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Found 14 results

  1. I've posted my first 44 page Lego webcomic story online. I know nothing about photo editing, so hopefully it will start to look better as I learn more and post more stories. I call it "Horrors of the Hidden Side" and my first 44 page installment chapter is called "There's No Such Thing As Ghosts!" I was fed up of there not being a TV show or a decent comic series based on the recent Lego theme "Lego; Hidden Side" so I decided to create my own re-imagining of the theme as an ongoing comic series expanding on the stories of the webisodes and having more in depth story arcs etc. I decided to try and have it be a bit edgier than the source material so I describe it as PG-13 due to potential violence/death/occultism/horror/drug & alcohol use etc. that may feature in future stories. I'm aiming for it to be an ongoing horror/adventure series covering lots of struggles of the Ghost Hunters taking on different demons, monsters and ghosts, with the overall story arcs involving Nehmaar Reem and Lady Evelina D'Ombre. I hope I've provided the correct information to have it added to this forum?
  2. Here is my review on 70437 Mystery Castle: THE GOOD: Looks awesome and very massive when view from front. Great Observatory! Nehmaar Reem is my new favourite minifigure, the lower part of this minifig is great. Rarely I like stickers but the decorative windows are great. Love the throne chair. THE NOT SO GOOD: A few areas a bit bland. May be a little bit more roof for the main part of the castle? Overall, this is an excellent set and definitely will recommend to everyone. The look of this is just stunning, it looks massive from the front. The back is a big shallow just like other facade type sets but the two towers gave this a lot more depth than most similar builds. The Observatory is one of my favourite part if the set. Smart design on the dome and the telescope. Even the set is heavy on stickers, the 2 stickers as a decorative windows look very good. Once again like other Hidden Side sets, the minifigures are excellent especially the villain. The lower body part is my new favourite part now. Although it's not without flaw (like interior a bit empty on several areas) the pricing is very good in my opinion, I thought this gonna be like close to $200NZD but no, it's $159.99 and I got it with 20% so I am a very happy man.
  3. Bought this awhile back to make the quota for GWP a while back, here is my review on 70427 Welcome to the Hidden Side. THE GOOD: Exclusive Minifigures and bonus the 2 yellow/orange ghosts have unique faces =) THE NOT SO GOOD: The build lacks features if you don't play the mobile app. The RRP is a bit high considering what you get in this set. Overall, this is just ok in my view given I don't play the Hidden Side app. I think it would be better to be $10-$15 dollar cheaper with a smaller build. The minifgures are excellent though. These parts are available from B&P so I would recommend you buy parts for army building if you want a ghost army. There are some interesting parts (the leaves in a aqua colour) but I will only recommend this one if you are a fan of the app or you see this in clearance price.
  4. I tried to avoid creating a topic but I couldn't find anything in my searches. I am looking for a file that I can modify for the Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School. I like to change a few colors up. Thanks for any and all help!
  5. Finally got time to open some of my 2020 Hidden Side purchases. Here is my reivew on 70432 Haunted Fairground. THE GOOD: The minifigures are excellent. Especially the clown with tall hat, he looks so creepy at time. Nice touch on the interior of the ticket booth. Interesting use of parts to create the clown face. THE NOT SO GOOD: For long time collectors like me, the design of this set lack freshness. The drop ride action feature doesn't work that well. I do wish the drop ride could separated from the coaster in a modular way or detachable. Overall, I think this set is ok. Not excellent nor rubbish. I guess it's always difficult to have roller coaster at this price point, I wonder if there are any fairground ride would gives this more freshness. It's a shame the action feature doesn't work too well or may be it was just not using correctly. And this set is surprisingly taking up lots of space, it's not a huge set but the total width and height takes up lots of space. Despite the flaw, the minifigures in this set are excellent, the clowns sealed the deal for me. I will recommend this for new collectors and for long time collectors, I suggest wait for a discount or just get the minifigures individually.
  6. I hope it's okay to post this here. I wanted to share with you my idea for a LEGO Hidden Side subtheme or expansion. It's already been confirmed that we will be getting a second wave of LEGO Hidden Side sets in 2020. If the rumours are to be believed, these sets will again be focused on the town of Newbury and its continued hauntings. Whilst I'm looking forward to more Hidden Side sets. I am a little disappointed that LEGO aren't expanding the theme further afield. I'd love to have see Hidden Side go international and encounter ghosts and goblins and other pesky polterguiests across the globe! What if Parker and Jack went on an international field trip with the school and ended up encountering creatures and characters from different countries myths and legends? I've made two videos based on ideas for LEGO Hidden Side World Tour so far. I'd love to know what people think!
