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  1. Since my order status changed from "Out of Stock" to "In Stock" over night, ist might be faster for you, too. Fingers crossed! @TheRackerWhat is the source of this statement?
  2. If it sells continously well, why shouldn't they keep making it? Just look at the VW T1, the Tower Bridge and other sets, which are or have been available for years.
  3. Great model and I am just in awe, especially regarding the short timeframe it took to this point! :)
  4. Works just fine. The Problem could be Error 60 ;)
  5. ( MOC ) Basketball Arena

    It is a very nice idea to add some sports to the Modular theme. But to be honest, for me it is far to colorful on the outside. I would prefer a somewhat more decent color scheme. If you look at the scene you have created, the Pet Shop is almost not there. You see only bright yellow and red...
  6. Well, I can see the effort, but the result doesn't match a DeLorean at all. None of the lines is where it is supposed to be, the wheels are just too big and at the rear they stand out like they don't even belong to the car. Sorry, but I don't dig it at all.
  7. Cathedrale

    Lovely build and I like the colors very much. They work very well together. But I would like to point out, that you build your cathedral in Roman style. Gothic style uses pointed arches, your build has them all round. But nevertheless: great work! :)
  8. Dracula Castle

    Looking good. I am totally in for builds like that.
  9. That might be the reason, why there are no IR Receivers in the shop at the moment.
  10. Kickstarter: Monorail Straight Project

    Just go for it! :) Your goal looks a bit challenging, but it is doable. :)
  11. I bought a 8264 Hauler, a 8292 Cherry Picker and two smaller sets for just 36€. :)
  12. Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    Ah, now I get it, why the Mast has this distinctive shape. I always thought it to be halfway on the mountain, but now I see it being really next to the mountain station. Which totally makes more sense. :) Great setup and I am quite sad, that I won't be able to come to St. Augustin.
  13. [TC9] Trophy Truck

    Great Progress from where you started. I like the result very much. :)