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Found 17 results

  1. Garmadon

    [O - E02] Sir, Worse!

    Tags: Spaceship Location: Jurin II (E02) Jedadiah Douglas, signing in from Jurin II! Alrighty headquarters, Jed is back! With a nice moustache... Octan robot: Ahem! Well, same as always I see - not very concentrated, eh? Any sign of M.A.N.T.I.S. activity, Jed? Can't anyone make robots that don't have squeaky voices? Eh? Oh yes, let's see... hm, er, nope! Oh, Yyyaaaaaa! What sir, what is it?! M.A.N.T.I.S.? No, something worse sir, far worse! DUCKS!! Yyaaaaa! Geronimo! Jed vs. - oh, you guessed it, didn't you? Alright, I'm back! Won't be building super consistently I doubt, but hopefully every once in a while! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Garmadon

    [O - H07] Wha! This Planet...!

    Location: H07 Quantus III Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Quantus III: Is really something else! As if trying to blow up labs with vinegar and baking powder all week wasn't bad enough, Dr. Long just had to send me to this wacky planet to pick up some evergreen tree leaves which might prove better as explosives. Well, Jed my boy, I do declare! Why, some things really are just different out in space. At least I get a lovely motorcycle to ride around on! I was a bit pressed for time this week (S.H.I.P.tember being mostly to blame, though not exclusively), so, though I had been saving the motorcycle for later (I've had it built for a couple of weeks now, and am extremely pleased with it ) I went ahead and threw together some weird landscape to go with it for this week Oh, and the part about trying to blow things up with vinegar and baking soda wasn't completely made up! Comments and constructive criticism welcome as always!
  3. Garmadon

    [O - H05] Underwater, or Not?

    Location: H05, Livgorn Tags: Exploration, Land/Water Vehicle Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Livgorn... Oh boy! It will be a while until I can talk about that! So much for Forring being any good! Ha! Ginormous ducks, yikes! Yes, yes, another vacation is quite in order... and thankfully, since Dr. Long is no longer first branch executive and good old Jacques is there instead, vacations aren't that hard to come by, haha! Hey, look at this, another Pombe animal plant! Except this one provides fast food, yum! But I shall finish my ice cream here first. Seriously though, this is a very nice planet, but I am having trouble figuring out if I am underwater or flying... and I forgot to check my Domination for Dummies before I landed to find out. Oh well. Remind me to ask Pombe if animal trees can grow underwater or not. But where are my legs? Ah ha, there you are! Get back over here! Now this is a bit better than that horrid planet last week, ha! Here we go! My weekly build - and I'm really not sure if it's underwater or not! It wasn't originally meant to be, but the plants, landscape, mech, and photography turned out such that I'm don't know myself! What do you think of it all? Comments and constructive criticism are welcome as always!
  4. Garmadon

    [O - F03] Perspective? Pfft!

    Tags: Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in on Forring: Ha, ha, finally! No ducks! The perfect planet! This is it! Hmm... wait a sec, Jed my boy. Better make sure first. Great, nothing here. Ha, ha, yes! Woohoo! Yes, yes, yes! Hey, what's this!? Perspective, pfft! I always knew that stuff they taught us at school was baloney! Figless: Ha, ha, he had that coming to him! I hope the footprint is recognizable enough... and now I have to go build some giant duck next week! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  5. Garmadon

    [O - G04] The Duel...

    Tags: Exploration, Military (?) Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Fractor V: Ah! What a planet! Absolutely perfect! And not a duck in sight! Wait, what was that?! What!? Not again! Well, ducky duck, prepare to bite the dust. Quack! What, you too? Then a duel it is! HA-ya! Haha! Jed, my boy, you've done it once again! No one can stand up to you with a good old rapier! Hey, what's that?! A sore loser, eh! Wait, wait wait! Don't you know the rules!? No, no, we agreed about swords, nothing about pistols! Ha! Rules you say! There's only one rule here, and that is, I WIN! (Well, he actually just said quack, but that was so clearly his meaning that I venture to put it here anyways.) I thought you were an honorable gentleman! No, no! Bad duck! Awful duck! Quack! CHEATER!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaa! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My weekly build for AG, and also an entry to the RPG category of the Colossal Battle Contest, and all LEGO scene subcategory. Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  6. The Green Shadow: (Note that the editing wasn't done until after the deadline, so it should not affect the score - though I'm not sure it would anyways! ) Front, back, and sides: Jed and Guy in the cockpit (it's a two-seater, in case that wasn't already clear!) Opened cockpit: Also known as Jedadiah's new ship. He should certainly have some fun knocking up some ducks in this thing! My build for Cat A of the challenge. I had quite some fun with this and think it is probably my best spaceship for AG yet... and I know it is missing Octan's red, but I do think it looks better without it! Anyways, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  7. Garmadon

    [O - G04] Into the Jungle...

