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Found 12 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 13 XP (S:5, T:4, A:4) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 16XP EP4 Cat B.1 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  2. Just because the Order of the Faith had secured the Quiver of Artemis didn’t mean the search for mystical relics on Terraversa had ended. Another item belonging to Artemis was also found, a shell purported to have supernatural powers! Soon a small shrine was built on the beach near where it was discovered, displaying the precious artifact for pilgrims of the Faith. The shrine was built of stone on a small earthen mound and nestled into the natural flora of the beach near Nola Mar. “This is quite awe-inspiring,” said the cleric. “Indeed,” replied his benefactor. “People will come from all over the Brick Seas to bask in the presence of The Shell of Artemis.” The two men stood in silence as they gazed upon the relic. Behind them on the sand, two hermit crabs had their own thoughts on the matter. “I just saw Artie yesterday,” said the first crab. “He’s still got his shell.” “No, they’re talking about some other Artemis that lived long ago,” said the second crab. “Besides, that’s not a shell.” “What is it?” asked the first crab. “Well, it ain’t chocolate ice cream, I can tell you that!” replied the second. “Should we tell them?” “Naw, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” - - - - - - - - - - A build in support of the clerics, such as it is. Forgive me for having a bit of fun. A view from above: All C&C welcome.
  3. JJ Tong  (zfogshooterz)

