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Found 3 results

  1. Location: Wastyria - H09 Tags: Octan, Exploration Note: my contest entry is a rebuild of the amazing Aquatic Exploration scene by "Soccerkid6," which you should definitely go check out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isaac Redsyn Mission Log: Another water mission this week, but I got to drive a boat for the first time. And not any standard boat at that, the "Dragonfly" is a pretty nifty piece of machinery, or maybe I should say pieces of machinery, as it's really two vehicles in one. The Dragonfly is designed to transport, launch and recover the "Guppy," an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which can dive as deep as 10,000 meters! There's room on the boat for a second crew member and space to store a full diving suit. The second crew member can also remotely pilot the "Guppy" from their pod. The "Guppy" is primarily used for fast reconnaissance and mapping; once it finds an area of interest we can send in one of the larger subs for sampling and in-depth exploration. Speaking of larger subs, I've also gotten to watch the final certification dives for the Deep Exploration Submersible "Ophelia." The sub had a different name, but was unofficially christened "Ophelia" after the first test vehicle sank to the bottom and imploded during a remote controlled test dive. All in all, it's a nice day to be on the water (and not under it). Isaac, out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall views: Minisub recovery: Minisub loaded and secured: The "Ophelia" Behind the scenes: You can see full-sized pics on my flickr. Thanks for viewing!
  2. LucasLaughing

    [O - H09] Still alive

    Location: H-09 Wastyria Tags: Exploration Lu's Log - 20 Desembrinali 3815 Hey team, I apologize for the lack of log updates lately! We've been doing extensive mapping and equipment testing here on Wastyria; I've been spending my waking hours either underwater, or fixing hardware at the drydock. The water is cold, but still holds an abundance of life. One of my stranger finds so far is a cattail fish, a species which had been previously spotted on Quantus III by Dr. Vernon. It's unclear if this is a case of convergent evolution, or perhaps panspermia. We'll need to test the mitochondrial DNA of both species to see if and how they're related. CLAPPIE, remind me to contact Dr. Vernon when we get back to see if he has any samples. Aye aye, Captain! We're not on a ship, CLAPPIE; you don't have to call me 'captain.' As you wish, missus fish! Hee hee! I'm at the edge of the reef ... just past here, the seabed drops off for at least a thousand meters. Sonar scans suggest that there are trenches down there that are even deeper than the Mariana. I'd love to get down there, but we've been having a hell of a time with our deepwater subs. Our hardsuits continue to work extremely well, but they're not designed to travel that far down. Ah well, for now I'll just enjoy the beauty of the reefs, and maybe they'll have one of the prototype subs ready to test when I get back. Lu, out.
  3. Peppermint_M

    [O-H09] Skipper Five

    ---Comm. Pilot Cade Channel 005--- Well, this little mite is a strange one for a space-jockey like me. Not Sure I like these touchscreen control panels you've installed. Stick and yoke gives a better feel. Can't say I'd be glad to play with this one in-atmosphere, though it seems okay for playing sheepdog up here in orbit. Just how many EVA Techs do you expect to need rescuing for one threading operation? *BsSSzzZZt* Spoke too soon, there goes one, off to experience the vastness of space 'twere not for me. ---Comm. Close--- The Skipper class space skid/cruiser was designed for traffic operations between orbital stations situated above Octan assets. They ran cargo and crew-coach pods until the permanent orbital ring-transit system was put in place. Once assets grew in number well beyond the scope of each needing such dedicated installations as a Ringworld, these smaller craft were used in conjunction with the EVA teams who work in the construction of the Space Elevators on the orbital end of things. Running around the station much like a sheepdog around a herd of sheep, the craft fetch any EVA Tech who comes loose from their tether and brings them back to station. A vital safety feature and lifesaver on many occasions, any pilot who does a stint on a Skipper never wants for a drink at any bar with an EVA Tech. Octan has had to regulate the replication of service patches and pins as some ne'er do wells were using falsified Skipper service badges for free libations. -*- Just another little craft I put together. At first I put in wings, but once I decided it was for orbit only I scrapped the out of place feature to keep the lines cleaner. The 5 here now designates the asset number instead of the racing number it began life as.