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Found 23 results

  1. Big Sal

    [M - E02] Mission B6E02

    Location: E02 Tags: Land Vehicle (boat), Spying Based on the information from our spies, the Octan sub must be somewhere nearby. Keep looking Grayson! Holy periscope! Over there, Sal! Well spotted Grayson! Ready the MANTIS™ Depth Ray©. We’ll disable the sub’s engines and drive it to the surface. Target locked! Firing! Alright Grayson, cut the MANTIS™ Depth Ray©. They’ve had about enough, I reckon. You’re right, they’re surfacing fast! Now remember, we don’t want to add to M.A.N.T.I.S.’s image problem, so try not to kill anyone. There’s no hurry; it’ll take them days to fix the damage to their engines, so just knock them out or throw them overboard. Ugh, PR takes all the fun out of life. Ready to board – go, go, go! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Er, thanks Grayson. I was just about to do the same thing… Yeah, of course. No problem... Excellent. We’ll interrogate this one when she wakes up. This submarine’s probably full of top-secret research or strategic information. I always knew I’d make a good spy. Just wait until I tell- Er, Sal? -everyone about this! I bet- Sal! What? Oh... I knew we should have killed them. --- Thanks for reading! This week I took inspiration from one of the ever made . C&C welcome!
  2. Zaael

    [O - E02] The Return

    Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Land vehicle Priorities changed, time slots changed and the space travelling became less interesting as other interests came to be. An 8-months pregnant wife, new house, a relative in a galaxy far far away, a different job. Life changed. Zaael was just settling in his new house, new life, when the distress signal came. John Hannibal reached out to the old Octan members. MANTIS has betrayed Octan, in the upper regions of the Gates, while Kawashita backstabbed them in the lower belt. Octan took an arrow to the knee, but won't give up and needs every help they can get to keep on fighting and defend what they have worked so hard for to get. Zaael knew what he had to do as soon as John's call came in. Leave the wife, the new life, for a while and pick up the screwdrivers and cogwrenches, for this is going to be a tough fight and Octan can use all the help they can get. He said his goodbyes and promised to return as soon as the little one is ready to come into our universe. Big Z set course to Jurin II to meet up with John, Pombe and the others and hear first hand what is to be expected of him. More pics:
  3. goatman461

    [O - E02] Holdout

    Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building The Jin Homestead Octan is at War The Empty Homesteads on Jurin II Deep into the trees of Jurin II, Mabel leads Octan Pilot John Hannibal to the Jurinians' secret holdout against the brutal M.A.N.T.I.S. invasion. The path winds between the trees, up and down through breaks in the canopy, and silently watched by alien sentries. Finally, they arrive. The canopy opens so wide and deep that John, a spaceman, feels agoraphobic for a short moment. Small huts cling to the sides of large trunks with yards made of densely compacted leaves. The sounds of children playing nearly bring john to tears as they approach the town center. "My God, Mabel..." "Yes, John... I know." Ma Jin was waiting for them in front of the town pavilion. The colonists were listening to reports from the front transmitted ahead of their arrival by Mabel. It was a grim account: The underhanded scheming from the Council of Five (1)(2); malevolent and secretive collusion with supposed peaceful corporations (1); rampant terrorist attacks (1)(2)(3); senseless murder and destruction of property (1)(2)(3)(4)(5); the recent deaths of thousands of Octan sailors (1)(2)(3). The mood was somber, fearful, resilient, and MAD. [O - E02] Holdout - 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr John dismounted the re-purposed M.A.N.T.I.S. speeder and walked to Ma. Her belly had a very distinctive bump and his heart sunk... "I... I'm so sorry about George..." "Oh John, thank you... he was a good man, and he will be missed..." "It's all my fault, Ma. I'm the Neville Chamberlain of our time. I let the wolves in and put you all in grave, grave danger." "John, we are on the frontier of space. Everybody here knew what they were getting into, including me and George. I don't want to hear any regret from you. I want to know what we're going to do about it." "I just don't know, Ma. Everything has turned upside down so quickly. Only a few weeks ago I was picking out the fields for my homestead. Before that I had already flown through more space than I knew was possible. I'm tired, Ma, and I don't know how much fight I have left in me." "Is your family safe?" "Yes, thankfully, the fighting broke out before they shipped over. But, I'm afraid I'll never see them now." "I'm sorry John." "John... this baby needs a father." "What does that mean, Ma?" "Stay here with us, be my husband and this baby's father, don't go back to that war." "Is that what George would do?" "I know George, Ma. He wouldn't rest until the skies were clear above this child's head. And neither will you or I." "There's a ship I'll have pulled up. It's no use to us here because it's too fast for our routes. Take it. And come back to us when that horrible menace is gone." "You're a good woman, Ma." As night falls and he finishes the last of his meetings with the Jurinian colonists, John embraces Ma for one last time before turning to the starfighter. The route back seems longer than before, but soon enough John opens up the engines and back into the sky. O.S.F. Green Scrambler by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C appreciated
  4. Kodan Black

