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  1. DarkDruid

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    All my credit to bob
  2. DarkDruid

    MOC: Forgotten Plains Diorama

    That castle is amazing. Love the scenery as well. Great work. :)
  3. DarkDruid

    [MOC] Modular Medieval Lighthouse

    I love the details like the vegetable garden and the seagull's nest. Nice MOC. ^_^
  4. DarkDruid

    WIP King's Bastion

    Okay, finally finished the towers: Tower of Valour (Captain of the Guard's residence) Tower of Vantage (Mail delivery!) King's Bastion currently:
  5. DarkDruid

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] OT-Cog 1

    This looks awesome! I love the curves on the "neck".
  6. DarkDruid

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] OS Valor

    I originally planned this as an Exploriens ship, but this works as well. Landing gear deployed:
  7. DarkDruid

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] Flight of the bumblebee

    Sleek vehicle and I really like the landing gear.
  8. DarkDruid

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Depositing my periodical fee to Bob, apparently 40 credit.
  9. DarkDruid

    [K - A06] Arrival at the Behemoth Kaiju

    This thing is HUGE! I love the colouring. Beautiful shape as well.
  10. DarkDruid

    [K - B06] The Lifeblood of the Sea

    I love the sub and that ocean reef! It's very vibrant. ( CTRL + K ) is the shortcut for taking a snapshot in LDD.
  11. Location: H-09 Wastyria - "A cold planet, mostly ocean based with several small mountainous islands." +++++ Personal Log: Closer to the equator the temperature is a bit more temperate, with a couple of islands that harbor vegetation. Though most of the islands were formed several thousands of years ago, there are still some that display growth and signs of the planet's inner workings. This planet seems to be home to several interesting and large species. Even now, a creature appears to be... -fluttering by. I'll believe we'll call it a Wastyrian Flutter Dragon. End Personal Log +++++ AG Octan Challenge.lxf
  12. DarkDruid

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    I'm sending 53 credit to Lord Bob. @Jody: The lfx-file is too big to add as an attachment. PM me your e-mail, so I can send it to you.
  13. DarkDruid

    [O - F09] The Derelict

    This ship is massive and beautiful. I love red.
  14. DarkDruid

    [O - H03] A home away from home

    Your base looks good, like really good. The sliding doors are my favourite.
  15. DarkDruid

    [O - H03] The Mudskipper

    That ship looks really good and it has a drill. Which could be retrofitted to a missile laucher. And the terrain is superb. Awesome job!