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Found 46 results

  1. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Ship Wrecks on Sorn

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Military vehicle, spaceship, spying MANTIS amplified radar stations on Sorn had detected an unidentified craft in the airspace of MANTIS territory on Sorn. The ship was tracked to a small island. Echo team was dispatched to investigate the landing site. - - Sir it looks like it's a Kawashita ship. Whats it doing here? - Take your team and scout the area, and retrieve the shuttles memory core. It might help us figure out what happened. - Yes sir - - The perimeter is clear captain but something isn't right here captain. All the cargo looks like it has been picked though. Our amplified radar never detected another ship in the area. - We should probably finish this up quick then before Kawashita or whoever did this comes back. Seven do you have the memory core yet? - Yes sir. - - Great. Echo team requesting extraction. More pictures under the spoiler tag.
  2. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Sky Sabre

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Military, Spaceship Hawk taking a MANTIS Sky Sabre fighter out for a spin in the sky above Sorn. - - - -
  3. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Assembling the Team

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Military Building Note to Judges: Black Ivan is reused from my challenge build and should not be judged. After their mission on Freegate, Echo team has received an top secret order to redeploy to Sorn. -Sir, the team has arrived. -Very good, send them in. - - -I wonder what the mission is this time? It's very odd to be left in the dark like this. -Do you think it has something to do with all the missing branch executives? First Dave Daring goes missing on Gwenavere, then Hawk on Forring, and now there is an imposter Big Sal running around. I would sure like to hunt down the Big Sal. - Whoa, Is that Black Ivan? - It better not be. That bot owes me 1000 credits. That looser obviously threw the fight! - - Welcome Echo team. I have heard a lot about you and am eager to see what you can do. - Thanks, but I haven't heard anything about you. Do you mind telling me whats going on. Why did the suits on Torresta send us here. - Yeah I will fill you in on everything. Please follow me.
  4. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] Off Topic

    Some times you have to actually make profit for your company. This week Col. Brik is visiting a vehicle assembly plant at a city on Sorn. If you forget making the money to keep the corp alive you cannot extract revenge. Sorn seems to be a constant location for profit for Kawashita. The production has slowed in recent weeks as all the top executives have focused on the attempted assasination of Raven. Things seem to be running smoothly, scab labor at minimum wage is maximizing profits. End "Yes, this build is in my normal city display, after finishing it a week ago I set it up and didn't want to try and move it out of the spot I put it in."
  5. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] Entrapment

    Mission: Entrapment Tags: Kawashita, Exploration, Sorn Under direct orders from Raven I have arranged a meetup with Spacer Steve on Sorn. I used a Blacktron code and ID to entice him to a meeting in the swamps under the guise of selling Kawashita secrets. Little did he know I had other plans. After a lengthy "conversation" with a pair of Kawashita swords near his neck Spacer Steve convinced me that he has nothing to do with Ravens death. The ruse is still working about her being still dead. He still refers to her in past tense and has explained in detail how the explosion occurred and how he was not the fig spotted on security cameras. I should kill him now, but my training is kicking in, and I know in my heart he is not the guilty one. He could have rambled on and explained who it was and he was never there but he has explained he knows but cannot say at this time because it could hurt his corporations standing. I believe he wants help, but not officially. I will have to trust he is telling the truth, and believe he will lead me to those responsible.
  6. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Tribble Island

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Bike Beats Robots Sunday Afternoon Drive Suess Island Ender moved on to the next island called Tribble Island. Ender didn't know why it was called that, but he continued to find the same red bush everywhere. His sister Valentine had tasked him with bringing a sample back to the ship. Meanwhile, the person Ender had been searching for, Mr. Graver, was busy with his own quest. After his alliance with the Emboians went sour, he turned to piracy and took over the Octan ship he had been stationed on.
  7. Mesabi