    [BSBA] Cat B - The Necromaw Reaper

    "A highly feared bounty hunting vessel in legally uncharted and unknown space. Known to use black hole portals through a forbidden dark matter drive as battle and heist tactics. Piloted by a bounty hunter known only as The Phasemaster, one of the most wanted and powerful criminals in the galaxy. If you're being hunted by this vessel, immediately report to Benny's Spaceship Building Academy with haste." So here's my entry for BSBA (Cat B) contest - The Necromaw Reaper! The first and only (if nothing happens in two days ) villain entry! Credits to @ExeSandbox for his amazing help on the renders! Let's start with the Pre-Spaceship-fied MOC - An ancient temple shrine The idea of using this came while I was in the middle of building a temple MOC when this contest pops out. I was searching for ideas and while also looking at a version of the above MOC (which is also piece of the temple structure), the idea of a spaceship with a face came to me. Which I then decide to use the shrine as a template for my spaceship. I had to make some modification and additions with the original version until what it is now as more ideas on how the ship would be starts taking shape and also trying to make this MOC a tad complete too. But ultimately, it's still a MOC that's also a piece from another MOC. And now, here's the spaceship when the "Bennyfication" process is done! (Well, personal lore-wise, its more of a "Bad-ification" since the ship and its pilot are, well...criminals.) A big factor of building this spaceship was following the rule of this not being an alt-build so the modification was mostly adding stuffs to it. Also, I wanted the additions to be in a different color scheme. However, those parts do not exist in that color scheme that I want so I eventually had to stick to the original color scheme. It's weapon system are mostly at the skull face - Side Blaster Cannons, Eyebeams Blasters and a Flamethrowing mouth! Here's the back - It also has a rear defense system - The back fins fires flares that neutralizes blast, beams, missiles or any incoming ballistic object should the Reaper be pursuit. Of course these aren't used that often as black holes is its greatest offense and defense. But it should be useful in emergencies. The back also has an exhaust for spewing out smokescreens as a trick tactic or to cover it's escape should things go wrong. The side - The body is built to store the bounty hunter's treasures and while it lacks side cannons, it makes up with it's tank-iness! Which is also protected by shields emitted from the black "ingots". Definitely won't be good if the spoils gets blown off! Here's some images for the top view - Now we meet the feared bounty hunter himself - The Phasemaster in all his dark glory! Here's him in the cockpit too - And now for some additional features - On the top of the ship, there's a hatch for The Phasemaster to store his bounty payments for his huntings! This ship has no need for any actual landing gear. It uses energy-matter beams to hold the ship up while it's landed. The matter will phase out when the ship is needed to fly. The main reason The Phasemaster is wanted by Benny's Spaceship Building Academy is because he does hunt BSBA agents for sport and of course, some bounty too. That agent there is definitely going to need some backup. Would the other BSBA entries be able to finally dish out justice to The Necromaw Reaper this time? (The Image below is just for fun, not beholden to the contest, just wanted an image of this spaceship interacting with a "Benny".) That's my entry for BSBA's Cat B contest! I hope you all enjoyed it. And best of luck to all the other amazing and awesome entries!
  4. Previously our adventure Edwin Fitzgerald had made it to Fatu Hiva. He had scoped out a local pub and heard a mess of stories mostly sounding like myth. He awoke to a letter by his bedside giving him instructions to collect his unit from the garrison and his escort from the order will meet him there. It was strange to Edwin that he never heard anyone enter or leave the room as the bolt was still thrown on the door. He made his way down to the garrison and handed the paperwork he was given to the gatekeeper. Soon his platoon of what must surely have been company rejects and unknowing privates. Beggers cant be choosers he said to himself. None the less Edwin drilled the men all the same as he had a great deal of dealings with regimented men. What is this the retro show? Is that really the uniforms your wearing now? Don't you think those are a little dated? And what is on your backs? Its a company issue ruff sack Sir. We are going into a jungle to carry supplies perhaps you should obtain a larger sack private! At that the men were sent to the quartermaster to supply properly. Upon their return they were fitted with proper uniforms and Sacks with ample space to store a saber. As Edwin was reviewing the troops a calamity came roaring up. What is the means of this! Edwin shouted. The quartermaster said we should have ample room for supplies with this. Edwin held his anger and spoke calmly and slowly. Private ... We are heading into the Jungle ... There are no roads nor paths where we are headed. Perhaps you could suggest to your quartermaster a pack horse instead! Edwin briefed the troops on their mission and soon the Private returned with a more suitable horse. Well done Mr. Fitzgerald ... You've done an excellent job getting these men into shape. The Womens' voice from under the hooded cape caught him off guard. Cleopatra Axelandria DuBouis... I will be your escort through the remainder of this mission. You will not leave my side Mr. Fitzgerald. I was unaware there were Females allowed in the Order Miss DuBouis, let alone ones so easy on the eyes. Edwin replied. Please call me Cleo and they do just not commonplace as most women don't have what it takes. I was chosen for the Order at a young age and been raised by my Superiors. My Loyalties lie with my faith do we understand Edwin? At that they set out for the jungle. Two days in they crossed paths of many destroyed idols, at one Cleo stopped and looked genuinely worried. This is the work of the Padre ... I hope we are not too late and my superiors have given him just enough info to lead him astray. Cleo said worriedly. Edwin tried to question her but there was little time and they pressed on. Towards the end of the night they reached an alter with food offerings. Cleo seemed to be relieved to see it. She explained that this alter was a place to bring offerings to Drakon. That we were close now and that it was good that it was still intact. She said that meant there was still hope that none of the expeditions had found her yet. Her?!? Edwin said abruptly ... Cleo I think you need to inform me just what exactly we are searching for. Also what it is that you needed my services for aswell. I will explain everything but first let me place a few candles Cleo said as she set the strangest looking candles Edwin had ever seen on the alter. Once lit she grabbed Edwin by the arm and began to run. Soon they were back a safe distance and the platoon was waiting. Just as Edwin was about to comment on the oddity of this troop a concussive blast ripped through the trees ... After picking himself up off the ground Edwin instead turned his question towards Cleo ... Just where did you get those "candles" from?!? Cleo calmly replied. From one of the Wayfair Trade Company ships ... They are a blast aren't they? I hate to destroy the alter but it needed to be done to ensure her safety. With that she said I will explain everything tonight when we make camp. I need you prepared Mr. Fitzgerald. We hiked through treacherous rocky cliff ridden jungle, there were bones scattered everywhere you looked. Until we came upon a small clearing backed up against a bluff. Finally they had made camp and even though Cleo showed him drawings and explained the whole "myth" of Drakon no amount of preparation could have prepared Edwin for what he would see the next day . . . . . . . To be continued _______ You will find out who Drakon is in my Cat C C&C welcomed
  5. Far to the east of Historica lie the Great Wings, a series of vast lands that stretch for hundreds of miles, surrounded by innumerable smaller islands. Many centuries ago, the Pinnothen fled the calamity of civil war in their home in the land that would become Historica and conquered much of this place. They drove out the dark elves that had made their kingdoms there, built on the backs of slaves, and brought their worship of the Eight Children and their aspects (the Pinnothen's understanding of magic) to their new subjects. 1) Champion of the 8 The most elite warriors and magic wielders of the Pinnothen, Champions are considered to be the Children's most favored, and often hold positions of high honor at temples and among noble households. However, they devote their lives to study study and training, rarely intervening in the affairs of the world except in the most dire of circumstances. 2) Chosen Selected early in their youth to become highly versed in the Eight Aspects and their manifestations, Chosen are the most exceptional children of the nobility, trained with the sole purpose of attempting the Eight Trials when they come of age. The few who survive this ordeal are offered places in the Royal Household, to elevate the position of their families and strengthen the power of the ruling bloodline. 3) Officiant of the Eight Trials A master of their respective aspects, Officiants administer the Trials of the Eight to the Chosen. It is a position of honor, but also one of great solemnity, as many Chosen die at the hands of the Officiants. It is also a position of great peril, as the Chosen occasionally lose control of the aspects they wield, with disastrous results. 4) Pilgrim of the Eight Paths Like Champions, Pilgrims devote their lives to the study and application of the aspects. Unlike the Champions, Pilgrims do this while practicing a lifestyle of asceticism and travelling the length and breadth of the Great Wings. They are greeted with reverence in the towns they visit, and have been known to intervene with their abilities for the good of the commoners. 5) Heavy Phalanx The primary strength of the Pinnothen standing army, the long spears and stout armor of the phalanx, bolstered by their rigid discipline and zealous conviction, have kept the lands of the Great Wings secure for millennia. None withstood their advance during the Settling, and few have posed a serious threat to them in the time since. 6) Pinnothen Voicecaster Highly skilled in the Aspect of the Song, the Voicecasters issue commands at the front lines of the battlefield and relay information across great distances on behalf of the high commanders. The mastery of their aspect allows them to be heard above the chaos, and some of the greatest voicecasters have been known to compel their enemies to lay down their arms with the power of their words alone. 7) Order of the Hammer Acolyte The Order of the Hammer is devoted to building, forging, and crafting, though an acolyte is not allowed to do any of that until they've proven their knowledge of all the materials the order favors. Some acolytes spend years in the order before they're allowed to construct their own hammer. 8) Order of the Pestle Healer Superior The Order of the Pestle deals in the creation of medicines, foods, and even some poisons (though this knowledge is reserved for only a trusted few). The Healer Superior carries an over-sized pestle as a symbol of his rank, and spends much of his time teaching and demonstrating for less-experienced adherents in one of the order's many temples. 9) Order of the Stars Wayfinder The Order of the Stars studies everything to do with the skies, from meteorology to navigation. The wayfinders are renowned for their ability to find safe courses through even the most treacherous regions. They are invaluable to the captains of ships that brave the unpredictable swells and jagged sea rocks of the Shattered Coast 10) Forgotten Emissary A high elf dignitary from the Mystic Isles, sent to the kings' court on the Old Shores, before the Kinsunder. He followed the Pinnothen in their flight from the Faithless, then again across the shifting sea to the Great Wings, and has served as an observer and an adviser to every successive monarch in the millennia that followed. 11) Khashdin Animator The Khashdin are not born, hatched, or summoned like other creatures of the world. They are first shaped from stones and clay, and then granted life through means known only to the Animators. They grow slowly over centuries by consuming the minerals around them, some becoming so vast that they can be mistaken for geographical features. 12) Khashdin Pyre Carver As important to the life of the Khashdin as their creation by an animator is their transition from the moving stone back to the living stone of the earth. Pyre Carvers prepare the place of a Khashdin's death, where they return their spirits to the ground and become one with the stone again. Some among the Khashdin's few visitors mistake the figures that line the halls of their cities for statues, when they are in fact the honored dead. 13) Khashdin Axe Bearer The great leaders of the Khashdin are, invariably, colossal figures, slow-moving, and often unable to fit through even some of the grandest gateways. Thus, they often deal with outsiders by way of emissaries. These envoys, by bearing the axe of their ruler, show that they speak with his authority in all matters of trade, diplomacy, and war. 14) Eastern Drow Stone Crusher The Drow and the Khashdin, each living primarily beneath the surface of the earth, have been enemies for time immemorial. While the Drow prefer to combat the Khashdin through guile and sorcery, occasions sometimes call for a less subtle form of confrontation. 15) Eastern Drow Subversive When the Pinnothen first began the Settling, the Drow were at the height of their power in the Great Wings. Now relegated to a few strongholds among the Featherstones in the east, they have been readying themselves for centuries to retake the land that was once theirs. Subversives work in the shadows to sow seeds of discord among their enemies, making the land fertile for their reconquest. 16) Flatwater Fisherman The eastern reaches of the continent are broad, rolling grasslands, crisscrossed by ancient forests and vast, shifting river deltas. Hundreds of small communities live along the banks of each river, the fishermen and merchants plying their trades from atop agile catamarans. 17) Shattered Coast Slaver Their kingdoms overthrown by the first Favored King after he led a slave revolt, most of the ancient slavers were hunted down and forced to capitulate or be destroyed. A clever few, though, have managed to evade the Pinnothen for generations, hidden among the rugged cliffs and deep, rain-soaked valleys of the Shattered Coast. 18) Ancestor March The tradition of the march dates back to the Old Shores, before the Settling. When times are most desperate, the wizened elder warriors of a city don the black funerary armor and go out to stand between death and their descendants.
  6. Umbra-Manis

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] The Quaddagger

    Andromeda Olympics For the Water races at the Andromeda Olympics, the engineers over in M.A.N.T.I.S. have cooked up a fast craft with four engines. Unfortunately naming isn't their strong suit, so it got stuck with the name Quaddagger. They also botched the promo shot by using the wrong color for the upper windscreen (should be Tr. Clear) and using an egg piece that isn't in Mecabricks. Size Proof: C&C Welcome!
  7. My next entry into the Space Olympic Games, for the Boat category: The Awkward Turtle Designed to allow the driver to see what's under him in the water, this unique boat provides great visibility in all directions for enhanced tactical planning during a race. It barely fits within 10x20, but it does fit.
  8. Hello Everyone! This is my entry for an a-Maze-ing contest. This is a racing themed tilt system with technic element for the tilt system. But for the place of the game board still use bricks. Added functionality: - Return to center (rubber band aren't flexible, placed on the side of each wheels). Note: in LDD the rubber band aren't flexible, but i've tested in real life - Built-in-tray. (Inspired by Bob De Quatre). This is the built-in-tray with 4274 to avoid slide off: That round plate mean a tire and wheel. This is a 3M axle with stop for easy replacement to change the game board base. (I don't know this was helpful or not): This is the picture with my Cat A entry: (All pictures are clickable) LXF File | Enjoy!
  9. Jody Meyer

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] Octan Valor

    Octan Valor - Octan Heavy Transport (OHT-001) This was a first for me, I had a lot of rework, but I am happy with this outcome. Cheers Jody C & C Welcome
  10. Before the war, life in the isle of Morkerna was simple. Everyone lived peacefully, and the town was reasonably safe. And I was innocent. I was a young girl with few worries. I was happy. Isolated as it is, I had hoped that the war wouldn't affect Morkerna much. Indeed, at first, it seemed as though life would go on as normal. But the war affects everyone, and avoiding it can only delay its effects. The impact was subtle at first: a few men gone to battle, an old knight killed. But as time went on, the war began to change Morkerna even more. The atmosphere became tense; nobody felt safe, and it seemed like a fight could break out any minute. People that I knew began to be killed. Life had changed. After a month, I realized that I needed to do something. One day, I saw children walking down a road pushing a catapult, preparing to fight. When I returned home that night, I found my parents dead, killed by supporters of the Desert King. That was when I realized that if I didn't get involved in the war, everyone would be changed for the worse. I joined the armies of Ulandus and went into battle. We went through many battles, large and small... Along the way, I met a wizard named Gremlon. I took up his offer of protection, and he saved my life during a failed siege. But all the same, I do not trust him; he is too unwilling to share information. It feels as though there is something he is hiding from me, and it worries me. The war, ultimately, has destroyed my life. In the past, I had hoped to be a simple townsperson, living in Morkerna without having to worry about war. Now, with my parents dead, I must fend for myself, while figuring out how to deal with Gremlon. ___ Enjoy! You can see more photos on the flickr albums: 1 2 3
  11. Louie le Brickvalier


  12. jimkeepers

    [HSH] Cat B - Orbital 7 In 1979 a book called 'Future Cities' was published by Osbourne It was about 'homes and living into the 21st Century'. As a child I read it from cover to cover many times. It inspired me to build an ocean floating city of the future from Lego. Found it in the loft last weekend. Didn't even know I'd kept it. It inspired me again.