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  1. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "Thanks for the lead! We will probably look it up! I don't believe we have a magic compass but we could always head to the marketplace on our way!" Turning once more to Sküld Ezeran rubs his chin and asks: "Any clue where to start? Is the Oracle forced in to hiding somewhere special?" Hearing the Copper Fox dubbing Petaldan to become a paladin Ezerans face lights up with almost paternal pride. "The Copper Fox is wise, you were already a Paladin in all but the job description, you encompass so much good!" "Sorry, but I haven't had a reason to pick one up. Should we head to the marketplace to stock up on essentials?" Searching for the oracle because the kind NPC hinted at it.
  2. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Ezeran slumps down behind the remains of the table that had been his fortress during the fight. "What a mess." He looks at Torald and Petaldan as he heaves himself up to his feet and brushes of the dust that had settled on the brim of his hat. He looks at Sküld. "Any idea what to do now?" he nods to Torald and Petaldan. "Are you fine? I sure would like my weapon back..."
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Ezeran turns to Petaldan and Torald and mouths an urgent message. "Be ready to escort Sküld out of here once the way is clear, we need our weapons as well." sensing a good opportunity to strike Ezeran then casts a curved fire spell at Geezer from the back row.
  4. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Still hiding behind a table Ezeran grits his teeth and tries to buy the other heroes some more time by casting a dark spell at Paladin Infantry C from the back row.
  5. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Seeing his comrades searching for weapons Ezeran tries to keep the guards occupied and casts a dark spell at the Paladin priest from the back row.
  6. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Same here!
  7. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Amazing work on your part, this will be an epic finale. This would actually deserve a notice on the front page (and a commemorative oil painting).
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Hiding behind a overturned table but still with his wits intact Ezeran replies "I've got one even better: a gang of misguided Town watchmen walks into a bar..." the punchline however, was drowned out by clamour but the symbiont laughed with all it's corrupted little heart spreading its acid saliva over the room. Ezeran casts a dark spell at the Paladin Infantry from the back row.
  9. Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    I always love having Petaldan tagging along with Ezeran.
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Ezeran downs a nostrum and casts a dark spell at the Paladin Priest from the back row. Ezerans stats are outdated, I missed updating the character statistics since quest 158. That has been corrected now.
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Watching all the commotion around him Ezeran considers the alternatives, the symbiont however is not that tactful and hurls a giant load of acid spit at what it consider being the intruders. Ezeran stands up, brimstone and fire in his eyes. "I don't recognize your authority to represent any law, and certainly not the people of Eubric. Leave those men here with us and be quickly gone before you miss the deadline of your beloved curfew."
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Ezeran motions to Petaldan and Torald to follow him without drawing to much attention to themselves he then adresses Sküld. "Great to see you again, we don't have much time. Should we help you trying to find the Oracle?"
  13. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "A balanced oligarchy can be better than an autocratic dictatorship, I can't vouch for the self proclaimed saviours. Can they be trusted? I sense the risk of foul play here..."
  14. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Thanks WBD!