle any type of terrain, 2 hoses, external roll bars, and a large cockpit capable of accommodating 5 firefighters and their equipment. This is a heavy modified 60374 set.
  3. Hi guys! Today I want to show you my new fire truck, a European style fire truck, hope you like it! The Evee Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle 3, or UFFV-3, nicknamed "Land Whale", is a state-of-the-art European-style fire truck supplied to the Lego City Fire Department. It's a heavy vehicle equipped with 7 compartments, and a spacious interior, which can accommodate 5 fully equipped men. It's equipped with 2 fixed fire hoses and a fire lance on the roof, which can be piloted from the cockpit. It has large internal compartments which house a vast range of accessories. This vehicle was designed to operate in urban, city or suburban environments, given its compactness and equipment. It features a hybrid engine, which moves the vehicle, plus a heat engine to power the on-board systems. This motor is able to generate approximately 5 kW, which powers a 3 kW headlight column and two additional 220 V sockets to which it is possible to connect the electric pump, a spotlight or anything else that requires electricity to function. The internal tank is 3000 litres, plus a 400 liter foaming tank. Finally, it is equipped with a hydraulic connection to be able to power additional hydraulic accessories supplied. This vehicle can generally be seen towing an emergency dinghy trailer.
  4. Originally wanted to rebuild 6484, but it had electrics (micromotor+flashing lights) as it's main attraction point, so witheld that due to "no electrics allowed" and went for a model I've seen in a catalogue from 2010 - the firetruck 6752 from Creator series. Image hotlinked from BL, not planning on buying the set. Functionality from original: - lifting of the ladder - extension of the ladder - rotation of the ladder - openable doors + interior (though the seating shall become blue like any true Technic set) Planned additions: - RWD - V6 - steering wheel (might include, current technic sets don't even have openable doors...) Progress: Scale stays the same, so wheelbase (19s) and width (13s) as well. Rear axle's a bit overengineered, but the 5L axles kept popping out otherwise. The engine is a bit tricky to implement due to the 13s width, but should fit tighly. In the original, none of the rear has any openable doors, but those two round 2x2 tiles can be a perfect place for some gears to actuate ladder functions, with the black levers replaced with gearbox switches. Steering column will be routed to the back, as the ladder would get in the way otherwise. Ladder extension in the original uses a rigid hose, this I will replace with a pulley system. My worry is that the ladder might end up 3s thick , which is not optimal, but right now don't see other way around. Screenshots below, built irl as well, but renders are better imo. 6752 model from "official sets made in LDD" topic in digital tools subforum. For today it's all, have a final tomorrow.
  5. CBFD Hazmat 1 is the primary hazardous materials team in the city! It is supported by Hazmat 4, which acts as the secondary/decon team, and the 2 Squad companies. This rig is the replacement for the 2019 Seagrave/SVI after it was involved in a traffic collision. Castle Beach Fire Department is proud to present brand new Hazardous Materials 1. Built on a 2020 Seagrave Marauder II cab with SVI bodywork, this rig replaces the 2019 Seagrave/SVI Hazmat rig, after the rig was involved in a traffic accident. Unlike most special operations apparatus, the new HM1 does not have a slide out. However, a command center is located in the cab along with a Flow Sciences biological safety cabinet to analyze foreign samples. HM1 also carries a wide variety of meters and detection kits to fulfill the motto “In omnia paratus,” which means “ready for anything.” HM1 is staffed daily by 8 firefighters, all of whom are hazardous materials specialists. Technical specs: 2020 Seagrave Marauder II/SVI Hazmat 500-hp Cummins X-12 engine Federal Signal Lighting Hi-Viz BG2 scene lighting B&M Super Chief mechanical Siren Federal Signal Touchmaster Siren Grover Air horns NightScan PowerLite Radios and command equipment Detection cameras (heat sensitive, infrared) Wilburt Telescoping Pneumatic Mast Pelco Command Camera System Climatronics Tecmet II weather station Battery operated Holmatro extraction tools Vanair Pro Air Compressor Harrison On-Board generator Flow Sciences interior lab containment enclosure Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer Extensive library of MSDS handbooks CO monitors Level A and B entry suits EOD suits Testing equipment and meters 60 minute air bottles Leak and spill kits for chlorine and other dangerous chemicals Sparkless power-tools Propane burn off kits Pipe sealing equipment Mercury leak kit Decontamination equipment Oil Absorbents Emulsifiers Immersion suits Credit: David H for the compartments Inspired by: LAFD Squad 21 Denver HAMER 1 Seattle Hazmat 1 FDNY Hazmat 1 Numerous upgrades to the cab include the Hi-Viz BG2 scene lights on the brow. Additional warning systems like the B&M Super Chief mechanical siren, Federal Signal Touchmaster, and the Grover air horns aid in clearing streets. Hazmat 1 is the first special ops rig in many years to not have a slide-out. As the crew rides in either the walk-in portion of the apparatus or in HM1A, the area behind the driver and officer is setup for command purposes. In addition, the Flow Sciences biological safety cabinet was moved to this location as well. The apparatus committee worked closely with SVI to optimize storage of the equipment that HM1 carries. The rear of the apparatus shows the thermal camera, the steps leading to the roof of the rig, and the door to the walk-in portion. The apparatus is a full walk-through and provides ample space for the crew to suit up at scenes. Hence, all the various suits, from the Level A suits to the regular PPE are stored here to provide rapid access to suits. As Castle Beach has a large port, railways, a large international airport, and several industrial areas, there are many high risk sections of the city, necessitating the need for a highly trained hazmat team. Hazmat 1 is also certified to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives calls, fulfilling the catchphrase of the company, “In Omnia Paramus.” \ Hazmat 1 carries many non-sparking tools to allow for rescues in areas where there may be gases that could potentially ignite should a spark occur. Hazmat 1 responds to any situation needing their expertise, whether it is a fuel leak, mercury spill, or any other response that poses a threat to the health of our minifigures.
  6. CastleBeachFire

