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Found 7 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.2

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Land Vehicle Extraction 1.1 [Zoid private 1] "Another one up ahead, sir. Looks like a LaRose-class surveyor." [Zoid officer] "Good, no weaponry. I'm still sore from the Kodan-class scout we ran into on the other ridge. Cover me; I'll go in for a linkup so we can walk it back to base." [Zoid officer] "Yeah, this one will make a fine addition to our new mining projects. Tapping in... okay... upload complete. Droid, report to coordinates 250-09..." [Hannibal] "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" [Hannibal] "Extract 1, this is Extract 2, designation 'Combat Training.' Reporting to G-09 rendezvous point, tracking 1409 km away. Comm harness acquired along with some other useful equipment. Zoid scavengers are picking off Octan droids on the planet. Direct download of our Kawashita assets may be most viable once I get this equipment onsite. Extract 2, out."
  2. goatman461

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.1

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle [comm] "Authorization codes accepted. You may begin your atmospheric dec... [kkkstk]" [Dora] "Upload completed. John, wake up." [Hannibal] "Dora? Where are we" [Zoid crewman] "Who is Dora? What is going on up there?" [Dora] "Don't panic, John. You're above Arium Minor. I've uploaded myself into a drone, and... a portion of your conscious has replaced what's left in the cyborg pilot." [Zoid crewman] "Pilot! Answer me! Why haven't we started our descent?" [Hannibal] "Dora? I don't understand. I died!" [Dora] "You're not going to understand everything right now, John. When MANTIS uploaded a portion of your brain, they didn't know I was in there and could help us escape into their network. Because we make up such a large and complex data file, I had to scatter portions of ourselves throughout Andromeda. So there's a version of us moving through their network where you are having explain this predicament to me because different portions of us are at work." [Zoid crewman] "What the heck are you talking about! You're GONNA die if I have to come up there and drag you out of that cockpit." [Dora] "Hold on John. You haven't gotten use to your ability to speak and have alerted the crewman. I'm going to launch the drone." [Hannibal] "Oh, sorry Dora." [Zoid crewman] "You better not be calling me Dora you short circuiting half droid. I am the nephew of the viceroy of..." [Dora] "Not a problem, John. I know you're probably quite confused right now. Besides, short term memory is going to be a struggle for a while since they didn't map that portion of your brain. You're also going to have to get use to a lot of virtual processing techniques we AIs use. Banking port." [Hannibal] "Are you sure it was smart to kill the crewman? I have no idea how to fly this thing, which seems kind of weird. Wasn't I a pilot?" [Dora] "Like I said, we could only move you around in portions; your memory associated with piloting is still out there somewhere looking for a physical form to escape through. I'll release enough of this cyborg's brain to get us to the surface. I'm hopeful that more of your consciousness will be able to make it's way into Kawashita's mainframe. Their cyborgs are a good way for us to get enough physical controls to escape." [Hannibal] "Where to now?" [Dora] "We've got to make it back to Octan without getting shot down outright. From there, I think I know who will be able to get all your parts back into one body."
  3. Col. Brik

    [K-F09] Details

    Mission: F-09, Details Tags, Arium Minor, Kawashita, Building In the executive medical bay, Sir, as you may realize I was the lead doctor for CEO Raven. Of course, I am sure I will get the same quality treatment as she did. Right, how are you handling being CEO? I caught some of your TPS reports you have sent out and I see you are ready to attack Mantis, and Spacer Steve right away... Of course, the facts show he did it. Are you sure? Of course I am, I am the CEO. Are you sure? YES, why are we dealing with this and not my legs! What kind of questions are these??? There is more you need to know, before you start a war, Col. Brik.
  4. Location: Arium Minor Tags: Exploration, Prospecting Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my eighteenth weekly mission in Andromeda. After receiving my new droid. Q-9d last week, I am taking him out to check out a possible new Awesomium source on Arium Minor. The possible source, is just over the ridge . . ." Comments and criticism are welcome.
  5. Location: Arium Minor Tags: None Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my seventeenth weekly mission in Andromeda. I have come to one of the secret factories that was set-up below one of the mountain ranges on Arium Minor. This factory creates custom droids. I have put together a droid that will be able to help me with my exploration and scientific missions. " Comments and criticism are welcome. How the lighting was accomplished
  6. Dannylonglegs

