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Found 415 results

  1. Big Sal

    [M - B06] Experiment P0B06

    Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 28 Junali 3815. Experiment Code: P0B06. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Location: Kawashita territory, Sorn. Aim: Test effectiveness of persuasion technology. Excerpt ends. I still don't really get how it works. Ugh, it's not difficult Roberts. You know how you can persuade people to do almost anything for money? Yes... And you know how money is based on gold? I suppose... Well then, the mechanics of the Persuadomatic (patent pending) should be obvious! It vapourises gold and expels it as a mist of nanoparticles into the air. Anyone breathing it in will become easily suggestible. Yeah, I'm not sure that makes any... FIRE IT UP! 25% POWER! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Using gold from Guinevere, the Persuadomatic will disperse a mist of nanoparticles into the air. Prediction: Kawashita scientists exposed to the Persuadomatic will be easily convinced to give up valuable intelligence. Excerpt ends. Stable at 25% power. Those pills we took will protect us right? Sure! Ok, I'm going in! I still think you should have changed out of your M.A.N.T.I.S. colours... Greetings fellow scientists! Uh, who are you? I'm Big Sal! The famous M.A.N.T.I...shita scientist! Did you just say 'MANTIShita'?! I said 'mighty Kawashita' of course! Roberts, increase the power! What was that? I said, uh... 'man, I could do with a shower'! Good save... Power at 50%. Anyway, what are you guys up to here? Fill me in on your latest findings. Hmmm, I don't know about that. I'm still not exactly sure who you are? Yeah, if you're Kawashita, what's today's password? Uhhhh... more power damn it! Increasing power to 75% Hey! Dr Wu asked you a question! Stop mumbling! Ok, you got me. I'm not from Kawashita after all... I'm from the Nobel Prize committee! We've been watching Dr Wu and we're very impressed! OHMYGOD! WOOO! Oh, wow, I'm flattered! Yes, it's true! I'm here to conduct our final investigation, so if you could just give me all the details of your work... THIS IS AMAZING! Oh, yes, of course! So, this is our new awesomnium drill and we recently discovered the astounding fact that... What's going on down there? Who's that M.A.N.T.I.S. guy?? NO, HE'S FROM THE NOBEL PRIZE! DR WU'S GOING TO WIN! I ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOU DOC! Why's he holding a trophy? Isn't the Nobel Prize a medal? ... ... ... Lemme guess? 100% power? Yup! But they've got rebreathers... we may just have to rely on my natural charm and quick wits! 60 seconds later: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! THE NOBEL COMMITTEE WON'T LOOK KINDLY ON THIS! START THE ENGINES ROBERTS! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: Persuadomatic showed promise but was ineffective against Kawashita troops with rebreathers. Conclusions: Why were they wearing rebreathers anyway? Sorn's atmosphere is perfectly breathable. We may have another security breach. Excerpt ends. My first go at SNOT rocks. Not entirely happy with them, but practice makes perfect I guess. Comments and criticism welcome!
  2. Mission 6 Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find Location: Jurin II [E02] Tags: Civil, Ocean Engineering, Vehicle ==================================================================================================== Transmission Start: Ok, This seems to be the spot where my NavTech Metal detector sensors appear to be pinging the most at. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 1 by boxerlego, on Flickr Great time to use my Communication device's radar out to scan the immediate area for any leads. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 2 by boxerlego, on Flickr Awesome, The Radar is showing something over there in that pile of rocks over there with very unique metal properties. I wonder what it could be... Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 3 by boxerlego, on Flickr Well this was almost to easy. Lucky its underneath this small pile of rock. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 4 by boxerlego, on Flickr Wow, Big find here. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 5 by boxerlego, on Flickr Awesome, Looks very old looking but still pretty shiny new in spots. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 6 by boxerlego, on Flickr (Checking out the find) Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 7 by boxerlego, on Flickr Lucky me I keep this jar around for awesome finds like this. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 8 by boxerlego, on Flickr Well, time to continue on with the beach patrol. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 9 by boxerlego, on Flickr Transmission end: ====================================================================================================
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - E02] Science-ing!

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After my recent successes I was back on the Axle. It was good getting to work with Dr. Long and see her genius at work in person. It was also a great opportunity to tell her about all my great ideas and suggestions. I had so many. I told her about them whenever we got to work together. Eventually she suggested that we concentrate on our work so that we could maintain focus and not make errors. She is so precise! It was a good point and so from then on I would make sure to follow her to lunch so we could talk over my ideas there. But after a couple days she said she was too busy for lunch and she would just keep working in the lab. What dedication! So I started sending her all my ideas electronically. The next day she found me and said that Octan Corp needed data from Jurin II and that we needed a scientist to oversee the work. I wasn't sure what data she needed exactly so I asked her and she said: "We need all kinds of data. Jurin II needs science-ing! We need the data. Immediately! So you have to go ... NOW!" It was clearly urgent and I was so happy Dr. Long trusted me with such a vital Octan Corp mission. I wasn't even aware "science-ing" was a word, but if Dr. Long used it then it must be. She is so smart. And even though I found out she uses the free shampoo they provide in the showers instead of the stuff you buy in the ship's store her hair doesn't even really smell that much like soap! So I quickly got on a tanker and made my way to Jurin II to collect the data she needed. On my way there I worked with an engineer to repurpose a maintenance craft to carry my needed equipment for analyzing the air and soil for composition and to see if there was any sign of microscopic life. The scanners would also help pinpoint the major veins of Awesomnium. I wouldn't let Dr. Long down! She definitely picked the right man for the job! And I couldn’t wait to discuss my findings in person. Extra MOC proving there are no social boundaries my character isn’t willing to obliviously cross: Apologies for the photo quality, the light went away quickly and I ended up using indoor lights primarily.
  4. pombe

