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Found 15 results

  1. Jody Meyer

    [O-H03] Crofter's ridge to Kaalin

    PANEL16 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL17 by Meyerj, on Flickr Title: Crofter's ridge to Kaalin Planet:H03 Tags: Land vehicle, exploration, Octan, fleet bonus Given no date on finishing I have to come up with a smaller story arc...DOH on photoshop on the spelling ...
  2. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] Enhance!

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Mr. Drax was quite impressed with our entire operation. We showed him one of our mobile drilling rigs that allowed us to find Awesomnium veins and extract it easier than digging tunnels. A couple of our dedicated Octan employees were on hand to make sure it all worked properly. We showed him the blast doors we used to keep the whole facility safe. In the case of unexpectedly hitting a gas pocket or other danger we could slam the doors shut and prevent any issues with our operation being put in jeopardy. With the fleet in orbit above the planet I was feeling quite safe and didn't figure I would have any issues with Mantis incursions. But we were alerted to an unknown ship jumping into the system. Before we could get any ships moved to intercept though it had vanished. Luckily one of our ships security cameras picked it up, but the picture that it got was almost useless in identifying the ship. But thanks to the Octansoft "Enhance!" button we were able to improve it: And pressing it again gave us a clear look at this mystery ship: It wasn't a vessel anyone recognized and we couldn't determine what it had even done in system. We would need to analyze what path it might have taken to see if we could follow it and figure out what it was up to! Extra Pics:
  3. mrcp6d

    [O-H03] OFI-204b Eagle IV

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Spaceship, Military, Vehicle --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --24 Janurali 3816-- Given the recent breakdown in relations between the other two corporations, Octan Corp. has begun preparing for armed conflict. The OFI-204b Eagle IV I’ve been provided with is a mature design built by the mostly automated Octan Corp. factories. Even though it’s the natural evolution of the “200 Series” (starting with the now retired OFI-200 SuperHawk), the Eagle remains a state-of-the-art interceptor featuring some of the best of Octan Corp.’s engineering. My b-model comes equipped with 2 super high-cycle rate, long-range laser cannons as the main armament. These guns and their supporting hardware generate so much heat that each of their dedicated nacelles are crammed with not just the weapons but also very large heat exchangers to aid the liquid-cooled mechanisms. On the wingtips are secondary repeating cannons that the engineers tell me are for better for dogfights, which is interesting since the Eagle IV is optimized for the interceptor role… and therefore turns like one of those 20th century Mack trucks in the Octan museum! Oh well, if enemy fighters get behind me, I’ll just put on the jets—literally. The engines on this ship are crazy. I should be able outrun pretty much any standard ship in any of the three fleets with this thing! --End-- So, I had intended this to be an entry for Novvember, but it stayed at about 80% complete until this afternoon. Hopefully I'll crank some more AG stuff out soon! More on Flickr. C&C appreciated!
  4. Sorry I haven't post in a while but here is the begining of a new chapter. Planet: H03 - Kaalin tags: Engineering To be continued.... I don't know how to add a spoiler tag..I will learn.
  5. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] - Manual Labor

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After some serious scientific inquiry into the new fuel/Awesomenium mixture developed by Dr. Allison we decided to take the results and head back to the tanker OCS LT1021 (Large Tanker 1021) for some further analysis and refinement. Luckily we were stationed above an Awesomnium rich planet, so we had a plentiful supply of the stuff. Upon our arrival after I got used to the smell of the fuel, Dr. Allison requested that I use one of the nearby carts to retrieve a healthy amount of Awesomenium for us to work with. Usually I would have delegated that task to ED-208 but Dr. Allison had seen fit to schedule him for a thorough cleaning which he was happy to accept. I couldn't believe I had to do manual labor instead of having a robot do the work, but I didn't want to appear to be a complainer in front of a junior scientist. Dr. Allison was very excited to show me the various controls and the entire infusion process. It wasn't that exciting for me but I managed to pretend to be interested. I know that CEO pombe will want us to make this fuel a success as it has a lot of practical uses. He said once we get this sorted out that there is a body oil he hopes we can also infuse with Awesomnium. And some sort of personal lubricant he said Sue was VERY interested in. Extra Pics:
  6. goatman461

