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Found 6 results

  1. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Hi everyone. I show you my project of a fire brigade barracks. The first three renderings date back to March 2016. It took me a few months to recover all the necessary pieces. Over time there have been several changes, including the addition of a courtyard with several other small buildings and a maneuvering castle (the building that use firemen to practice). The original idea was to replicate an existing barracks located near where I live, in fact, soon the project was transformed into something certainly simpler trying to bring together in the same building an office area and a car storage area. Currently I'm working (through 2) to version 3.0 of the barracks, you see the first renderings in the last two photos in this topic. Version 2.0 was made with the use of a Sbrick, I leave videos demonstrating how it works. And next next step... Fire Station 4.0 powered up by PFX Brick. Fire Brigade by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station 3.0 by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station 3.0 by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr
  2. Firefighterlucas

    Lego Fire Engine Responding [VIDEO]

    Hi Guys! I made a short Stop motion video about a water tender of the BDFD (Brickdam Fire Department) responding to a fire. The video is made out of 185 pictures and it taked took 1 hour to film. I hope you guys like it!
  3. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Truck trailer accident

    A truck lost his trailer while making a turn to left. One car has been hit by the trailer but the driver is alright. Police was at the scene verry fast and closed the roads to the accident. The fire department arrived to clear the scene for the tow trucks. When the tow trucks arrived they started to clear the scene. The police is investigating how the accident happend. The accident just happend. The police is closing the roads. The fire department arrives at the scene. The scene is getting cleared. I hope you guys liked my MOC!
  4. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Yacht fire

    Tuesday, early in the moring. The fire department recive a call of a yacht that's on fire. When the first engine arrives at the scene, the flames are coming out of the front. 2 Firefighters are getting a hose to fight the fire. 2 Other firefighters are looking for any victims. A second engine & a fire boat arrives at the scene to help. The boat is checking if nobody is in the water. The second engine helps with fighting the fire. The fire was under control in 20 minutes. The police is still investigating how the fire started. *Note: Maby some things in the text are not corrrect, English is not my main language The first engine just arrived. The fire boat is at the scene The fire is getting extinguished. The second engine just arrived. The fire is under control, 2 firefighters are checking. I hope you liked this MOC!
  5. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] An Apartment fire downstown

    A fire has broken out downtown. In the garage, under the apartment a fire started in a car. In no-time the entire garage on fire. The resident of the apartment was in the room above the garage. When he heard a noise in his garage. To his surprise, there was a fire. But it was to late, he was closed in. There wasn't a way out. He called the fire department. When the Fire department was at the scene, 2 firefighters went inside to rescue the trapped man. 2 other firefighters were extinguishing the garage fire. The fire could spread to the BrickBank and 2 other building. More crews arrived at the scene, they were used to prevent the fires from spreading to the other buildings. The man was saved by the fire department. The ambulance taked care or him. The fire department prevented the fires from spreading. *Note: Maby some things in the text are not corrrect, English is not my main language The garage fire with the apartment above. The ambulance take care of the man. The first engine on the scene. Firefighers getting in a building near the fire to check if it is spread. The brick bank has been evacuated. I hope you liked this MOC!
  6. Hello everybody, i'd like to introduce my newest creation! This is my minfig-scale ladder truck, based on a Metz L32A on Mercedes Atego Chassis. I hope you enjoy! 1 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 2 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 3 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 4 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 5 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 6 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 7 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 8 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 9 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 10 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 11 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 12 by hypo_fire, on Flickr With kind regards, Heiko