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  1. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    OK, so with this contest officially announced does that reset our freebuild count to zero? Because I have one more to post that is built but not photographed (I'm lazy and have been working on a fighter for this) But if I post that freebuild I don't want to cap out and not be able to post a "How I got to Endor" freebuild. My build is very un-Empire in design but if I can story my way into how I ended up with it is that ok? IMO making yet another TIE is awfully boring. I'd be more inclined to build a Rebel ship and say I stole it.
  2. [MOC] Scarif by ChtiLUG

    Wow, this is massive! Even in their most basic forms I instantly recognized the locations from the movie. Nicely done.
  3. [SoNE Freebuild] Inspection

    Valid point about the second scene. I'm one of those people that gets an idea in their head and then builds it. And THEN worries about taking pics. Only rarely do I think through the implications of my build on how it will photograph. Certainly something to work on in my process. I was actually trying to make the bottom cluttered and busy and then keep the top clean and sparse to focus more on the 2 overseeing officers. A bit of a separation between the worker bees and their machines and the managers type viewpoint. Always good to get feedback!
  4. AG2 Prologue

    I feel this is a little bit of chicken and egg though. For instance I don't want to build anything until I know more about the rules because I'm not sure if I am continuing my story or making a new character. A lot hinges on how the game is set up. I guess I could just build random AG builds that won't tie into a bigger AG2 storyline, but I don't know that I have much desire to as it seems like total throw away and pointless.
  5. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    I know we have OT for Original Trilogy and PT for Prequel Trilogy, what is the new acronym for the current trilogy? ST for Sequel Trilogy? I guess I would expect SoNE to file into the Kylo Ren era, but who knows.
  6. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Any updates on judging the freebuilds that have been posted since the last challenge? I know Cody had 1 and I have 2 (soon to be 3 once I take photos of my latest build). Will start planning out a ship too.
  7. Solid Gold C3PO question

    If you do list it somewhere, make sure to let places like TBB and other Lego news sites know so that you get more exposure. Helps you and also increases the chances someone who dreams of owning one might hear of it and get a chance to make an offer.
  8. [SoNE Freebuild - XV-II] Vode An

    Very nice, you did get a ton of shots out of a small space. But the more you look into the shots you did you can see all the details. You packed a lot into a small space without making it feel cramped or overwhelming. Great work.
  9. Awesome review as always, loved all the pictures and commentary. N-Pop Girl is definitely the one I most want and will try to grab multiples of. I'm a bit sad that they are evenly distributed as I think some of them will be left sitting on shelves, especially those that are similar to ones that come in sets.
  10. Based on the $30 price point for Yoda's hut I'm guessing it will be a pretty small set. Either way, I'm excited to get it!
  11. [MOC] SB-17A2 Heavy bomber

    You've got a person straddling a bomb waving a hat ... I'd say it was there subconsciously. One thing I just noticed, maybe change the name to Pacific Pearl from Pacific pearl. Just seems more correct. Aside from the One Ring pieces (unless they actually do come in that color) is this something that you could mostly build really or did you have to color correct a lot?
  12. [MOC] SB-17A2 Heavy bomber

    Love the Dr. Strangelove nod. The ship is really fantastic and well thought out. The launch platform is very reminiscent of modern aircraft carriers. The color choices reminds me of the Gulf livery. Really nice photography too!
  13. I woke with my mind screaming: something was wrong. My eyes opened as I simultaneously tried to remember where I was and strained my senses to confirm what my whole body seemed to be aware of. I remembered that I was at a small remote base helping to calibrate a new sensor array by flying a TIE around so they could use it as a target. Seconds passed and then there it was... a barely felt vibration and muffled thud. Something akin to far away thunder or a large, heavy crate that had been dropped. The dim glow coming from the floor level lights dimmed just a touch and the air coming from the vents stopped suddenly. Instinct kicked in and I was rolling out of bed, grabbing gear and my weapon as my mind came to grips with the reality that the base was under attack. I doubted it would be rebels, we didn't have much of value for them. No, I suspected it was smugglers or someone else who was doing something that would be threatened by the new sensor array. Their illicit activities suddenly would be brought to light and the Empire would want to try and stop them. Most likely they would hit and fade once their objective was complete. Without knowing the situation I couldn't tell if it was too late to protect the array or not but I was happy that we wouldn't have to fight off a sustained attack aimed at taking the base. We likely didn't have the personnel for that and relief forces were far enough away that there was only a slim chance anyone would be alive to see a rescue. As I got to the door going outside I tightened my grip on the blaster and opened the door to the first rays of light mingling with light coming from various base lights and the flickering flames from various scenes of destruction. There was an occasional blaster shot, fortunately going in both directions so there were Empire soldiers out there, but it wasn't heavy fire. That meant the attacking force was pretty small and seemed to lack heavy weapons. All good signs. I realized that it was too quiet suddenly and remembered that my gear was set up for the TIE. I was listening in on the sensor array comm frequency which was why I didn't hear anything. As I switched to the base frequency my headset filled with noise. Calls for position of the enemy, requests for medics, etc. flooded in and I tried to figure out where I should go without adding to the noise by asking. It seemed like the bulk of the force was attacking from the north with a smaller secondary attack from the southeast meant to split our forces. Given the array was on the northern part of the base it made sense and I worked my way there being careful not to get shot by our own troops. As I got close I could see the situation laid out before me as the enemy forces took pot shots at us trying to let some of their pinned down comrades escape. The array was severely damaged at best though, so they had little inclination to keep the fight going beyond a small amount of loyalty to friends. And as more and more Empire guns came to bear as more of us woke up and made our way to the battle it seemed that their loyalty was rapidly diminishing. Self preservation was winning out. Within minutes it was over. We had captured 3 of their forces and killed 5, while losing 2 of ours. We had several hurt as well, but all would be back to their duties in days. The array was lost and given the special nature of it would not be able to get replaced for months. They had succeeded. Even if we eventually got the array operational and well protected they would get to keep operating for a while longer and have time to adapt. It was frustrating for me and I'm sure much more so for those who would continue to be stationed here. At least I was able to get into a TIE and head off to my next assignment. I couldn't help shake the feeling that the bad guys won. I know that we don't live in a holovid but the pirates or smugglers won and the Empire lost when we were simply trying to make this a safer place. Security Camera Shots: Please Judge and Critique. I'm trying to get used to my new lightbox, so I know that background is kinda not great. I am also playing with some new lenses, hence the "security cam" shots. Thanks for looking!
  14. Highly creative factory! Loved all the pictures and the story. I liked the machinery inside and yet it still felt clean as it should. The outside was a bit "dirtier" which would make sense as it doesn't have the same concerns.