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  1. Lord Tyrus

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    My first real attempt at some proper photo editing: Felucia by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Felucia by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr
  2. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] [LDD] I Am Your Father

    Very accurate representation. Also, there's some nice greebles there too!
  3. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] [LXF] Minifig-scale Phantom from Star Wars Rebels

    This is really nice! Looks very sleek!
  4. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] [WIP] Victims of the Almighty Sarlacc

    Great work! Nothing wrong with Duplo, it's still LEGO right?
  5. Lord Tyrus

    [MOC] Imperial Base on Alderaan

  6. I love the pink backdrop with the ISD looming menacingly above!
  7. Lord Tyrus

    [MOD] 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    Very nice, I always thought the one made by TLG looked pretty good, but you've made this ship look even better!
  8. Lord Tyrus

    [Anthology] – Small – Lando's Wardrobe Raid

    Great one! Love the reference!
  9. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Freebuild 02] Massacre on Fondor

    Fantastic base. The Empire isn't really that bad once you get to meet them, I can introduce you if you want?
  10. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Ep. XI] A Surprise Interrogation

    Thanks! I plan for this to be an arc over the next few builds. Stay tuned!
  11. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Ep. XI] A Surprise Interrogation

    Haha! We would have never won anyway, those Rebels are far too kind!
  12. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Ep. XI] A Surprise Interrogation

    Cheers guys!
  13. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE XI] Big Trouble in Little Kuat

    Very nice build, but I think you may have missed the deadline...
  14. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Ep. XI] A Surprise Interrogation

    Thanks. That's because there is no complete ceiling!
  15. Lord Tyrus

    [SoNE Ep XI] The Tip of the Force Pike

    Beautiful speeders! I love the variety of aliens you have included and the angled streets look great!