    [O - E02] Moving On

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Given the state of war that exists between Octan and the other corporations, all personnel have been instructed to be much more aware of security. Our delightful CEO pombe had requested that Dr. Allison and I investigate a Mantis lab on Jurin II. I became a bit concerned for how volatile things were when he not only insisted that ED-208 escort us, but Sue didn't even object. Perhaps she is still just in mourning after the profound loss of our friend. I always felt like Normal Guy was a good guy, a great employee, and just a really easily relatable fellow. I can't even imagine how his girlfriend Eshey must be doing. But sadly, in times of war, work must keep going. So ED-208 selected his weaponry to keep us safe and we proceeded to the Octan Heavy Cruiser OCS Belle Homme, recently renamed in honor of our departed colleague. Not knowing the strength or position of Mantis forces on Jurin II, ED-208 had acquired an armed scout car for us. We were glad to have both the speed and weaponry on our trip through enemy territory. ED-208 seemed to really enjoy being back in a gunner's seat and both Dr. Allison and I felt far more comfortable with him along. I think Dr. Allison was extra nervous because she seemed to want to hang onto me during the trip, given how new she is to field work and just in general I think that she was looking for reassurance. Upon our arrival at the lab we began our work. Dr. Allison got down to analysis while I began inspecting the various machinery. ED-208 was on high alert for any Mantis forces that might have returned or in case it was a trap. It looked like the lab hadn't seen any activity in a week or two, but it was still active. It was, in typical Mantis fashion, heavily fortified and quite militaristic in nature. They seemed to be doing some research on liquids, but we weren't quite sure why. It eventually became clear that they were pulling in some of the abundant water from the planet to combine it with locally sourced Awesomnium. They seemed to be attempting to develop a beverage for their forces that would imbue the drinker with benefits from the Awesomnium while also hydrating them. We were able to find some data in various computer logs that showed they hadn't been very successful. Dissolving the Awesomnium in the water had proven difficult and they mostly ended up with very gritty water that tasted terrible and instead of the Awesomnium being absorbed it simply wound up getting peed out. We collected all the data we could and proceeded back to the Belle Homme to prepare our report. I did notice that ED-208 vented some of his frustration at the loss of Normal Guy upon the machinery before we left. Such a tragic loss is hitting all of us hard. RIP Normal Guy This diary entry is in honor of our beloved comrade. Extra Pics:
  5. Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building Space over Jurin II is clear, for now, and open for Octan Pilot John Hannibal to search for his Jurin colonists. When reports of the hostile invasion came in, Hannibal feared the worst for all of the families the had recruited to Jurin II. He knew they were a hardy bunch, but the wretched outlaws of M.A.N.T.I.S. were equally horrid and violent. What they would do to a family of colonists kept Hannibal from sleeping for the last two weeks. As soon as Octan's fleet got to Donwarr, Hannibal got his cargo ship out of the system before any orbital skirmishes could close off his route. His ship was loaded with supplies, but the main objective was to pull as many women and children out of E02 before M.A.N.T.I.S. came back for more rape and pillage. "John, I'm picking up a heat signature inside, but it appears to be from the fireplace. Nothing human, that is alive at least. I'm sorry John." "What's the count up to, 14?" "15 empty homesteads John." "Well this one at least has a hot fireplace, maybe they left recently. I'm going to go check it out." "John, there's something else. Two cold-blooded life forms are in the trees. They look like octopuses." "The Jin's mentioned these before. I think they're suppose to be friendly, but I wasn't expecting them in this area. We relocated the Jins to the RTMP sector for that very reason. "Just watch my back, I'm going to see what's going on inside." "JOHN!!! STOP!!!" "Mabel?!? We've been looking for you and the colonists. Where've y'all been sweet girl?" "Oh lovely John, don't take another step, the house is a trap. Ma Jin set it when George was killed by those nasty M.A.N.T.I.S. thugs." "George is... poor Ma. Um, thanks Mabel. What kind of trap? Anything to do with the octopuses in the trees?" "Kind of, it's a really nasty trap, but their just here to clean up so we can catch more Manties. You remember those flesh eating plants on the jungle floor? Well, the Juries, those octopus guys up there, helped Ma bring some up to trap any marauders that wander up here. Between the rumors of the Jin's moonshine and the heat signature from the fireplace, I bet we've taken out more than 20 of those jerks. It's hard to tell sometimes with the way we find them." "Okay, slow down Mabel. Why don't we go sync you up with Dora and we can go find Ma." "What are you carrying back there anyway?" "Oh this? I'm in charge of moving supplies since I can lead any Manties into those plant traps. I've got mostly weapons on this trip. Just got done helping the Tysons shoot down a scout ship that had been trying to find a way to their home. A lot of the homes are further down in the canopy and hard to navigate to, not like this one, Ma wanted this spot up high so customers could find their way in." C&C appreciated. I hope you M.A.N.T.I.S. bums like the new nickname.
  6. [O-E02] Data collection from Jurin II Tags: Engineering, E02, Octan Planet: Jurin II Spoiler below Thank you for looking, comments always welcome Cheers Jody
  7. Umbra-Manis