    [O - H03] Shareholders Assemble

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Hombre, I asked you here today because you're about to take your first steps into a new world... Sorry, this is just a very emotional moment for me... ... ...No! please... shhhhh... don't say anything. There are just a few things you need to know about leadership before you go. Let's get the dogs some exercise while we talk. Come Fluffer! First, we need to discuss debriefing sessions... One. Be sure to always wear quick drying underwear. When things get messy, as debriefing sessions tend to, it's nice to know that you can carry on afterwards with a quick hand wash and line dry. Use the hair dryer for faster results. Two. Adequate hydration is essential. Especially if you plan on a marathon debriefing session with the Kawashita sales and marketing team. Their presentations can go on and on and on. Three. Always keep lotion handy. It prevents chafing which can cause prolonged debriefing sessions to become painful. I carry a tube in my underwear at all times, since one never knows when a spontaneous debriefing session may occur. Four. Sometimes you'll find yourself losing stamina during a long debriefing session and you'll start to become unable to keep up with the presentations. Our Octan PharmaTech division has pills to help you stay alert and maintain your attention. I also keep a stash of these in my underwear at all times. Five. Pay attention to where our customers eyes to tend be drawn to. We have had remarkable success with focus groups remembering our brand when we place our logo on underwear, for instance. Six. Same applies to audio branding when our customers hear our name when they are focus and stimulated. We are working on olfactory, gustational, and tactile branding where customers can smell, taste, and feel our logo. Seven... Wait a second... How the hell did we get on top of this A-hole? By the way, have you been using my shoe polish? Later... Commander Hombre, this is your pilot speaking... we will be arriving shortly and I'm being told your team is assembled and waiting. Also, if you look out the left side of the aircraft you'll notice a flock of migrating space whales moving north for the winter. ...and gentlemen it looks like your commander has arrived. I will sign off now and let him take it from here. Commander Hombre, let me introduce you to The Shareholders, Octan's special task force for dealing with the recent assassination attempts. Our point man and Emboian, Maður; veterans from the Mars Mission and specialist in this terror group Colonel Mees and Captain Vīrietis; survival expert Hernan Alvaro; on loan from the Mercy Brandy, my associate Cantillon; you've met our pilot Djevojka; and that blue guy is just around to unload the cargo. Good luck gentlemen, we have full faith in you. be continued. C&C appreciated
  7. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] - An Altered Reflection

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Dr. Long and even more intrigued when she said that she needed me to personally oversee something for her. One of our more junior scientists had come up with a new Awesomnium enhanced biomass formulation that required testing. Our illustrious CEO pombe had set up a facility on Kaalin to give the new mix a proper workout and he sent ED-208 with me over the protests of his compatriot Sue. I guess she felt he still had "more servicing" to be done, which is bizarre because he just had a thorough Octan-brand Robotic Assistant Maintenance because she had previously said he needed "attention". When I arrived on Kaalin I was a bit surprised that there wasn't a scientific outpost waiting for me, but an Octan Racing Team test facility. One of their heavy rally trucks was the test bed for the new fuel mixture. The pit crew had been getting the truck ready for me. Luckily I had some experience with race trucks! As I was preparing to take the truck out for a test drive the scientist who discovered the formulation showed up. Her name was Allison and she seemed very excited to be in the field testing. She also seemed very excited in general. I wasn't entirely surprised that she had heard of me and told me how happy she was to be working with me and that maybe if this went well we could do more work together. She seems a bit clingy, but when I mentioned that to ED-208 he said I should ask Dr. Long if she has any experience with a situation like that. Which was a great idea, I'll definitely have to try and set up a dinner for us to discuss it over! Extra Pics:
  8. Location: H03 - Kaalin, "Halliburton Plateau," Northern Tundra Reaches Tags: Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spying ===(The following was found on the HoloWEB... Sources state that Herod Assange of the so-called "Wiki-Truth Network" obtained an intercepted classified transmission to MANTIS Corporate...)=== {Begin Log Transmission} {Attn: **Classified - For Your Eyes Only**} "Computer, label log entry "classified" and file accordingly...." Well, another log, another story.....we've received our first espionage assignment....MANTIS Fleet systems has moved us and our gear to the other end of the Andromeda Expanse....our mission: "Find, observe and disrupt OCTAN activities and installations on Kaalin..." In other words..."Agitation." We are on the "Hallibuton Plateau," near Cheney Flats.....You can see for Kilometres flat.... Corporate suggested we disguise ourselves as a merchant the MANTIS Engineering department came up with some variants on local transport....the Land Barge or "Brahndo" in the local dialect, is the workhorse of Kaalinese Traders. It's powered by Cyber-horses..and supposedly better for the "environment." Ours is decorated with the Stuffed head from our last hunt, thanks to a stopover on Torresta...turns out the meat was high in Awesomnium, thus the radiant purple colour.... Water is kept in the undertanks, and directly injected into the Horses' Cyber-cores.....all in all, a smooth ride for unpredictable terrain. "Hold up...something on the horizon. Looks like an OCTAN supply depot of some sort...." "Yep....We've got two goons out human...looks like a "Beiber," and a helper-bot..." "We need some sort of diversion.....something to draw them away from that base, I'd rather not have to take out personnel if we don't have to...." "Klaus.....Verdi, I've got an idea...." OCTAN Worker: "What the Hell.....Hey, Deeten, is that what I think it is?" D-10 Labor Droid: "It appears to be a botanical equestrian, sir...I have no references for such an event...**Error code 15, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: "Yeah, I get've never seen a plant ride a horse either....shut up about IT...that's your answer to everything you don't understand..." "! What're you doin' on that horse??? Can you hear me? Do you have ears???" "Hey! Wait!" "Come on Deeten......, let's get those power cells put away and find out where that freaky thing is going....." "Gee, Deeten...I hope we remember to close this access's the only thing protecting the power cells underneath this cap....." "Load up....we gotta catch up with that...what did you call it.....Botanical Equestrian?? You are one whacky droid, Deeten..." D-10: "Please sir....I really do need my periodic maintenance...." OCTAN Worker: "Enough with the "periodic maintenance," You're like a broken record....." D-10: "What is a "Record," sir...and how does it being "broken" apply to my situation? **Error code 26, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: **Sigh** "Why can't you be as dependable and trouble-free as the PK-6 Crew Wagon?" Klaus moved in to recon the area and make sure all OCTAN personnel were clear.... After getting the all clear, we brought in the convoy.... Joining us for the Op today is Tactical Specialist Laura expert with explosives...her ride today is a traditional Kaalinese "Dhorvyn" or "Horse sled..." The explosives and detonators were kept separate during transport, for safety.... We quickly set the charges and prepared to depart.... Tac Spec. Palmer triggered the explosives once we found cover at a safe distance..... We are now headed for rendezvous point 54, please relay our progress to the fleet coordinator. {End Transmission} ================================================ Thanks for visiting!
  9. Jody Meyer