    [O - E02] You are not alone

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, AG, Octan ++Start data transmission++ Octan apprentice explorer Eshey Reeshia Kolai reporting in on behalf of my mentor, explorer Pombe. I am executing an exploration mission on behalf of my mentor because he is, according to his own words, "out of town this week". I don't even know what that means. Being here in Andromeda, we are already out of town, so I don't know how much further out of town he can be. In fact, he can be frustratingly obtuse, and I'm not certain it's intentional. He just doesn't make much sense most of the time. I mean...I am happy to have a job at all, of course. Given my lack of industry experience, I was surprised to be hired at all, even as a temp. Though, to be honest, I had hoped to apprentice for Lu Caslaug-Hing, my personal hero and an inspiration to women everywhere. Or Wick Nole or Jacques LaRose, both of whom are famous explorers. But nope, I got Pombe. In my short time here, I've learned two things from him: be armed and shoot first. I did get written up by Dr. Long for destroying several plant samples during our last mission (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110932), but I wasn't taking any chances. I have no idea why Pombe doesn't see the danger in our missions. Those alien cactus monsters almost killed the legendary Wick Nole (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111084)!!! Right now, he is still recovering (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111327). I hope he makes it. Octan can't afford to lose an explorer like him. That cutie, Big Z, is nice enough to equip me with some military grade hardware, which I'm certain I will depend on from now on. Too bad I hear he is dating Pombe's former apprentice, Isabel. Ah wells.... Anyways, I've just arrived at planet E02 and established orbit. Also known as Jurin II, this planet is mostly ocean with many island chains where jungles grow. Current reports indicate that it is a tropical paradise, but I am here to confirm reports of awesomnium deposits on the planet. I'm not much of a pilot, so I'm glad John Hannibal was able to give me some pointers. Pombe had left me this little cramped spaceship to use. I asked him why I didn't get to pilot a better spaceship and his reply was that he "had less than an hour to build and photograph a spaceship before leaving to catch his flight" and he further remarked that I should be happy that the engines were attached by more than one stud. Huh? I told you he doesn't make sense. He also warned me about the alien I would encounter in orbit, which made no sense, unless it was also in a spaceship, since nothing could survive in space. He said something about an "exploration bonus" but I wasn't able to ask him more about it before he left. Again, he makes no... [LOUD THUD] WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?! $%@%^$#^^*%&%$$^^*%^@$!@#%%&*&*&^#!!! Holy avocados!!! There's an alien on my port side engine!!! Is it eating the ship?!?!?! Aaaaaaaah!!! It's staring right at me!!!!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!?!?! sssshhshshhhs...ksshshshshhssshhhhhhhhhhh...kkkkkkkkkssshhhhhhhhhhhh... ++End data transmission++ Next:
  5. Mark of Falworth

    [M - E02] The Jarring Jungles of Jurin II

    Activity - Exploration. Location - Jurin II - E02 Previously, Mark of Orion had survived a deadly ambush on Guinevere. Now, he and his team were on the other side of the galaxy, exploring the heavily vegetatious planet of Jurin II. "Look at all the flora and fauna! Too bad Malcolm couldn't see all this!" Bert strolled around, happily gazing at all the new species before his eyes. "Malcolm didn't seem to be the type who was interested in plants - he was easily bored with his surroundings, if I recall." Mark scoffed and pushed a branch out of his face. Bert tromped through some thick ground cover. "Yeah, whatever happened to him, anyway? He sure was a jerk." "He got vaporized by a nano-beam of a Kawashita special forces agent." "Oh, that's... too bad. I assume you just ran for it?" "No, I turned to fight all three of 'em." "WOW, what happened?!" "It was all a bit of a blur. I don't remember." Mark said coldly, turning away. Bert decided he'd better stop asking questions, and looked back at his scanner. "Captain Brutus, I'm getting some strange readings - some kind of insectoid life form in this tree!" "There's lots of beetles and bugs around here. Nothing to worry about." The captain gruffly growled. Just then, a Massive Malicious Munchmoid leaped on the terrified captain, disproving his statement. THIS bug was something to worry about! The entire crew immediately panicked at the sight of the grotesque creature dropping from the trees. The Munchmoid landed squarely on the captain, who screamed loudly, muffled underneath the bug's weight. Lew, who was standing next to Mark of Orion, attempted to disarm the bug with his phaser, but was too frightened to aim properly and the shot went wide. Mark of Orion, however, knew he must act quickly, and in one step, set his MANTIS™ death ray blaster© against the creature's forehead. Mark's death ray blaster sang its song, and the Munchmoid went flying backwards from the sheer force of the glowing blast. Captain Brutus leapt back from the scene of his near demise. "GAAAHH! It almost got me! I can't feel my arm!" "That would be my blaster, sir. The ray must have clipped your arm." Mark jumped in between him and the still form of the Munchmoid. "Then why isn't it GONE?! And the beastly bug too?!" "I took the liberty of adding a stun setting to my MANTIS™ death ray blaster©. I assume you will approve, considering you still have your arm?" "Ah, yes, yes, that's fine, Orion, thank you." The captain pointed at the Munchmoid. "Now VAPORIZE this thing!" "Wait, sir. It's completely stunned and won't move for days. Why don't we drag it back to the dropship and use it for research?" Mark suggested with a grin. "Are you KIDDING me?!" Mark's grin continued. Apparently, he wasn't. "Ugh. All right. YOU get to drag it back, then." The captain rolled his one eye. And with that, the slightly shaken and jittery crew headed back to their ship. ...To Be Continued! (Begin Commentary) Well, I was completely swamped with school this weekend, but I still wanted to get a little build in for AG. Hopefully I'll have more time in the next few weeks to do something even bigger and better. Here's a final overview shot:
  6. EDIT: Builder's Notes: Please see the Challenge 1 entry before reading this one: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110926. The story is related. Also note that the flora/fauna found in this entry was built and first shown in the Challenge 1 entry and should not be scored here. Location: G03 - New California Tags: Exploration, Vehicle, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ Eshey and I had another meeting with the gosh darn hero explorer Lu Caslaug-Hing to go over them details regarding our mission to planet gee-oh-three, known around these parts as New California. Lu had reckoned in our prior meeting that Eshey and I should be looking for water, Lucky for us, one of our probes on New California had spied a cactus, which is proof enough that there's water in them thar' hills. (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110926). Now, that tenderfoot Eshey had a yellow stripe as wide as the Axle down her back. She kept kicking up a row about dangerous cacti monsters. Horse feathers. I told her not to get her dander up, but Lu, to her credit, took it in stride, and preached that safety was always a priority and that Eshey should do what she likes. Well, I was fixin' to head out and I needed a new ride, and there ain't no finer friend, engineer, or drinking buddy as ol' Big Z to fix me up. He was someone you could ride to the river with. A fine steed! I named her Snowflake, for she was as white as the new snow. Big Z also fixed me up some tack to go with Snowflake. I was ready to ride. Eshey went on yammerin' to Big Z about needing some big guns to fight the cactus monsters. Now, I reckon you've heard about them Kawashitas and how they've got a reputation for riding big robots into battle. But seeing as how we Octans is the largest and most flush corporation in these parts, and how we do all the supplying of military hardware to them Galaxy Squad soldier types, we've got big robots of our own; and that's just what ol' Big Z fixed Eshey up with. Well Eshey was grinnin' like a possum about that. We just needed a wagon to get us to New California, and DarkDruid was our ticket to ride. Here was another feller you could ride to the river with. When we got to New California, that lily livered apprentice 'o mine starts shooting up near every single gosh darn plant in sight! I tell her that if she keeps this up, ol' Dr. Long is gonna deliver her a whupping something awful. Ol' Dr. Long was an ornery cuss, and dumb Eshey had no idea. Eshey yammers something about "safety first" and "making sure". I'll admit Eshey was the most rootin' tootin' shootinest gal this side of Andromeda. Never missed a shot, that she didn't. We did find water, and like I said, ol' Dr. Long was all horns and rattles about those shot up plants. Poor Eshey was in the calaboose on that one. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ Next:
  7. Big Sal