    [M-E02] Solo Destruction

    Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Fleet, Spying Location: E02 - Jurin II I ordered a small one man vehicle with an engine from my engineering team. Bass! Your deadline was yesterday, where's my vehicle! I'm driving it in now sir! You built a MEGA BLOCKING UNICYCLE! AAAAAAAAARGH! I'll just do this myself. Off to Jurin II I go. On Jurin II There's my target. One large Octan mining platform, with a docked ore carrier, and a patrol boat just for extra fun. And I have an actually useful vehicle with this hoverboard. Let's plant some charges! And skedaddle before that patrol boat comes back around. I'm in the clear! First the patrol boat and Ore Hauler... *Slightly Distant Explosion* And Now the big one... 3... 2... 1... BOOM! Feel the Burn Octan! This is definitely one of the longest stories I've done so far! Check out the spoiler for extra pics of the Hoverboard, Mining Platform, Ore Hauler, and Patrol Craft.
  8. Location: E02 (M.A.N.T.I.S. command ship, Jurin II orbit). Our forces are successfully driving Octan from the planet, but the moon is too heavily fortified. It’s going to take forever to get rid of them. Time is money, Steve. You need to find a way. Quickly. Y’know… I think with some small adjustments my new M.A.N.T.I.S.TM Doom Ray© could probably destroy a small moon… Absolutely not. That would be a PR nightmare. There’s no way we could get away with blowing up a moon full of Octan personnel, tempting though it is. What if it was an ‘accident’? We’d need someone incredibly gullible to pull that off. Hmmm… I had a meeting with HR earlier. There’s a certain pilot. We were going to have him ‘reassigned’ to Project Lambda, but I think he might be perfect for this… Later, on Jurin II: Ok, since your piloting license have been stripped due to "resounding incompetence", you've been assigned to a simple driving mission. Sigh, ok.. What should I do? Just drive this truck down from here, the main base on Jurin II, to the outpost in sector 4. What? This thing? What is it, a laser cement mixer? No, it's a M.A.N.T.I.S.TM Doom Ray© truck. It's a super powerful weapon, that's why it's needed in the outpost. Still looks like a cement mixer to me. Well, since you're surely not firing it, it may well be. Now move on! Yes sir! What is this button over here? Don't touch any button! I bet it will start mixing cement! Click! No! You armed the Doom Ray©! Ok ok, I'm closing it.. maybe it's this other button? Aaaahhh! Stop pushing buttons! In orbit: I’m just saying, when I was CEO, I didn’t flounce around wearing a cape and ribbons. You were only CEO because of a software bug! I don’t see how that’s relevant… Er, Sal? Yes? I assume you somehow fixed it so the Doom Ray© could only target the moon? Um… yeah… totally… why? Because it looks a lot like it’s pointed at us… ... ... ... Looks like M.A.N.T.I.S. just lost a command ship. --- NOTE: The scenes on board the ship reuse a previous build and shouldn't be judged. Thanks for reading! This is based on msx80's hilarious build: Death ray truck. C&C welcome!
  9. Location - Jurin II - E02 Tags - Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration After dropping a ship off on F02, Hannibal volunteers to run a delivery to E02. This beautiful planet has become extremely important to Octan and trade throughout the system. While Octan has maintained a strong presence on the planet, it has come to house a contingent of M.A.N.T.I.S. and many traders looking to capitalize on the border region. In fact, it is looking to become the nexus of the entire galaxy, being the linking point between Kawshita, M.A.N.T.I.S., and Octan (or at least the most hospitable one). [O - E02] LP - 4 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Such a planet is a thing of beauty, where everything interconnects, civilizations may rise, and commerce can enlighten all. One difficulty in the development of this planet has been the vigorous growth of the local flora. The ocean, woven through the forests of the many islands, was early considered a ideal place for landing ships and cargo, as it is on Earth. However, every attempt at cutting runways or docks led to the forest "taking back" the land. Octan did have much success in the tree tops, building platforms well above ground. [O - E02] LP - 4 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr This practice was so successful and prevalent that many visitors to the planet had not even seen the ground below. After unloading their cargo, Hannibal calls in his busy droid, Dora, that he had left behind to explore the planet. Together, they head for the secret sectors of Jurin only surveyed by his faithful droid. [O - E02] LP - 4 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr To be continued... C&C greatly appreciated.
  10. goatman461