    [O - H03] Getting settled

    Open channel message #005 to Octan Corporation.. Location: H03 Tags: Science, Exploration, Spaceship, Egineering Terrian: Rocks I have been given my marching orders to head over to H03, so I ordered on of those new fancy modules (wife wanted a new one) and had it sent to H03 for when we arrived. I also managed to get my mobile mineral sampling truck there as well. lots of room on the O.C.S. Mammoth. H03 seems rocky but has some nice water features, we were placed by a larger stream that seemed to supply raw Awesomnium. SO from our drone here is our settlement: h09.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr A close up of the mobile Mining testing rig...prototype.. mobile miner.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr A snapshot of our home away from home and our truck.. h09_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr of course the both of us hard at working scoping out the land.. h09.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr h09_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Hail Lord Business Over and Out Mr. JS Smith. Special Thanks to Darkdruid for the modules and for the maker of Bluerender.
  10. Garmadon

    [O, H03] Scouting Kaalin

    Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on the planet Kaalin: The rock and clay covered planet of Kaalin. Much awesomnium to be mined in the planet. No aliens discovered as of yet. Jedadiah Douglass, signing out. Figless: The exploration craft: My second build for Andromeda's Gates... thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. WickNole

    [O - H03] New frontiers

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Rock Start of transmission #04. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This week's target was to test a new standart-Octan-container sized habitation module in the hostile weather - and Kaalin's northern regions seemed a perfect spot for that. It's a cold dry tundra with little life trying to survive against harsh winds and cold nights (during the day, though, it is pretty warm here, I could even open the walls and enjoy a bit of sunshine). All the flora here is no more than a few inches above the ground level, and I haven't yet detected any fauna. That's good news... Better no fauna at all then an abundance of it (I still have the nightmares of these days on Crofter's Ridge, probably should visit the medical bay on the base). Bad news are that I haven't found any awesomnium ore here. Just nothing, not even a smallest piece of this awesome purple-colored ore. Even worst news are that there's no whitestone as well - the one that always accompanies awesomnium. The reports from other explorers, however, show lots and lots of awesomnium on other regions - so it seems that the planet is useful, after all. Hopefully, at least the picture came out well. I hope that this habitation module survives a few weeks here. And i really need this extra equipment delivered to enhance the module and start some serious testing procedures. The module is yet just a box with some basic live supporting equipment and initial food supplies. Even the opening function of the walls is useless as no extra floor space is available yet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #03. The build:
  12. Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Civil, Building, Octan Henry (Hans-Heinrich "H3" Himmelmann) was in a foul mood this morning. Sure, he was used to be working on strange otherworldly planets. And once again, Octan had send him to a place where he was supposed to work as quick as possible, all by himself and his robots, setting up self supporting living quarters for the explorers and miners to come. So that was nothing new, and fortunately there didn't seem to be that much alien activity around here, for there was nothing Henry hated more than Aliens trying to eat him or his parts alive. But what really annoyed him this moring, besides the usual hangover, was that the communication system had broken down again. Ever since getting here Henry had been able to recieve commands from Octan but was unable to communicate privatley himself at all. Henry wondered, why had Octan send him here with this lousy equipment and why was stuff like that always happening to him! He had finished his work a week ago already and was ready to move on. Not that he didn't mind the extra spare time he got this way after those stressfull first weeks. What really bothered him was that he was running low on booze! And once he was done with this last bottle, he really needed to get out of here again! So Henry put on his helmet and headed out into the cold trying to fix the antenna. H3 really loved this helmet and was hardly ever seen without it. Funnily though, he did not wear it because the planet's atmosphere was unbreathable but simply because breathing pure oxygen helped him getting over his hangover. What Henry did no know was that Octan of course did this to him on purpose. Once his craving got really intense they would reopen the channel and Henry would be so happy that he'd do almost anything if only he could get some new booze ...
  13. Space Terrapin