  7. A specter appears this most haunted time of year! To win a mark of fear and fright Create a monster that haunts at night A phantom mean to make you scream A monster most foul with terrifying growl Post it soon and chance will see Who is certainly most scary Create a monster, ghoul or ghost that would be shuffling around Newbury. You can make a creature, a figure or the "Hidden Side" of some normal object or character. Post a picture below to enter the raffle for a tag. Digital and physical entries are all welcome. Contest closes on 7th November. Have fun!
  8. (it is a typical Fall evening in Newbury, USA. - misty and chilly. Our main Hidden Side protagonists, Jack, Parker, and Spencer the ghost dog have tracked a large well of ghost energy to the graveyard on the far side of town. Mr. Branson, the cemetery caretaker, has arranged to open the gates for them while they search for ghosts after being convinced of their reality.) Mr. Branson opens the heavy iron gate, letting Parker and Jack inside, their ghost-hunting phones fully charged. Parker, who is usually optimistic, suddenly blurts out: "I've got a funny feeling about this, we should've brought Professor J.B. as backup." Jack says in reply: "Come on, Parker, what so bad about a grave yard? We've fought math tests harder than this. Besides: J.B. is helping out with the cleanup at school from our last adventure with these ghost hunting apps. The group heads on inside the cemetery.... About five minutes into scanning the grounds, Jack does a double take and calls Parker over. "I swear that statue just moved!" Jack proclaims." Impossible", says Parker, it's not showing up on the ghost app. "You are probably just tired from all your ghost fighting." Mr. Branson insists, but Jack wasn't so sure... Suddenly, a ghost appears on the app's scanners: "We got one!" says Parker, as she starts to fight with spirit. Wailing and moaning, the lost soul suddenly screams loudly "Leave while you still can!" Jack joins in the fight, sending the spirit tumbling through the air, smaller and smaller.... The ghost becomes a spirit orb, ready to be picked up by J.B. with her specialist gloves at a later time. But, just then, Mr. Branson approaches the orb, swings his lantern and shatters it, freeing the ghost. "Why did you do that for!?" Jack and Parker shout in unison. Mr. Branson snaps his fingers and the gates to the grounds slam shut. "They need to feed on something.... after all, I do have a deal to bring them food." Mr. Branson continues, "and your the latest meal." Jack shouts "The gates are locked and electrified! We're trapped!" Parker then notices the statues slowly waking up. "Uh, Jack, we got bigger problems. About the statues you mentioned, they are definitely alive!"... Jack and Parker begin to back up slowly to the rear of the the graveyard, always keeping an eye to the statues, as it strangely makes them stop moving. What they don't notice is one of the statues right behind them, that is until it is crushed to atoms by certain blue police box falling from the sky. Everyone is stunned for a second, especially Jack and Parker. Then, out of the box steps a ginger haired woman. She says to the two ghost hunters an iconic line for the ages: "At last! A ginger!" Getting her bearings, the ginger haired woman tells the two teenagers to get behind her: She will take care of the "Weeping Angel" and it's caretaker. Jack then finds it's probably a good time to ask Spencer to go find J.B. to get her involved, as any backup (and the Newbury police would be welcome at this point) The ginger haired lady then takes pair's phone's and fries them, mumbling something about the "graven image". She does this while asking them to take refuge inside her "TARDIS". "What's that? The blue box? It can't possibly fit us all!" shrieks Parker as Jack shoves her in. (Jack probably realized that logic went out the window a while ago.) The ginger haired lady follows them in, pulls a single switch on a dark console in a pitch-black room, and the box dissolves from Branson's view in a groaning, wheezing, sort of way. Now alone with the remaining Weeping Angel in the graveyard, and with police sirens getting nearer, Mr. Branson is considering his fate. He has failed to get food for his masters, and even destroyed one of them. He awaits his fate with dignity and closes his eyes as the end comes swiftly.... (SNAP) What will happen to Jack and Parker and the ginger haired woman? Will Spencer manage to get the message to J.B. about where Jack and Parker are? And what will happen to all of those ghosts' data stored on those fried phones? Only time will tell!