    K-[B06] Extraction on Sorn

    Location: [b06] Sorn Tags: Military, Civil, Ship, Spying Captain Mesabi and crew have landed on Sorn for an important mission... Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "All I'm saying is, anyone who is that into Monsters of Andromeda has issues." Says Captain Mesabi "She's cool, alright." Replies trusty Engineer "Rusty" Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Ahem, 'Gentlemen' this dock is for Mantis only." A Mantis Agent tells them in a nasally voice. "Yup Yup," goes a guard. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Oh, I have a 'Mantis Pass' right here. Look okay to you?" Captain Mesabi says, smooth talking the Mantis. "Oh, of course. Have a nice stay." the Mantis Agent replies. "You'll share with me right?" Says the guard. "What? No." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Come on Rusty, we have work to do." The two made there way down the Island. It was another beautiful day on Sorn, and Mantis grunts lounged in the sun. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "So, you ready to do this- Wait what are those?" Asks Captain Mesabi "Power Claws." Says Rusty. "Power Claws?" Power Claws." "Huh, let's get digging." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "You hear that?" Zillo, a Zoid agent asks. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Shut up, we might be compromised." Hailey, a Rothillian Spy goes. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Hello? I'm Captain Mesabi, I'm from Kawashita." "Password?" "Sierra Seven Sixer Brick." "Come in." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "We need to get you out of here, come on." Says Captain Mesabi. "Sounds good to us." Replies Holly, "We need to get to Onix, and fast..." FIN Hope you liked this weeks MOC, sorry for the bad photo quality, this weeks build was too big to take a photo of on my usual spot. please don't judge Icarus Returning as part of the build, below are extra photos for judging. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr
  8. Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Underwater Segway Filing System The Coffee Shop At the End of the Universe The Doctor's Truth Bike Beats Robots Now that the Emboian robots were beat, Ender was assigned to try to find Graver. He went back to Sorn where Graver had been seen before. He searched a number of islands looking for clues, but found nothing.
  9. Mesabi

    [K-B06] Icarus Returning

    "Icarus Returning" After a futile survey of Vollfort, Captain Mesabi and crew are heading towards Sorn aboard Mesabi's faithful ship, Icarus Returning. Icarus returning by North White, on Flickr Suddenly, a transmission arrives. Icarus returning by North White, on Flickr "Dead Kawashita Exec... Raven..." Icarus returning by North White, on Flickr "Captain, what's our orders?" Says Bo'sun Jacobs. SigFig by North White, on Flickr "Continue on course. What the Corp needs now is our best efforts to retake our territory from those Mantis scum..." FIN Let me know if you have any suggestions for photography. or otherwise. Fun fact, 90% of this ship was made out of . I retrofitted her for Andromeda's gates, hope that's okay. Thanks for reading! More pictures
  10. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Redshirts, Assemble"

    Mission: Redshirts Assemble Tags: Kawashita, Sorn, Mech, Vehicle Redshirts, you have been assembled because our brave CEO, Raven, is dead. The information has spread across the galaxy and all the corporations vying for power. Mantis, Octan....and Kawashita. Kawashita is broken right now. As #2 I am taking the roll of CEO today. This news may shock many employees of our corporation and cause some to have a pause. Right now the "Honor" is investigating the death of Raven, we will do the same but from a different angle. We cannot have all operatives investigating one detail at the same time. Each Redshirt assembled here will be now armed, with KOS orders given as I see fit. Each Redshirt will have a MFZ-Mk3 assisting with operations. As you can all see, one of them has been modified to allow a fig to operate it. Due to my previous injuries this is the only way I can move freely, lead, and fight. I will not lead from the rear, at a desk, I will lead from the front like Raven did. The coming weeks will be hard. Initial investigations indicate Mantis is involved with Ravens death. Specifically, Spacer Steve. He is smart, he is cunning, and he obviously has no problem with killing executives. We need to proceed with caution going forward. Unfortunately , one of my first acts as CEO will be contacting her family to tell them this horrible news......then preparing and overseeing the funeral proceedings next week for Raven. Now....go seek the factswe need so we can act with Honor, Glory, for Kawashita....for Raven. END..Judging should be considered a minifig on a plate, the mechs are copies from a previous build. I would have like to have done more this week but this holiday weekend in the States, and my RL obligations in summer keep me from doing something proper. I do plan a funeral MOC next week. I also took some bonus shots of where ALL my Kawashita and other Lego Space MOCs are keep, enjoy This is a very large base I am working on, it will have four entrances, the tower will go up, then have landing decks shooting out to the pillars going up. Need lots of blue and white since I want to keep my classic space style I enjoy.
  11. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Leadership"

    Mission: Leadership, B06 Sorn Tags: Kawashita, Exploration, Sorn "Sir....why did we vacate HQ and come to Sorn to hide like criminals?" "Not criminals, Redshirt 4, like targets." "I do not understand, Sir?" "Raven is dead, until we know more, we need to lay low." "Dead???? What....wait...what are we going to do, we are few, Octan and Mantis are many. How will we survive?" "Redshirt, we need details, I feel bad we were AWOL last week and decided to spend it drinking and partying like rock stars after a couple of weeks of CEO work. Before we move we now need to reassemble the entire Redshirt Company, all of them. We need a ship that won't be recognized and we need to find out what really happened. Raven is too smart to have a accident, I suspect foul play. We head to the "Honor" and drill the XO, investigate, and go from there." "Sir, you're in the hover chair, you aren't combat ready." "Then at the "Honor" we change that." "What if we find out is wasn't a accident? What do we do to those that could have done this?" ".......we kill them all....."
  12. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Found

