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Found 5 results

  1. Jason C. Hand

    [LDD MOC] Dalek Emperor (1967)

    Hello all. I have not posted to this topic in a long time, but I wanted to share my latest LDD build here. This is my take on the Dalek Emperor from the 1967 Doctor Who serial, "The Evil of the Daleks." It is mostly based on the build done by NathanR over on Bricksafe. The head rotates, and the eyestalk bends. Digital file available on photo page. Enjoy!
  2. NathanR

    Doctor Who: Chess Set

    Doctor Who and the Daleks prepare to do battle... on the chess board! The board itself uses a 48x48 baseplate with 6x6 squares that alternate between light and dark tan. Each square has a 2x2 plate in the middle of it to help anchor the chess pieces to the board, either for display purposes or during gameplay. All the chess pieces have a base made up of 3x6 wedge plates, with the cutouts making great finger holds. For the light pieces we have all the elements of classic Doctor Who, from the time lord himself down to his faithful robotic dog K-9: Against him is quite literally an army of Daleks! This was an old MOC I decided to spruce up after discovering the excellent range of custom printed Doctor Who figures available from For the Doctor's pieces, the King and Queen are represented by the 7th Doctor (armed with his umbrella) and companion Ace (as seen in the classic story Remembrance of the Daleks, armed with the baseball bat from the Hand of Omega). The bases pay homage to the classic roundels on the Tardis walls, and to the transparent column in the original Tardis console. The figures shown here are just placeholders and will be swapped out for the versions when built in real life. The bishop is the Doctor's vintage roadster Bessie - this small car was used extensively by 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee, but made a brief return in the 7th Doctor's story "Battlefield". I've always been proud of the fact that I got to sit in the driving seat of the real one. The knight is the TARDIS console, and it was an absolute nightmare to design a hexagon that fit within a 6x6 footprint! Lastly, the rook is the TARDIS itself - I've got some custom printed 1x4 tiles labelled "Police Box" to add in, though I can't remember who the manufacturer was. For the black pieces, the king is none other than the creator of the Daleks - Davros! Shown here in his original black-and-silver wheelchair, I'm still working on a version of him as he appeared in Remembrance of the Daleks, which would probably fit better with the 7th Doctor opposite him. The Queen is the black Dalek from the 1965 movie with Peter Cushing, which ruled the dalek city - this piece features a 2x2 swivel tile that lets the dome and eyestalk spin freely, as a reminder that the queen can move in any direction. The bishop is the red Dalek from the 1965 movie, and includes the claw that was the movie alternative to the sink plunger. The knight can hop over other pieces, so in this case it's a white Dalek hovering up a flight of stairs (another homage to Remembrance of the Daleks). And lastly, the rook is the tank-like "Special Weapons Dalek". A better look at the Dalek hovering up the stairs It only took them 25 years to learn how to do that! The chess set is quite fun to play with - just remember that the Daleks can be sore losers....
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Daleks find the/a Doctor

    A strange encounter somewhere in Egypt: DOCTOR! Yes, that's me. WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! Yes, Dr. Henry Jones Junior. DR. JONES? NOT DR. WHO? Dr. Who? WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! EXTERMINATE! Hang on. Which person are you looking for? THE DOCTOR Which doctor? NOT A WITCH DOCTOR. DOCTOR WHO! Are you a bit daft? EXTERMINATE! .... Some more and larger pictures can be found in my flickr account. Best regards CB
  4. NOTE: these models are presented in comic format with comic captions in italics and notes on construction in these symbols: ( ), Also, please do NOT move this to the comic forum! After a long day outrunning Daleks and their creator, Davros, and loosing his TARDIS in the snowy drifts of some ice covered planet, the 11th Doctor finally finds the TARDIS and tries to open the door. "That's funny, I don't remember locking it" he says. He finds the door key in his coat pocket and unlocks the door. (This is the outside of set 21304, along with the 11th Doctor in yellow-skin form. Note the printed Saint John's ambulance part has been turned backwards to create a blank space) Stepping inside, the Doctor notices odd: the desktop scheme for the console room had changed in his absence, back to something he had not seen for a long time... (The inside is new: I changed the light gray, and silver with trans-blue to tan, and dark gray, with dark tan. "Who goes there?" says a familiar voice that seems like a page out of his (relatively) recent past. Suddenly, it occurs to the 11th Doctor that he has accidentally stepped into his predecessors life, also known as 10th Doctor and his TARDIS! He then responds "just an timey-wimey friend from a you yet to come." (This inside, apart from the 10th Doctor's console, is new and completely my design. If you look carefully you will see a certain special pocket-watch next to the sonic screwdriver under the screen. I finally found a use for that Lone Ranger part!) "oh, is that all?" says Doctor number 10. "I detected Daleks in the area, and assumed they would be attacking any minute now." A voice from the other side of the console replies "Affirmative". "Is that K-9?" says 11. "Yes, and he must have blown a fuse, as he was saying something about a talking cat-unicorn, cuckoos and a crazy land in the clouds." says 10. (K-9 is a cobbled-together copy of the one from the dimensions set, and I think some of you may realize where K-9 went and who he met!) Meanwhile, outside: "The TARDIS has been located!" says a Dalek. (These Daleks and Davros was inspired by EuroBricks user Deskp, who is also known as deskp1990 on Flickr) "Good, begin transport to Skaro at once!" Davros said, "and based on these sensor readings, we have two time lords to EXTERMINATE!" (Is this the end? Well, of the Doctor (s), no, they escapes in a spectacular scene full of expensive special effects, scary monsters and a great tear-jerking speech by the 10th Doctor. In fact, it is so expensive and lavish, that the entire budget went up in smoke by way of planning and staging it, plus non one bothered to buy the film to record it or tell Mr. Moffat that there was no film, so it was already over before it was realized there was no evidence of the finale! Oh well! )
  5. FinalFeature

    Doctor Who Daleks of Doom

    When will those silly Daleks learn not to mess with the Doctor? Especially if the Doctor is a Scottish one. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Tristan Kilmer as the Doctor and Daleks #1 and #2 Thanks for watching!