    [M - C02] Experiment K7C02

    Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 18 Junali 3815. Experiment Code: K7C02. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Laboratory: M.A.N.T.I.S. Supply Ship, Kitchen 7. Hunston orbit. Excerpt ends. ...and how are my improvements to the water hydrolyser turning out? Very well sir! The last batch of water was over 160% hydrolysed! Excellent! How are the enhanced larvae doing Hamilton? They're growing well Sal - we're on target for 100% coverage in the cafeterias this week. Fantastic! It's such a relief to be doing real science again after all those plants... Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Aim: Improve physical abilities of M.A.N.T.I.S. personnel through enhanced foodstuffs. Method: Awesomnium serum was introduced to larvae growth media. Prediction: Personnel eating the enhanced larvae will show enhanced physiology. Excerpt ends. SAL! Chief Accountant Long! I didn't know you were... I mean, what a pleasure to see you! You're looking as beautiful as ever! Spare me the sarcasm Sal. I'm here to shut this little experiment of yours down. What? But it's only been running a week! I need more time! Absolutely not. Shut it down. We've been getting reports of stomach problems and nausea from across the organisation all week. That could be coincidence! We've only had one larvae Friday so far, it'll take more time for the results to manifest. The costs are minimal! Sal, in the last week our toilet paper bill went up by 600%! And yet none of the troops have developed the superhuman powers you promised. Not to mention the effect on morale if the troops work out it's the grubs making them sick. Larvae Friday is the highlight of the week for them! This experiment is over. Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: None. Experiment terminated early. Conclusions: None possible. Excerpt ends. Thanks to my team mates for taking the time to work this story into their builds all week! Comments and criticism welcome
  8. Mission 5 Diving Rig Buoy Operations Location: Wastyria [H09] Tags: Civil, Ocean Engineering Leroy: Hi there Boxerlego. I'm Leroy, over there is Steve, and that is Jill. Welcome to the Octan Diving Platform. Boxerlego: Thanks, It nice to finally step foot on the diving platform I designed. Lets get things going. I will get the raft ready. Leroy: Alright, First let do a quick equipment check before we start. Steve how is the Air tanks. Steve: Air pressure is at max Leroy. Leroy: Great! Now get to the lower deck Steve and get the buoys ready. Jill how is the diving gear. Jill: Diving gear is ready. Leroy: Great Jill! Now get a life vest on and grab a radio. Then get the in raft with boxer and be ready to head out. You will be driving the raft around while Boxer deploys the buoys. I will be keeping a look out from here. Jill: Roger Leroy. Hey Steve, Make sure the buoys are secure on the rope. I don't want one coming undone while I'm out driving. Steve: Looks likes all buoys are secured good Jill. Boxer did a good job. Leroy: Good now let get those buoys in the water Steve. How is everything Boxerlego. Boxerlego: I'm finish with getting raft free from the dock and wrapping up the rope in the raft. Jill: Fantastic. Now move over and make some space for me so I can start the engine up. (raft starts to make motor boat noise "pup-put-put-pup-put") Boxerlego: Here we go!
  9. Participants: Master Data, Agent G Begin Log: I'm supposed to pick up yet another food shipment from the labs on Hunston to deliver to our forces throughout the sector. I suspect that one of the opposing corporations is going to try and sabotage my mission, so I've brought Agent G to ensure I make it there in one piece. Scanning the island chains for Big Sal's lab. I'm supposed to pick up a shipment of some new type of larva for the cafeteria. Hold on, I'll run a scan of the surrounding islands. Computer, set us on course for Big Sal's lab. Computer: Of course sir... You are 12,000,000 space-specs off course. Preparing to recalculate. GAHHH! Computer, why couldn't you warn us earlier?! I don't want a repeat of last time! KABOOM! We've been hit! What? There aren't any other corporations on this planet yet! Computer: It appears that the Kawashitan malware you picked up on Guinevere activated a M.A.N.T.I.S. defense drone. Useless computer... Agent G, blast it! I can't - you didn't build any guns into the ship! Oh...well, I hope you can swim! Master Data, I hope you haven't left yet! The order just got cancelled! Something about causing stomach problems across the sector... So that's what it was...
  10. Location: H-09 Wastyria - "A cold planet, mostly ocean based with several small mountainous islands." +++++ Personal Log: Closer to the equator the temperature is a bit more temperate, with a couple of islands that harbor vegetation. Though most of the islands were formed several thousands of years ago, there are still some that display growth and signs of the planet's inner workings. This planet seems to be home to several interesting and large species. Even now, a creature appears to be... -fluttering by. I'll believe we'll call it a Wastyrian Flutter Dragon. End Personal Log +++++ AG Octan Challenge.lxf
  11. Peppermint_M