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land vehicle Note to judges: the landscape is reused and should not be judged. - More pictures of the speeder under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C welcomed
  13. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Old Friends

    Location:Tyrant hangar bay. B06 Sorn Tags: Military Building, Land Vehicle - -Be on alert W2-188. The commander is bringing the MANTIS prisoner here to meet with the Captain. They have been known to use every dirty trick in the book and usually go down fighting even when the odds are against them. - W2 has heard that MANTIS has a great AI benefits package. I knew an Octan Labor-bot that joined MANTIS, and has........ - Don't let the Commander hear you talking like that. She wouldn't hesitate to wipe your memory core. - - One Bug delivered as promised. - I have a question for you about MANTIS AI benefits. Is it true that AI's in MANTIS get vacation time and a retirement plan. - If you can get me out of here, I will make sure that you get any thin........ -That will be enough from you. Keep your mouth shut until the Captain gets here. - - Well I never thought I would see you again Dax. It sure is a small galaxy. I had heard rumors that you were shot down and....... - You not talk to the Captain unless speeked to first. - It's OK Thrugg. Hawk and I go back a long way. He has saved my life countless times in the service and can speak to me as he wishes. Plus you, me and Commander Aalyia need to have a talk about following my orders. He was not to be harmed. Please remove his restraints. Yes sir. Right away. - - It is good to see you again friend and I welcome you to my ship, the Tyrant. I had been watching you from a distance since you became Third branch executive. - I'd never take you as the space Pirate type. How did you manage to get your hands on a Kawashita freighter? -We prefer to be called the Thorn Mercenaries. We offer our services to many races here in Andromeda. Most of our clients don't trust the corporations, so they hire us to protect against them. Many of our recruits come from those races so please forgive my crew for their unfriendly actions. We could talk for hours catching up on the past but time is short. Your allies will be here soon thanks to Thrugg and we plan on being far from here when they arrive. - Why did you bring me here? You could have just sent me a holo message. - I have some sensitive information you might find interesting. I recently acquired it from a former client. Take this data card. Don't trust it with anyone in MANTIS. It will make more sense when you see it. The Commander Aalyia will fly you back to your speeder wreckage. It was good seeing you again friend. - Thank you and goodbye Dax. More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. It was a much longer story then I usually do so thanks for reading too. C&C welcomed.
  14. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Pursuit

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle Note to judges. The MANTIS speeder is reused from last week and should not be judged. Can anyone hear me? Im hit..... We have jammed your signal and disabled your speeder. Surrender and come peacefully with us. We mean you no har.... Booooooom..... - - You Idiot Thrugg. We had orders specifically not to harm this one. You was shooting it. Me just wanted speeder go boom too. You think they could have augmented your brain when they augmented your body. The Captain will not be happy with this. I hate to interrupt your little chat but I'm picking up more bugs on their way. Can we wrap this up before they get here? Thrugg, get him in the transport, and in one piece please. More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C welcomed.
  15. soccerkid6

    [M-B06] MANTIS Ski-Boat

    Location: B06, Sorn Tags: Water Vehicle, Vehicle, Job: Driver Start Log: Stationed on Sorn to patrol the waters, I got to use a MANTIS ski-boat which is quite a fun ride! Plenty of speed and maneuverability, plus some serious firepower. I was messing around with the black ski parts and liked how they looked in a diamond shape, so decided to use them as skis for the boat. The windshield opens to allow access to the cab, and the propeller spins. The water design is made using only 2×2 round plates. Comments and suggestions welcome
  16. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Outpost 135B06