    [O - E02] Climb

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration After crash landing on E02, Pilot John Hannibal assesses his situation with his trusty droid Dora. They must move across the island chains, looking for communication equipment to coordinate an emergency pick up. But, the Octan walker that survived the crash is unable to maneuver through the aggressive flora on the island floors. With a few modifications, Hannibal's new climber is ready to scale the tremendous island trees and swing across the terrain. Up they go, digging into the bark of the tree to get to the lower branches. "Oh... hi Hannibal. Where have you been?" CLIMB - 5 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "What the heck? I've been directly below a landing platform this entire time?" "I guess so. We put this in last week. I just came back for some hair ties I forgot. We've been busy over on F02 and F03." "So everything is going smoothly?" "Yep... didn't know you were missing. Oh well, Kodan, get the executive a ship. I'm sure he's got some filling to catch up on. We'll check your new equipment into the shop." "Here you go sir... have a safe flight." Climb - B by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  11. Ferdinando

    [M-E02] "Allies"

    Location: E02-Jurin II Tags: Science (?) Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov's personal log: " When I was on Terra as a mere learner at the New Mexico college my teacher used to tell us: "Sciencey stuff ain't supposed to be exciting. Most of you will end up in a dirty lab to rot." Then she would grab her carbine and shoot the coyotes near the arrays. Here I am, millions of light-years away from home, shock gun at hand, my leg shot and bleeding, trying to survive an Octan ambush while I should be examining the natives' stone carvings behind me. I am not paid to die heroically. Looks like I will. 20150705_185810 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150705_185934 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr An Octan soldier falls, hit by a positron surge. When I point my weapon at his fellow, I discover he already lies dead, his abdomen pierced by an arrow. I look overhead, and Zeni'ya's gaze answers mine. Behind her, similarly pale aliens, clad in tribal robes, their primitive weapons drawn and ready to strike as lethal rain upon Octan's brutes. M.A.N.T.I.S. has found allies. 20150705_185859 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr extra pics: 20150705_190007 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150705_190651 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150705_190732 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr I apologize for the unedited pics and the rushed build, this will be my last build for AG in a while till the Jurii medical techniques cure my wounds .
  12. LucasLaughing

