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  1. MysticModulus

    H20: Fantasy's Back on the Menu!

    Sounds fun! I'm in! :)
  2. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I'm here sometimes! Still have email-notifications for these threads.
  3. MysticModulus

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Got the 75212 Kessel Run Millenium Falcon with a 40 % discount, paid around 110 euro.
  4. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Lovely pics WBD!
  5. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    That's strange, it should work. I'll try and send you a PM.
  6. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    That's more interesting! Good to discuss anyhow!
  7. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Sounds good! There is a lot to discuss both considering rules and other things. I'm personally hesitant towards the idea that the players should build a lot themselves, it risks taking the focus from the textbased roleplaying I personally love very much.
  8. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    I totally agree! The faction lore and RP:ing was a real interesting feature that helped out in character development, Lind and Ezeran never interacted much but it always felt like there was a degree of mutual respect between them. All this begun with me scratching through my collection of minifigs trying to come up with something interesting, I found the torso of an Atlantica-sharkman and then I had this idea of a demonic symbiont etc. As you point out the symbiont was never really the central theme in Ezerans character, it was just a symptom of his past. I am so glad I joined Heroica and went with Ezeran as my character! The friendship with Torald and Petaldan has been so valuable and interesting to follow and it really has meant much to me on a personal level, those three characters has really made an interesting journey both as a strange rag-tag team but also on an individual level. There really is an interesting dynamic between them! I've taken Ezeran on three quests hosted by @Waterbrick Down (#142, #149 and #157) and they have all been utterly amazing! I see them as the main trilogy for the character-development of Ezeran and WBD has been so generous in hosting these quests by giving him good opportunities to develop as a character. I am very grateful for that! In #142 the friendship between Ezeran, Torald and Petaldan really blossomed. The ending of #149 was one of the more interesting moral dilemmas played out that I've witnessed in any game and Ezerans connection to his past was made possible in #157 by connecting the story to his fathers fate. So really, Ezerans development and riches in character is very much a result of some really clever and empathetic QM'ing on your part WBD! Torald What can I say? I really felt a friendship with @Alfadas as much as Ezeran has with Torald. We enrolled in Heroica almost at the same day and Ezeran and Torald became friends almost instantly. Torald really has evolved during these year and has become a complex character. He has this inherent wisdom to him even though he doesn't come across as intelligent. He also seems to have tackled his alcohol-addiction in a good way during this time. I don't know exactly why he became a battlemage but it was a really nice move RP-wise since it brought Ezeran and Torald even closer. Petaldan Petaldan is a really well played character! It's so fresh to have this innocent boy with pure ideals being able to take part in an adult complex world were most characters are flawed and jagged. He brought insights and perspectives that no other characters could have provided and he truly has a heart of gold. I rememeber when he got the "Gloves of the Boy wonder" I designed for him at a Grogmas-event, it felt like giving a christmas-gift to a real kid. I just want to thank @Palathadric for his patience with this character! #159 Well, I guess I need to say something about the final quest of this whole enterprise! It was an interesting journey even though I had trouble to follow all of the politics, relations, characters and lore. I really feel like I'm still a newcomer to Heroica in a sense and to be honest it's not really all that interesting to try and research and follow all of the other characters relations and all the politics going on. It also reflects in Ezeran as a character really being an outsider (not as much as The Demon Germ) more interested in his close relationships than the bigger schemes at hand. It also comes down to RP-philosophies I guess, I'm a bit allergic to the wall of text-approach that was pretty common in this quest, it's just not something for me. With that being said it's fantastic to have played a small part of this final chapter and it was fun seeing all of the characters in the same context.
  9. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    That epilogue warmed my heart.
  10. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Well to be fair, a handful of old players has been the driving force in this final part of the quest and it seems most people think that nothing more needs to be said in this context. I for once find all this discussions of the future veterans etc. to be irrelevant for Ezeran. It's a good point to put an end to it. I wouldn't say there isn't enough players to start a Heroica 2.0, the challenge is probably to find some QM's who wants to continue.
  11. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    Sad to hear that you have been struggling to find your place in this game. I guess one big issue with Demon Germ is that he is really hard to roleplay since he isn't as human as other characters. This point is often valid in most RPG's and it's even harder when you are not playing RPG:s in real life but only via text. I guess it also has to do what you want to get out of the roleplay, in my opinion it's not as rewarding to play a super-charged character that's almost invulnerable as to play a slightly more human character (human being irrational and emotional, not really a question of selection of species). From what I have seen this has been a hard time to for you when it comes to making your character relate to other characters. I don't know, roleplaying is hard and others probably can probably explain these things better than me.
  12. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    OoC: I'm all for closing up as well.
  13. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "Poetic justice? A slap in the face?" Ezeran replies from his corner seemingly irritated.
  14. MysticModulus

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Ezeran looks up and smiles at Lind. "You know what, it would be nice to tag along! Let me know when you are ready to leave. I'm almost done." Ezeran heads over to the bar and and brings forth 100 gold that he gives to the bartender. "Could you do me a favour? When a new hero enters that door, summon him over to the bar and give him a free ale and a meal. Then tell him the story of Torald Waruelf and his sacrifice for this city and this institution. Should be enough to inspire the next generation of heroes." The sorcerer then promptly brings out a pocket knife and with great care carves "Torald was here" in the counter before returning to Lind.