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Spying, Military Building, Land vehicle Hawk had been sent to Sorn, away from the main MANTIS conflict with Octan, to evaluate Kawashita's presence there and to gather as much information on their activities in the area. He was sent to an unremarkable rocky island. - - The Island was designated outpost 135B06 and was left over from much earlier conflicts between the MANTIS and Kawashita corporations on Sorn. MANTIS had built many hidden bunkers around the surface of Sorn, and 135B06 would serve as a base of operations for Hawk in his missions to come. - Base AI: Welcome Agent Hawk. Hawk: Just call me Hawk computer. What is the status of this installation? Base AI: All systems operational. - Hawk: Good. Computer, arm the defensive weapons. I don't think we will come under attack from anyone from Kawashita, but it sure wouldn't be good if one of those Sharktipus's tried to find its way in. Base AI: Order received. Weapons are now online. - - Hawk: Computer, monitor any unencrypted messages on all Kawashita channels. Lets find something worth looking into. Base AI: Yes sir. This is a message I recorded earlier. I hope you find it useful. start transmission...... - They keep sending us ships to repair what is going on out there? Is MANTIS attacking our fleet? - No its something else, an unknown fleet at Crentium. They are giving our fleet a tough time. None of our other star ports have the resources to repair the new ship design so we have to send them here. end transmission...... Hawk: Thanks computer. That is worth looking into. Tell me where this star port is located. More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated.
  17. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Underwater Segway

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Secretary, where is Captain Kirk? He's exploring the anemone fields on the ocean floor of Sorn Sir. Well see if he can help me out in digging up some more information on the Zoids. I'm not sure I trust everything the Zards are telling me.
  18. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Paperwork"

    Mission: Paperwork Tags. Kawashita, Sorn, Minifig on a Plate Paper work and life have me not flying ships but working. Off to the Kawashita office to file more TPS reports ////very busy weekend and I had to do a minifig on a plate
  19. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Fleet Command Ship"

    Mission: K-B06 Fleet Command Ship Tags: Kawashita, Sorn, Spaceship The day has arrived, Third Branch Excecutive Col. Brik has been given the reigns to his new command ship. The KSG-99 is ready to take on any mission the CEO requests. Weapon attachments and radar keep the ship safe from any foe. Two Vipers are attached to the top, pilots can come from below and load in space. The landing and take off is controlled by the Bridge. The rear hatch can allow supply ships to dock and resupply the KSG-99 so it can keep flying. Interior wide view Engine room, the FTL engines keep the ship ready for quick jumps and main thrusters allow it to fly in atmospheric conditions. Enlisted personnel bunk and kitchen area. Medical Bay and Cloning Vat for Redshirts Officers quarters. Cargo hold. Bridge, and Col. Briks quarters. Pilot ready room and ladders to flight deck C&C Welcome, I have been working on this ship for a solid month and hope you enjoy it.
  20. VK-318

    [K-B06] Package Delivered

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Civil, Building, Water Vehicle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The nice thing about a water world like Sorn is that it has far more usable surface area than a dryer world like Onix. In addition to the planetary surface, many facilities are build submerged in the water or on the seafloor. Many of these are hydroponic farms, but some are research labs. Differences in pressure, buoyancy of materials and staff, and relative safety from espionage satellites and spacecraft are just a few of the reasons for building dry or flooded laboratories in the seas of Sorn. "Is that were you're taking me, then?" "Yes. Spyrius has arranged for you to be delivered here. Once you have completed your work with them, you will be provided compensation, as well as funds sufficient to buy you passage anywhere you want to go." "Spyrius?" "Yes, Spyrius. They're an old company - been around almost as long as Exploriens. They did robotics and stealth technology. They were not, however, a very large business, and a nasty sequence of media disasters more or less finished them. They still have plenty of facilities in the Milky Way, and even a few out here, but they've never really been able to compete. This operation is their bid for a comeback." "How long will this take?" "Not very, I shouldn't think. I'm told that most of what they need is contained in that cargo we took from your courier ship, and the rest shouldn't take long. They don't need to you build anything for them - all they want is your theories." "As if they would tell you," Gregorovich muttered. "I don't take a job until I know all the details," I said. "You will be treated well, and you will be on your way home as soon as possible." "I'll believe that when it happens." I shrugged. "Again, it's your choice. The more you cooperate, the quicker this whole process will be, but I assure you that no one is sending you home until Spyrius has all the information they need from you." "Spyrius?" Silvia asked, after Dr. Gregorovich and his cargo had been left with Spyrius agents. "Yes, didn't I tell you? I was sure I did." "No, sweetheart, you forgot again." "Oh, bother. Sorry. Yes, Spyrius really is a corporation - or was. The Kawashita family bought them up quietly a long time ago - they're a puppet company, but the ownership, I'm told, is buried in seventeen layers of trust funds and holding companies. They still conduct research - things like spaceship design, stealth technologies, alternative propulsion, and the like." "Okay, I get that, but why bother?" "Generally speaking, I would say that it's helpful to have alternate companies to conduct any research you'd rather not be caught doing. In this specific case, the only people Dr. Gregorovich will see, speak to, or hear about will be employees of Spyrius - and ourselves, and he thinks we're mercenaries. Octan doesn't have a file on us and our crew yet, and it could be quite some time before they do. By the time they figure out what was stolen from them and by whom, it'll be to late for reprisals." "Clever." "I know, isn't it? We have no new orders for the time being, and that last mission gave us a splendid little bonus. Set a course, won't you?" "Where to?" "I'm not particular. Somewhere you'd like to go." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Didn't have as much time to work on this as I hoped. The water is not something I'm very proud of. Please note that the Variga is from a previous build and not to be judged.
  21. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Construction"