    MOC: Brick Mawr Fire Department Truck 43

    Hi everybody! My latest fire truck creation is this 2014 Smeal Sirius tower ladder featuring nine functional compartments! The city of Brick Mawr is a small bustling town located in the southeast portion of Los Angelego County. Brick Mawr Fire Department annually runs 5000 calls per year out of one station: Station 43, which houses one engine, this tower ladder, a paramedic squad, a McCorbrick BLS ambulance, and a battalion chief. Truck 43 is a 2014 Smeal Sirius 100’ rear-mount platform and responds first-due to all structure fires. This truck also carries a complete Holmatro extraction tools, Paratech struts and airbags. For structure fires, the rig is equipped with forcible entry tools, ventilation tools, and 167 ft of ground ladders. Technical Specs: 2014 Smeal Sirius 100’ RM tower ladder B&M Super Chief siren Federal Signal Touchmaster siren Grover air horns Code 3 lighting package 2000 gpm Waterous two-stage pump 420 gal water tank 20 gal Class A foam 40 gal Class B foam 500’ of 4” LDH 400’ of 2.5” attack hose 400’ of 1.75” attack hose 400’ of 1.5” attack hose 300’ of 1” attack hose 100’ of booster hose High rise packs Certified ALS non-transport unit Complete Holmatro EVO-3 battery operated extraction equipment Paratech struts and airbags 167’ of ground ladders Credits: Bryn Mawr, PA for city name and color scheme inspiration St. Louis Fire Department H&L 1 David H for the compartments
  7. HanMS85