    Tags: Exploration, Land/Water Vehicle Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Fractor V: Aha, what have we here? Well, looks like a vacation to me! By which, of course, I mean - no ducks! Ha! Oh, and to celebrate Pombe's fleeting first branch... and I like disguises. And explorers suits. Here we go, into the jungle. Figless: Jed's boat: A quick little build for this week (I wasn't able top spend a lot of time on it as I'm currently working on a bigger build for the War Contest). And pardon the slightly below par pics, I really need to get a good indoor setup! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Science Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from the planet of Greater Drigo... Hmph. I will never understand what those headquaters were thinking when they decided to drop me off on Great DRigo with a boat! Water planet! Ha! Very funny... Oh well, I happen to be an explorer, so let's see what we can find here abouts. Hey look! So maybe there is a tiny bit of water on this planet! I should take a picture of this just to show them how much water is here. Pff. Oppsy. Well, I hope Guy's camera was water-proof... Uh-oh, what's that noise? Ya!! Ok, maybe that's what the boat's for. They could have warned me, ha! Well, well, look there! It's Guy's camera again! And look, a duck! I mean, what, a duck?! Here? Doesn't this boat go a little faster?! Oh no, the camera! Sorry Guy!... The boat by itself: Ha, ha! This build was quite a bit of fun! Credit goes to Kai for taking the video and some of the pics for me - unfortunately I don't have four arms like my name's sake! Ha, ha! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  9. Garmadon

    [O, G10] The Alien Artifact...

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from, Woohoo, something other than Castral (namely Onix)! Hey, look at that! It seems there is some sort of alien artifact in this here lava stream! What a find, Jed my boy, won't those scientists be happy when they get a sight of this! So, what exactly is this thing? Let's see... Bang, bang. Crack, crack. Bzzz. Nope. What could it be? Hey, look at this! It's Guy's camera! I'm sure he'll be happy to get this back... except for all the dents and holes I just punched in it. Oh well, no pain no gain, right? Figless: And the vehicle: I'm finally off Castral! Ha, ha! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  10. Garmadon

    [O - E09] Duck Traps...