    [O - E02] What lies beneath

    Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Exploration Lu's Log: 28 Junali 3815 When I started hearing reports that Octan and M.A.N.T.I.S. forces had entered into armed conflict on Jurin II, I initially decided that I wanted to be deployed somewhere far away. I saw enough bloodshed during the Phobos uprising to last a lifetime. Then, I got the call from Dr. Long: one of our orbiting probes detected a magnetic anomaly, similar to the one detected on Hennigan II. "Dr Long," I said, "You had me at 'Magnetic Anomaly." The anomaly was traced to the tidal caves on one of the smaller islands of Jurin II. Our engineers have cooked up a new personal transport system, and once I find a large enough opening I lower myself down into the caves. Normally, this is the kind of exploration that should be done with a team, but everyone else is tied up on the surface. It's a few hours until high tide and even if something were to happen, my suit has at least 6 hours of air. Enough to keep me going until rescue arrived. Hopefully. I've been walking for about 1.5 km, through damp, dripping tunnels, but my suit indicates that the source of the anomaly should be just around this corner ... ... Oh. Oh gods. ... Ok, ok, pull yourself together. You've seen worse than this. ... Lu calling the O.C.S Axle, come in over. Lu, this is the Axle, go ahead with message. Lu: Axle, I've got a code three delta. I repeat, code three delta. Axle: Copy, uh, stand by. ... Okay, confirm that's a code three delta? Lu: That's affirmative. Axle: Alright, I'm sending a team to your coordinates now. I have a few follow up questions, but please keep in mind that this isn't a secure channel. Lu: Roger, go ahead. Axle: What is the condition of the remains? Lu: Skeletal. Axle: Ok, does it appear that the death was due to natural causes? Lu: No. Axle: Alright. And, uh, no offense but I have to ask … is it possible that this is just, you know, one of our people? Axle: Lu? Lu: No. No this is definitely not one of our people. Axle: Ok, thank you. ETA for your team is 45 minutes. Axle, out. Using my suit to take video, I circle around the ... anomaly, careful not to get too close. Sensors confirm that the chain holding the creature is forged of pure Awesomnium. Although this cave obviously fills with water at high tide, the area around the anomaly appears untouched, as if it's surrounded by an invisible bubble. Impossible to tell how long this has been here, or what it's purpose is. Is this an execution? A burial? A mistake? One of the creature's eyes is covered, the other appears to have something small and red stuffed inside. Negative on radiation or energy readings. Lu! Aaah! Dammit, CLAPPIE, you scared the sh*t out of me. What are you doing here, I didn't activate my guide? CLAPPIE: I'm always here Lu. Normally, however, I do not reveal myself until you activate your guide. Lu: That's ... creepy. CLAPPIE: A more perceptive being might view it as 'reassuring.' After all, I have access to hundreds of orbiting satellites and countless computer systems, while you are limited to your simple meat-based sensors. Lu: 'Meat-based' sensors... I- CLAPPIE: Forgive my interruption, but you must evacuate the cave system now, for your own safety. Lu: What? High tide is still an hour away. CLAPPIE: Thank you Lu, but I am aware of the tides. If you like, I could calculate the high and low tides for the next one-thousand years, taking into account orbital drift, of course. Lu: Right... CLAPPIE: I speak not of the tides, but of the creatures that migrate through this cave, fleeing the tides. They are quite hostile. I pause. A skittering noise, which I had taken for falling water, has gotten noticeably louder. Ok, time to jog toward the transport. Later, on the surface... Phew, thanks CLAPPIE. You're welcome, Lu. I wouldn't want you to come to any harm. I have big plans for us. Lu to Axle, I've been forced to evacuate the caves, but I don't think the anomaly is going anywhere. I'll be waiting for you on the surface. Lu, out. ----
  13. Myrddyn

    [M-E02] Undead Salad

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Military, Land Vehicle, Spying. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 27 Junali 3815, Jurin II Previous entry Having intercepted Octan communications about "Undead Artichokes", M.A.N.T.I.S. scientists began work on a top-secret project. Unfortunately, someone must have confused artichokes with chayotes. They're both green, alright? Even more unfortunately, Octan must have heard about this, and sent spies to sabotage the project. One managed to release the prototype before he was killed. I got called in to contain the creature before it could escape into the jungle.
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [O-E02] Chemical Rain