    [O-H09] Skipper Five

    ---Comm. Pilot Cade Channel 005--- Well, this little mite is a strange one for a space-jockey like me. Not Sure I like these touchscreen control panels you've installed. Stick and yoke gives a better feel. Can't say I'd be glad to play with this one in-atmosphere, though it seems okay for playing sheepdog up here in orbit. Just how many EVA Techs do you expect to need rescuing for one threading operation? *BsSSzzZZt* Spoke too soon, there goes one, off to experience the vastness of space 'twere not for me. ---Comm. Close--- The Skipper class space skid/cruiser was designed for traffic operations between orbital stations situated above Octan assets. They ran cargo and crew-coach pods until the permanent orbital ring-transit system was put in place. Once assets grew in number well beyond the scope of each needing such dedicated installations as a Ringworld, these smaller craft were used in conjunction with the EVA teams who work in the construction of the Space Elevators on the orbital end of things. Running around the station much like a sheepdog around a herd of sheep, the craft fetch any EVA Tech who comes loose from their tether and brings them back to station. A vital safety feature and lifesaver on many occasions, any pilot who does a stint on a Skipper never wants for a drink at any bar with an EVA Tech. Octan has had to regulate the replication of service patches and pins as some ne'er do wells were using falsified Skipper service badges for free libations. -*- Just another little craft I put together. At first I put in wings, but once I decided it was for orbit only I scrapped the out of place feature to keep the lines cleaner. The 5 here now designates the asset number instead of the racing number it began life as.
  12. WickNole