    Mission: Construction Tags: Kawashita, Sorn I have arrived at the ship yard and have started my inspection process of the new docking system for my yet to be seen command ship. A pleasant Reshirt #2 and his guard Redshirt #10 are giving me the tour. Sir, as you can see we need to dock ready before we can get your ship to you. We expect a few more weeks of repair so if you would sir, you can start adding crew members to your roster. Your ship is still in another dry dock being completed, we are running short of red bricks, and grey, and black. Really, you need to put in some more orders for us. This dock will be your rearm and resupply going forward. There are three of your fighters here to escort you and we also expect two Vipers to be attached to your command ship OH NO, DANG IT 10! Sir, I am sorry about #10, but we have looked at the budget and realize that the new cloning vats are cheaper than guardrails. I know it sounds odd but we also got a deal on mops and shovels to pick up the reds when they go down. I will make sure your ship has a cloning vat for you. ///////// The only part being judged is the structure my sigfig is on and of course the story. The rest are builds I have shown before or actual Lego sets in the background.
  22. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Viper"

    Mission "Viper" Tags: Spaceship, B-06, Sorn, Kawashita Col-Brik is out flying his "Viper" when the call from HQ comes in. "Sir, you are to report immediately to headquarters and then to Agent Raven's executive office." "Oh frack, what did I do?" "Nothing, Sir. My report indicates you were just named "Third Branch Executive" of the corporation." "Shiny, I'll be there as quick as I can."
  23. SpacerSteve

    [M-B06] Budget Issues

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Airplane, Exploration, Building Civil Tensions between MANTIS and KAwashita have eased on Sorn. Spacer Steve is out scouting in an old MANT-A-Ray bomber that have been fitted to drop awesomnium detection buoys instead of bombs. - Last Awesomnium detection buoy is away. Heading back to base. -Roger that. Awaiting your return boss. You are clear to land on pad 8. You have a visitor waiting from corporate. Spacer Steve lands his MANT-A-Ray Bomber -Welcome back sir your guest is waiting in the lobby. She is growing quite impatient -Who is it? -The chief accountant! -Oh boy. Sal warned me about her. - How's she flying? -Great thanks to the work you are doing. Have you seen the chief accountant around here. -Ummm she's right over there...... - Nice to finally meet you Chief account Long - Hmmm I'm sure it is. - Ummm Ok .... so what brings you here? - Well I have been going over the expense report on your little project and I am quite concerned. - We have thousands of these bombers just laying around now that conflict has slowed. I'm not buying anything new. - Yes but do you have any idea how much the fuel costs? And are those custom decals on the bomber? - No those aren't custom decals. They are left over from my Warp stinger. Its the least I could get after you cut funds to paint my office. What would you like me to do go deploy these buoys on a raft. - Well........ - NOT COOL! Some more pics of the build The base The bomber The raft The fuel truck
  24. gurusql

    [K-B06] - Sorn in Focus

    Location: Sorn Tags: Science, Exploration Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my thirteenth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to go back to the waters of Sorn and continue to work on understanding how Awesomium interacts with the environment. While swimming in the open water letting the built in instruments in my suit collect data, my eye catches a possible Awesomium vein directly below where I was swimming. My passive scans so that I am not alone. It appears that Matris also has interest in this Awesomium vein. Time to head back to the base."
  25. Location: Sorn Tags: Science, Exploration Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my eleventh weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to go back to Sorn and continue to work on understanding how Awesomium interacts with the local flora. While swimming outside one of our long term underwater bases a Propeller Fish, which is a local creature of Sorn similar to an Earth octopus glides by the spot that I am working. Research has shown this creature to be completely harmless." Comments and criticism are welcome.