    Planet: E02 Tags: Land vehicle, Science, Exploration, Civil //"Log date 357, this is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the surface of E02. I am accompanying one of my Drones as it collects samples, and making observations on the natural growth habits of the local xeno-flora. Air is breathable, Temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius at night at my current location, and the stars are readily visible. In-fact, I believe I can see the O.C.S. Axle from where I am.... This planet will make a fine resort-world for Octan's retirees. Naturally, specimens must be taken to scan for harmful bio-organisms and viruses, the analysis of which will take place in the pristine labs aboard the O.C.S. Axle. Dr. Long signing off."// Science by the light of the stars //"This is Dr. Long, aboard personal shuttle O.C.S. Cog 1, entering Space Dock 1 of O.C.S. Axle. Prepare decontamination shower for myself and my pilot. Aboard craft are 6 Sc106 Drones filled with xenobiological specimens. Follow typical extraction protocol for low-threat xenobiological contaminants. primary containment and threat assessment in high-risk section of Axle, followed by distribution to low-threat labs as deemed appropriate. Arrival time in approximately 10 minutes. Make that chemical shower warm, and prepare my usual soap cocktail. Dr. Long signing off."// Decontamination Note: This piece was meant to convey a sense of loneliness and cold removedness, and the red chemical shower itself is meant to be rather off-putting. All-in-all I wanted to evoke Fan-Disservice, and not the more ubiquitous opposite of that trope. The build was actually quite a bit more difficult than the pictures may imply, but it was built specifically for this one shot, so the technique I used to create the octagon that comprises the shower goes completely unnoticed. hope you enjoy! But not too much. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. Andrew JN

    [M - E02] Battle of Jurin II

    Location: Jurin II, Sector E02 Tags: E02, MANTIS, Piracy Log_M_3: After M.A.N.T.I.S. received reports of Octan intel gathering Biomass from the stomachs of the great Vlorms in the forests of Jurin II, I have been sent out to pick up the packages they have very kindly (and unknowingly) prepared for us. The exact location of where I have been sent happens to be the great mushroom forests of Sector E02.... End_Log AG: Battle of Jurin II by Andrew JN, on Flickr
  16. goatman461

    [O - E02] Crash Landing

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration [O - E02] 1c by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr [Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up... The tide will be up soon and we cannot stay here... Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up... Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up...] "Dora? Where are we? Last thing I remember was coordinating a pick up for one of our pilots... on E02?" [Yes, John. I believe Mr. Wynd's escort was arranged, but we crashed soon after that... You sustained a concussion and have been out for two days.] "Two days? Why am I still on a beach? Where is Octan Rescue and Recovery?" [Communications and tracking equipment was damaged or lost in the crash. Our debris field encompasses several islands and the ocean in between. I have been unable to account for the replacement equipment we need to contact H06.] [O - E02] 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Alright, I guess we've got some searching to do." [Yes. John, but please go slowly. I've prepared your ground transportation, but it has been having trouble moving about the vegetation so far.] "How far is base camp?" [i'm sorry John but there is no base camp. Every site I clear is too quickly consumed by the plant life. This is why we're having to move, I was afraid your cockpit would be overgrown by nightfall.] "We'll I'm glad my droid is afraid for me. Let's start with a projection of debris field and see what we can find."
  17. Ferdinando