    [O - G03] Close to the edge

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: civil, exploration Terrain: Desert Start of transmission #05. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ... seems the the cactus had finally found the trail. All this will end soon... very soon... The attack came out of nowhere. Only a second ago it was all peaceful and quiet, and suddenly this strange green creature, which i thought was simply a cactus, attacked me. It was even able to bite through the industry-grade spacesuit. I was barely able to escape this and kill the beast. But it seems that the night is coming close, and there are lot more of these strange creatures coming cor me then. The bloody trail is too good for them to miss. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #05. The build:
  13. Spencer's Diary, 21 Junali, 3815 Midsummer's Day on old Terra. Funny, really, it's a fairly meaningless concept when you find yourself on a new planet every week, each with its own unique year and idiosyncratic seasons. But somehow this date always seems like a marker to me, a time to reflect on what has gone before and whether our path is taking us where we set out to be, or has somehow strayed into stranger regions than we thought possible. Some years this date was found me in harsh, hostile places - that lava moon back in the outer rim, or taking cover from solar flares on New Mercury. On days like that, you do wonder how you ended up there! But other times, just sometimes, you find yourself in a place of breathtaking beauty. This year's like that; at least from my initial approach, Arium Major seems like an unspoilt paradise. The cliffs that ring the globe where the ocean meets the polar continents almost looks like somethıng from Old Terra, before the wars and the environmental reconditioning. All in all, perhaps I am in the right place...
  14. Note: I like Science in my Science Fiction. "How would you like to live in Looking-glass House, Kitty? I wonder if they'd give you milk in there? Perhaps Looking-glass milk isn't good to drink..." ~Lewis Carroll . //"this is Dr. Danielle Long, Requesting files related to the incident involving Captain Roan Oak's failed attempt to create an outpost on Donwarr."// **Access granted** **initializing summary of report** --Captain's Log: the date is Marzn 5, 3812. My crew and I experienced a rough landing on Donwarr. The crew is still alive, but a lot of our equipment has been damaged, including the Octan Hydroponic Vegitable Growth System. We tried fixing it with instructions from our CLAPPIE, but the damn thing keeps insisting we are trying to report an Unknown Artifact. Perhaps it was damaged in the landing as well. Fortunately, the radio still works, and we've called for help. Octan says they'll get here to extract us or at least fix the Hydroponics module in 8 to 10 business weeks. We have enough food stores to last 3 people a week. Thankfully initial probe readings detected this planet provides Biomass suitable for human consumption.-- --Captain's Log : the date is Marzn 6, 3812. We have discovered a clearing in the forest where we will place our communications module. The site is located in close proximity to a fruit bearing tree. Ensign Christi Huygans, always the adventurer, scanned it with our molecule analyzer and found that it contained glucose and amino acids, and lacked any obvious toxins. She ate it, and found it to be delicious. The fruits from this tree are so sweet and wonderful! They really fill the stomach! I have no doubt that this planet will be one of Octan's bread basket worlds.-- --Captain's Log: the date is Marzn 7, 3812. We all had the runs last night. Maybe eating Alien plants isn't the smartest idea. Ha. Well, we're sticking to the ship's food for now. Com Module has been moved into position. Hopefully Octan gets here with help soon. If worst comes to worst, we'll just have to put up with a little diarrhea for a few weeks before they get here with earth food. Shame, though, really. Those fruits were delicious. Perhaps we can catch some of the local game to eat.-- ** skipping ahead ** --Captain's Log: the date is Marzn 20. Supplimenting our diets with the local plant and animal life, we managed to stretch our food stores longer than anticipated... but now we're out. Good thing this planet is bountiful in both plants and animals to eat. The other day we caught a tripedal goat-like thing, and you know what? It tasted exactly like goat! And not that synthetic crap they serve in the Octan Cafeteria, I'm talking honest to goodness lamb meat. Mmmm. As far as places to get marooned on go, I'm glad we landed in this paradise. **skipping ahead** --Captain's Log: the date is Marzn 30. We've all lost a lot of weight and feel groggy. I can't tell why. We've all been eating plenty. The fruits hang low and are filled with sugar and nutrients. The animals are unaccustomed to us and do not run away, making them as easy to capture as the fruits and leafy greens (or reds as they so often are on this planet.) Ensign Huygans could not walk this morning. A bruise she suffered a week ago has yet to heal, and it looks infected. Ensign Burkhold has gotten paranoid. He won't stop talking about food, and he doesn't look too hot. Could we have caught an alien disease? I certainly hope our immune system can take care of it...-- **Skipping ahead** --Burkhold is missing. He was mumbling like "Food no good. Must survive." It was very worrying. And now he's gone. Christi is still asleep. She hasn't woken up very much. We're all very weak. Still losing weight. It's like we eat and eat and waste away...-- **skipping ahead** --Burkhold showed up at the Com Module, where I've been tending to Christi early in the morning, and ran away when I saw him. I couldn't chase him down, as I can barely stand, myself. What the hell is happening...-- **Skipping ahead** --He ate her... oh God! Why!? Why?-- --I... I feel so weak... I look like a skeleton now... I'm sure... Burkhold is out there still.... I have no doubts I will be next.... a it seems obvious to me now that for whatever reason.... we derive no sustenance from the food on this planet. We have been eating ash that tastes of sweet fruit. We will starve to death on this planet even while gorging our mouths with food. Oh... what I would not give... for food. I can stave off the hunger with these fruits... but I will not survive.-- **End of recovered logs** **reading report** --Octan Hydroponic Vegitable Growth System Maintenance crew has landed on E01. Found Communications module. There are two Graves on the hill, and no sign of the third crew member. Hydroponic Vegitable Growth System has been fixed.... but... uh... there's no one to tend to it.-- **End report** //"Ok, good. Computer, record the following: Log date 349, this is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the O.C.S. Axle. Specimens of biomass from E01 gathered by pilot Guy k. Wynd have been analyzed in reference to stereoisomerism, and it has been discovered that what we previously reported as biomass consumable by humans infact contains L-glucose and R-Amino Acids. Biomass on E01 is not suitable for sustained Human consumption. Potential marketability as diet products. E01 should be used solely for its potable water supplies. This is Dr. Long, signing off. End recording." "Now to examine the "Cactus creature" from G03. It would help if everyone stopped shooting up my specimens! Particularly that darned 'Pombe' and his new assistant. How frustrating."// Ok this build is mostly for the story, but I should have better pics up later along with edits to improve story and such. Enjoy! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. EDIT #2~ Here is my updated Challenge 1 entry! A Desert Butte on Guinevere. 20x20 studs, unedited and no figs. Not exactly superior to my larger scene/story below, but it's the best I could do in 30 minutes! Below is a freebuild based on my previous build, which would not qualify for the challenge (And I do not want to delete it!). Please do not consider it in judging. Begin A06 Freebuild- AG Challenge 1 by Mark E., on Flickr The pristine desert landscape of Guinevere. Only erosion and wind has disturbed these majestic canyons. Until now that is...... When we last left Mark of Orion, he had just jumped from a MANTIS™ dropship onto the surface of Guinevere. Upon contact, the MANTIS™ associates had divided into two teams, one led by Captain Brutus, and the other by Mark. Malcolm strode along with an air of pompous self-importance. "I don't understand why you went back to the ship once you heard we had to split up! What's the deal? Are you afraid of going off on your own?" Mark rolled his eyes. "I don't want to take the risk of walking blind. I had a near-death experience with a 20 foot alien on my last mission and I'm only alive now because a friend of mine was paying attention to the scanner. I'm not so stupid that I can't learn a lesson..." Malcolm grinned like a baked possum. "You were a space pirate or something weren't you?" Mark nodded and continued to scan the rock formations. "Yeah, something like that." Malcolm plodded along after Mark, now oblivious to his surroundings. "You must have not been a very good one if they caught you..." Mark's brow wrinkled. And it was only his solemn duty to MANTIS™ that prevented his teaching insolent Malcolm firsthand the hazardous effects of a certain MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster© he had strapped to his back. "Avoiding the law is like a marathon, the run is long, but there is a definite end." Malcolm laughed. "Brain over brawn, dude! It's smarts that count in the corporate world." Mark sighed. This was going to be a tiresome mission. "A little physical competence never hurts. Speaking of which, are you covering those cliffs? My scanner reads no lifeforms but something or someone could be cloaked." Malcolm waved his hand as if shooing a fly away. "Relax, man, there's nothing out here! Brutus just likes some drama. There's absolutely nothing to worry abou...(GASP) LOOK OUT!!!!" Malcolm had glanced up at the cliff in question and was horrified by the sight of three armored Kawashita special forces agents! He quickly raised his hand phaser to fire at the enemy! But alas, he was too late! With a bright flash, a nano beam from the Kawashita special forces agent vaporized poor Malcolm on the spot! BRRZAAKKK!!! *Pooof* As soon as Mark heard the shot, he dropped his scanner, drew his MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©, and dove towards the canyon wall in one quick motion. He was none too soon! Another nano beam hit the spot Mark was standing milliseconds before! Mark snapped up against the rock wall, blaster ready, and listened for the enemy. He didn't get a chance to see where they were. It wasn't a minute before a taunting voice echoed across the valley. "Come out, come out, wherever you are! Mwahaha!" Another Kawashitan voice chimed in. "Don't worry, Zeloot. He won't get away. This is like shooting a fish in a barrel!" Mark began to analyze his situation as he noticed the small pile of ash where Malcolm stood a minute ago... With the help of a soaring pulse and a rush of adrenaline, a clever plan for survival sprung to mind. The ex-space pirate carefully drew out a small capsule that he had been keeping in his spacesuit. Mark mused to himself, they probably haven't seen this in Kawashita before... Without further thought, Mark threw the small cylinder up towards the jeering voices. The Kawashian special forces anticipated a conventional method of attack. "HAND GRENADE! QUICK, FIRE!" Before they could fire, however, the "hand grenade" let out a powerful electron pulse which promptly zapped the nano beam rifles of Mark's foes! ...Immediately rendering their weapon battery cells useless! Mark didn't wish to let his enemies recover from their shock, and so fired up his Awesomnium Powered Jetpack! Mark now glared eye to eye with the helpless Kawashita employees as he cocked his MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster© four feet from their faces! "You were SAYING?!?!?!" To Be Continued! (Begin commentary) No hard feelings to my dark red friends! Clearly a truce is in your best interests since you are technologically inept in combat. Here are a few shots on a plain background for those who prefer them! Enjoy! The Dire Deserts of Death. by Mark E., on Flickr EDIT* I now realize I didn't read the rules. Shucks! Unless I can find time to fix this consider this a freebuild.
  16. Water, the stuff of life. Arium Major is a vast sphere of water but rocks, the tips of gargantuan mountains, breach the waves. Where there is land there is life. A seed pod of a hardy tree floats upon the surface until such a time it makes land, any sort of land. It can take root even in the hardest of rock and reach up to the skies and sunlight, verdant green leaves burst forth and delicate crystal flowers bloom. Roots that find space limited as the tree grows will travel across voids, probing to find another solid footing to set themselves strong. Once the tree is mature and tall other settlers arrive to colonise the new oasis within the vast ocean. Strange and bulbous fungoid plants will take advantage of rock space too small for tree roots. These feed upon the pollens of the tree flowers and sometimes the small insects that are attracted to the larger flora. Hardy to the extreme and somewhat parasitic, once a single instance takes it's spores will even start growing from the Arbor Crystalis that made conditions ripe for other plant life. A strange hybridisation is taking place here, the small bulb of Ostrum joined with the tree and has caused the flowers to bloom purple. With both the Arbor Crystalis and Ostrum growing, Hook Lillies float over. These flowers, with their green/yellow pads, survive on the sap of trees that drips down during their season. They use the ocean currents to travel around the planet and reach trees during the season they drip their sap. As a migratory flower there is some debate as to whether they are truly plants or indeed some other type of creature. Also evident is the Spiked Peony, an attractive small flower that grows in the soil created from the rock and ocean detritus that the AC creates. The tree growth can powder the rock and provides a catch for sediments washed in by the sea. In the far corner there is also a Citrine Shoot, a plant of noticeable colour and a pleasing lime-like scent. It is true from Terra to the ends of the universe. All things strive. --- Report Ends--- -*- So, I needed some stress relief. Arium Major needed some flora. Looks like we both came out better for it!
  17. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] Majorly Contributing