    [O - H03] Rock crawling

    Spencer's diary, Junali 3815 After an easy ride on Xerillian last week, I've been called back to Dr. Blomkampf's engineering facility on board the OCS 'Your paycheck could depend on this'. I wonder what I'm letting myself in for this time... "Ah! Spencer! I'm glad it's you. I've just been putting the finishing touches to my newest design." "No pointy sticks this time?" "No, but I think you'll like it anyway..." "Wow, she's a beaut Doc. What do you call her?" "The Octan Octonaut! The most advanced Awesomnium prospecting vehicle ever designed, if I do say so myself. And with the 8-legged ambulatory system, she's stable on any terrain. Just try not to leave her in the bottom of a sinkhole this time, eh?" For once, the Doc was as good as his word. The Octonaut handles the rocky plains of Kaalin with ease. It may be a little cramped inside, but the armour's thick enough to withstand a meteorite strike. Drill deployed!
  14. Peppermint_M

    [O-H03] Sky Cycle

    Transmission: Pilot C Cade It's good to be cleared for active duty again, I think passing the re-tests for Pilot certification with flying colours let the newbies know that a Level Black Pilot isn't someone to dismiss even if the grading system changed in the past decades. H03, or Kaalin to give it a name, is a little bleak but nowhere near as soul grasping as the blackness of space. At least here there are radio comms to pick up on, transponders pinging on the board and someone replying when you buzz HQ. These sky cycles are pretty spiffy too, they were sketches on napkins when I first came across them but the years of active service have made them a dream to fly. Hopefully I'll have time for a little fun once we've staked a claim here on Kaalin, or maybe I'll get a chance on some planet with a little more to look at. Cade signing off. ------- I love space and sky cycles, they're something I have played since I was little. At the infants school I attended (ages 4-7) there were big boxes of donated LEGO with a few very battered classic motorcycles. These things were in a state, no wheels, sometimes no front fork. But with a little imagination they became space bikes. With these new fairings I've been able to create all kinds of cool space-bikes. Oh, and the write up in character is laying down the groundwork for the life history and current times of Chrysanthemum Cade.
  15. Location: H03 Tags: Engineer, building Being away from home is hard, probably for everyone. For Zaael though. It's not that hard, he thinks. Born in a galaxy far away from Andromeda's Gates he has been on the move all his life. His father was an explorer, his mother a scientist. They made quite a buck for Octan discovering new planets and resources. Z was never really into exploring or science. He designed his first mining rig when he was just a kid. From mining rigs it went bigger and bigger. At the age of 18 he had build whole cities on more than a dozen planets. Z was living big, had it all. Untill he lost it all... Computer: Incomming call from Jacques LaRose... Zaael: Yes, Jacques, hi, what's up? I'm busy building stuff. Jacques: Hey Big Z, I need your help, one of my mining droids broke down. And I need a place to sleep. Could you do some... you know... engineering? Zaael: Really Jacques? You call because you can't even fix your own droids? And need a bed?!? Geez man! Jacques: Hehe, yes, I'll owe you. Zaael: Yes, you already did... Jacques: Oh come on! I have some info on Isabel. Dr Long heard from Pombe. Sounded really interesting. Zaael: Isabel?!? I'm on my way! News about Isabel, was she alive? That would be... the best news in a long time. Maybe, if she really is, I could invite her here. My new home!