    [M-E02] Science of death

    Location: E02-Jurin II Tags: science Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov's personal log: "The last standard week has seen outstanding advancement in M.A.N.T.I.S. domination over Andromeda. The rising star of galactic expansion is no more dim and weak and gradually climbs alien heights. M.A.N.T.I.S. now undertakes the glorious path of success - and profit as well. Finally, our talents can be exploited at their best: my past achievements in scientific research have earned me the chance to take part in this journey, and I am now conducting not one, but two research projects on the planet Jurin II; my last assistant has... gone missing, and has been replaced by a more competent one; and lastly, I am awaiting a visit from our Councilor Maxxene Cor, who wishes to inspect our research base personally. The week has brought great positive changes - and one little drawback: apparently, I've lost much of my fondness for tentacled mollusks..." End log. 20150625_172621 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr WHHHHHHHHSSSSSSHHHHHH... Zeni'ya: "Welcome, milady. I hope your journey went well." 20150625_172736 (1) by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Maxxene Cor: "It was fine, thanks. And you are?" Zeni'ya: "I am Zeni'ya, Dr.Arkov's First Xenology Assistant. My non-humanity often disconcerts visitors, but has proved useful in Dr.Arkov's work. My outlook on the subject is... unique, to say the least." Maxxene Cor: "I suppose so. Where is Dr. Arkov?" Zeni'ya: "He is working. He figured you would be much more interested in the actual research rather than in the hundreds of pages of data we collected. Maxxene Cor: "Then he knows me better than I thought." Zeni'ya: "He just read your file. Here, we must access this hatch to enter the underwater section." 20150625_172821 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_173056 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Zeni'ya: "I present to you... Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov, The Collector Head Scientist of this station." 20150625_173221 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Dr.Arvan: "Milady, it is a privilege to have you here. As you can see, our research proceeds fast with the acquisition of new test subjects in the form of alien corpses to dissect for anatomical examination. 20150625_173244 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Dr.Arvan: "Living specimens are also crucial for study." Maxxene Cor: "I admit this...Xenobiology? sounds fascinating, but I fear we're short on time and I am far more intrigued by your...technological research, if you understand what I mean." Dr.Arvan: "Of course.1G-0R, begin without me." 20150625_173432 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_173508 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Maxxene Cor: "Now these look harmful and cool." Dr.Arvan: "I am often mistaken for a pacifist when I say war is irrational; irrational things, though, tend to be wonderfully, as you said, cool. Deactivate holograms, please." 20150625_173847 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr HOLOGRAMS DEACTIVATED. Dr.Arvan: "Much better. We are currently testing Awesomnium-enhanced weapons on different materials.The Awesomnite alloy seems to tolerate normal damage well, but it can't defend from itself. 20150625_174208 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Maxxene Cor: "Time's run out, unfortunately. Well, doctor, I am... impressed. We look forward to seeing these implemented on the battlefield. For M.A.N.T.I.S." Dr.Arvan: "Farewell." Extra pics: 20150625_174501 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174512 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174555 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174534 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174616 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174743 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174746 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174812 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_175425 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150625_174956 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Note: the Jurians' anatomical examination revealed a deadly native disease which M.A.N.T.I.S. doctors eagerly cured, meeting the gratitude of the local alien populace.
  18. Being short staffed, Z was send out to find Awesomnium on Jurin II by mister Business himself. Z build a scouting vehicle. It packed a bit more juice than anticipated. He did find Awesomnium... among other things. That extra juice came in quite handy... Threw together a quick build in between building my new kitchen.
  19. Mission 6 Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find Location: Jurin II [E02] Tags: Civil, Ocean Engineering, Vehicle ==================================================================================================== Transmission Start: Ok, This seems to be the spot where my NavTech Metal detector sensors appear to be pinging the most at. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 1 by boxerlego, on Flickr Great time to use my Communication device's radar out to scan the immediate area for any leads. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 2 by boxerlego, on Flickr Awesome, The Radar is showing something over there in that pile of rocks over there with very unique metal properties. I wonder what it could be... Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 3 by boxerlego, on Flickr Well this was almost to easy. Lucky its underneath this small pile of rock. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 4 by boxerlego, on Flickr Wow, Big find here. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 5 by boxerlego, on Flickr Awesome, Looks very old looking but still pretty shiny new in spots. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 6 by boxerlego, on Flickr (Checking out the find) Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 7 by boxerlego, on Flickr Lucky me I keep this jar around for awesome finds like this. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 8 by boxerlego, on Flickr Well, time to continue on with the beach patrol. Jurin II Tropical Beach Buggy Prospectors Find 9 by boxerlego, on Flickr Transmission end: ====================================================================================================
  20. Kodan Black

    [O - E02] Science-ing!

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After my recent successes I was back on the Axle. It was good getting to work with Dr. Long and see her genius at work in person. It was also a great opportunity to tell her about all my great ideas and suggestions. I had so many. I told her about them whenever we got to work together. Eventually she suggested that we concentrate on our work so that we could maintain focus and not make errors. She is so precise! It was a good point and so from then on I would make sure to follow her to lunch so we could talk over my ideas there. But after a couple days she said she was too busy for lunch and she would just keep working in the lab. What dedication! So I started sending her all my ideas electronically. The next day she found me and said that Octan Corp needed data from Jurin II and that we needed a scientist to oversee the work. I wasn't sure what data she needed exactly so I asked her and she said: "We need all kinds of data. Jurin II needs science-ing! We need the data. Immediately! So you have to go ... NOW!" It was clearly urgent and I was so happy Dr. Long trusted me with such a vital Octan Corp mission. I wasn't even aware "science-ing" was a word, but if Dr. Long used it then it must be. She is so smart. And even though I found out she uses the free shampoo they provide in the showers instead of the stuff you buy in the ship's store her hair doesn't even really smell that much like soap! So I quickly got on a tanker and made my way to Jurin II to collect the data she needed. On my way there I worked with an engineer to repurpose a maintenance craft to carry my needed equipment for analyzing the air and soil for composition and to see if there was any sign of microscopic life. The scanners would also help pinpoint the major veins of Awesomnium. I wouldn't let Dr. Long down! She definitely picked the right man for the job! And I couldn’t wait to discuss my findings in person. Extra MOC proving there are no social boundaries my character isn’t willing to obliviously cross: Apologies for the photo quality, the light went away quickly and I ended up using indoor lights primarily.
  21. Enceladus