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // I'd made my way down to the planet's surface. Not wanting to disappoint Dr. Long I decided that the best way to ensure success was to take some time and try the drone out with me nearby. I figured that if I kept to the shallower water I'd be ok. This would allow me to quickly make any changes that would be necessary to provide for the full utilization of our drone. I'd been diving before but never with this kind of equipment. It was nice having someone else foot the bill for all the things I needed. As the drone performed basic maneuvers and initial analysis I was happy to see it functioning exactly as it should. Dr. Long would be most pleased! She was very attention to detail oriented and though often stern, you could see she cared. It was nice working for someone with such passion! Sometimes people make mistakes and need to be punished to get them back in line. I know that if I screw up I would expect punishment; and it would be well deserved! We need strong women who aren't afraid to put people in line. Good thing there is no corporal punishment or I'd really be in trouble. There isn't corporal punishment anymore is there? Gotta read the employee handbook on that. The test analysis was streaming back useful data already! The modifications would be pretty easy for me to replicate. If I grabbed maybe another dozen A12 units I could vastly speed up the scanning. Then Dr. Long would really be pleased with me. She might even ask me to work with her directly! Annoyingly in all my shots it seems the blue translucent bricks on either side of my minifig aren't visible. I assure you they aren't just big gaps. Also there is 1 small detail that if anyone notices will make me super happy. Extra Shots:
  18. Mark of Falworth

    [M - A06] Departure from the Dropship.

    Activity - Exploration. Location - Guinevere - A06 The overall strategy of MANTIS™ HQ was being revealed with each planet its associates occupied. They had dashed a straight line to Guinevere, a humble volcanic desert planet with one huge attraction to explorers and conquerors alike, GOLD. Yes, mighty MANTIS™ needed gold. And it seemed that a rival corporation, Kawashita, needed gold too, as they had also made a beeline to planet A06! Previously, Mark of Orion had successfully survived a harrowing mission on Yallorn II. As a reward for his brave service in shooting a dangerous pest, he was transferred to the First Branch Division Exploration Team. Captain Brutus checked the sight on his MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster© "So, Spikes, what do you think of the new transfers?" Spikes took a long sip from his glowing flask. "Hard to say Brutus, If they survive this mission they should be able to handle anything!" "You got THAT right. Lew is from Special Forces, he should be ok. Malcolm is a newbie and he probably won't be ok... What about this Mark guy? His resume said "extensive interstellar piracy experience"! I think he'll fit right in!" Spikes spat out his second sip. PHHIFF! "Cough-cough"... "Wait, Mark? As in, Orion?" "Yeah, you heard of 'im?" "Yes! I had the misfortune to run into him and his ship on a trader just off of Rallawok III a few years back!" Brutus raised his only eyebrow. A bionic implant rested in the socket of the other eye. "What happened?!" Spikes grinned as he wiped the green liquid from his stubbled mouth. "Don't ask. Just know if he's with us, we should do well." Brutus inspected his new crew with his single critical eye. "Looking right, rough, and ready, men!... Wait a second! Lew, that flame-job decal on your helmet is NOT up to regulation..." Lew looked furious. "SO?!?" Brutus grinned. "Haha! Right answer! I like a brave trooper! You can keep it, Lew! All right troops, grab what gear you want! Don't carry more than you need!" The MANTIS™ operatives quickly picked out their favorite weapons and scanners. Lew and Malcolm snatched some Phasers. Mark grabbed his favorite MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster© and Bert picked up a long-range handheld scanner. Bert looked around nervously. "Uh, hey. You didn't taste anything weird in the cafeteria lunch yesterday, did you?" Mark didn't look surprised. "Nope, I don't usually eat at the cafeteria..." "Well I haven't felt right since! I think it was those maggots." "That's why I don't usually eat at the cafeteria..." Brutus bellowed in his deep scratchy voice. "Ok, guys gather 'round! We're gonna have a little "pep-talk"!" "Ok, As you know, Kawashita is just as interested in this planet as we are. They could potentially have drones, ground troops, and their famous battle mechs on the surface already..." If you see ANYTHING with different corporate colors than ours, shoot first and ask questions later. I'm sure they will be doing the same. Unless you are totally outgunned, in which case, retreat as fast as possible. Get in, find gold, and get out! Understood?!" Brutus nodded to Spikes. "Open the door!" The armored visor on Brutus' helmet snapped shut. "And remember, DON'T GET KILLED! The entire previous crew DID! Let's go!" With that stirring speech, Brutus leapt out the open doorway! The entire crew (aside from Spikes) followed suit. Mark of Orion was beginning to wonder what he had gotten into... To Be Continued! (Begin commentary) Man! This AG stuff is addicting! Really enjoying this purposeful and exciting foray into the sci-fi genre! Here are some normal lighting/background shots of the Moc and figs- From left to right, Malcolm, Mark, Brutus, Lew, Bert, and Spikes. MANTIS Dropship Interior. by Mark E., on Flickr
  19. Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // After my rousing success on Dr. Long's mission I returned to her office on the ship and was greeted by her usual stern manner. Dr Long: "Good work, you didn't even get killed once." Me: "Thanks, yeah it was a gre..." Dr. Long: "So I've got another mission to send you on." Me: "Right. Ok. I..." Dr. Long: "You leave immediately. We need to analyze water samples and I need you to grab an A12 drone and modify it for our needs. Sub-surface stuff, nothing too deep. 50 meters max. We aren't doing surface mapping so don't go nuts." Me: "Ok, right away." Dr. Long: "The drones are in Bay 04, so ... bye." I grabbed a drone and loaded it into a shuttle. The pilot said the transit time should be enough to allow me to make the modifications needed. As we entered the atmosphere I was greeted by the incredible sight of the planet below me. For a second I was able to forget all the work ahead and just enjoy the view. As a scientist I'm often stuck in a lab working long hours, so getting to see the beauty of Arium Major as we approached was a very welcome change. Quickly I got back into work mode though as I knew Dr. Long wouldn't be lenient on failure. I needed to get down there and get our water analysis drone operational and sending back data immediately! Another Angle: This is my first ever micro build. It was fun to try something new, so thanks to the game runners for the opportunity. Sorry Octan!
  20. Excerpt from the logs of Captain Carter: Date: 19 Junali 3815 Time: 0906 hours Location: En route to Terrial Major Comments: The pilots tell me we'll arrive at Terrial Major in approximately 2 hours. Our mission is to map the surface since no one has been here since the first Gate explorers. As usual, their description of the planet is brief: "A massive, freezing planet. The entire planet is basically a ball of frozen pure water. Vicious local wildlife." --- Time: 1138 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Well, the description was accurate, save for the fact that there doesn't seem to be any wildlife at all, let alone anything dangerous. There's just vast, almost entirely featureless snow, as far as the eye can see. The tedious landscape is doing nothing to distract me from the stomach troubles that have been plaguing me all week. --- Time: 1443 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Just as I was about to order to crew out of the atmosphere, having seen nothing but snow for hours, we spotted a small patch of tan on the horizon along with a thin line of blue. At last, something that wasn't white! As we approached the tan resolved itself into a small forest of sickly looking trees, around 10 metres tall. The blue line was in fact a crevasse with liquid water at the bottom! I suspect the presence of the trees near liquid water is no coincidence, though how they can gain any benefit from it is beyond me - the crevasse must be at least 30 metres deep. On even closer approach we finally spotted the wildlife. Camouflaged in white, two titanic reptilian creatures engaged in a territorial battle! The early explorers were right to call them vicious, but I'm amazed they didn't mention the sheer size of the creatures - they tower over the nearby trees! These creatures definitely warrant further study, and could make a valuable asset for the glory of MANTIS! Excerpt ends. I have to congratulate the judges for this competition - it was a great stimulus for me to build outside of my comfort zone. Comments and criticism of the result welcome! More pics in the spoiler:
  21. Commander Beltar