    Tags: Spaceship or Land Vehicle, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from duck-infested Castral: (whistling) That Wick Nole, bless him! Ha, I'm back in the game now, new vehicle and duck trap, thanks to him and the very considerate (and wise) directors of the Octan corp! There, that should do. Now I just gotta hide behind this rock until one of those wise-cracking ducks appear. Great! Well at least I know it works now! Let's see how you're supposed to get down from here... Quack! What!? Those ducks are always appearing at very inopportune moments! A little late to the party, ha! It seems I have taken your place. No, not going for the car again!? Nasty duck, shoo, shoo! Quack! Wick, Wick!! You probably already know how that ended... The vehicle as a hovercraft: And as a land vehicle: My Andromeda's Gates build for the week, and probably my last one on Castral for a while, so enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  11. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, on Castral, signing in: Hmm, let's see here. It appears that according to this book (Domination for Dummies) explorers who happen to be on Castral ought to be looking for Biomass. That's odd. I don't believe I have seen any Biomass at all since I landed here... Hmhm, smells like smoke. Probably some Kawashita guy barbecuing. Well, he could certainly use a muffler on his grill, ha! Quack! Ha, I heard that! No way you're getting away this time ducky! Wait a sec, whatever happened to my spaceship. Yaa!! I really, really, hate THAT DUCK!! Hurry! Let's see what the book says to do if a space-duck steals your spaceship while you're on Castral. Humph. It says you should try to stop it or go look for some Bioass. Well, what if you were too busy reading when it happened to not notice 'til too late? Aha, here it is. It says here, that if a space-duck steals your spaceship while you're on Castral and leaves you stranded because you were too busy reading when it happened you should just go and look for Biomass. Well, as I said, this planet seems to be utterly devoid of Biomass. Oh, well, here we go. Figless. I was pretty happy with how the Octan symbol turned out! With spaceship: And the now stolen spaceship by itself: Oh, and the duck! Another build for Andromeda's Gates... and another horrible day for poor Jedadiah Douglass. Hope you enjoy it anyhow! C&C are welcome as always!
  12. Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration, Science Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Castral again: Roll out the ramp! Come on, come on, doesn't it move a little faster!? Afraid of a duck? Nonsense! I assure you that nothing could have been farther from my mind as I drove sedately to the Octan Quad Transporter I had brought with me. (looks around suspiciously) Whuff, made it! And parked. Uh-oh, where did that feather go? Those people sure aren't going to be happy. Well, there's a reason I never liked science! (Later) Well, at least I can do the other part of what I was told to do. Let's see here, I can't remember what it's called. Well, I'll just have to look through this here extensive library of mine (I pride myself on my reading abilities). Driving for Dufaces, Flying for Phonies, Shooting for Stupids (I really should read that one some time). Ah-ha! Here she be, Domination for- What!? It wasn't very nice to give me this book as a gift... and then make me pay for it. Oh well, se la vie. Figless: A couple of pics of the Octan Quad Transporter: Another build for Octan... I hope the story is enjoyable again! This is probably my favorite of my Andromeda Gates' builds so far - large space land vehicles are a lot of fun! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always! Edit: I believe I forgot to mention before that the quad has been reused from the last build
  13. Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration, Science Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from E09, also known as Castral: (whistling, stops vehicle and gets out) Ah, so here I am on some planet in Andromeda hunting after a duck for some Octan scientist. Ha! Well, I’ll tell you one thing, that duck is very soon going to be toast. Here, ducky ducky duck! Quack! (that was the duck, not me, btw) Yesh! (darting behind rock) Those ducks sure do have a way of startling one! Good thing I was able to get under cover before it observed me. Well, well, let’s see how this tranquilizer gun works. What!? And they said I couldn’t miss with this thing! So much for guarantees… Here we go again... Again?! No way! Well, third time’s a charm. Or maybe not. Fourth? Fifth? He doesn’t even appear to notice. Well, well, ducky, perhaps this will teach you a little something! Arrr. I’ll bet he was behind that tree a second ago. No more cover for him! What? I do declare, I’ve got him! Well Jed, my old boy, you shan’t go home empty handed this time! Ha, ha! I wonder where the rest of that duck went to though… most likely blown to smithereens. Hmm. I’m not sure the old scientists are going to be very happy. Well, something is better than nothing! Or not. Tell me that’s not what I think it is. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Figless: Jedadiah's getaway vehicle My weekly build for the Octan corporation... I decided to continue the duck theme, sorry for the multitude of pictures, but I hope the story was enjoyable Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  14. Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, on Jurin II, signing in: JD: Landed on this boring looking planet about half an hour ago, not much to look at here, over. HQ: How's the awesomnium look, over. JD: Don't know, I've been too busy, over. HQ: Check then, what do you think we sent you there for? Over. JD: Thought it was to try out the new FlameDrive41 - and the coffee - over. HQ: (muttering) Incorrigible... Well, well, any signs of alien activity? Nothing deadly, I hope. Over. JD: Nothing except this coffee, blah! The coffee machine in this thing really has to be replaced. I prefer hot chocolate anyways... HQ: I'm not exactly sure if you answered my question, over. JD: What was it again, over. HQ: Nevermind, I can't remember. Over and out. JD: AND DON'T FORGET TO REPLACE THE COFFEE MACHINE WHEN I GET BACK! Over and out. Ugh. I guess I'll have to live on this stuff until they get around to it... A couple of pics of the new FlameDrive41 model: Another quick little build, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. Tags: Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in on Donwarr: Landed in the forests of Donwarr in search of water... thankfully that substance seems not very difficult to come by here. Found excellent and pure waterfall hidden deep in forests... My freebuild for this week, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  16. Garmadon

    [O, H03] Scouting Kaalin

    Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on the planet Kaalin: The rock and clay covered planet of Kaalin. Much awesomnium to be mined in the planet. No aliens discovered as of yet. Jedadiah Douglass, signing out. Figless: The exploration craft: My second build for Andromeda's Gates... thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on I06, Yetornius: Planet proved to be almost completely covered in lava fields, out of which spout occasional fiery geysers, must be extremely careful flying at lower altitudes. The top can be opened to study the atmosphere... or anything curious in that direction My first build for Andromeda' Gates and my favorite spaceship I've built yet - also my first one... Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!