    [O-E02] Siege Mentality

    With reports of M.A.N.T.I.S special forces launching a series of attacks on Octan operations and instillations all across the sector, the Octan board of directors has decided to take the initative and have reassigned Ensign Claudius' team to Jurin II to begin overseeing the contstruction of a series of strategically positioned outposts, along major supply routes in the Jungles of Jurin II, to give Octan emlployees a measure of security Here, Ensin Claudius crews an Octan heavy lifting device©, outfited with an ecavator bucket attachment begins excavating the foundations for the outpost barracks while two Octan sonar watchtowers crewed by Dr. Longs new peacekeeping force keep an eye out for pesky M.A.N.T.I.S intruders The Octan employees will be protected by a powerful neutrino-beam charger fence, which is effective aginst most unshielded mechs and land-based veichles. You can also see the dampening equipment at the end of each fence section and the neutrino reactor in the foreground. On the left are the remains of a once grand jungle, razed by Octan advance forces to provide room for their new fortress. Regretable work, but necessary to keep Andromeneda in lawful hands! Octan will gain control of Jurin II yet-all hail Lord buisness! Notes: This was a fun little build and also my first with a (albiet simple) border-I'll let you guys judge how it came out, but I really think borders add something to small builds. Most of my builds start with a theme and here it was how the corporations actions are destroying the enviroment of Andromneda, in their rush to aquire resources (a bit like my challenge build that I regretably didn't have time to post) . Consequently, in the build itself I tried to make a contrast between the clean lines of the octan outpost and the chaoitc nature of the jungle. As ever C&C welcome Danny, I hope you don't mind my use of your troops in the story-should probaly have asked!
  22. LittleJohn

    [M - E02] The Jungles of Jurin II

    Location: E02-Jurin II Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer After delivering my rock samples from Guinevere back to HQ, I was asked to test out the new T4 Jeep in the jungles of Jurin II. I accepted the job. Picked up a few plant samples to take back to Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov's lab, but haven't seen much else of interest so far. Wait.. what was that? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Stay back, I've got a MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©, and I know how to use it! The alien stared at me with his baseball size eyes, not moving. I relaxed my grip a little on the Death Ray Blaster©. Just then, I had a brilliant idea; I got out a coil of rope and made a lasso out of it. The alien seemed disturbed by this movement, and started to turn away. I threw before he could get to far though, and hauled back on the rope, to stop his progress. It was then a simple matter to tie him to the back of the T-4 and tow him along behind. Big Sal's gonna love this! A few more pics: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  23. Jody Meyer

    [O - E02] Nice Sandy Beaches...

    Open channel message #006 to Octan Corporation.. Location: E02 Tags: Science, Exploration,Mech,Engineering Terrian: Nice Sandy Beaches. I have heard about this planet from the chatter on the Axis and wanted to check it out for myself, well my wife and myself. Dr. Long had granted us access to the plant for some reasearch on the crystals forming along the water's edge and report back. “Mr. Smith report.” “Mrs Smith here, Dr. Long. My Husband has taken a shift with our new sentinel and I am running over the diagnosis of these crystals, they seem to be coming from the sand but are attached to these flowers...I am getting a few samples…” “where is Mr. Smith now?” “um...taking a break..I am mot sure really but I am not amused let me tell you, He seems to think this place is a resort or something… E02_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr He thinks he want to retire here.. E02._3 by Meyerj, on Flickr E02_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr I have to pack a load of Fabric softener over to KAI from H06, so I think we are heading home after this, as soon as he sober’s up... Over and Out Mrs. JS Smith.