    [K - E10] Training on Traig IV

    Location: E10 Traig IV Tags: Military, (land) Vehicle, Spying ===================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 005: “Ah, this is going to be more like a diary today. So the labboys decided that I could finally meet some people in person. It was a wonderful feeling. Till I learned they were putting me on Traig IV…A barren rock with water, but it gets worse. I was in the Polar region. I am here for a couple days before going on the front to possibly fight octan…Anyways, I got to meet some of my old friends, Sonja, Romily, and Rodrigo, along with my sensei…Wu, no no, Ru. He might have had a bit more ‘fun’ than he bargained for… I’ll get to that later. My friends convinced me to take of my oxygen mask. And thank them for forcing PauL on the ship. There’s a base a few clicks due east that Operative Q set up, I hope I don’t run into him…Might be awkward (I also don’t remember if he filed a report about my behavior…I hope he didn’t…)…because that is where I’m staying overnight. Well before I go onto Ru’s fun event. I’ll go to mine. Oh, yeah, I’m PauL: I believe you mean still. Yeah, yeah, wait are you spying on me? OUT! NOW OUT! But yeah, I’m still better than Rodrigo. He hasn’t gotten much better. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW he got a job high up in Kawashita. I think he’s a personal guard for a Captain of a Warship. Yeah, a CAPTAIN OF A WARSHIP doesn’t know how to FEND FOR HIMSELF. I think HE EVEN GETS PAID 73 CREDITS ON AVERAGE! I AVERAGE 33 and 43 working OVERTIME! And oh yeah, I brought paychecks into this! And there’s Sonja fighting Romily. She was the best of our class. I was the only one other than Ru that could last against her. And during that, she threw her armor at Rom for a distraction. Yeah,I was always out matched with a 1 v 1 with her. I’ll make it to the 3rd of 5th round. Ru can defeat her. No one else can make it past 2. I hear she gets paid 103 Credits. HOW! IN THE *** DOES SHE DO THAT! MY KAWASHITA CHECK SAYS MAX IS 76! And then Ru decided to come check on us after meditating for a while. Due to the massive amount of Octan activity in the nearby GATES, Octan sent some spies to figure out our tactics, weapons, and fighting styles. And that Octan spy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was screwed. Zip. Not a chance. Dead. 6 feet under. No way. At all. Then the Octan spy thought he could take on an old man. WRONG OLD MAN BUD. HE SHOULDA RAN! HE SHOULDA NEVER CAME! PauL: Excuse me sir, are you okay? YOU’RE STILL HERE? AND YES I AM! GET OUT OF MY ROOM! PauL: siryessir… Ru always has a dagger on ‘im. Ru always aims for the legs. I remember the time that that man nearly cut of mine. I FELT THE BLADE IN MY HIPS, I HAD TO GO TO A HOSPITAL AFTER THAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! PauL: sir… OUT! … OUT OUT OUT! Okay, that’s all folks. I know you’re here. Not a figment of imagination. You’re listening reading this now. Cya later. And I do hope that no one at HQ actually listens to these… Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 005 ===================================================================================== More Pics in spoiler! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. To Q: I attempted to make him a bit more insane…I don’t really know if it worked…And did you file a report to HQ? C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  22. Location: G03 - New California Tags: Challenge 1, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ Eshey and I meet with legendary explorer extraordinaire Lu Caslaug-Hing to discuss exploration targets and resources that Octan needs. She explains that water is critical to our overall mission here in Andromeda, and that my previous missions had focused solely on finding awesomnium and biomass. I checked my mission history, and to my surprise, she was right! No wonder she is famous and I am not! I thanked her furiously and told her that I would focus on finding water for the next mission that Eshey and I would undertake. Fortunately for us, our probes had detected water on the nearby planet of G03, also known as New California. Initial surveys found that the climate was mostly desert, with all the water hidden underground which would spring up as seasonal oceans. Eshey and I tuned into the live stream that was being broadcast by our probes on New California. We found one probe whose visual feed showed that it had landed near flora, indicating a source of water! I determined the coordinates of that probe and told Eshey to prepare for our next mission. She told me to wait and observe the cactus-like plant on our viewscreen for a while longer; she swore she saw it move. Preposterous. Ever since our last mission on Arium Minor (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110681), Eshey has should I put it...high strung. I'm not even sure why. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We found plenty of awesomnium without incident. The worrisome part is that she claimed to have seen an giant alien snow monster throwing boulders at us during the mission, but I saw no such thing. Perhaps she needs to visit the veterinarian again? Anyways, just to humor her, I stared at the cactus for another 30 minutes. Nothing. Eshey continued to swear that she saw the cactus move. I just shook my head at her and left her in front of the viewscreen so I could schedule another meeting with Lu Caslaug-Hing to discuss mission specifics. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ Meanwhile, as the sun sets,... The pseudo "double" MOC: Next: Unedited pics under the spoiler tag.
  23. [Challenge 1] Jen's Star Mountain Side Well with the help from the tutorials here is my first Snot scene done in LDD and render with POV ray. This build represent Jens Stars Mountainous Terrain with near vertical mountain side cliffs that have hidden pocket of crystals along with vast fields of wild flowers. I made most of the mountain scene with my own bricks on a flat base plate but then I had to moved my build to LDD to complete the landscape because I wanted a detailed rocky terrain look then just a mountain scene connected to a flat base plate. Link to a Full Size Picture
  24. Dannylonglegs