  9. Here is my video review on the September Promo item 40336 Newbury Juice Bar: THE GOOD: A fully enclosed juice bar! Some nice ways on creating different drinks. Easy to fit in any other settings outside Hidden Side theme. Good minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The slush ice machine a bit too futuristic compare to other components of the set. Overall, this is an excellent promotion set. I really like the juice bar and it's a nice surprise it is not just a facade type build given the size of it. With modifications this can easily be updated to any food stall. I just wish this set is more widely available given the promotion has ended for a while because I think this is a much better and complete set compared to the J.B.'s ghost lab. Totally recommended if you can get hold of one from ebay or bricklink with reasonable price if you have missed out the promotion in September.
  10. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Halloween Village Train

    Seen as the Winter Village goes in this forum, I figured a Halloween version would too! The Winter Village has had its train for a while, so I thought that now it's time for Autumn to have one. LEGO Halloween Village Train by inklingbricks, on Flickr Along with the locomotive (fully compatible with Power Functions), tender, and caBOOse, are five cars: - a Frankenstein Car, with SPINNING lightning rods to spark life into the monster on the slab. - a Man-Eating Plant Car, covered in vines and mushrooms with SNAPPING jaws as the train rattles along. - a Skeleton Stock Car, which two skeletal horses. - a Pumpkin Car, filled with varying sizes of pumpkins and watched over by a scarecrow. - a Toxic Tanker Car, with two SWIRLING cauldrons filled with acid. Close-up images are on my Flickr at
  11. Here is my video on Hidden Side 70422 Shrimp Shack Attack: THE GOOD: The brick built shrimp sign is excellent. The shack looks great too. The kitchen is actually very detailed. Excellent Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The vehicle looks bad and not really needed. I do like this set and I think the shrimp shack itself looks great and I'm surprised with level of details they put into the kitchen. Again, all hidden side sets come with excellent minifigures. I like the design of one of the action feature, it does look quite bloody depending on your imagination. The price of this set ain't that bad either. Now removing the mediocre vehicle may have give this set even a lower price tag. Overall, it's a good set but not the best hidden side set, however I will still recommend this to anyone that like Hidden Side or a haunted theme in general. Personally, the shack also ignite ideas on how different kitchen can be built.
  12. Here is my video review on another Hidden Side set, 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. THE GOOD: Great minifigures! (This kind of apply to all Hidden Side sets) The school bus is actually look better than in pictures. I like the front, interior and the windows. (although I don't dig the big rear wheel arch) It really gives me a zombie movies vibe. Love the Haunted Toilet's way of attack =P THE NOT SO GOOD: The toilet in non-haunted mode does look a bit incomplete from the top. This is yet another great set in the Hidden Side Theme, I would still rate the shrimp boat and graveyard a bit higher. And if you want to build a school bus, this is a good baseline to refer from. It has the right coloured parts too. Again, the minifigures are top notch. The torso for Jack will be very useful, don't forget the 2 construction workers too. I will recommend this set to you if you like haunted lego themes.
  13. Here is my review on Hidden Side set 70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat: THE GOOD: Excellent Shrimp Boat. Both the look and the build are excellent. The details on the exterior blown me away. The minifigures! All new mould and printed torsos & legs. On top of that, it can be easily integrated in other city settings! Love the new fake glow in the dark colour. (I call it fake because it looks like those glow in the dark piece but it doesn't actually do that) I like haunted theme! THE NOT SO GOOD: This is really nip picking but I guess I would prefer to have a spare torso for Captain Jonas so I don't have to switch head. Overall, this set is excellent and I recommend this to everyone! The shrimp boat and the minifigures are just superb. The price ain't bad as well considering this is something you can easily get 20% off in most retailer. The only thing I cannot check yet is the interaction with the app but again I bought the set for the build but not the app so I don't really mind. I'm actually thinking getting most sets in this theme because I'm totally impressed with the first hidden side set I've built.
  14. Absolutely loved this new theme, here is my video review on 70420 Graveyard Mystery: THE GOOD: Excellent graveyard build, simple yet captured the vibe. Excellent minifigures again, I thought it's the same version as the shrimp boat set for Jack and Parker but no, the faces are different and great! I love the details they put into the storage. Subtle but great! THE NOT SO GOOD: The stickers are a bit easy to fall off. (You might noticed in the video) Probably just my one? Would be better if the set up of the graveyard can be adjusted in a modular way but hey, I guess I'm asking for too much and it's not hard to modify it anyway. This is yet another great set from this new HIDDEN SIDE theme. It's good value for your money too. What impresses me with this one and the shrimp boat is that they can integrate into any city-ish theme seamlessly. I do think the shrimp boat set has a better build but this one has its charm. I totally recommend this set to everyone!