    MOC Fire Pumper

    Finally almost complete my MOC. Trying to build base on Scania Fire Pumper but seems kinda of weird ... Any kind suggestion for me ... ? Picture here ...
  8. This building is inspired by set 10263 (Winter Village Fire Station), while the pumper truck was originally designed by Brick City Depot alongside their version of a Winter Village fire station. The fire truck has been built in real life for almost a year, but a good fire station design to go with it has eluded me until very recently, when I downloaded set 10263 from Eurobricks' "official LEGO sets in LDD" topic (which was built by @Migui94, just to be clear. ) As you can see, both have been heavily modified, with the building having an opening rear half / removable roof and an bright red color scheme and the truck being rebuilt from the front end to the cab. (which has a roof!) The rear of the building has a couple windows and plenty of room for the fire truck inside, while the top of the tower has a water barrel. Inside on the front half is the fireman's pole, with half the the living quarters upstairs and some equipment down near the truck. The building locks shut on a Technic pin to keep the building from opening during transit to shows / during storage. The upper floor roof is also removable on the two half-sections, to access the enclosed bunk-room and get at the kitchen better. Four figures can sleep in the bunk beds, (good luck getting the two in the bottom sections, though!) and the pool table is supposed to have this print for the eight ball. The kitchen section has two chairs, a radio, telephone, dog bed, stove, sink and coffee machine. Please NOTE: the building is only open-able to 90 degrees. Any further bashes the roof into itself or the wall into the outside lantern (if the roof is removed). This fire truck was originally designed by Brick City Depot alongside their Winter Village fire station, but was been heavily redesigned by me a while back to better fit with the rest of my early 1900's vehicles. This truck features two hoses, two fire extinguishers and a ladder. One seat is included for the driver. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are welcome!
  9. [Edit, 10 October 2018] Note: This thread is discontinued. If you're interested in more cars of this kind please join me on Flickr. [/Edit] Hi all, this is the second batch of the vintage cars series (more vehicles to follow). I have moved the last one (not yet indexed) to this thread. So the first thread (see http://www.eurobrick...opic=73182&st=0) contains 9 vehicles now. #10: Vintage Truck (Gangster Version) A simplified version of the more colourful Vintage Truck you can find here (#9). The presentation is strongly influenced by the amazing work of LegoManiac over on Flickr. Here you can see the vehicle in action. Don't ask me what's all this stuff, I don't ask them either. More pice here. #11: Vintage Fire Truck No openable doors, no detachable roof, no suspension, no steering - but a nice steering wheel and column ;-) This started as a mod of the fire engine from Fire Brigade 10197 but ended quite differently, although I have kept some details (e.g. the ladder). I really love the original truck but it didn't fit within the other vintage cars. I am not too fond of this kind of fenders, I must say - but since it's a truck the height is okay, I think. Couldn't think of a different solution here. Credits to Lego Fire Museum (http://www.mocpages....lder.php/106210), some inspirations) and BigBoy (http://www.1000stein...myimages/bigboy, use of the gray tires). More pics here. Thanks for looking, c&c welcome as usual!
  10. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Hi all. After starting to collect modulars and displaying them as a group, I really wanted to include custom models along with it. I'm a big fan of 10197, but never thought the engine was much good! Being big into UK-styled fire engines, I thought I'd make my own. This is LARGELY inspired by MadPhysicist's design ( with a fair number of custom tweaks and designs. The plan is to further develop the chassis to allow for quick, easy redesign of the pump/tender to allow for multiple uses. In one of the example image below, I updated the front-end of the unit to be inspired by the old Dennis units used by TWFRS. Obviously it's not perfect, was just trying out a modular front end style! I'm looking for some constructive criticism for these designs to help them improve! I will happily release instructions once I have the design to a fair level..although I may end up trading them for a donation to a firefighter's charity.
  11. sasbury

    New Fire Station and MOCs

    I decided I needed a place to land my new Life Flight helicopter. The solution – build a fire department heliport. I've also posted links to a couple of new fire apparatus MOCs on my Flickr. Everything is based on real fire apparatus. Let me know what you think.
  12. After a long time since I started make water pump for fire truck I finished this project. Water tank in only non-Lego parts (and hode and batteriy ) Truck have 4 PF motors. One XL motor is for driver, servo motor is for steering, L motor is for pump (2 pneumatic pump) and M motor have 2 functions. First is canon rotation and second is winch. Between these two functions you must switched manually. And one under the "hood".
  13. sasbury

    New American fire apparatus MOCs

    I've posted three new fire apparatus MOCs. The first is a Fire Chief SUV that uses Lego's new tires and mudguards from the Speed Champion sets. The result is a design that looks much more realistic and is more properly scaled in relation to my other fire MOCs. The second is a rig is based on the FDNY Logistics Support Unit. It responds to major emergencies with additional rescue supplies. The third is a Life Flight Helicopter. I wanted a more compact design similar to this helicopter and this helicopter. Please let me know what you think. Also, you can now view my MOCs on Twitter and Flickr. Thanks!
  14. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no. 3

