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  1. Alldarker

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    These are exactly the pics I was looking for today. I was wondering how the 8038 AT-ST would look next to the 75153 AT-ST. I always reckoned that the 8038 was about as good an AT-ST as we could get from Lego, and to be honest, I'm still not sure about the size / scale of the newer AT-ST. It seems a little too large to me. Still, I like the details and the top hatch is much better.
  2. Alldarker

    Prototype Cloud City Boba Fett

    Take this shining example of someone trying to pass of his custom Batman figures as 'prototype' SDCC Batman figures... http://bricksetforum...comment/447685/ Looks like some scammers are just becoming lazy in their attempts to copy the designs of actual figures, and are resorting to 'adding value' by claiming their figures are 'prototypes'.
  3. Alldarker

    10179 sold on Dutch auction for €5000

    I sold my first edition, opened (to check the certificate nr.), but unbuilt and still completely bagged up 10179 Millennium Falcon last year for €2.000, through Marktplaats. Proceeds went to buying our first house. Haven't regretted selling it for even a second.
  4. Alldarker

    Review 76023 The Tumbler

    Thanks for the link. For easier access, here's the direct link to the set of photo's: Photo set of 76023 Tumbler I have to say, it sort of looks impressive, but ultimately rather boring.
  5. Alldarker

    Favorite Bigfig?

    You've missed out Hagrid (several versions) and the 'Troll on the loose', who are technically also licensed bigfigs. My favorite would probably be the Rancor, though, followed by the Wampa and the Hulk (purple pants).
  6. Alldarker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I sold my MISB 10179 Millennium Falcon for a 'tidy' profit a couple of months ago (due to needing some extra cash for moving house). To be honest, I never really liked the look of that version: no interior and I really didn't like the way Lego skimped on the windowless open cockpit. So I most definitely wouldn't mind getting a new version of the UCS MF!
  7. Alldarker

    Licensed figures being based on concept art

    I actually thought it was common knowledge that Lego is usually 'forced' to design licensed, (original) movie-based sets mainly by way of the available concept art and vague descriptions of plots and plot points. Movie studio's usually keep story lines, plot points and final art under wraps for as long as possible (I guess for good reason), while Lego typically needs to start design one to two years in advance. It's the reason why so many licensed Lego sets fail to really recreate the exact look of the movies (PotC, Prince of Persia, Iron Man 3, The Hobbit to name a few lines which had significant differences between sets and the movies they were cross-promoting). Another example of this was the 'premature' release of 79001: Escape from Mirkwood Spiders and 79004: Barrel Escape in the first wave of Hobbit sets, due to Peter Jackson / Warner Bros deciding at a relatively late stage to split the series into three Hobbit movies instead of the originally intended two Hobbit movies. Much too late for Lego to change their release plans for the first wave of Hobbit sets. I'm pretty sure some harsh words were exchanged over that between Lego and the studio!
  8. Alldarker

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    This topic begs to differ Oh well, I guess this is just one Lego store in Houston. Although I do believe they haven't been seen due to having an offical US street date of June 1st.
  9. Alldarker

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    In Europe, the Summer wave of Star Wars sets is usually available on S@H starting June 1st (although other retailers often have them before that date). The USA (and rest of world?) usually gets the SW sets later (in August). On the other hand, the USA have already got the new Guardians of the Galaxy sets, and they usually get any non-SW movie-tie-in licensed sets earlier (like Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean, LotR, Hobbit sets).
  10. Alldarker

    [Review] 2014 AT-AT 75054

    Ooohhh! But Malibu Snowtrooper's got a new hat! I actually still have a 8129 AT-AT unopened, two built 4483 AT-AT's and a 10178 AT-AT... Call me crazy, but still I want this one as well, even if mostly for the figures
  11. Alldarker

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    4-LOM is actually a minifig in set 75051 Jedi Scout Fighter. The MTT might indeed be a potential new version.
  12. Alldarker

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Thanks for the comparisons again, Lego-Freak. I actually don't really miss the capes on the Jawa's that much either. Like Wesker mentions above, in the movie, theJawa's don't wear capes either, but loose fitting robes. Actually, Uncle Owen also wore a loose fitting tan-coloured robe; on him too a cape would not be accurate. I'm not even sure which style eyes I prefer: the older smaller eyes, or the new large eyes. I'm also not too sure if I prefer the newer GONK droid to the 10144 version. The Treadwell droid and the newer R1-G4 seem to be pretty big improvements on their older counterparts, though. Same goes for Owen Lars: looks more like the movie character.
  13. Alldarker

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Thanks for the side-by-side views of the Sandcrawlers. I do have the old one built up, and I received the new one last Wednesday, but as my wife and I are moving house in the next couple of months I won't be building it until after we have moved (binge building expected: I will finally get a Lego dedicated room, and i have a growing backlog of sets including Tower of Orthanc and this set!). The new one looks to be longer and 4 studs narrower compared to the old version, and of course much truer to the on screen model. I used to have a second MISB 10144 Sandcrawler, bought when they were on sale, which I then sold again, and I always slightly regretted selling it (the 2004-2005 Star Wars toy packaging with the silver line along the edge was in my opinion the best looking packaging style they've used)... Until now. This one is way better than the old one.
  14. Alldarker

    I'm too poor for a 10179...

    I recently 'got rid' of exactly 100% of a MIB 10179 It was well worth it, considering my wife and I are buying a new house in the next few months! But yeah, this is a wonderful idea and very well executed!
  15. I've been collecting all the OT sets ever since the Lego got the Star Wars license back in 1999... Which is pretty depressing, perhaps. It has meant I've been buying the second, third and sometimes even the fourth reiteration of vehicles such as the Snowspeeder or the AT-AT. Due to a lack of space, I've already found myself in the awkward position that I'm buying a new version of a set, when I haven't even built the previous version. For example, I have a built 4502 X-Wing, but I also have both a MISB 6212 X-Wing and a MISB 9493 X-Wing, and that's not because I want to sell these. Same with the AT-AT: I have two 4483 AT-AT's built up, one 10178 AT-AT and one 8129 AT-AT still MISB, and in half a year's time I'm fully intending to get the 75054 AT-AT. To be honest I really would not mind if the Lego Star Wars license just stopped here and now. Although I really do still enjoy building the sets, to an 'old' collector like me the constant rehashes, although understandable from a marketing point of view and excellent for newer fans, have become a drag. I actually almost enjoy the relative lack of new OT sets this first half-year: it feels like a chance to breathe.