    [O - F09] The Derelict

    Location: F09 Tags: Science, Exploration, Spying, Spaceship //"Log date 338, This is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the Axle. We left Xerillian today. Glad to be off that irritating desert planet. After filling the appropriate casualty report and seeking medical attention to my surviving Octancorp brand trooper, to whom I've bestowed the name Trooper 2, I was able to obtain several samples of the ubiquitous arachnoid creatures endemic to the planet. They are being analyzed as I speak in O.C.S. Axle's pristine labs. Naturally all paperwork related to such has already been filed. As head Scientist aboard the OCS Axle, and highest ranking Scientist in Octan's Andromeda branch, I ensure that all paperwork is flawless. Next target is F09. Dr. Long signing off."// //"Log date 339, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off."// //"Log date 340, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off."// Aboard the O.C.S. Axle, in Orbit of F09 Mr. O'Reilly: "You know, this was supposed to be my week off." Dr. Long: "Vacation requests may be denied on late or no notice should...." Mr. O'Reilly: "I know the regulations." Dr. Long: "Right... Of course. So. The team has been assembled. I still need one more crew member though... I'm not willing to risk any of my own tech specialists from the Axle on this. They're all doing Octan's good work, and I cannot spare one. I'm going to visit an old friend..." Later, aboard Dr. Martenz's research vessel on F09 Dr. Martenz: "Danielle, It's been too long. I trust you are here to inspect my pathogen research? I believe some of these specimens may be very promising to Biomass collection from this planet!" Dr. Long: "That is not why I am here today, Dr. Martenz." Dr. Martenz: "You did arrive before I expected you to... What can I do for you?" Dr. Long: "I need one of your new hirees for a top secret mission. According to his file, he is a robotics and technology expert. A certain Kodan Black." Dr. Martenz: "What?! Great Scott, Danielle! I'm hardly running with a skeleton crew here! There's so much to be done, and I have such little staff! I cannot afford to go without a single on! Not even a robotics specialist! Let me at least have an ensign from the Axle to carry out his duties in the interim?" Dr. Long: "This is not a negotiation, Dr. I will assess your shortage of staff on my routine inspection scheduled for two business days from today. Until then, I will hear nothing further on the subject. Now, would you kindly direct this Kodan to my office." Dr. Martenz: "...Yes, Dr. Long." Location undisclosed. Surface of F09. //"Log date 341, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The following report is encrypted. Security clearance level: TOP SECRET. Dr. Long Signing off for now."// Kodan: "Hey! Look what I found!" Dr. Long: "Excellent. I think we all know what to do with that. We've been looking for one of those for so long now. Excellent work. You were certainly the right pick for this job." //"Status update: Tech retrieval success. Files on the genetic modification process have been procured. And, of course, Trooper 2 generously unwittingly volunteered to play host to a sample of the Kawashita super predator's genetic material. He will be analyzed in a Maximum security lab aboard the O.C.S. Axle, as was corporate's order. Dr. Long out."// This is the largest hollow anything I have ever built. I was planning this for a few weeks. Got a bit rushed at the end, but I think it turned out well. I just regret not getting better pictures. More pictures on my flickr. (Link in my signature) ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  7. Kodan Black

    [O - F09] Realities

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // As a recent graduate of the Octan Science Academy (with honors!) I was excited to see my first assignment in the real world. I'd been sent to Arium Minor to work with Dr. Martenz. I hadn't been quite sure what I would be doing, but it felt good to finally be able to contribute and Dr. Martenz was well regarded within the company. Upon arrival at the Octan Corp ship on planet I introduced myself to Dr. Martenz and was a bit saddened by how little attention he seemed to pay to my arrival. He seemed distracted by his work and quite busy. He said that some of the local alien pathogens were fascinating and had a lot of potential in the biomass field. He then said he needed me to take a pair of monkeys from Medical down to the Lab. They had been exposed to some of the pathogens and he needed them monitored. I tried to tell him that while I minored in xenobiochemology that my primary field of expertise was robotics including drones and autonomous vehicles. He asked if I had taken the "REQUIRED clinicals" at the academy, to which I had to say I had. We were short staffed at the moment he explained and given that I knew the proper safety protocols and had a containment suit I would need to contribute to the needs of the company and not be as worried about my own desires. "There will be plenty of opportunities to play with your robots!" he said rather dismissively. Obviously he thought of himself as a true scientist and I was merely a boy playing with toys to him. But he was an important scientist and I didn't want to make a bad first impression so I complied. I had been a bit worried about his repeated warnings to keep my containment suit on and NOT let the monkeys escape. Plus it was disconcerting that he asked if all of my next of kin info had been filled out. The dart gun mounted near my seat seemed more for show than to actually be used. I made sure to drive very carefully and ensure my cargo made it to the Lab safely. It may not be how I pictured my post-Academy life, but it certainly isn't boring! Apologies for the bad pictures and quick build, I joined mid-week and thus was quite rushed. Hopefully churn out better stuff going forward! Go Octan!