    Hi Folks! Today I introduce you to my Fire Ladder no.3, based on set 60112. I modified the engine (now two stud more long), and redesigned the trailer. The new features are a longer ladder in front position, 4 new main compartments, more storage boxes, accessories, an additional fire hoses and control panels. Hope you like it and be inspiration!
  15. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Off Road Fire Truck 2

    Hello everyone! This is my Off Road Fire Truck 2, based on set 60111, I added two storage boxes, move inside the main fire hose, added control panels and accessories, on the roof of the truck there are two other fire hoses and lights. Hope you like it!
  16. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Fire Hazmat Unit

    Hi all! After a long absence I returned with new creations, and i hope you like. Today I share my Lego Fire Hazmat Unit, a truck with two hazmat suites, fire hose, and a lot of accessories as Geiger meter and metal detector. The style of this creation is inspired from Lego City set 60023.
  17. sasbury

    MOC Snorkel Aerial Fire Truck

    Two of the the official Lego fire sets this year are based on a snorkel design. This inspired me to make my own. The boom is entirely self supporting at many angles. See more photos at . Let me know what you think.
  18. This crazy machine is my LEGO replica of the well known "Fire Truck", a Show Rod designed in 1967 by legendary Chuck Miller. Miller founded Styline Customs in Detroit in the late 1960s, specialized in building custom and concept cars designed to attract attention and win awards. One of his major successes came at the 1968 Detroit Autorama, where he won the prestigious Ridler Award with the "Fire Truck". Below the LEGO replica and the real one. My LEGO model features many details: - "muscular" chromed blown small-block V-8; - single windshield; - abbreviated wooden ladders; - Good Year drag slicks; - fire engine style gold leaf “Engine n° 13” lettering on the cab sides; - older-style drum headlights; - vintage Model T taillights; - a Motometer radiator cap; - a roof rack. Inside the Cab there are a fire extingusher, an axe, a pick and a fire helmet from Fabuland theme ;) I also used many chromed bricks. While the Fire Truck could be driven on the street, it was really designed to win custom cars shows, and it succeeded decisively, taking the coveted Detroit Autorama Ridler Award in 1968. You can read the story about my vehicles, included many pictures, on the 2016 February issue of Brick Journal (# 38). All the best and happy building! Norton74
  19. This is my try at making one of the new NZFS MAN fire trucks.
  20. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Utility Van no. 2

    This is my Fire Utility Van no.2, the base is from 60003 Fire Emergency, year 2012. Has two small boxes, a big compartment, fire hoses with control panel and a ladder.
  21. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Utility Van no. 1

    This is my Fire Utility Van no.1, is based on model 60023 (from 60023 set "City Starter Set", 2013). Compared to the original, now has two big compartments, fire hoses with control panel and a lot of equipments.
  22. sasbury

    Steven Asbury Fire Station MOC

    I've uploaded photos of my Fire Station. It takes up 2 XLarge baseplates and uses more than 2500 of Lego's new brick pieces. Photos can be found here. The design is roughly based on a fire station in the city of College Station. Let me know what you think. -Steven
  23. MengShu1985

    Fire Pumper MOC

    My current MOC on fire pumper .... Pour in all your comments ~
  24. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new MOC: 53m aerial ladder platform HK verison, it has 10 lego motor and Spray function is mainly used LEGO pump with the tanks is using Lego bricks, unique waterproof technology not only no need for tape or glue, each bricks can also be used for other purposes easy removed at any time, my facebook page: The video about this truck:
  25. ParmBrick

    [MOC] My Fire Brigade

    Hello to everyone, this is my Fire Brigade, is made up of two ladder trucks, two engine fire trucks, two utility vans, one off road fire truck, one lifter fire truck, one airport fire truck, one amphibious unit and a fire boat. There will be updates in the future so stay tuned! I hope to post pictures of every single trucks and their description in other topics Fire Brigade by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Other images of the Fire Brigade from different angles: Fire Brigade (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Fire Brigade (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Fire Brigade (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr