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Found 7 results

  1. I build this thing years ago. It is a factory building with two rolling gates @ scale for technic figures. Stopped working on it and have no time left for it. More pictures: Video:
  2. Location: F09 Tags: Spaceship, Military, Building, Land Vehicle After his first patrol around Arium Minor, Bossk Davalon was sent to the surface to check for possible falls of wreckage from alien spaceships. After 2 hours of overseeing, Bossk returns to the local outpost for reporting and refueling. "Kawashita Outpost, here is KLF Tsubasa asking for permission to land" "Tsubasa, here is A-M-K-O, permission granted. Welcome on Arium Minor" "Captain, I spotted some interesting wreckage in the sub-sector XC-28, I think it needs a deeper investigation." "Ok Lieutenant. I order to send right now a vehicle. Take a rest, you will embark in the Gurifon in 1h to return to the KSD Eiko, we need you to continue to fight the alien fleet"
  3. DwalinF

    Barak Azril

    One of Dwarf gates of North mines, called Barak Azril. The Dwarf Runepriest in front of it. Its a simple version of dwarf-head-style gates. In future I hope to build more realistic, closer to original and bigger gates.
  4. LucasLaughing

    [O - E01] Stuck in the Middle with Lu

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Lu's Log - 31 Janurali 3816 I'm not sure anyone will ever find this log. I'm not sure where I am. The last thing I remember … the ship. We found my parent's ship... Earlier – on Jurin II: Gods CLAPPIE – there it is. The Pioneer. The last Explorien ship launched before the company was acquired by the Octan Corporation. Assumed lost, along with its crew of 40, when it disappeared during the G.A.T.E. transit to Andromeda. Where's the gravitational anomaly? How close can we get? Lu, I'm no longer picking up the anomaly – it appears to have dissipated. CLAPPIE, something's wrong. I'm reading the ship's beacon loud and clear, but the ship itself isn't showing up on the scanners. You're right. Perhaps you should stop accelerating toward the ship. I'm not accelerating - Interesting. It looks like the gravitational anomaly has returned. Hang on CLAPPIE, this could get rough! CLAPPIE, what just happened? Where are we? I … I don't know. Lu – I can't access any of my peripherals! I – I'm only getting data from your suit sensors... this must be an error – restarting! Goodbye! Greetings! I'm your Corporate Law and Planetary Politics Incident Evaluator - oh no - I'm still cut off! Lu – is this … is this what it's like to be human? I'm so sorry … I had no idea... Human, tell your master to be calm. The <situation> is temporary. Gaaah! Who are you?!? Where am I?!? You are safe, although I fear your vehicle fell back into <4-dimensional space-time> when we intervened. You are in a <between place>. Is your master well? We are unable to <communicate> with its mind, the way we can with yours. My master? You mean CLAPPIE? Yes, you serve the <digital super-intelligence>, do you not? No … CLAPPIE is an Artificial Intelligence – created by humans. They serve us. … Of course. What an <interesting> perspective. Who are you? We ... are the keepers of the G.A.T.E.S. ------------------------- More pictures of the Pioneer:
  5. mediumsnowman

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] The Resolute

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] The Resolute The Resolute is Jebediah O'Reilly's personal troop transport and mobile command center. It comfortably seats 4 Octan Spec Ops agents, 1 medic, and 2 pilots. It could be modified to fit more troops if necessary. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute It stays in contact with HQ at all times with its state of the art communications array, the centerpiece of which is a radar dish operating on revolutionary new technology. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute The ship is powered my twin ion thrusters located in the rear. The Resolute also features an impressive weapons array which will certainly frighten off any would-be attackers. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute Two quantum laser blasters protect the front of the ship. Another two are fastened to the engines, as seen a few pictures up. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute A larger, more maneuverable cannon protects the rear. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute It also sports four air-to-air missiles. A boarding ramp at the back swings down to provide access to the interior. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute I also made the roof removable so I can actually fit my hands in there. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute Inside there are spots for eight people; four troops, one medic, two pilots, and one on the stretcher. The interior features troop space, a medical bay, a communications center, a cockpit, a weapons rack, a small snack area, and room for one Octan ATV. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute The ATV sits up against two of these and rests against the sloped boarding ramp. [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Resolute I had a blast building this and I hope you enjoyed taking a look through the pictures. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down below. Thanks!
  6. MontyPython

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] TundraClassic

    Andromeda's Gates, Challenge II, Category B: TundraClassic As I recently signed up, I was soon given a first mission: "Make a first trip with one of our new ships." It sounded easy, but when I saw the ship I was given to drive, I changed my mind. It was a old TundraClassic freighter, used by the early colonists, when they were discovering frozen worlds. It had a really old driving system, with old-school steering wheel and it was very slow. But it was my guilt that I got this ship. In my application form I wrote: "I can drive anything, try me!" and they took it for real. Our engineers were ordered to build a lot of new defense ships, so they quickly started building them. They also modified some of the older ships and that one, I was driving was one of them. It was really old but in quite good shape so it didn't need a lot of work. They turned it into a small sized freighter with small engines, light protection and enough place for me, the pilot, two soldiers, two radio-operaters and a small vehicle. At first I wasn't really excited about it, but after some time I started to liking it. It was really easy to drive and had enough space. Because it has really small protection, only a small cannon, we were followed by some starfighters, in case of pirates. After some time we safely returned into hangar. Superior officer was pleased with me and granted me more ships to drive. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm really sorry for horrible presentation and those extremly bad photos. I first saw this challenge yesterday and today I had to get an idea, find the right pieces, build the ship and I almost ran out of time for photos and posting this here. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.
  7. Thomas of Tortuga

    The Gates of Orfdor

    Despite its remote location in the far north, Ofdor has faced determined attacks in days of old. However, the city has resisted every attack since the first erection of its mighty fortifications. The walls are wood pilings, set around a thick core of crushed and compacted stone. Outside, a moat encircles the city, broken only at the gates. The putlogs set into the top of the wall and jutting outwards serve as mounting points for hoardings, temporary scaffoldings that improve the defenders’ field of fire. The stone layer measures over 5 feet thick, running through the entire wall. Although lightly guarded in peacetime, the gates are always manned by members of the city guard. They quickly stop any intruders from entering the city. “Hands up!” Two of the city guard stand watch outside the gate. I'm thinking about getting involved with GoH, so I thought I'd post a recent MOC to see how much feedback I get. Larger sizes of these images are available on Flickr. Thanks for viewing!