    [O - F09] The Derelict

    Location: F09 Tags: Science, Exploration, Spying, Spaceship //"Log date 338, This is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the Axle. We left Xerillian today. Glad to be off that irritating desert planet. After filling the appropriate casualty report and seeking medical attention to my surviving Octancorp brand trooper, to whom I've bestowed the name Trooper 2, I was able to obtain several samples of the ubiquitous arachnoid creatures endemic to the planet. They are being analyzed as I speak in O.C.S. Axle's pristine labs. Naturally all paperwork related to such has already been filed. As head Scientist aboard the OCS Axle, and highest ranking Scientist in Octan's Andromeda branch, I ensure that all paperwork is flawless. Next target is F09. Dr. Long signing off."// //"Log date 339, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off."// //"Log date 340, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off."// Aboard the O.C.S. Axle, in Orbit of F09 Mr. O'Reilly: "You know, this was supposed to be my week off." Dr. Long: "Vacation requests may be denied on late or no notice should...." Mr. O'Reilly: "I know the regulations." Dr. Long: "Right... Of course. So. The team has been assembled. I still need one more crew member though... I'm not willing to risk any of my own tech specialists from the Axle on this. They're all doing Octan's good work, and I cannot spare one. I'm going to visit an old friend..." Later, aboard Dr. Martenz's research vessel on F09 Dr. Martenz: "Danielle, It's been too long. I trust you are here to inspect my pathogen research? I believe some of these specimens may be very promising to Biomass collection from this planet!" Dr. Long: "That is not why I am here today, Dr. Martenz." Dr. Martenz: "You did arrive before I expected you to... What can I do for you?" Dr. Long: "I need one of your new hirees for a top secret mission. According to his file, he is a robotics and technology expert. A certain Kodan Black." Dr. Martenz: "What?! Great Scott, Danielle! I'm hardly running with a skeleton crew here! There's so much to be done, and I have such little staff! I cannot afford to go without a single on! Not even a robotics specialist! Let me at least have an ensign from the Axle to carry out his duties in the interim?" Dr. Long: "This is not a negotiation, Dr. I will assess your shortage of staff on my routine inspection scheduled for two business days from today. Until then, I will hear nothing further on the subject. Now, would you kindly direct this Kodan to my office." Dr. Martenz: "...Yes, Dr. Long." Location undisclosed. Surface of F09. //"Log date 341, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off for now."// Kodan: "Hey! Look what I found!" Dr. Long: "Excellent. I think we all know what to do with that. We've been looking for one of those for so long now. Excellent work. You were certainly the right pick for this job." //"Status update: Tech retrieval success. Files on the genetic modification process have been procured. And, of course, Trooper 2 generously unwittingly volunteered to play host to a sample of the Kawashita super predator's genetic material. He will be analyzed in a Maximum security lab aboard the O.C.S. Axle, as was corporate's order. Dr. Long out."// This is the largest hollow anything I have ever built. I was planning this for a few weeks. Got a bit rushed at the end, but I think it turned out well. I just regret not getting better pictures. More pictures on my flickr. (Link in my signature) ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  25. WickNole

    [O - H03] New frontiers

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Rock Start of transmission #04. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This week's target was to test a new standart-Octan-container sized habitation module in the hostile weather - and Kaalin's northern regions seemed a perfect spot for that. It's a cold dry tundra with little life trying to survive against harsh winds and cold nights (during the day, though, it is pretty warm here, I could even open the walls and enjoy a bit of sunshine). All the flora here is no more than a few inches above the ground level, and I haven't yet detected any fauna. That's good news... Better no fauna at all then an abundance of it (I still have the nightmares of these days on Crofter's Ridge, probably should visit the medical bay on the base). Bad news are that I haven't found any awesomnium ore here. Just nothing, not even a smallest piece of this awesome purple-colored ore. Even worst news are that there's no whitestone as well - the one that always accompanies awesomnium. The reports from other explorers, however, show lots and lots of awesomnium on other regions - so it seems that the planet is useful, after all. Hopefully, at least the picture came out well. I hope that this habitation module survives a few weeks here. And i really need this extra equipment delivered to enhance the module and start some serious testing procedures. The module is yet just a box with some basic live supporting equipment and initial food supplies. Even the opening function of the walls is useless as no extra floor space is available yet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #03. The build: